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Tots Bots Easy Fit V4 Review

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I hope everyone had a lot of fun celebrating Easter with their families this past weekend. I find it is always takes an open mind and a bit of a thick skin to navigate the perils of family politics when one parent’s family has a big celebration and the other parent’s family decides to do a celebration at the same time of day. Clearly, you want to attend as much of both events as possible, but chances are you will be leaving early or arriving late or both, and no host likes feeling like second banana. If the families on either side are too large in number to allow a single combined party, how do you negotiate your time to be fair? How do you avoid hurt feelings or stress on a day when you want so much for your babies to laugh and play and just have fun and feel loved? It’s a tricky situation, and one I am far from mastering. I’d love to hear any feedback or advice you may have.


Tots Bots sent me an Easy Fit V4 to review. Those of you familiar with Tots Bots may have tried or read about versions 1, 2, and 3. The fourth version was released in 2014 and has more fans than ever. This nappy is made in Scotland and I’ve always wanted to try one!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The Easy Fit V4 brings back the bamboo that was loved in its predecessor but in a whole new way, blending the bamboo and cotton into a material they call “binky” (like a bamboo minky). Many folks admire minky for its softness and how easily solids can be rinsed off of it. Bamboo is loved for its natural absorbency and eco friendly sustainability. By creating Binky, Tots Bots was able to fashion a “best of both worlds” diaper, like a mash up of your favorite songs. This nappy consists of a unique configuration, a tongue style soaker that is sewn into the lining and extends out the back, with a booster that snaps to the end. There is a wide pocket between the sewn in portion of the tongue where everything can be stuffed for ease of use which will leave the natural bamboo against your baby’s skin. Alternatively, some parents like to fold the layers on top of the interior so the softer minky is against the skin. Either way stays in place without shifting due to the sturdy construction and generous width of the soakers.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ At $24.95 this nappy is on the higher end compared to some leading brand pocket diapers but the thick absorbent soakers put the absorbency more on the level with an overnight diaper, it’s practically bulletproof. Also, it is from Scotland and yet you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

Performance✩✩✩✩✩ This nappy is amazingly absorbent and I really put it to the test. Long car rides, nap time, marathon errands, and overnight are all times when I’ve had concerns about whether a cloth diaper will be able to hold up, especially with my nursing on demand baby who never goes thirsty and has taught me to always bring an extra outfit for each of us (just in case). Situations where some of our all in ones and pocket diapers have failed time and time again are no problem for this powerhouse.


Fit ✩✩✩ One noticeable concern some parents may note is the bulkiness of this nappy. With or without the booster this is a fluffy nappy. I’d even say it is bulkier than many of our fitted diapers (which generally also have a doubled over tongue soaker and a booster as well as an absorbent shell but are usually lined in a much thinner minky). While this is not an issue under skirts and dresses, baggier pants as are common for boys (there is a reason you’ll usually find me prowling the toddler boy’s clearance rack at Baby Gap, their boy pants are generally more cloth diaper friendly than the girl pants) or when rocking the diaper with some baby leggings or nothing else at all, some people may find the nappy bulkier than they prefer. The extra wide booster adds to the bulk but also makes this nappy fantastic for super soakers and for older/bigger kids, too.

Overall: I love this nappy’s origins, construction, and easy styling. It is clever and strong, and a wonderful addition to any stash. While the bulkiness tends to make me reach for this one most at bed or nap time and rarely during play dates with parents who don’t cloth diaper and may be put off by the fluff, it still gets a lot of use. The generous width of the soaker and length of the rise make this diaper great for bigger kids, too. I love using products I feel good about, and I definitely feel good about this Tots Bots Easy Fit.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet


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Milovia Pocket Nappy Review

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Having two little girls is still such a surprise to me, I was the only little girl in my family aside from a beloved cousin living on the opposite end of the coast who would visit every few years and send refrigerator size boxes of luxe hand me downs that made up basically my entire wardrobe. Autumn is still very young, but I see Harper appraising her and choosing to be gentle and kind to her every day, watching her face for reactions and bringing her toys and blankets. I know they won’t always get along so well, but Harper has always been quite particular about who receives her affections, often refusing a request for a hug or kiss or farewell and choosing to play aloof. I don’t begrudge her this personality quirk, it makes the attention she does offer that much more meaningful. And Autumn is given it in spades. I have never witnessed a sister who is more attentive and loving and sweet towards her new playmate. Even when I tell her for the tenth time that day that I can’t nurse her that moment because it’s Autumn’s turn, she may balk but she never gets upset with Autumn, she never tries to push her away. There doesn’t seem to be a jealous bone in her body. It may not last, but I am relishing this connection they have while it exists.  


Today you may have noticed I don’t have a diaper review for you. I have a nappy review! This is a rarity in ‘the states’ but I am so incredibly tickled I have a proper nappy from Europe to tell you about. These gorgeous cloth pocket nappies are carefully crafted and definitely an eye catcher. I’ve received more compliments and questions when my girls wear this nappy then I have with any diaper they’ve worn before.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ These pockets are designed with an envelope enclosure at the front so adding inserts is simple, and removing inserts when the nappy is soiled is tidier since with any luck the mess is not at the front of the nappy. One feature I noticed with these is that the hem is carefully finished with a neat tightly serged edge. Many pocket diapers that feature a front opening will just leave a cut microfleece edge which over time can become worn and also seems more prone to ride up, the Milovia does not have this issue thanks to the designer going the extra mile with this feature. It also boasts a PUL backing on the interior of the microfleece at the top of the diaper. This is a huge benefit as it means that your child can enjoy the softness of the microfleece against their skin all the way up (many diapers will use a strip of PUL here instead, which can be a little rough on extremely sensitive skin) while still protecting against leaks (especially compression leaks for tummy sleepers).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ For the longest time these nappies were not available in the U.S. and fans were forced to track down a UK retailer who was willing to internationally ship and the customer was left with exorbitant shipping charges. This drove the price of a single cloth diaper way up from a consumer standpoint. Despite this concern Milovia still has quite the following here, so much so that they just announced last week their first American retailer! http://www.squigglybugsllc.com/ is now offering Milovia nappies for sale. You can select a microfleece interior like I am reviewing here or a Coolmax interior if you prefer. With this new retailer, Milovia is also now offering their inserts included with the nappies! Previously fans would purchase the pocket then separately purchase a small, medium, or large insert (or sometimes a combination of two for ultimate absorbency). With this new package option you will automatically receive both a small and a medium insert. The entire package comes out to $34 which is still on the high side for a pocket diaper, however it is significantly lower than customers have paid in the past, and I think it is well worth the price to have at least one of these unique beauties in your stash.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Milovia nappies are made entirely of Polish fabrics created specifically for use on children. The PUL is strong and even after getting in a fight with some errant hook and loop tape in the washing machine (the laundry tab on one of my other cloth diapers is evidently not doing so well) the fabric is still unmarred and gorgeous. We haven’t had any accidents in this nappy as of yet, which is saying something because this is apparently the diaper that relieves any constipation my children may feel, every time I put it on them they soil it. The microfleece is very good about resisting staining and rinses easily. The inserts are labeled as microfiber but they are not like any microfiber I have ever seen before. These are very thick, pillowy, soft and ribbed, and something about them reminds me of mattresses. They come with a couple simple seams dividing the filling into sections which makes it easy to fold them when needed. The material does tend to get pilly in the wash (not losing material as far as I can tell, but I see miniscule lint balls stuck to the pad, possibly from other garments sticking to the ribbed material) but that is purely cosmetic. I haven’t used this diaper for a very long time (though it has been in very heavy rotation over the past month) so maybe some long term fans can shed some light on this, but I have a suspicion these plush inserts will not “deflate” the way microfiber inserts we are familiar with tend to thin out and lose absorbency.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This one size nappy offers a three snap rise and includes a small and medium insert. When I first received it I was able to use just the medium insert on my younger baby, and now I find using both inserts works best for our family. Both my girls are extremely heavy wetters so you may find just one insert works fine for you. With both inserts included I find the diaper to have a bit more bulk to it, but it doesn’t bother me. If it did I would probably look into purchasing a large insert from Milovia (hopefully Squiggly Bugs will add it to their site soon). I’m very impressed by the generously sized back elastic which manages to contain my off the growth charts (five month old) infant’s messes without leaving red marks on her skin.

Overall: These nappies come in charming, unique, and attention getting prints. I’m more than a little obsessed with the incredible feather print I received, and the quality of the materials is pretty plain to see. While these are on the higher end of the spectrum price wise, I do think these are a great addition to a well rounded stash, and they are now easier than ever to order. For my friends who exclusively use covers (with flats, prefolds, fitteds, etc) be sure and check in with Milovia about finding a UK retailer as they are now offering covers on their website (maybe if you ask nicely, Squiggly Bugs may look into carrying the covers, too)! I noticed a lot of you asking about covers when Kim posted a picture of this nappy the day it arrived, so I figured it was worth mentioning. I’m really happy with this one, I’ll continue to reach for it as long as it is clean and ready to be worn.

Where to Buy: Squiggly Bugs


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Happy Heiny ONEderful Stay Dry Review

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Now that Daylight Savings Time has taken effect, Harper is having a harder time falling asleep. Her once predictable bedtime routine has been tried and tested and there have been a few nights where my dear sweet husband has been left to walk with her in her carrier two or three times in a single evening while I work and Autumn dozes or rides in the stroller. I’m glad Harper falls asleep thanks to babywearing, but I know multiple walks in the Florida heat can be tiring for my husband, and hearing her pop awake back at home is stressful for everyone. Lately I’ve been trying to tire her out by playing outside in the evenings until I catch her yawning. I’d love to hear how you handle the time change and night owl toddlers. 


Happy Heiny sent me one of their ONEderful diapers with a stay dry layer over a cotton interior. Last year we reviewed their ONEderful with organic cotton and hemp, so I was excited to try this version as well!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ This all in one diaper features rise snaps in the front as well as the back, allowing it to be sized down considerably and extending the potential life of the diaper. The soakers have two snaps that attach to the back of the diaper but can be released when washing for a more thorough wash and faster dry time. While the snaps in the back of the diaper may seem confusing to someone encountering them for the first time, you don’t have to use them, and if you’re concerned about a caretaker encountering them, you can just have the diaper set to the correct size ahead of time.

Left: Organic ONEderful, Right: Stay Dry ONEderful

Left: Organic ONEderful, Right: Stay Dry ONEderful

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Happy Heiny offers this snap closure stay dry diaper for $21.95 in their fun and eye catching prints or $19.95 for solid colors. The organic cotton/hemp version currently retails for $24.95 or $26.95 for solid colors or prints, respectively. These diapers are made in the USA by seamstresses who are allowed to work from home or bring their children with them, whichever works best for their family. As a mom who works from home five nights a week and stays up late so that I can nurse my infant immediately before and after my shift and on my breaks, and stays home with my girls during the day so we can escape the cost and concerns of daycare, I have an enormous gratitude for this company and their policies. I love shopping with companies that I believe in, and Happy Heiny is definitely one of those companies.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The cotton/stay dry version of this diaper is a formidable diaper, but I have been spoiled by the cotton/hemp version. I wouldn’t personally use this stay dry version for nighttime, as both my girls are heavy wetters and in our experience this diaper needs to be changed after two hours. This is reasonable for a cloth diaper, and if all my diapers were so easy to use and wash I doubt I would mind changing diapers more frequently. For long naps and bed time I’ll stick with my organic cotton/hemp ONEderful, but this stay dry version is ideal for errands and visiting family since it is so trim and looks so nice under even the most unforgivingly snug pants.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ I am extremely impressed with the generously sized crossover tabs and the multitude of snaps. One of life’s quirky jokes; my five month old (as of today!) and my nearly two and a half year old are on practically the same size setting on their diapers. I did utilize the enclosure snaps on the back of the diaper for Autumn, to ensure the diaper perfectly hugs her little baby curves. With Harper, I was able to leave it unsnapped, as the additional length up her back is perfect for her longer torso. And on both girls, I was able to snap the tabs so they met in the center. That means they can grow a considerable amount and I can still expect a good fit with this diaper, the sizing is extremely flexible for larger babies.

Overall:This stay dry diaper is a great choice for any child needing a larger diaper, a trimmer diaper, or a simpler diaper with quick dry time. For those reasons this would be especially perfect for an older child still in diapers who may be self conscious about it, the slim silhouette is almost unnoticeable in an older tot, especially in regular jeans or loose fitting pants. On Autumn it is more noticeable as the silhouette doesn’t blend as much against her rolls of baby fat but it is still quite trim and generously cut to allow for a good fit no matter how she grows. Also, Harper is more than a little obsessed with this fire dogs print, she runs around the house begging for “Puppy diaper? Mommy, need puppy diaper please!” and is quite disappointed if I tell her it’s in the laundry.

Where to Buy: Happy Heiny


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Sloomb OBF Diaper Review

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Mornings always seem to be the easiest time of day for my girls. It’s a cruel joke on me because I am definitely NOT a morning person. But come sunrise they are up and excited and happy and ready to play. My usual morning routine these days involves getting Harper changed and giving her a cup of water then setting up some independent play options like Eco Dough or puzzles or paper and crayons so she can entertain herself, then putting on some soft music and changing Autumn and settling in to nurse for a while and check in with my friends on my phone. By the time Harper is ready for her morning oatmeal, Autumn is content enough to play on a blanket with some toys and I can even make myself a coffee or some yogurt and fruit. By the time Harper finishes her oatmeal we get some one on one time to play and when Autumn is ready she joins us at our tea party/coloring session/dress up game/tower building. From there on out every day is different, and in general routines don’t work well for us but having this little morning habit works well for us. How are mornings at your house? Do you find having a schedule helps or do you take life as it comes?

Sloomb shrooms

Today I’m reviewing a lovely Sloomb overnight bamboo fitted featuring the sweetest whimsical pink mushrooms, very Alice In Wonderland/Through The Looking Glass and very charming. This is my extremely picky husband’s favorite diaper because it is SO soft and fluffy, even after washing in our hard water and line drying it still stays soft and squishy and is the one he always reaches for if it is clean and available.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ This fitted is pretty simple as far as assembly goes, the single extra long soaker has snaps to keep it in place, and it can be folded in a few different ways, but it’s pretty foolproof if someone is just winging it and has no idea what they are doing they will still probably manage to get the diaper on and snapped fast without issue. The only concern would be making sure a waterproof cover is put on over the diaper.  Wash time is just as simple, unsnap the soaker and you’re good to go. Cotton prints generally fade over time but over the past two months I’ve been using this in heavy rotation (to ensure an accurate review for you) and with cloth diaper safe detergent and line drying I haven’t noticed any of the fading that was apparent by this time with other cotton wrapped fitteds I own. I’m sure it will fade eventually, but I believe the print and colors Sloomb chose has contributed to the fading issue being less apparent.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Sloomb fitteds are listed at 35 dollars, or 39 for the XL for children over 32 lbs. While this is on the higher end, I see other diapers (especially WAHMs) going for much higher and they don’t always use the same quality materials. I especially love that these are made in the USA (sewn in Denver, Colorado) and for every diaper purchased a tree is planted. How cool is that?

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is made of seventy percent bamboo and thirty percent cotton on the interior, with a printed cotton exterior, and it comes with a soaker that is three layers thick and double length. It snaps in place and can be folded to provide six layers of protection all over, or extra absorbency in the front or back if needed. There are extra soakers available for purchase, but I’m having a hard time imagining a scenario in which they would be necessary. Even with my almost five month old wearing this diaper all night while waking several times to nurse she still woke up happy and while the diaper was saturated it was not leaking through the cover. I usually use a wool cover but used a PUL cover with this diaper several times to make sure it wasn’t just being wicked away, and her cotton pajamas remained completely dry (aside from some drool under her chin, of course… I mean, she is a baby).


Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are sized, with five different size choices so if you know your child’s weight or can measure their legs or waist you can select a diaper that is just right for your little one. There is some flexibility on the sizing, of course. I tested a size medium, suggested for weights 14-22 lbs, and it fits Autumn at 19 lbs beautifully, but it also fits Harper at 24 lbs and seems like it will continue to fit for a while. With a gorgeous diaper like this, I intend to keep using it as long as I can! I like that there is a single extra female snap on the wing of the diaper that can be used as a crossover snap to help fit the diaper on especially thin babies, having a very trim two year old I always look for ways to find the best possible fit and additional sizing options are always helpful.
As is the case with any fitted, this is a rather fluffy diaper for daytime/out and about use, and the cover you’ll need will add a bit to the bulk. This is no problem if you’re rocking the fluffy bum with a dress or loose skirt, or if you size up on your baby’s pants. My favorite way to see this diaper is with Sloomb basewoolies, luxurious wool leggings (for boys or girls) that can be worn out and about and are so incredibly cute.


I have a pretty big crush on this diaper, it’s pretty much the whole package. It has good looks and strength, comes from a good neighborhood and has incredible character. Wait, are we talking about my husband or a diaper here? Okay, so quick recap; adorable print, lasts all night, sewn in the US, and Sloomb plants a tree for every cloth diaper purchased so you’re helping the environment not only by not filling the planet with disposable diapers but also by putting your dollars behind a company that is helping to make the world a better place. Okay, I’ll stop gushing. But it’s not easy. Kim tells me when folks check out the Cloth Diaper Resource Table at MommyCon she catches them petting this diaper because of how soft and fluffy it is. Also, for you Kimya Dawson fans (most people know her from the Juno soundtrack) there is even a SustainableBabyish song! I found it on their website under their Ethos tab, like a fun little Easter Egg.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet


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Chelory Organic All in One Diaper Review

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I am having such a hard time transitioning Harper to her toddler bed. My mother finished a beautiful quilt for it using some of her baby clothes and some of my old clothing, even some patches from my father’s baby rompers from 1950 that his mother had saved for her. I did everything I could to make it special for her, painting the frame her favorite shade of blue and sewing a tulle ballet inspired bedskirt, letting her pick out special bed sheets with little birds on them, and sewing toddler size pillows for her to cuddle. She shows no interest whatsoever. Autumn is off the charts growth-wise, and will be too heavy for her Hushamok hammock soon. When that time comes I hope to transition her to the crib for at least part of the night (I’m pro co-sleeping but work in our bedroom till 1 am most nights so she’ll need a place to sleep while I’m working). I’ve tried laying on the toddler bed with Harper and nursing her in hopes she’ll fall asleep, and I’ve tried asking her to lay down but she then immediately hops back up. The one time I tried getting her to sleep by babywearing then laying her on the bed she panicked. How did you transition your toddler from their crib? What advice would you suggest to help her get excited about the idea?


Chelory is a household name when it comes to WAHM diapers, Rachel has consistently produced a quality diaper for years and it’s easy to understand why anyone who is familiar with WAHM diapers usually recognizes her company. When she sent me a diaper to review I immediately messaged Kim and asked if she’d sent me a present, I was so excited when she told me I would get to do a review!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ This all in one diaper is sewn in place on either side, so there’s nothing to snap or fold and it’s pretty much impossible to put on incorrectly which makes this diaper fantastic for babysitters or other caregivers who may be hesitant to use cloth. One unique trait of Chelory diapers is that they arrive prepped and ready to wear, most diapers require washing at least once and sometimes several times before wearing. While bamboo will become more absorbent after additional washes, I was able to use this diaper right away (which is so fun when such a pretty diaper arrives)! You can choose snaps or hook and loop tape, and the trim little strips of h&l fit neatly on the laundry tabs to ensure they won’t snag laundry, imperative considering how strong this tape is.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩ This diaper is created by a parent, a person just like you or me (although more talented, at least more than I am), so she can’t offer the same crazy low prices some mass produced factories offer, but she does offer a fair price for the materials used and consistent excellent construction. The diaper I am reviewing is listed for 32.95, some are listed as low as 28.95. Having viewed Chelory diapers at local cloth diaper groups before (yes, I meet with other local cloth diapering mamas, and I love it!) I have always been impressed by the quality of the stitching and the wear of the diaper over time. Of course, your water hardness and wash routine will vary but the diapers I’ve seen have held up better than similar leading brand all in one diapers and at a negligible price difference. If you can only afford to add one or two Chelory diapers to your stash, I still say go for it, you’ll reach for them again and again.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are constructed with several layers of a bamboo and Zorb composite, and topped with either organic bamboo/cotton fleece or stay-dry wicking jersey. I use the organic version since my older daughter has always had very sensitive skin and natural fibers seem to fare better against her skin for a longer length of time. And you can definitely test these for a longer length of time, they are the most absorbent non-fitted diaper I own right now. I normally go to fitteds with wool for naps and bedtime, but in a pinch these will last the night without leaks. They do take a longer time to dry, much like other all in one organic diapers I use, but I find the level of absorbency with two heavy wetters to be worth the dry time. Rachel suggests turning your diapers inside out (flipping the sewn insert around) before hanging dry for about 24 hours. I live in an area frequented by sudden showers so I like to line dry in the regular manner with all my other diapers which helps to sun out staining, then when I come out to collect my other diapers I flip it and toss it in the dryer with some other laundry and my wool dryer balls to finish the job.


Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are a little bulky to wear under the thin stretchy cotton pants that are so ubiquitous in little girl fashion these days, but adorable under dresses and skirts (and Pomona Pants!) or you can size up a bit to ensure a good fit. They are still trimmer than fitteds which are the only other diaper I’ve tried that matches this absorbency level.

Overall: I am a huge fan of Chelory diapers and think any parent who is feeling the “cloth diaper blues” and may be considering giving up should buy at least one of these and give it a try, I think it’ll make you a “believer” again. Aside from dry time they are so hassle free and easy to use, and if it’s within your budget to put a few of these beauties in your rotation you’ll notice long errands and naptimes will be much less stressful. I love that these diapers are one size as I will definitely be using them as long as I possibly can with both girls.

Where to Buy: Chelory.com


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Diaper Safari One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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Autumn is four months old today. Every month when Harper was a baby I would snap a picture of her in the same glider with the same toy and a simple white onesie labeled with her current age. At her first birthday I displayed the twelve months as a banner, it was so amazing to see how she grew and her very distinct beauty emerged. I am continuing the tradition for Autumn’s first year, with the same toy in a different color, and a different style month marker. It will be even more fun when the project is complete to compare her not only to herself but to her sister at each age. I know this is a fairly common practice these days, though not always easy to keep up during those frenzied early infant months. Did you take monthly pictures in the same location or position? Did you use an object for size comparison? What was/is your favorite detail about this project? Do you have any tips to help get the best light and smile? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.


Diaper Safari sent us a one size pocket diaper with hook and loop tape to review. A snap version is also available for purchase. They offer a variety of fun prints featuring sweet safari animals (currently lions or hippos on your choice color background) Harper loves naming and asking for. The pocket can be purchased without an insert, and a microfiber insert or hemp insert can be purchased separately from the same manufacturer.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ This pocket features an opening on the front as well as the back to allow the insert to agitate out on it’s own in the wash. Depending on what and how many inserts you use you may find that this occurs. I started out with one microfiber insert from Diaper Safari but found my girls went through it far too quickly (they are both nursing on demand and Harper also keeps her water cup nearby at all times so they tend to wet their diapers more than may be considered average, you may find one microfiber insert is enough). I added a hemp booster under the microfiber and found that the absorbency was better but the two inserts together did not agitate out in the wash every time, so I remove them manually instead. I still find the two openings to be very helpful when removing inserts from soiled diapers as it allows me to avoid any messy areas, and my husband appreciates the roomy openings for easy stuffing.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩ The pocket is currently available for only nine dollars and ninety five cents, and the inserts can be purchased for two (microfiber) or four (hemp) dollars. This puts this diaper at the same price point as many “discount diapers” I’ve noticed on the market, but the quality of material seems to be better based on the four months I’ve been using it in heavy rotation. The suedecloth inner is stitched and finished impeccably and the PUL is not sticky like many discount diapers we’ve attempted (what can I say, I was young, the print was cute, we all make bad decisions sometimes…). I’m not saying you shouldn’t use cloth diapers that are cheap, I am just saying I found many of them to be stitched poorly and of subpar quality, with PUL delaminating and inserts losing absorbency within weeks. With this diaper I have not experienced any issues beyond my own absorbency needs as stated above. There are also discounts available if you order in bulk, so if you are ordering nine or more diapers you pay just eight fifty a diaper, which can be a great way to start a stash if you’re on a tight budget or unsure about cloth diapering. You’ll still need to buy the inserts but it is still an inexpensive way to get started cloth diapering.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ These diapers performed very well once I adjusted my stuffing routine from one microfiber insert to the microfiber on top of the hemp. The elastic at the back and legs has a good amount of stretch to help keep any mess contained, and while I have noticed a tiny amount of pilling around the edges of the PUL it has not affected the integrity of the diaper, and the microscopic cosmetic flaws are likely just the result of a tussle with rogue hook and loop tape in the wash (there are square tabs to stick the tape to, but it doesn’t seem to hold very well).

Fit ✩✩✩ These diapers are suggested for babies ten to thirty five or more pounds. They definitely run bigger than most one size diapers, and are cut generously which makes “double stuffing” a breeze. They may not fit a smaller, thinner, more petite baby as well, but for my petite two year old and my four month old chunker they do great. The trimness of the diaper will depend on what you use to stuff it, with a single microfiber insert it is relatively trim, with my combo it definitely fills out a onesie (we have to size up on Autumn’s clothes to make it work) but this is standard for many cloth diapers and to be anticipated.

Overall: I think these diapers are a budget friendly choice for someone looking to begin a stash or try pockets for the first time. The roomier cut is also excellent for parents with bigger babies or older children who are still wearing diapers, the gentle elastic and generous space for inserts allow for a lot of leeway when it comes to absorbency. I’ll admit these are not my favorite diapers, personally, but they serve their purpose well and may be just what you are looking for.

Where to Buy: DiaperSafari.com


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Buttons Cloth Diapers AI2 Review

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For her birthday last year Harper received her own little kitchen. I knew with the baby coming it would be a good investment since it encourages independent imaginative play. Sure enough, I have spent many hours nursing Autumn while Harper makes and brings me cups of “tea” or elaborate tacos stuffed with a variety of felt vegetables and condiments. It’s so fun to see the pride on her face when she thinks of a new “recipe” and puts it together to show me.  


Buttons Cloth Diapers sent me a one size all in two style diaper to review. They included a small daytime insert (for babies 9-20 lbs, perfect for Autumn) and a large daytime insert (for babies 20-35 lbs, perfect for Harper) made with 55% hemp and 45% cotton, and a layer of soft fleece on top to wick away moisture. There are also microfiber daytime inserts (topped with soft fleece) and nighttime doublers (available in either material) available to customize absorbency to meet your needs.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩The Buttons cover includes two interior snaps so whichever Buttons insert you use will snap perfectly into place and you won’t have to worry about it shifting or bunching. This makes getting a diaper on a wiggly impatient baby and an even more wiggly and impatient toddler a breeze. When it’s time to change, you can just remove the insert and put it a new one, reusing the cover until it becomes soiled.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ For eleven dollars you can have your pick of any of their bright bold cheery solid color covers, or for twelve fifty you can pick a fun print cover. I have to say I’m a bit obsessed with the darling little four hole button embroidered on the back of the diaper, it is so unexpected and cute! Daytime inserts range in price from three fifty to seven seventy five depending on the material you choose. A nighttime doubler for added absorbency is five to nine seventy five depending on your preferred material. I love the flexibility of the two sizes insert and the doubler for over nights or heavy wetters. While a single diaper with an insert and doubler can be a bit on the pricier side (nineteen fifty for a solid color with microfiber insert and doubler, thirty for a print with a cotton/hemp insert and doubler) anyone looking to build a stash or perhaps swap out some of their less loved diapers for something simpler and more convenient can purchase multiple inserts with less covers and save a bundle by only changing the cover when needed. Buttons also offers Starter Packs and Basics Packs which allow you to save even more if you’re purchasing multiple diapers.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These covers are made with two layers of quality PUL, wipeable and not at all sticky like some covers can be. It’s also quite soft which is a relief for my little ones when it comes to the edges, some diapers we’ve tried can be a bit diggy and leave marks but these are super gentle. The generous double gussets are perfect for catching anything that gets past the insert, and the hemp cotton inserts were a perfect blend for heavy absorbency without a lot of bulk. I’ve been using these for almost four months and they’ve become even more absorbent over time. Even though these are the daytime inserts, I reach for this diaper before Autumn’s morning nap time (generally her longest nap of the day) because I can trust that she will wake because she’s ready, not because she’s soaked through her clothes. And anything that cuts down on laundry (because I can wash just the insert and reuse the cover, AND because her clothes are still dry) is aces in my book.


Fit ✩✩✩✩ The crossover snap allows for a good snug fit on even a very trim tummy, and with elastic in the front as well as the back and legs, you can find a comfortable fit on even the chunkiest little baby. You may need snap covers for the interior male snaps on the wings if you make it to the largest setting, but the wings are cut fairly long and for my skinny toddler I don’t foresee it being an issue. These are also quite trim, and look great under even slim cut clothing.

Overall: These diapers are ideal for parents who are new to cloth and looking for a system that is easy and convenient, they are most cost effective when purchased as a bundle. They do offer each element sold individually so you can try one or two if you already have a sizeable stash, but fair warning, after trying these you may find yourself donating your old diapers and making the switch!

Where to Buy: You can find Buttons Diapers on their website


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Winning Colors Baby All in One Diaper Review

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Mornings are always the most peaceful for us. We have a routine with milk and oatmeal and coloring and quiet time that seems to work pretty well for us. When Autumn arrived that routine definitely took a hit. I still try to make sure Harper’s oatmeal is cooked around the same time, but there are days I’ll wait for her to request it, which may not be until nearly noon. Coloring becomes more of an independent activity then a shared one. And quiet hasn’t been a member of this household for a few months, we just have to address each issue as it comes up as best we can. Still, Harper adores Autumn so much and is so eager to help whenever she can. I’m so glad she has been incredibly accepting of these changes and while she’s on a nap strike she doesn’t ever take out her frustrations on her sister (not yet, at least). Seeing the two of them together is the sweetest thing.


Winning Colors Baby is a WAHM located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She offers semi custom diapers with super quick turn around time, so you can submit a request and anticipate receiving your new diaper in two weeks or less. For a one woman operation, that is some serious dedication, I love it!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The best thing about custom options is that you can choose the style that works best for you. Each buyer is given a choice of All In One, All In Two, or Cover. You select whether you prefer side snaps or front snaps. You can decide on an interior lining made from suedecloth, microfleece, or bamboo jersey. Even the snap colors can be influenced based on gender if desired. I was sent an all in one style diaper with side snaps in medium for Harper, and as a bonus she sent me a polka dot newborn diaper with front snaps for Autumn with the tiniest sweetest little neon booster to increase absorbency. Being an all in one style, it’s easy enough to wash and wear, no assembly required.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Prices vary based on what you request, the diaper I am reviewing ranges from $25 to $33 based on materials used. This is a little high based on the overall cloth diaper market, but considering you are supporting a working mother who is purchasing her own supplies on a smaller scale and providing all her own labor rather than outsourcing, when I consider how much work goes into making a diaper (remember when I made diapers for the girls with my supplies from Babyville Boutique? That was no quick task!) as well as the fun PUL prints and appliqués you can request, I think the value is on target. She recently posted a “gamer” themed custom on her Facebook page featuring Nintendo controllers and retro game icons that I’m obsessed with, and she’s always on the hunt for great new PUL prints for her fans.


Performance ✩✩✩ I did find this diaper needed to be changed a little more frequently than other all in one style diapers we use. It’s possible the absorbency may not have reached its maximum potential yet, but after about 90 days of use I still find this diaper is best changed after one hour of use. I will admit my toddler is still breastfed on demand throughout the day and also always has a cup of water kept available, so she tends to be a heavy wetter and can go through a bulkier leading brand all in one diaper within just under two hours without breaking a sweat. For most babies you may not notice absorbency being an issue at all.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These are mostly sized diapers, available in newborn (7-12 lbs), small (10-18 lbs), medium (15-28 lbs), and large (25-40 lbs), though a one size option is listed in the front snap category (10-30 lbs). The snaps are arranged at a slight angle which allows you to choose snap placement based on your baby’s body type. Having one baby who has always been very skinny and petite and another baby who is all round tummy and chunky thighs I have a vast appreciation for this style, it allows a looser fit at the tummy for my little chunk, and a tighter trimmer fit for my tiny toddler. The fit on this sized diaper is quite trim and with the even trimmer side snapping feature I am able to dig out pants that are too tight for my 15 month old in her other cloth diapers. The newborn diaper is a tiny bit smaller and trimmer than our other newborn diapers, perfect for a brand new baby, and comes with a snap down rise at the center just right to allow room for the umbilical stump.

Overall: These diapers are well made, bright, colorful, and charming. They are trim and it is clear a lot of thought and love goes into each design; these are definitely diapers that are made individually and with careful consideration. I adore the option to customize your choice at every level, it allows parents a wonderful opportunity to express themselves far beyond just picking a color or a pattern. This is an excellent choice for a parent with particular tastes who may be unsatisfied with the ready-made choices in the market. It could also make a wonderful gift if you know the taste of the recipient, you could customize the diaper with their favorite colors and features!

Where to Buy: You can find Winning Colors on HyenaCart


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Tushmate All In One Newborn Diaper Review

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Autumn is such a sweet and happy baby, so easy going and communicative. Harper was by comparison a much more quiet and serious infant, wanting to be held every second but not interested in eye contact or talking/singing until many long and frustrating months later. I don’t know if their births are responsible for their demeanors (Harper arrived via an emergency c section, Autumn was delivered with a drug free vbac) or if they just have very strong personalities that revealed early on. Harper is very loving but still will not accept cuddles or kisses unless they are her idea, and she will whine and wail if I dare to sing (I swear my voice isn’t that bad). I’m so curious to see how their personalities develop as they get older, especially as they spend more time with other children.


I was so very lucky to receive Tushmate’s brand new all in one newborn diaper to try, just in time for Autumn’s arrival. The design of this diaper is so unique and practical, and aesthetically pleasing as well with sweet (but not cloying) gender neutral shades of orange, yellow, light blue, and chocolate brown to choose from.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ Tushmate’s all in one style diaper can be worn and washed as assembled with no issues in most cases. The stay dry liner has two tiny snaps that can be opened to release the tongue style insert for a more thorough wash and faster dry, but with my exclusively breastfed baby I found I was able to leave it assembled more often than not. This diaper has the most amazing hook and loop tape I’ve ever encountered, it is so thin and soft yet strong, and if you open the hook side and run your finger across it, it feels smooth and will not scratch like many other styles can. The tape allows for a perfect fit on your newborn, even when that fit changes by the day (and sometimes the hour, they grow so fast!) so you always have a secure yet comfortable diaper on your baby.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩✩ At only 15.98 for an all in one diaper made with quality materials and an excellent design, this is truly a bargain. Most all in one style newborn diapers are closer to twenty dollars, and when you are trying to build a stash (I believe twenty four is the magic number with newborns who need to be changed every hour or so and tired parents who can’t do laundry every second) that difference adds up quickly.

Performance ✩✩✩ Tushmate believes in using natural fibers when possible, so the insert that folds and tucks under the liner is made of forty percent hemp and sixty percent organic cotton. This will require some prep to reach maximum absorbency, and can sometimes be considered to be a bit slower to absorb. Autumn tends to let it all out and seems to be a heavy wetter, so if your baby tends to go a lot all at once it can overwhelm the diaper and cause leaks. Tushmate has anticipated this issue, however, and left plenty of room under that snap down liner for you to add an additional insert. I found that layering a small microfiber insert (which is included in the TushMate Newborn AIO Package) between the stay dry liner and the hemp/cotton insert allowed the microfiber to quickly absorb liquids, and while microfiber doesn’t hold as much it then would more slowly absorb into the natural fiber insert underneath. If you have a newborn who wets a little at a time throughout the day you will find this unnecessary, but for us this simple addition was a lifesaver.


Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The Tushmate newborn is equipped with a pair of itty bitty rise snaps to help stretch the wear on this sweet little diaper even longer. My daughter surprised me by coming into this world nearly eight pounds and growing every day since. Still, her Tushmate diaper fit her all the way up to fourteen pounds as suggested, with the tape just reaching the sides of her round little tummy. This diaper is surprisingly trim for something so adjustable in size, and fit nicely under all Autumn’s tiny newborn clothes without issue.

Overall: While I did need to supplement this diaper to make it work for us, it is possible that with more washes the absorbency may have increased, and if I’d had a smaller newborn (this diaper is rated to fit a baby as small as five pounds) it may have also resolved the issue I dealt with. Regardless, this design is built to accommodate an additional insert, and Tushmate found a way to do so that is still pretty and practical. I am so impressed with the construction of this diaper and the fit (and the hook and loop tape!) that I think any new parent should try it. This cloth diaper also makes a perfect baby shower gift, and at that low price point, I’m dying to see someone put together a little cloth diaper cake with these babies. How sweet would that be?

Tushmate’s Newborn AIO was named DDL’s Favorite Newborn of 2014!

tushmate6 copy

Where to Buy: You can find the Newborn Tushmate from Tushmate.com


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Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Diaper Review

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Autumn is so different from her sister, it’s hard not to compare. She was born over a pound heavier and while Harper has always remained rather petite, Autumn already seems to be gaining steadily and rapidly. Clothes Harper was wearing at six months are already a good fit on her sister, and I’ve had to retire most of her newborn size clothing. It’s possible this may just be a very long growth spurt, but I am very curious to see if her rate of growth continues.


Smart Bottoms sent me an organic cotton diaper for newborns called Born Smart to review for you, and Autumn was all too happy to help. These diapers are a wonderful option when one size choices are generally too big or too bulky for your new addition.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The Born Smart newborn diaper appears to be an all in one diaper at first glance, until you notice that the tongue style insert (made with four layers of organic cotton) is not actually sewn to the interior (made of three layers of organic cotton) but has a pair of snaps so the insert can be washed and dried more quickly and easily. Upon further investigation, there is an opening under the lining where additional inserts can be hidden. I like that the assembled diaper is so easy to put on, the snaps are tightly spaced to ensure a good fit and the umbilical cut out leaves plenty of space for a new baby’s healing cord stump.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩✩ The Born Smart retails for $18 which is middle of the road pricing for newborn all in one or all in two diapers, but with the added features of a snap in insert and hidden pocket along with rise snaps that help you get the most out of your diaper, which makes this a very good value.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The interior of this diaper is lined with organic cotton and requires multiple prep washes to reach maximum absorbency. The first time I put this diaper on Autumn I had evidently not prepped it enough yet and she peed right through it in seconds. A few washes later and the issue was resolved. Of course with any newborn diaper it is not going to last as long as a one size diaper, the cut is much smaller so there is less material to absorb wetness, and newborns tend to emulate Niagara Falls so be prepared to step up your changing game if you’ve become used to the more relaxed routine of cloth diapering a toddler. One nice bonus is that this diaper contains a hidden pocket, so you have the option to add a booster to it if you anticipate needing a little more time between changes.

Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Review

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is made for babies about 6-16 lbs, and includes an umbilical cut out as well as a single row of rise snaps to help get a secure fit during this slightly awkward (but oh so cute) diapering stage. I think this diaper will fit smaller newborns exceptionally well (I wish I’d had it when Harper was born, she was teeny!) and it still fits Autumn (now nearly two months, I’ll learn her current weight on Tuesday, but I believe she is over 12 lbs) although she is on the outermost snap settings at this time.

For anyone uncertain about cloth diapering with a newborn, this is an exceptional organic option in a stylish and trim cut, with options that allow you to create the level of absorbency you need. While creating a diaper to fit a rapidly growing baby is a very specific niche and every newborn grows and is proportioned differently, Smart Bottoms has done a fantastic job of anticipating key issues and resolving them so you don’t have to think about it. They offer super cute colors and patterns, and are a great choice for cloth diapering a newborn.

Where to Buy: You can find the Born Smart at most cloth diaper retailers including DDL affiliate Kelly’s Closet!


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