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On #MakeClothMainstream, the History as told by Jen Aprea

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What started out as a little hashtag to promote Spray Pal’s business (and cloth diapering at large) during an Intuit Superbowl Commercial Contest in 2013 has turned into one of the most popular cloth diapering mantras of all time.

I’ve been thinking about the phrase, and how it’s grown to embody the spirit of the cloth diapering community. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and see Jen Aprea from Spray Pal a few times through MommyCon events. When our travel lined up again, this time in my birth state of North Carolina, I arranged an interview so that everyone could learn more about how the #makeclothmainstream hashtag came to be.

#MakeClothMainstream.  It gets right to the point, doesn’t it?  To outsiders the term is confusing… diapers is totally redacted so the phrase could mean anything really.  Yet in the cloth diapering world “cloth” always refers to cloth diapers so we KNOW what the phrase means.

Jen Aprea’s husband Dave created the Spray Pal and together they’ve been making cloth mainstream and a little more accessible.  It’s not easy selling people on a product that reminds you, just by existing, that cloth diapering isn’t all fluff and rainbows.  There’s poop, lots of it, and you have to have an intimate relationship with it in order to make cloth diapering work.

There was a real fear in the industry about the Spray Pal when it first came out that it would scare people away entirely because it offers a solution to one of the biggest reasons people refuse to use cloth.  Won’t people think this big shield is too much?  Will people get overwhelmed or confused?  It was an entirely new category and a road untraveled.  Other poop accessories existed (the potty pail and the diaper duck come to mind) but none of them aggressively marketed the way Spray Pal did when they started their #makeclothmainstream campaign in 2013 to try and get a Super Bowl commercial for their small business.

They made it really far but didn’t win the commercial.  The hashtag they used for their campaign, however, was a HUGE winner.

#makeclothmainstream from Instagram

Since 2013 #makeclothmainstream has gone on to embody a community and a movement.  It’s optimistic, punchy, and catchy.  Even though people on the outside may not “get it” that doesn’t stop cloth diapering parents from putting decals with the phrase on their cars, buying t-shirts with the hashtag, or even buying diapers with the term embroidered on the bum.  There have been more than 45,000 photos posted to Instagram using the hashtag since 2013.  Most of them are adorable pictures of babies wearing cloth diapers or stash shots.  A few are spam images that are less about promoting cloth and more and self-promotion.  Unfortunately there will always be spam on hashtags but the overwhelming majority of the images are a testament to how much people love their cloth diapers.


I don’t think Spray Pal planned to start this movement but the movement was started and they’ve done a pretty amazing job of fostering it.  Jen has become the queen of collaborations, bringing brands together for events and campaigns like the #makeclothmainstreamchallenge that DDL was happy to be a part of.

It’s been a fun ride watching the community rally behind #makeclothmainstream and seeing the real live conversions happening on social media.  In 2008/2009 Twitter was where the cloth diapering community came together using the boring, but effective, #clothdiapers hashtag.  Instagram and Facebook are now the new centers of communication.  Word of mouth is cloth diapering’s best friend.  Keep sharing those photos and spreading the word about how amazing cloth diapers are.  I’ve personally seen cloth diapers come so far in the 7 years I’ve been “on the ground.”  Will it take another 7, or 14, to be “mainstream?”  I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out!

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How to Replace Cloth Diaper Elastics {Video Tutorial}

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Let’s face it, cloth diapers don’t last forever!  Eventually every diaper that has elastic will lose its stretch (become relaxed) and will need a new elastics to be as functional as before.  A diaper’s lifespan can be 1.5-3+ years before needing repairs; this will vary based on your washing/drying routine and the diaper itself.  If you need your diapers to last though multiple children replacing cloth diaper elastics is a skill worth learning!

How to replace elastic in cloth diapers

Lara, DDL contributor, came over and we filmed a 2 part video series on how to replace the elastics in cloth diapers! You’ll hear the noises of 3 children, 2 of Lara’s and 1 of mine. We tried our best to keep them entertained but in Part 2 you will find that Lara’s baby Autumn makes random appearances on her lap while she is at the sewing machine! Don’t worry, Lara is an experienced seamstress and does this often with great care taken to keep her baby safe.


The seam ripping is the most time consuming portion of replacing elastics (unless you are feeding through the elastic casings in certain brands like bumGenius 4.0).  Lara says she likes to rip seams while the kids are sleeping and she is binging on Netflix shows.  The actual sewing portion can take less than 10 minutes per diaper

Pull up a chair, sit your laptop or tablet next to your sewing machine, and start repairing those diapers!  With new elastics your diapers can last another 1-3 years or more!

In Part 1 Lara replaces the elastics in a Flip Cover.  The Flip has encased elastic with an extra strip of PUL over the top.  This same technique could be applied to other brands of diapers as well.

In Part 2 Lara replaces the elastic in an AppleCheeks envelope cover.  In this procedure it took considerably longer since the elastic was completely crumbled and in a million pieces but that process was cut out for your own sake.  This cover has back, stomach, and leg elastics and you’ll notice each step wasn’t left in the video to save time but once you have performed one side the same will be done to the rest.

Every diaper will have a different construction but the basics in this video should help you succeed with your own diapers! For those with pocket diapers with encased elastics, especially the bumGenius 4.0, you may be able to simply remove the old elastics and feed in fresh, bouncy elastic with safety pins and just stitch down the ends.  Diaper Wrecker has a tutorial to this end.    I’ve also heard and tried the simple trick in my 4.0’s of just clipping one side of the old elastic, pulling it tighter, and stitching it back for a QUICK but temporary fix.  Old elastic won’t stretch as far, if any, and new bouncy elastic is really the way to go if you can.

Watching Lara work her magic in person while filming the video has inspired me to try on my own diapers!  I’m so thrilled to have such an expert share her knowledge for DDL. Happy Sewing!

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Why You Should Use and Love Flats {Video+Infographic}

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To say I love flat cloth diapers is an understatement.  There are no diapers that compare when it comes to versatility, affordability, and wash/dry friendliness.  So they may take longer to learn than a wrap and go style of modern diaper… so what?  Practice on your teddy bears and bribe your baby with a toy while you get the hang of it, or just use them as inserts or soakers rectangle style!  I told you they were versatile!  I filmed a video that shares why I love flats, and why you should too.  Disclosure- I was facing the sun but it was the only time I had to film so waiting for an overcast day wasn’t an option.  Sorry for my squinty face and the brightness!


Why should you love flats?

Because they’re…


You can find flats for free if you raid your old t-shirt collection or for as low as $1-$3 each, even with name brands.  Flats can be just about anything, but they’re easily found at online diaper shops.

One layer.

washerThe thing that makes flats intimidating and a bit harder to use than modern diapers is also the thing that makes them amazing!  Being one layer of fabric means they wash up easier and dry faster than any other cloth diaper!  Flats are less prone to build-up of bacteria because they are just one layer and there are no other layers for things to hide in when being washed in a machine or by hand.  Drying is easy too!  On the line on a sunny, breezy day flats can dry in less than one hour!  Inside or outside in less than ideal conditions it can take half a day or even a full day but that is still faster than bulkier cloth dipers with lots of layers sandwiched together.  Using your dryer with a few wool dryer balls to help bounce them around, flats can be done is less than 30 minutes.  If you want to save the electricity and line dry your flats, soften them up by tossing in the dryer for a few minutes.  No dryer access?  Scrunch your stiff flats in your hands and twist them and they’ll be just as soft!


There is no other diaper that can do as many things as well as a flat can.  Fold it onto the baby using any of the dozens of folds available!  There are folds that can made this large square of fabric any size, even small enough for a newborn (Mini-Kite Fold) or folds that suit boys, folds for girls, and every stage.  Folds like the Jo Fold and Diaper Bag Fold are great because they hold their shape!  Fold ahead of time and just put on the baby like a contour, then secure with a modern Snappi or Boingos.  Other folds need to be done on the spot.  Also use flats that are folded into rectangles (pad fold tutorial) and lay them into a cover, or use as inserts in your pockets.  See?  They’re totally the transformers of the diaper world.

Natural Fibers.

cottonAs much as I appreciate the advances in textiles cloth diapers have made, there is nothing like the natural fibers flats are made from.  Most often, they’re made from birdseye cotton but can come in other fabrics like bamboo or hemp in a variety of blends or in textures like muslin, gauze, or terry.  In the UK their flat “nappies” are cotton terry squares and that’s all the royal families uses.  Think you’re too good for flats?  The Prince even wears them!  With natural fibers you have a lesser chance of stink and detergent build-up.  Microfiber, the most common pocket insert material also used in some All-in-Ones and other diapers has strands with hollow cores (more on this and why they stink more than other diapers here).  Bacteria and ammonia have nowhere to hide in natural fibers and especially with only one layer!  They also rinse easier meaning if you accidentally add too much detergent or need to add extra due to hard water you won’t need to rinse an additional 5 times.  Flats are forgiving!  There’s a reason our grandparents didn’t suffer from the same washing woes as we do.  Modern diapers’ convenience factor increases the washing difficulty with the synthetic stay dry layers, thicker soakers and inserts, and other parts.  Flats can take it all in stride.

Easy to Handwash.

The inspiration for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge was the flats themselves.  Their very nature and simplicity got my gears turning when I considered how easily they should handwash and air dry.  I tried it myself, though I was nervous about how they would perform (I had never ever tried flats before then!) and fell in love with everything about them.  For all the reasons listed above, they are prime diapers to hand wash.  Less layers= easier to clean and faster to dry.  Natural fibers= easier to rinse.  Use a camp style bucket washer and plunger or a breathing washer, or wash in the tub or sink.  Flats pack tight so you can still travel and use cloth and wash in the hotel bathroom (done it!) or take them camping if you choose.  They make excellent diapers in an emergency so keeping a pack in case the power goes out is a good idea.  Learn how to make your own camp-style washer and how to handwash.

Budget Friendly.

tshirttinyNo other diaper is as cheap unless it is free.  If you’d like to try one right this instant you can, because flats are everywhere.  Make your own DIY T-shirt Flats (tutorial), run to Target and grab a pack of Flour Sack Towels, or hit up Ikea for their burp cloths.  These options are free or just $.25-$2 per flat.  Our flats challenge survey reported that the average value of a stash of flats was $87, but it can be even less!  Cloth diaper for under $100?  Yes please!    Don’t forget that flats are modernized with the invention of the Snappi, and you can still buy adorable and modern cloth diaper covers in fun prints and modern hues!  There is absolutely no sacrificing convenience, you can even use one size covers.  Flats work great in Flips, Econobum covers, Best Bottoms, GroVia, Gen-Y, Blueberry Capris, Applecheeks covers, Bummis covers, and more.

Sing it with me ya’ll!  


Try them, love them, and re-think how you’ve imagines flats.  Then, become a flat-evangelist like me and teach others how they too can not only diaper inexpensively, but effectively, simply, and amazingly with the world’s most underrated cloth diaper.  You’re gonna love the way flats work, I guarantee it.  (Your voice switched to the Men’s Warehouse Guy didn’t it?  HA, gotcha.)   Don’t forget to check out the Flats Challenge happening soon and pin this fun infographic!  Sign-ups start next week.

Tell me why you love flats in the comments, your voice is appreciated and ther readers love to hear your thoughts.

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2013 Year in Review {Video}

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There’s only one day left in the year 2013!  Instead of my typical end of the year post where I recount the top moments of the year, I’ve decided to put it in video format.  Covered in this video are highlights from the year in cloth diapers as well as a few personal reflections about 2013 from the blog’s perspective.  I tried to keep the video succint but there was a lot to cover, so enjoy all 10 minutes of it!

If you HATE watching videos here is a quick (I got long winded) summary of what is covered:

You saw it here first


In 2013 we saw new prints from bumGenius plus the introduction of their wool dryer balls, mama care product, and the newborn Econobum kits.  Thirsties introduced their new One Size Pocket and improved the hook and loop.  New prints, improved newborn diaper, and new leggings from GroVia. Happy Heiny diapers are back in business with new owners and a new All-in-One (review soon).  Bummis released their first One-Size option in the Simply Lite, a cover with a 3 Step Rise. A new brand emerged called Tidy Tots with a One Size System that uses no rise snaps or leg elastic adjustment (Lara is reviewing them now and will let us know soon what she thinks.)  There was also a new product introduced by Diaper Dawgs- the little silicone mits for your fingers come between you and the diaper inserts.



In the “news” this year, or at least, in Facebook and forum world, bumGenius announced that they had a patent on the 3 Step Rise adjustment in conjunction with other attributes.  While I don’t know what all is happening with this, it did cause quite the conversations online.  This was back in October when things were at their most talked about.  Now things have died down so it seems.  We’ll see how it shakes out, or won’t, depending on how things go.

Up and Coming


Items that gained popularity this year, but that aren’t new, were discussed.  This includes Moraki diapers; they’re now being carried in many larger cloth diaper retailers and have a great following that is gaining momentum.  The Spray Pal, seen in the “Poop Avoidance Devices” film several months back, is also gaining a lot of new fans and winning over customers who want to keep the overspray down when using a diaper sprayer.  Hybrid fitteds by WAHM’s are also becoming a popular item.  These fitteds are not to be used over and over, rather, they are slightly “water resistant” thanks to their hidden layer of fleece beneath the outer material.  They aren’t waterproof but they can  go longer without needing a cover, unlike more traditional fitted diapers.



This year also saw big changes here on the blog.  My son potty trained which meant I had to find a new mother/baby team to start reviewing diapers.  The show must go on!  After looking in a local cloth diapering group I found a perfect fit when I met Lara and her daughter Harper.  Harper is now 1 year old and Lara has reviewed over 20 diapers in their time here. Harper seems to be growing right before our eyes in videos and pictures.  Lara takes lovely photos to go with the posts and has been gracious enough to let me accost her every few weeks with a video camera.

It’s been a good year…


For the blog, 2013 has been another great year.  I’m always amazed and grateful at the opportunities that come about from my work here.  In the video I mention a few of the biggest accomplishments including the 3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, the Everything but Cloth Diapers series that included several videos covering cloth diaper accessories, and releasing two free cloth diaper booklets for download or viewing online that address ways to cloth diaper on a budget.  I was also able to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas for my third time.  This expo allows me to see the newest products, often before they release to the public, and is a great chance to meet or catch up with the brands and retailers that I work with regularly.  This year I made a little video about Menstrual Cups that has turned into one of my most viewed videos of all time.

Stay Classy, San Diego


The biggest news is more of an announcement!  I was asked to be a speaker at Baby Fest, an event hosted by Babies in Bloom.  Baby Fest takes place in San Diego on March 23 and all proceeds will benefit March of Dimes.  January of Birth Without Fear will also be a speaker (she is amazing).  Along with speakers there will be hands on workshops, vendors, raffles, and prizes.  If you are in the area I hope you’ll plan to attend, I would love to see you there!

I pinch myself some days because I’ve found a job that fulfills so many of my passions and rolls them into one.  I love educating people about modern cloth diapers, I love video editing, filming, and photography, I accept photoshop as a necessary and daily part of my life (way to go, Pinterest), and I especially love learning from and speaking with all of you through various social media outlets.  Some of you have watched my children grow (both of them!) from tiny babies into full fledged little people.  Many of you may have even been on Twitter with me during my homebirth, or perhaps you saw our birth story and photos.  I won’t get too gushy (I’ll save that for my 5th Blogging Anniversary in April) but just know that you are all a part of my online extended family and I’m so glad you have taken this journey with us.

So to all of my friends at the other end of the computer/phone/tablet I wish you a Happy New Year!  May it be filled with love, happiness, good fortune, great food, better friends, and fluffy new diapers!

Happy New Year

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Rosas Family Christmas 2013- The Video

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christmasmorning2013 copy
Since 2010 I have made a video of our Christmas mornings as a family.  If you read the blog regularly you know that I take on the role of “historian” for our family, doing most of the photography and video.  Since most people don’t go back to watch the long footage of their videos I make sure to compile the best moments into one shorter video for our family and friends.

This year I tried something new- I set up the camera on a tripod and used my remote to take photos, hoping I would actually “be in the picture.”  Instead, my camera kept resetting itself so I only got a few photos from that morning.  And my idea to leave the video camera on another table and using the remote to take footage so that I could also be “in the video” was unsuccessful so I ended up holding it to capture video.

For everyone who may be wondering, I used Final Cut Pro X to put together this video, however in years past I’ve used regular ol’ iMovie with great success. And if you have Windows, they have a free editing program called Windows Movie Maker. You don’t have to be a professional to make a movie. I have an iMovie tutorial and some tips on how to make a kick-butt home movie if you’d like to try making one with your family videos. Even though this tutorial is geared towards making a yearly slideshow it can also help with creating a Christmas video. And making a movie from a day of footage is easier than tackling one year’s worth.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our home and of our family. I’ve been fortunate enough to share moments like these for many years on this blog and hope that by doing so, inspire a few people to try their hand at learning the basics of video editing in order to have a few special videos to cherish down the line.

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How do “One-Size” cloth diapers fit from birth to potty? Fit Guide and Pros/Cons

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The invention of the “one size” diaper has meant a tremendous money saving for families.  Rather than buying several sets of diapers in each size needed, most families are able to buy a single “stash” of diapers.  Typically, you only need 24-36 diapers for the duration of your child’s diapering days.  One Size diapers fit babies at their different sizes by having an adjustment, usually on the rise (rise=the front of the diaper), that makes the diaper shorter or taller.  This in combination with a generous waist that closes tighter or looser around the baby with snaps or velcro means the diaper has a long life span. When you first pick up a one size cloth diaper you may be thinking “how will this work from birth to potty training?”  Very good question.

Facts about one size cloth diapers from Dirty Diaper Laundry

Some examples of how the diaper should fit at each stage and age will be very beneficial to parents who are new to cloth diapers. Following the examples and descriptions, there is a list of Pros and Cons on using one size cloth diapers.


Newborn/Infant- Unless your baby is a very heavy wetter, you may get away with just one insert or the “newborn” insert during this phase to cut down on bulk.  Still, fabric between the legs can add to the bulky appearance even if the diapers aren’t stuffed.  At this stage the diaper will fit OVER the belly button even on the smallest rise setting.  This is totally normal.  I made a chart on the one size diapers on a newborn used on my son, 3 years ago, for reference.  Many of the diapers used have new versions by now though.


 Crawlers- Crawling babies present a challenge when it comes to changing the diapers (alligator death roll!) but at this stage babies have often moved to the middle or second to largest rise setting. The diapers will also be fitting under the belly button just a little bit.  The diapers will look less bulky by now.  A baby before crawling is often a little ball of squishy rolls with a nice round tummy.  Right before babies learn to crawl some parents find that the thighs, once too small for the one size diapers, are now getting so large that they just barely fit.  This is when parents also worry their babies are about to outgrow their diapers.  Don’t fret!!!  Crawling babies will start losing that chunk in the legs and around the waist (sad I know) and their thigh size is probably the biggest at this age than it will be for the rest of their diapering days.


Walkers-  Toddlers, walking toddlers, are growing taller!  At this point your “baby” may still be on the middle rise setting or up to the largest.  Some toddlers will be lean and tall, or some may still have a nice healthy layer of baby fat.  Diapers will be at all different settings- you could pair 10 babies born in the same month and they would all wear their one size diapers a bit differently.  Because your toddler is taller, the diaper will start to sit lower, and fit more like underwear on the waist.

one-size-cloth-diapers-fit-walking This will look more and more obvious at they get older. It will look a lot trimmer, unless you are adding extra inserts. This will be the same way the diapers fit until potty learning, though you may need to unsnap the rise later on if you aren’t at this stage just yet. one-size-post-walker-lean

Pros -vs-Cons:

These days most families choose one size diapers, but they aren’t the only option. There are still many brands who make sized diapers.


Cost Effective- buying one set of diapers that (in theory) will fit your baby birth to potty training will save you hundreds of dollars. One Size will often cost more than a sized diaper (average OS pocket is $17.95) but because you buy far less you save more.  Compare this to the $1,500 or more spent on disposables and realize that a $500 cloth diaper investment is a smaller price to pay.

Flexible- At times, babies will grow into one size of diaper (or into a larger rise setting) then, when they crawl or walk, go back down a rise snap. There are many ways to customize the fit of your diapers to fit your baby’s stage.

Convenient- It is just so easy to “buy 1 and done” when it comes to one size diapers. No more shopping! (Unless, you really just like buying diapers, but I’ve never heard of such a thing *wink*) Once you have enough diapers, 24 on average but you can get by with less or more, you are set until potty training. Imagine 2+ years of never running to the grocery store for diapers or shopping for another size of diapers when you baby grows. Not bad!  There is a possibility the diapers can wear out over time, see the “cons” section on “wear and tear.”

Good for two in diapers- If you have the fortune/misfortune of diapering two or more babies of different ages at the same time, having a set of one size diapers is very handy.  When you are packing a diaper bag you can pack a bit lighter knowing if either child just needs a change while you are out you can adjust the size as needed.  If one chid’s diapers are low, grab one from your other baby’s basket and readjust the size setting.


Fit- It is so rare that a one size diaper will fit a fresh newborn.  The statement “from birth to potty training” is often a bit misleading in that sense.  This does depend on the brand(s) you choose and the build of your child.  It is a safe statement to say that one size diapers fit better starting at 10 pounds, and best the bigger your baby gets.  When parents attempt using one size diapers with a newborn and the fit isn’t perfect, even if it seems to fit, they may experience leaks.  Leaking diapers cause lead to frustrated parents.  Try it, if they don’t fit yet, try again in a week or two.  In the meantime you can look into cheap newborn cloth diaper options.

Bulk- The price you pay for convenience and money savings can often be seen in the bulk department.  Sure, you saved a few hundred bucks, but your baby might look like they have a little junk in the trunk, and in the hood too.  One size pockets can have excess fabric folds even when you use trimmer inserts that lead to a less attractive look.   The snapped down rise also adds some bulk to the front.  If you are using a diaper that has leg elastic sizing, the “scrunched” fabric can also add bulk on the smaller settings.  One size all-in-ones present a unique challenge depending on the way they are made.  All-in-one implies that everything you need is in the diaper, unlike a pocket which lets you choose the size of your insert.  On the smallest settings, you have a lot of extra insert you don’t need that must be dealt with by folding or rolling.  Sized diapers often look trimmer.

Wear and Tear- Using the same diapers over the span or 2+ years can often mean some might need replacing before your child is potty trained.  With one size diapers, it is important to keep that in mind when making purchase decisions.  Research reviews on durability, understand the manufacturer’s warranty and try not to void it, and avoid those “cheap” brands that seem too good to be true.  They may be less expensive, but if you have to replace them 1, 2, or 3 times over for 1 or more children it is still worth it to put your money into pricier, but better made products.  I’ve listed a few of my favorite one size diapers at the end of this post and they are all well made brands.

Appearance- Over the years as one size diapers have become the standard, people seem to have stopped complaining about the extra doo-dads that are present.  Still, when a diaper is on a larger rise setting it means you often see the other snaps.  Some brands will choose a matching color to make it less obvious (yay!) or try to make it “fun” by using a coordinating colored snaps.  Or for cheaper brands they often just use white which means on many colors and prints they stick out like a sore thumb.  And with sizing controlled by leg elastic you get a lot of bunching up that can be less than smooth and attractive.  Sized diapers usually look cleaner.


Now that you are 100% informed on one size diapers you can make a decision on whether they are best for your family.  In my 5+ years of cloth diapering I’ve tried just about all of them.  Here are a few of my favorites: bumGenius Freetime, Moraki Pocket AI2, Gro Via AI2, and Softbums.  All of these brands can be found at one of my favorite retailers, Kelly’s Closet! (affiliate link)


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Happy 5th Birthday, Fletcher!

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I’m a day early on this one but I’m having a hard time waiting!  Fletcher, my first born, is 5.  This boy continues to amaze me in every way- his sense of humor, intelligence, empathy, and dance moves rival that of a boy much older.  He had a lot of firsts this year including his first day of VPK (pre-k in Florida), reading his first book, crying at his first movie (Monster’s Inc), riding a bike with no training wheels, and playing team sports just to name a few.


Every year we have a tradition in this family.  As annoyed as my husband was when I suggested that we rake up the leaves in our backyard into a giant number 1 and take Fletcher’s photo next to it, I’m pretty sure he is happy we did it.  We have been able to keep our tradition alive since that date, and recently his 5th photo was taken.  I didn’t know back in 2009 that we would be moving from a state with tons of leaves in November to one with hardly any.  Thanks to the kindness of a neighbor who had more leaves than me I was able to execute another photo this year, though it was noticeably less fluffy than previous years.  Photos 4 and 5 were taken in Florida and used mostly oak leaves.

Our other tradition is the birthday video.  I spend many hours combing over the videos and photos from the year and edit them into a movie.  I love including popular music from that year, so that one day, my son will be able to connect those songs to this time in his life.  The theme this year revolved mostly around him learning to ride his bike and his love of trying (and sometimes failing) at new sports.  Every movie involves a dance montage and he really outdid himself this year!  Our life here is Florida allows us to be outside most of the year and it is something we don’t take for granted after 5 years in snow purgatory.  We don’t exactly live outside but it looks that way from the video!

I love sharing his photos and video here on the blog and hope that these traditions inspire someone else to find a creative way to commemorate their child’s life.  I’ve seen and heard other parents remark that these things must take so much time and that they are not capable.  Because I treasure these memories I make time.  I took off a week from the blog in order to work on his video last week, even pushing back promised work.  I spent hours driving around to parks looking for a place with enough leaves to take his photo too.  Everyone has something they will make time for, mine happens to be making sure my children have videos and photos from their lives that they will cherish for a lifetime to come.  We already watch their old videos and laugh (or cry) together.  I don’t regret the late nights and hours spent at all and look forward to the family piling onto a couch together when the kids come home from college and having a marathon video session together.


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How to insert and remove a menstrual cup-video

How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup {Video}

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Warning: This post will use the words “vagina” “insert” and “blood.”  This post and video will not contain graphic images or real live footage of either insertion or removal, rather, it will simulate these actions using a champagne glass.


How to insert and remove a menstrual cup-videoBy far, the questions I receive most about menstrual cups relate in some way to either “How do I get in in there and get a good fit?” to “How can I remove this thing without getting blood all over me?”  It took me a while to work up the chutzpah to film and post a video demonstrating these acts.  Plus, how does one demonstrate something so personal without actually showing a vagina?!

The solution was to use the trusty champagne glass, and to simulate the process of removal step by step on a toilet while fully clothed.  Most people just don’t know what to do with the cup when it is out and full, so I’ve taken that process and filmed it.  The cup itself doesn’t have menstrual fluid, rather, it is a mixture of olive oil and fruit punch to simulate the viscosity.

The video is self explanatory so please, watch and learn!

Next week I will have two more videos covering  the other questions ranging from “Can you poop with these in??” and “What happens when you do a cartwheel?” to “Will it stretch me out?”  There are *almost* no stupid questions so I was happy to answer these for the over 500 comments that were left on my first cup video.  My audience on DDL is mostly adult women who have given birth, but the audience on YouTube is much more diverse, and includes young girls.  These girls deserve answers so I hope these videos help to that effect.

Convinced?  You can buy a Lunette -http://amzn.to/1hOLDaF or Diva Cup http://amzn.to/18mJMmX on Amazon.com.  Make sure you double check that you are buying the right size!  If you cloth diaper you can also buy menstrual cups at most diaper stores including Diaper Junction, Kelly’s Closet, and Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. (*these are affiliate links, purchases made using them will provide me with a small commission)

Win it!


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Finally!!! A One Size Cover from Bummis!!!

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You heard it here first (almost… I’ve just always wanted to say that)!  Bummis, a brand famous for their high quality covers and commitment to fair and sustainable manufacturing now has a One Size cover.  Previously, they’ve only ever had sized covers much to the dismay of many.

Meet the new Simply Lite! It has a 3 step rise and has been designed with baby’s comfort in mind.  There is elastic on the tummy for a nice fit, and the inside wipes clean.


I for one am super excited about this new product!  You can see it in person in this awesome video. Look for it at retailers soon!

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BLOOPER REEL- My Everything but Cloth Diapers Outtakes

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I filmed hours worth of footage for my accessories series “Everything but Cloth Diapers” and it boiled down to a solid 30 minutes of useable footage.

Why do I have hours? Because- I’m not a robot and will mess up. That, and I have kids. Kids who won’t nap. Kids who are with me almost every waking hour of every day. Kids who walk in while I’m filming, or hollar for food, or who hate their lives and want to scream while I’m filming.  I try to schedule filming when they would nap but that didn’t work.  I try to do it while they are having “quiet time” but that never works either.  The lighting isn’t good enough to film after 7 when my husband is home so I do my best and cut the interruptions.  These videos were filmed over the course of about 4 weeks so while it might sound like I ignored my kids for hours a day I promise you I didn’t!  I spread it out.  Two videos were filmed on the weekend and I made my husband watch them but their yelling was still audible while filming.

Then a few malfunctions happened- like the drying rack that was broken. It gave me one heck of a time when I tried to close it back. And the time I filmed 3 segments while my zipper was down. Or the entire portion I filmed that was out of focus.

Enjoy this funny look at my mistakes. I roll my eyes, a lot. I promise I love my kids but they were at optimum crazy during the weeks I was filming and both were (still are) on nap strike. I think naps are done in my home and I am sad.

You can still enter all twelve giveaways happening now! And if you missed any of the videos for the Everything but Cloth Diapers event you can find them here.

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