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Smart Bottoms Born Smart Organic Newborn Diaper Video and Review

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Autumn is so different from her sister, it’s hard not to compare. She was born over a pound heavier and while Harper has always remained rather petite, Autumn already seems to be gaining steadily and rapidly. Clothes Harper was wearing at six months are already a good fit on her sister, and I’ve had to retire most of her newborn size clothing. It’s possible this may just be a very long growth spurt, but I am very curious to see if her rate of growth continues.


Smart Bottoms sent me an organic cotton diaper for newborns called Born Smart to review for you, and Autumn was all too happy to help. These diapers are a wonderful option when one size choices are generally too big or too bulky for your new addition.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The Born Smart newborn diaper appears to be an all in one diaper at first glance, until you notice that the tongue style insert (made with four layers of organic cotton) is not actually sewn to the interior (made of three layers of organic cotton) but has a pair of snaps so the insert can be washed and dried more quickly and easily. Upon further investigation, there is an opening under the lining where additional inserts can be hidden. I like that the assembled diaper is so easy to put on, the snaps are tightly spaced to ensure a good fit and the umbilical cut out leaves plenty of space for a new baby’s healing cord stump.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩✩ The Born Smart retails for $18 which is middle of the road pricing for newborn all in one or all in two diapers, but with the added features of a snap in insert and hidden pocket along with rise snaps that help you get the most out of your diaper, which makes this a very good value.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The interior of this diaper is lined with organic cotton and requires multiple prep washes to reach maximum absorbency. The first time I put this diaper on Autumn I had evidently not prepped it enough yet and she peed right through it in seconds. A few washes later and the issue was resolved. Of course with any newborn diaper it is not going to last as long as a one size diaper, the cut is much smaller so there is less material to absorb wetness, and newborns tend to emulate Niagara Falls so be prepared to step up your changing game if you’ve become used to the more relaxed routine of cloth diapering a toddler. One nice bonus is that this diaper contains a hidden pocket, so you have the option to add a booster to it if you anticipate needing a little more time between changes.

Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Review

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is made for babies about 6-16 lbs, and includes an umbilical cut out as well as a single row of rise snaps to help get a secure fit during this slightly awkward (but oh so cute) diapering stage. I think this diaper will fit smaller newborns exceptionally well (I wish I’d had it when Harper was born, she was teeny!) and it still fits Autumn (now nearly two months, I’ll learn her current weight on Tuesday, but I believe she is over 12 lbs) although she is on the outermost snap settings at this time.

For anyone uncertain about cloth diapering with a newborn, this is an exceptional organic option in a stylish and trim cut, with options that allow you to create the level of absorbency you need. While creating a diaper to fit a rapidly growing baby is a very specific niche and every newborn grows and is proportioned differently, Smart Bottoms has done a fantastic job of anticipating key issues and resolving them so you don’t have to think about it. They offer super cute colors and patterns, and are a great choice for cloth diapering a newborn.

Where to Buy: You can find the Born Smart at most cloth diaper retailers including DDL affiliate Kelly’s Closet!


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Orange Diaper Co Loops Fitted Diaper Review

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Adjusting to life with two babies is such a wake up call. Life becomes a carefully balanced dance of responsibilities, and “nap when the baby naps” becomes even more impossible with a two year old asking you to color or make oatmeal or push her on the swing. For the first six weeks we settled into a haphazard routine with my husband spending more time with Harper as I nursed Autumn nearly every waking moment. Now that my painfully short maternity leave has come to an end, I’m back to work five nights a week, and my husband is left to manage both girls. If he can get Harper to sleep and she doesn’t wake up, he only has Autumn to soothe, but that’s a big “if” and even one baby is no walk in the park when you have a limited supply of milk to offer and are tired from a long day of working yourself. I’m hopeful that we will find a rhythm in this new routine, but right now it’s very hard. I envy mothers who can afford to stay at home so much and miss my daughter every moment I’m away from her.  


Today I’m reviewing an organic bamboo terry fitted diaper known as Loops from the Orange Diaper Co. This diaper has oodles of charm with the rich loops of soft terry accented by brightly colored thread finishing the edges and fun modern snaps on the sides.
Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩These fitted feature side snaps which can make diaper changes blissfully quick, even on the wiggliest of babies. Since they are sized diapers there are no rise snaps to contend with, you just select the hip snap setting that works best and you are ready to go. The included soaker does not attach to the diaper in any way, which I’ve had problems with in the past, but in this richly textured terry the soaker tends to grip the interior of the diaper in such a way it does not shift out of place.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩ Prices range from 18 to 27 dollars depending on the size you select. While this price is higher than many fitted bamboo terry diapers, it is still significantly lower than some and the quality is through the roof. The material consists of certified organic & Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified double sided bamboo terry. The stitching is impeccable and so cute in bright happy shades of pink, blue, or green. The diaper consists of three layers of bamboo terry throughout the entire footprint of the diaper, with an additional soaker layer sewn into the wet zone, and of course the lay in style soaker that is included with your diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Since this is a fitted diaper you will need a cover to make it water proof. Once your cover is in place, this diaper can hold quite a bit. With my six week old I have had a difficult time with some of our newborn diapers, if she falls asleep her diaper is soaked through and leaking by the time her nap is over, which means I would have to wake her for a change (and if baby isn’t happy, no one is). The Orange Co newborn sized diaper became my go to for nap time, it is so wonderfully squishy and absorbent it was able to handle my healthy eater without giving in. If you need a diaper that can go all night, they also offer a booster or even a super doubler set to really enhance the absorbency, but I found that for day time this fitted worked very well.


Fit ✩✩✩✩ The side snapping design means the front of the diaper is less adjustable, so I found there was a gap at my thin two year old’s tummy, however this gap was small and purely an aesthetic issue, it did not affect function and we experienced no leaking (especially since the cover she wore would fix this issue by creating a barrier). I adore the snap down on the newborn size for when she had an umbilical stump, you can purchase the newborn diaper with or without this feature but if you plan on cloth diapering from day one I highly recommend the snap down so the diaper does not irritate your baby’s skin. While this diaper is made of a very fluffy terry, it is still quite trim in fit, and looks so adorable.

Overall: I love the style of this diaper, simple yet bright and modern, and the rich terry is wonderfully absorbent for my super soakers. I wish I had more of these beautiful diapers, they are so simple to use and the sun clears away any staining like magic. These diapers are wonderful as a baby shower gift, they are also an excellent way to experiment with fitteds if you are used to another style diaper and are looking for increased absorbency.

Where to Buy: You can find stocking dates on the Orange Diaper Co. Facebook Page


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Thirsties New One Size All in One Diaper Video and Review

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It’s hard to believe my tiny girl is two years old. She’s so independent now, running around and climbing everything in sight. She loves helping with anything she sees the grown-ups do, whether it’s attempting to use a screwdriver or sweeping the floor on cleaning day. She has her mood swings like any toddler but for the most part she is thrilled just to be a part of the adventure and I count myself so lucky that she’s along for the ride.


Thirsties debuted a new one size all in one diaper last month that is sleeker and more absorbent than ever. While I adore Thirsties and am a huge fan of their covers especially, I have a particular fondness for the ease and design of all in ones. These are available with either a snap closure or hook and loop tape so you can select the style closure that works best for your family.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ This all in one diaper couldn’t get any easier, really. There is nothing to stuff or wrap or fold, just a single piece sewn on one end that rests comfortable within the diaper until wash time, when it can shift away from the diaper to wash efficiently and dry quickly. I love how simple this diaper is for anyone who is nervous about cloth diapering as well as for caregivers who may not want to learn any additional steps. Just select the snap rise that is appropriate for your baby and this diaper is as easy as any disposable (and far cuter).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ You’ll pay 19.75 for this diaper which is a comparable and fair price for an all in one. Many all in ones are available these days as they are so simple to use and convenient when folding and stuffing laundry is the last thing we want to think about. However, I haven’t seen any other all in one that combines this level of absorbency with this easy rinse (have you ever tried to use a diaper sprayer on some kinds of all in ones? Depending on construction it can be a challenge) and this relatively slim silhouette.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The diaper itself is lined with soft microfleece on the interior and has a hidden layer of absorbent terry in the wet zone for anything that might slip past the soaker. The soaker itself is a powerhouse with three layers of polyester terry that is still surprisingly trim. This diaper is great for daytime use, but has held its own during naps and extended errands as well. I was also impressed with how quickly it dries, I can hang this on the line in the morning and by nap time it’s ready to go. I did find the soaker got a bit stiff (we have really bad hard water, and hanging on the line can result in stiff diapers depending on their material) but all it took was some worrying by hand (just pretend it’s pizza dough) or a quick toss in the dryer on low with my favorite wool dryer balls to soften it up again.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The fit of this diaper is extremely trim, much sleeker than many all in one style diapers we’ve tried. The design is extremely well thought out to allow for a very reliable diaper without any added bulk.  It comes in snaps or their new and improved velcro depending on your preference.

Overall: I love this diaper for daytime use specifically because it is so trim and comes in those wonderful Thirsties colors and patterns. I haven’t tried this one overnight yet, but it has done well during a long nap and on a few long outings. If you have a very heavy wetter and are worried about overnight use, Thirsties does have a great hemp insert (or a cotton velour doubler if you prefer) available for purchase separately that can be tucked inside any diaper for added protection. I haven’t bothered with a booster with this diaper yet, as the four total layers of microfiber has worked very well for us so far.

These all in ones are an excellent choice for new parents who may be intimidated by the idea of needing to assemble or fold other types of diapers. It’s also great to have on hand for daycares and babysitters because the design is so foolproof, there’s no confusion as to how the diaper goes on. And they are so trim they easily fit in the diaper bag so they are great for running errands, too.

Where to Buy: You can find diapers at almost every major cloth diaper retailer including Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction.


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Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Video and Review

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Harper loves playing outside, it’s my perfect cure for any day when she’s being especially moody or disinterested in her usual toys and activities. It’s a bit trickier to manage supervision now that her baby sister has arrived, but thanks to babywearing and a little planning ahead, I’ve been able to make our backyard adventures really special and exciting even if I do have to stay in the shade and take lots of breaks to nurse.


Today I’m sharing a review on Kissing Blake, they offer a wide variety of quality and hard to find prints as well as custom embroidered diapers at a variety of price points. I tried out a diaper called Mermaid, a one size hybrid fitted with a shimmery swimsuit fabric outer that sparkles in the sun.  For the video the diaper shown for the first portion is their Extended Wear Overnight but my review reflects the Daytime Hybrid Fitted option I was sent.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ With a fold over rise and cross over snaps, it’s easy to get this diaper on just right. I love that the soakers snap together then snap to the diaper so nothing shifts on the baby. The materials used in each Kissing Blake diaper are washed prior to arrival, so you can start using it right away (no lengthy prepping to get through), though they don’t reach their full absorbency until they’ve been washed about four times. If you’re looking for extended wear or have a heavy wetter, you’ll want to add a cover over this diaper (any kind will work, but I especially love wool as it is so breathable). Keep in mind if you have a grandparent or babysitter over who may not be familiar with fitteds you’ll want to clue them in or you may receive a frenzied phone call that your diapers are leaking (not that I’d have any experience with that).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Prices for a Kissing Blake diaper vary based on the materials used. This particular diaper was listed at only 26 dollars, which is a fantastic deal for a quality hybrid fitted like this one. Many of the diapers offered feature fabrics which are hard to find prints and some have even been customized with intricate and beautiful embroidery. Some of these designs can run up to 50 dollars, which is on the high end for fitted diapers but understandable given the market and the options being offered. I love that a variety of price points are offered so any family can try Kissing Blake.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩This diaper is a hybrid fitted, which means it contains a hidden layer of polyester fleece behind the decorative outer layer and is somewhat waterproof, but not entirely. You’ll still want a cover for any prolonged wear or maximum protection. I love letting Harper play in our backyard while wearing a hybrid, though, as they are so breathable and if she’s outside and her diaper becomes damp, it isn’t a hassle to take care of. This Kissing Blake diaper is so beautiful I love seeing it on her and only use a cover if we’re running errands or if it’s nap time. The organic bamboo fleece used on the soakers is 500 gsm (SHOBF) which means it is super heavy weight, perfect for absorbing a lot of liquid. Kissing Blake also offers some diapers specifically meant for overnight and heavy wetters, these diapers have three soakers included instead of two.

Kissing Blake Hybrid Extended Wear

Fit ✩✩✩ I did find that the outer most snaps on the wings of this diaper were really far out, so while Harper has plenty of room to grow in this diaper, she will need snap covers to prevent the snaps from cutting into her skin as she is already on the very last setting despite being very petite. A snap cover will provide a barrier so the male snap doesn’t press into and hurt her skin.

With this fitted diaper you can expect some bulk, the diaper itself includes a layer of decorative fabric, a hidden layer of polyester fleece, and a layer of cotton velour on the interior. You then have two generously sized soakers, each is made with two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece, that can be folded over if you need additional absorbency in a specific wet zone. Based on how you fold the soakers, you can have up to 12 layers of absorbency, which can lead to a bit of bulk. Not that I’ve EVER minded a fluffy butt. It can be a bit tricky if you like dressing your little one in pants with a traditional cut to them (this is the time to pull out the Project Pomona Pants or the baby leggings!) but you can always remove one of the soakers if you don’t need full absorbency and the cut really matters to you (ie for a birthday photo shoot). Oh, have I mentioned how perfect these diapers are for a special photo shoot? There are such great prints available! I have my eye on that Dalek diaper.

Overall: I think these diapers are so cute and very absorbent for a hybrid fitted. I love them for playing outside, or for bed time with a cover. They are great for special photo shoots if you choose a special print you love (many of my cloth diapering friends like featuring a favorite diaper in their baby’s birthday or milestone photo shoots). These would also make a wonderful gift, either for a baby shower or if you have a pocket obsessed friend struggling with absorbency on bedtime diapers who you’d love to try fitteds. I love following Kissing Blake’s page to see what new prints they’ve come out with, they have something for everyone.

Where to Buy: You can find diapers listed on the Kissing Blake Hyena Cart.


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Super Undies Overnight Pull-On Review

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My youngest, who has been potty trained since last year, has occasional accidents at night. We have tried going without protection but I wind up washing sheets 3 times a week or more. For my sanity and to prevent him from waking up screaming and crying after realizing he has had an accident we went back to wearing diapers or trainers at night. Super Undies asked if I would be interested in reviewing their overnight pull-on and I said yes. It would be nice to try an actual trainer meant for holding an overnight accident versus a trainer meant as a “just in case” for potty training toddlers.


Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ The Super Undies Overnight Pull-On has been extremely easy for us to put on before bedtime. The fact that it so easily pulls down and up means I can put it on with pajamas and he can still go potty alone right before climbing into bed at night without me having to help with any snaps like on a regular diaper. This also means he can remove it himself in the mornings. For those concerned about it being too thick for washing and drying (watch the video to see) the absorbent inner tongue pulls out of a stay-dry sleeve for washing and drying. The reason this gets 4 stars for ease of use is that it takes a bit of time to get the soaker stuffed back in nice and flat. Without the diaper laying flat like an open pocket diaper, this task can be a challenge. Because the pocket opens on each side the insert should agitate out on its own. Often the diaper comes out of the dryer inside out and just needs to be re-stuffed and turned right side in.  You can also fold the soaker in half and stuff towards the front for boys or tummy sleepers though I never needed to.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ An Overnight Pull-On will run you $30. For reference, a package of one-time-use equivalents will cost $14 for 23. I’ve been using some sort of overnight option for my son for a year now. Buying a few trainers and washing those is less expensive than buying a package of disposable pull-ons for the same time span. Plus you also feel better about not using and tossing that number of diapers.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ We have had a fantastic experience so far with Super Undies. No leaks at all for several months. The cotton version, which I reviewed, has 4 layers of absorbency which is pretty standard in cloth diapers. If your child is older or a heavier wetter you may require an additional booster that you would stuff into the sleeve opening.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The wide waistbands and leg cuffs fit great around the leg and they don’t leave any red marks so I’m happy with how comfortable they must be on him. It does fit poofy, possibly if my son were a bit larger it would be less so. They have several more sizes up from where my 3 year old is in so it is a comforting thought to know that if he, like many other children, continues to have overnight bedwetting, we can size up for quite a while. Of course I’d like that not to be the case but it can be normal for children to wet the bed until 8 years old. I’d hate to think of the money spent on disposable products for that time span. These are also a good option for children with special needs. The super motifs and colors are nice for children who don’t want babyish themes.

Overall: I’m so happy there is a company that caters to this market. Having trim trainers is good for some (though we skipped trainers for the most part) but sometimes you really just need a highly absorbent pull-on for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. Mom and Dad don’t want to buy disposables forever, and even non-cloth diapering parents faced with years of buying and tossing pull-ups can find value in switching to reusable pull-ons. We have three and this is enough to work well. The biggest challenge going from full-time cloth diapering and washing a large load of diapers every 2 days is adjusting to washing a small number of trainers. It can be done, and I’ve broken a few rules by tossing them in with the kid’s clothing a load or two (we don’t use softeners). Nobody got hurt and the police didn’t show up at my doorstep… just a tip for you.

Where to Buy:Diaper Junction carries Super Undies products


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Harmony Fitteds from Tiny Tunas Diaper Video and Review

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Harper is obsessed with the playground these days. She begs for it every hour, and since she’s still petite and big kids tend to run into her or push her down, we’ve taken to scouring the area for small, quiet, practically secret playgrounds. We’ve actually found quite a few that are not listed on the city website or other playground listings, despite the city owned sign and rules stating it is a public playground. They are usually behind or very close to churches, but not owned by the church (in fact they usually have separate playgrounds of their own) and are small (no water fountains or bathrooms) but stocked with everything Harper is looking for to stretch her legs and challenge her growing body. It’s really fun to see her learn new things, to test her limits and delight in proving herself.


Every once in a while I come across a diaper that really stands out as something special. It’s not easy to make something that is for catching human waste into something really beautiful and luxurious. Tiny Tunas has managed to do just that, by partnering with Oscha Slings (are you listening, my fellow babywearing mamas? THE Oscha! Yes, that one!) and offering a heavenly collection of sophisticated and classic fitted diapers featuring the textiles you know and love.

Ease of Use✩✩✩ With a fitted, you put the cloth diaper (which is very absorbent, but not technically waterproof) on your baby, then add a waterproof cover such as wool or fleece. This fitted snaps in place with a single row of rise snaps on the exterior, or an alternate row of snaps on the interior if you need a tighter fit. The insert is comprised of two soakers which snap together, then lay in the diaper without snapping to any foundation. I wish they would snap to the diaper instead as I encountered some issues spraying down this diaper when soiled (the insert fell into the toilet several times, and handling it made my very grateful for my Diaper Dawgs) and I worry about how comfortable it is having a plastic snap top against your skin in such a sensitive area. Of course, if you’re concerned about these issues, a liner (either flushable or reusable) can serve as a helpful resolution.

Tiny Tunas Diaper, Wool Cover, and WUL bar

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ This Harmony Fitted diaper is listed at forty three dollars. For a wool soaker like the one Harper loves, you’ll pay between twenty and thirty dollars depending on the size you need. And the WUL bar Tiny Tunas recommends to help wash and lanolize your wool is just six seventy five and can be split up into sections (much like a Hershey’s bar) so you use only what you need and save the rest for later. While the price for the fitted is on the higher end, you’re purchasing a diaper of extremely high quality materials (OSCHA, people!) and these are very well made. I love little details like the flowers carved into the outer snaps on the diaper. The wool is actually very reasonably priced and comes in a rainbow of rich but sophisticated colors. And having lanolized wool before, without the addition of a WUL bar, I am very impressed at how much of a difference it makes, this inexpensive and easy to store little bar made lanolizing so quick and the wool dried soft and pliable, not at all sticky, so much better than some of my early lanolizing attempts.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Tiny Tunas offers an excellent tutorial video on their website to help you make your wool practically bulletproof using lanolin (I buy cosmetic grade at the health food store) and their WUL bar. The soakers inside the Harmony Fitted are each comprised of three layers of organic heavy bamboo fleece, so the diaper is extremely absorbent on its own, but with the wool soaker worn over it, this fitted has never leaked on us and is soft and breathable as well. It may seem counter intuitive in a hot climate like where I live in Florida, but wool is actually so much more comfortable in the heat than you would expect, since it is a special thin layer of soft smooth wool, nothing like the itchy holiday sweaters you may remember despising in your youth.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Harper is growing fast, and is already on the very last settings of this beautiful diaper. I’m going to miss it, and am just glad I know it won’t be too long before her sibling is able to enjoy it. Harmony Fitteds are available in a variety of sizes to ensure a snug fit for your child at each stage/age. Being that babies grow so quickly, they’ve built in a little wiggle room in these sizes by offering gentle elastic at the legs and back and a fold over rise (that’s when you fold over the top front of the diaper to reveal a hidden row of snaps, effectively tightening the waist and allowing for a lower rise, and as your baby grows you can leave the front unfolded and use the visible snaps for a larger fit). An XS-S is generally for a weight range of 6-16 lbs, a M-ML is meant for 15-28 lbs, and a L-XL is made for 25-38 lbs. By offering specific sizes Tiny Tunas is able to be sure that the fitted your child is wearing is made for him/her, and is never too bulky (no crazy giant fluffy butts here!) or heavy.

Overall: Harmony Fitteds are definitely a luxury diaper, I love how luxurious they are, and they manage to make diapers into something elite and sophisticated. These will be a real show stopper as a baby shower gift, especially if the mama-to-be has been researching baby wearing and knows a thing or two about wraps and slings. They are also a wonderful way to treat yourself if you are overwhelmed by all the neon and cartoon prints on the market and want something timeless and beautiful for your baby. I can imagine a parent choosing these diapers for a special occasion, like an important photo shoot, or a wedding party, or a baptism. And I can dream of a beautiful understated nursery fully stocked with little square willow baskets packed tight with these gems in every size (with each basket labeled by size, of course, probably on rich vanilla cardstock tags), waiting for a very lucky little baby whose parent considers taste and style to be nearly as important as using organic materials and choosing the very best.

Where to Buy:Tiny Tunas


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Opulent Monsters Diaper Video and Review

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Harper loves animals so much, I really lucked out in how gentle she is with them. We’ve practiced since she was a baby, teaching her to softly touch toys and blankets long before she could really comprehend what “gentle” means. Our dog and cat are a tremendous joy to her, and she gets so happy to see them and to touch their soft coats. She’s recently become obsessed with playing fetch, throwing one of Valentine’s small plush toys and squealing with delight when he picks it up and returns it to her. I love that we can have a pet friendly household that is also baby friendly.

Harper in Opulent Monster

This week I’m reviewing an Opulent Monsters Magnum Opus. The design is different than any of the other diapers we use. The designer/creator was asked to produce an all-in-one diaper, but she was dissatisfied with the options currently being produced. She wanted something that could easily be sprayed off, but still separate in the wash so it would wash and dry quickly and thoroughly. I’m very pleased to say this is indeed her magnum opus as she has accomplished exactly that in a well made and aesthetically pleasing diaper.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ If you’re familiar with the style of a bumGenius Freetime, you’ll see some similarities in the design of a petal sewn to either end which can be folded to cover the diaper area but will open freely in the wash. The magnificence of this diaper, however, is that it takes the design a step further, providing a sleeve of lining that the petals can be tucked into, securing them for wearing and for rinsing. One issue I have every time I use the more traditional style of dual petal all-in-one is that I dread the idea of Harper soiling it because they are so messy to rinse off with the sprayer. Inevitably both soakers will have solids on them that need to be sprayed but it is nearly impossible to get each side of the soaker without overspraying and having a mess to clean up after. By tucking the petals into the sleeve they remain in place and you have just one small and easily reachable surface to clean. I then am happy to manually withdraw the now wet but unsoiled soakers from the sleeve before throwing them in the wash (my machine is an HE front loader and is not reliable enough to always agitate soakers free on its own, but it’s probable your washer may do this for you).


Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Priced at 30.95, you can choose snaps or hook & loop, and the lining is available in either natural bamboo fleece or “dry” which offers an athletic wicking jersey to keep moisture away from baby’s skin. The price point is a little higher than some of the big name companies with similar styles, but the design is so unique and convenient I find it to be a good value. Also, this diaper is made here in the USA.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The materials are an excellent quality, and I found the three layers of heavyweight bamboo fleece that make up the petals to be absorbent enough to stay leak free for hours when an unplanned errand resulted in some car trouble without any backup diapers on hand.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Opulent Monsters offers a three step rise snap system, with a generous cut to cover larger babies. It doesn’t get as small as some one-size diapers we use, so very small babies may have a while to wait before they can try them. Having a petite child, I’m more aware of that possibility than most, and you may not find it to be a concern at all.

Overall: I love the design of this diaper so much, to the point I actually try to plan on Harper wearing it when I can expect she may soil it, because it is so very easy to rinse off. There are no annoying small crevices or unwieldy attachments to wrestle with, and it makes my laundry day so much easier. The prints offered are colorful and fun, and the material is soft and absorbent. This is an excellent diaper for anyone looking for an easy to use all-in-one style who has concerns about the wash/dry time associated with many AIO styles. I would recommend everyone have at least one or two of these in their stash if they have a babysitter or caregiver who is less comfortable with cloth diapers, as it is so user friendly and foolproof.

Where to Buy: OpulentMonsters.com


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Bugga Bugga One Size All in One Diaper Video and Review

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Matt joined a gym this year and the membership includes access to a highly visible child care center while you work out. He loves the layout because he is able to do a set, then stop at the water fountain next to the glass doors and observe Harper playing before moving on to the next machine. Last week they held a member appreciation day where he was allowed to bring a guest so I was able to see firsthand Harper’s experience with the gym’s facilities. I love that they always have two caregivers on hand and that they know Harper by name and look forward to encouraging her play. I found a treadmill on the second level that allowed me to see the play area clearly, and while I listened to my music I watched her play with the pretend kitchen, ride around on a little push toy, and color with a flock of pre-k age girls who all seemed to love and dote on her. When our workout was complete I walked into the room and she gushed “Mommy!” and rushed towards me, but I know how much she enjoyed her play time with the other children and it made me feel so much better about the hour or so of “me-time” it grants me each week day to catch up on chores, take a shower, and eat something. I never realized before becoming a mom how important it is to have a little time to yourself. Seeing how much good it does Harper as well just makes me feel that much better about it.  


Bugga Bugga sent us one of their brand new improved all in ones to test, and after having stalked their page several times in the past for some of the adorable one of a kind diapers they’ve offered, I’m really excited to talk about this one!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩This diaper is a one size all in one, which is what most parents consider to be the easiest and most convenient choice for their stash. There is no stuffing, wrapping, folding, or sorting to worry about. When the diaper is dirty you wash it, then you dry it, then you put it away. Just like that. Everything is attached and there is no guesswork involved.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This ooga booga print all in one diaper is listed at 27.95. This is a higher price than many all in one diapers using bamboo fleece, however it is very well made, and the designs offered are often custom and unique. I don’t know about you, but I’d happily pay several times as much for a diaper with, say, a Tardis, or Serenity on it, then for a generic solid color diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The interior of this diaper is lined with bamboo fleece, there is a large piece sewn directly to the pul to ensure baby’s skin only touches soft material, and there are two thick soakers sewn on top, affixed at both ends for ease of use. I did notice after several washings that the edges of the inner piece and the soakers did fray up along the stitched edges, but the fraying does not go past the stitches and does not affect the utility of the diaper at all, it is just the expected reaction of this type of fiber. Bamboo is extremely absorbent, and it wicks moisture away quickly, perfect for babies like mine with sensitive skin. I also love how breathable the material is. Harper can go two or three hours in this diaper without fretting, and when I change her she is still quite calm and patient, since she is comfortable. The hook and loop tape is extremely strong, which is great for an older child who may try to remove his/her own diaper, but was at times a little frustrating for us, because the seal is SO strong it was difficult for even an adult to remove. I’m sure over time and many repeated washings this will wear in more and become easier to use. As with any hook and loop tape, little bits of fuzz will find their way to the tape and need to be removed if their appearance bothers you. On the bright side, while many parents complain about some brands of hook and loop diapers which lose their hold and need to be replaced often, I have a feeling that will not be an issue with this diaper, at least not for a year or two.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These one size diapers are made with four rows of rise snaps and a generous nine inch band of hook and loop tape. The hook and loop tabs are also quite large at two inches, and paired with equally sized laundry tabs to prevent them from snagging your other diapers in the wash. The layout and size of the hook and loop tape combined with strong rise snaps offers an extensive range of fit options, we’ve been lucky enough to test this diaper during a growth spurt, and while we’ve adjusted the snap rise and where we fasten the hook and loop tabs, it has still provided a perfect fit every time. I find this especially exciting as I plan my newborn stash for Harper’s soon-to-be sibling, this diaper can be sized down extremely small and it appears as though it would fit even a very small baby, while that same layout of hook and loop allows for a generous fit on a much older and bigger child.

Overall: I love the convenience of this all in one so much. Some days I’ll get a chance to wash and dry the laundry but the thought of sitting down and making stacks of covers, pockets, fitteds and soakers and pairing them all together and stuffing and snapping everything just seems too daunting (especially while Harper is awake, she is fond of ripping my carefully arranged stacks down into a pile on the rug). On days like that I am so thankful to be able to pull my all in one out of the pile and be done. It’s very strong and absorbent and I think it will probably last a lot longer than some of my other diapers. The price is higher but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true to me as this fun ooga booga print makes me grin every time I see it, and I know I can trust it even when out running errands.

Where to Buy: Bugga Bugga Boutique on Hyena Cart


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Sweet Iris Diaper Flat Video and Review

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The weather has been really gorgeous lately, so we’ve been spending more and more time outside. My husband has managed to bump half a dozen woodworking projects to the top of his list so he can work in the backyard and enjoy the day, and we even picked up some fresh plants to add to our raised beds in the driveway. I’m looking forward to planting them later this week. It’s amazing how good I feel after spending a few hours outside, and Harper loves it, too. There’s just so much to see and do, and it makes me so grateful to have a home with a yard after many years of apartment living. sweetiris
Today I’m reviewing a luxe flat from Sweet Iris, it is called the Snug Bug bamboo viscose stretch terry flat.  {Learn more about why flats are awesome with this video and infographic}

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Flats are a wonderful choice for cloth diapering, they tend to be what most people think of when they are not familiar with modern cloth options, but they are still around with good reason. Flats can be folded in a variety of ways to accommodate any size/shape baby and any situation, yet they can be washed and dried faster than any other diaper. The learning curve can be a bit higher if you have never experimented with different flat folds before, but once you find a fold you love it becomes second nature. Some parents will prep the flats after removing them from the line/dryer by folding them and tucking them into a diaper cover or stacking them in a basket so they are ready to be placed on the baby without extra prep work while the baby is wiggling and waiting. Many parents will just use a simple pad fold which is certainly as easy as using a regular insert, it just requires that moment of folding which is negligible. {Editor’s note:  In the video the folding is shown on their flat with rounded corners, but it seems they have updated to square corners which can make folding easier}

sergedflat copy

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At 13.95 for the style I am reviewing here, this flat will cost more than the flour sack towels you might buy at a local big box store or the cotton flats you can find on cloth diaper websites. The cost is for quality, however, in material as well as construction. Bamboo is very strong and absorbent, and it naturally prevents the growth of bacteria (any mom who has rescued a cloth diaper that went missing for a few days before being washed knows how terrible mildew and mold can be, and using bamboo is a great way to guard against the inevitable). It is also very breathable and doesn’t get too warm like some fabrics can, which is ideal for our Florida heat, and Harper’s sensitive skin.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ The most noticeable difference between this flat and others I’ve tried is the absorbency. This flat can easily hold at least three times as much as our cotton flats, and yet Harper’s skin does not appear irritated after an extended time between changes as it would with our other flats. This is the only flat I like to use if I have a few errands to run and don’t know how long it will be before I can change her. I wish I had a second to keep in my purse since it is so lightweight and compact, it would be easy to keep on hand for emergencies (while doubling as a bib/towel/blanket if needed).

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These flats are very trim and soft, so it’s easy to get a good fit (even when Harper would rather do anything else but have her diaper changed, and is being very wiggly). The bamboo viscose is extraordinarily soft and squishable even after many washes in our wretched hard water and line drying, and it has a nice bit of stretch to ensure a comfortable fit on Harper. If we’re playing in the yard or at home I love putting her in her Sweet Iris flat without a cover, it’s a great chance to let her skin breathe while still protecting her.

Overall: I love how luxurious this flat feels. I’ve heard some parents make comments about diapering with flats, because they have only ever used all in ones and haven’t experienced how absorbent and versatile flats are. They also tend to think of them as the economical option (and they are, comparatively) but flats like these are so nice I can easily imagine them being used by royalty (didn’t I hear a rumor Kate Middleton is cloth diapering?) {editor’s note: YES!  And they only use terry nappies} and celebrities since they are so well made and tactilely pleasing. If I were putting together a baby shower gift for someone I really really loved, I’d buy a half dozen of these (you can choose which color thread you would like the edges serged with, it’s a non-wicking thread so the absorbency isn’t channeled to the edges like with some other brands) along with a beautiful wool cover and tuck them in a sweet little basket.

Where to Buy: SweetIrisDesigns on Etsy


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Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Video and Review

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Harper loves playing pretend. Pushing her “babies” around in the wagon and taking sips from her little tea cup so she can pretend to refill it from her teapot are two of her favorite games. It’s amazing to me how imaginative she is, and how she picks up on these things so quickly. We’ve used our stroller maybe three times and I don’t think she’s ever been awake while I’m having tea (that’s a naptime joy) so she’s learned these things purely from the playing we’ve done together. My mom once told me the best and most important gift you can give when you are choosing presents for birthdays and holidays is to sit down and show your child what they can do with their new toy. It seems simple, but it’s true. I remember my mom asking me all kinds of questions about a toy I had asked for after I received it, and having me point out all the things I could do with it and why I loved it so much. As an older child, I was excited to share my knowledge and didn’t even realize she was (in her own way) teaching me how to play with it by discussing every feature and possibility. What is your favorite way to play with your little ones? Do you like to show them what to do? Or ask them questions? Or observe and use positive reinforcement when you see them figure something out? I have many years of playing ahead of me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Today I’m going to share a hybrid fitted diaper from Chunky Cheeks with you, it’s made with a hidden layer of poly fleece inside. This means while you’ll want a waterproof cover (like wool or pul) on top for long term use, this diaper can be worn without a cover for quite some time. The fleece helps to keep the moisture from soaking the outer layer for a while.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks comes with two inserts which snap together and snap to the diaper. You can use one or both inserts to meet your needs. Both inserts are generously oversized, so you’ll want to do a bit of folding to make sure they tuck nicely within the diaper. This can require a little extra prep work if you’re ocd about the folds being even the way I am, but it is possible to just put the diaper on and then tuck the excess in, it’s all about what works best for you.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks generally sells hybrid fitteds for about 30 dollars. This is about average for a hybrid fitted diaper, a little on the high side, but nothing compared to some of the brands I’ve seen. You’re paying for quality materials and a very well constructed diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Those generously sized inserts are fantastic for soaking up moisture, they make this diaper perfect for overnights. I also love keeping Harper in a hybrid fitted without a cover while she’s playing because they tend to be more breathable then many diapers. Harper has very sensitive skin, so having a breathable diaper for her to wear is an excellent opportunity to allow her skin to recover from being diapered all the time (without the potential mess of diaper-free time, which I don’t often have the opportunity to do these days).

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are accented with a long row of snaps and a fold over rise, so they can probably fit a teeny tiny baby up to a chunky toddler. Chunky Cheeks lives up to its name, with a very thick and fluffy silhouette. There will be no question that your baby is wearing a cloth diaper, and some pants may not fit with these. I take that as an opportunity to show off the diaper, and skip the pants every now and then. If you can’t have a no-pants party when you’re a baby, when can you? Wait, don’t answer that, we don’t know if our bosses will read this…

Overall: I really like how absorbent Chunky Cheeks diapers are, and the prints and designs are so much fun, check out the Cars themed diaper on their Facebook page! If the thick appearance of the diaper bothers you, you can remove one of the inserts and the diaper should still hold up for a couple hours without issue. My heavy wetter definitely does better with both, and I love showing off our love of cloth.

Where to Buy: Chunky Cheeks


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