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Bambino MioSolo All In One Diaper Review

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How do you decide how many toys are too many? I am exceptionally lucky to have my husband’s parents as well as my dad and stepmom and my own mom all living just a few minutes away, which can lead to some very sweet gifts as the years pass. I have also received quite a few hand me downs from friends with older babies as well as the treasures we’ve chosen ourselves for special occasions or because we were just so taken with a particular design or idea. But at some point you realize you’re spending more time picking up forgotten toys than actually playing, and start to wonder if it’s time to go through them and find new homes for some of them. It’s always tricky as any toy that ends up in the donate bin instantly becomes a beloved favorite that your little one can’t get enough of, and if you’re anticipating adding another baby to the mix at some point you don’t want to dismiss all your infant appropriate options. How do you decide what stays and what goes? At what point are you comfortable with chaos?


Today I’m reviewing a rather unique and adorable all in one style diaper or “nappy” which has won several awards. Bambino Mio is a UK based company, you may have read Kim’s review on their covers and prefolds a few years back, and today I’ll be reviewing one of their adorable and award winning nappies.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ One of the most notable differences of this nappy is the unique features on the insert. There is a flap of material on the end that creates a pocket or mitten, and there are several loops of binding sewn the length of the insert, straight down the middle. These features make it easier than ever to stuff and remove the insert from the stay dry lined chamber. To stuff, you tuck your palm within the pocket at the end of the insert like a mitten and slide your hand into the sleeve of the diaper. To remove, you can delicately seek the first available loop with a single finger (you can wear gloves if you like but this is on the back of the diaper insert and made of a slick material that does not seem to absorb much) and use the tether to withdraw the insert. This diaper allows has a flap to cover the opening, ensuring no microfiber touches baby’s skin which is a huge draw for someone with a chunkier baby who can strain the back interior of her diapers.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $21.99 for an all in one diaper, the price is only slightly higher than most big name all in ones. The additional unique features make this well constructed diaper a cinch to use and the charming prints make this diaper a temptation for any cloth user.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ This diaper, or nappy, held up very well with my girls. The insert appears to be thicker than many comparable styles, and while it can take a bit longer to dry (make sure you fully remove the insert before drying) it is very absorbent. For extended use (car trips, naps, and other times where it may not be possible to change as often as you’d like) I do recommend adding a booster, but for everyday use this worked great.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Velcro style fasteners and the “poppers” or snaps on this diaper makes it easy and intuitive to get a great fit on this nappy. There are three rise snap options and while the Velcro style strip does not go across the entire front of the diaper and the footprint of the diaper is not as generous in size as some I’m used to, it does still seem to fit a wide variety of sizes. This diaper may work better for smaller or average size babies, but I am able to fasten it on both my chunky nine month old (who wears eighteen month size clothing) and my two and a half year old.

Overall: This diaper is an all in one because the insert is sewn to the diaper, but the stay dry lining is attached like that of a pocket, which will turn away some parents who really don’t like pocket diapers and the required steps to use them. Bambino Mio has done an excellent job making these steps as simple as possible with the built in mitt on the end of the insert and the pull tabs to make removal easier and neater. The stay dry lining can be a big draw for some parents as many babies tend to sleep longer or remain happier if they cannot feel that they are wet. This is a great option for parents looking for a stay dry option using parts they cannot accidentally misplace, and is also a great gift with a variety of fun and gender neutral prints to choose from.

 Where to Buy: Bambino Mio USA or My Blossom Baby (on clearance)

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Sweet Pea All In One Diaper Review

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Harper loves having a table just her size. I knew I wanted one for her, specifically for tea parties with her dolls, even before I was expecting a sibling for her. I looked at a variety of websites but wasn’t satisfied with what I could afford and couldn’t manage the price on the ones I liked. Eventually I let go of the dream and focused on other needs, and that was when I stumbled upon a garish painted table outfitted with an annoying yet popular cartoon character in a shocking shade of yellow. My weekly perusal of Craigslist had yielded a potential treasure. The table came with two matching chairs and was so scraped up and overwhelmed with torn stickers the owner was selling it for a song. I happily met her and then headed straight for the hardware store where I let a very young Harper select a paint color to refinish the set. She loved choosing the shade and adores having her own special spot for snacks, drawing, and (yes!) tea parties. Autumn is very interested in the table now, too, and I know she will enjoy using it for years to come. (Editor’s Note- Lara has done an amazing job with Harper’s big girl room, it’s so perfect!)

Sweet Pea Bamboo AIOToday I’m reviewing a bamboo all in one from Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers. All in ones are a fantastic choice for parents who opt for convenience or who are used to the ease of use they may have experienced with disposable. The interior is either sewn or snapped in place and can be left fully assembled to wash (though some may like to unsnap when possible to help the washer more effectively clean and to allow the diaper to dry faster). This style is easy on, easy off, and easy to spray with a diaper sprayer if you need to rinse off any solids.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is extremely easy to use, yet it also offers a degree of customization which is not common in all-in-one diapers. The top soaker is sewn in on one end, tongue style, and runs the length of the interior so you only need to fold it if you are snapping down the rise and even then it’s a small fold. The inner soaker is snapped in place on the opposite end, meaning you can leave it snapped at all times or you can remove it for a trimmer option or if you have specific inserts you prefer. I was extremely happy with the materials Sweet Pea has chosen; the top soaker is a bamboo/cotton blend topped with soft plush bamboo velour and the bottom (snap in) soaker is a hidden layer of microfiber sandwiched between soft layers of bamboo cotton. This mix of materials allows for a lot of long term absorbency in a very trim package without any added hassle.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Most retailers offer this diaper at $21.95 which is a great price for a diaper with this level of absorbency and quality materials. All in ones are generally pricier than other diaper options, but you have the added bonus of not needing to purchase anything additional to make this diaper work really well for you. The only addition I could possibly think of would be if you don’t like using microfiber you can replace the snap in insert with a material you prefer (though I find hidden microfiber like this to be very effective and far more absorbent than the thin dingy flattened out pads many of us associate with some cheap mass produced pocket diapers) or if you are needing to apply a cream to your baby or anticipate a soiled diaper you won’t want to mess with you can add a diaper liner. But when you have bamboo velour this soft it is hard to imagine wanting to put anything else on top of it.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the one-two-punch of the materials Sweet Pea has chosen, this diaper lasts an exceptionally long time without any leaks. A soft interior lining of bamboo/cotton combined with the inserts I describe above means this diaper is ready to handle whatever your baby can dish out. The craftsmanship is excellent and the colors and patterns are very playful and trendy. I’m more than a little in love with their black diaper, which manages to look cool in a classic LBD way as opposed to some more punk style diapers I’ve seen.


Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Harper has always been a very trim baby, and while she is two now, she’s still thin and has given me a deep appreciation for cross over snaps. Sweet Pea does NOT disappoint with TWO rows of crossover snaps to choose from, this diaper can get an exceptionally snug fit. Add to that a good strong tightly strung back elastic and equally strong leg elastics and you have a diaper that will work well on even a very petite baby while still maintaining the superior absorbency of a good all-in-one. At the same time, this diaper offers enough snap options to fit a larger baby (cough*Autumn*cough) as well. Did I mention it is also a very trim fitting diaper? The fit on this one will not disappoint.

Overall: Sweet Pea Bamboo All In Ones are a great option for parents looking for superior absorbency that is easy on the mind and budget. No special customization needed, no assembly process, no long tutorials for babysitters and daycares. These diapers are stylish, intuitive, and long lasting. This makes them an excellent gift for someone curious about cloth who may become overwhelmed with some styles of diaper, and the wide variety of sizing options and quality craftsmanship means these will last from a very young age until potty training and likely through several babies.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet carries the Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO

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Sugar Sheep Bamboo Flat Review

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Autumn is so eager to do everything her big sister does, she’s a happy child but gets frustrated when something that seems so simple for Harper is a challenge for her. It’s astonishing how quickly I forget the challenge of a baby learning to sit, or crawl, or walk. Things that have become second nature for your older child are still nearly impossible for the younger and you have to grit your teeth and watch them learn, and be ready to provide comfort when they ask for it. Do you find having a second child (or third or fourth) child to be easier or harder than the first?


Sugar Sheep sent me a medium organic bamboo flat to review. I received this just in time for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, and I loved using it on both of my girls. Flats can be a very good option for parents on a budget, parents troubleshooting laundry issues, and parents looking for an easily customizable diaper that can also be a good option for sensitive skin.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Flats can have more of a learning curve if you have never practiced a flat fold. I recommend you begin with a simple pad fold to ease you into it (just fold it into a rectangle that fits within your cover) and then maybe choose one more fold to learn at first, something that wraps around the baby and secures with a Snappi to help keep the diaper in place. This flat does allow for an easier folding experience with a subtle amount of stretch (more stretch in one direction, less in the other, allowing you to flip the flat and create a fold that works best for you) and thick terry bamboo on both sides to ensure there is no “right” or “wrong” side to be against your baby.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Flats are generally regarded as the most economical diapering choice, and while the price of a specific flat may differ from another you can still generally expect to pay less for a high quality flat than you would pay for a more structured insert provided the materials are similar. These flats are listed at a higher price ($31.50 for a three pack of medium size which measures 23.5 inches square, making the individual price only $10.50 per flat) however they are incredibly plush and absorbent, and the material does not shrink or warp which makes certain folds much easier to master.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ This flat is extremely absorbent on it’s own, and when combined with a wool or hemp doubler, Tara (the wonderful WAHM who sews these flats) notes you can go up to four to six hours between changes. I have used this flat overnight, with a hemp doubler tucked in and a wool cover for peace of mind. There were no leaks in the morning, the hemp was saturated and the bamboo flat was damp but the moisture was spread out throughout the lower portion of the diaper so there was no pooling or compression issues. This flat is serged with heavy duty wooly nylon, which not only allows more stretch flexibility but is also a great option for babies who have a sensitivity to the polyester thread many retailers use on their diapers.


Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Flats are incredibly accommodating regarding fit, but to master certain folds you may require more or less material. Sugar Sheep flats are generously sized, with newborn and small flats measuring 16 and 20 inches square and doubling as excellent padfold choices or doublers to work with your existing diaper routine if you need extra absorbency. She also offers the medium flat I tried and a large version in a whopping 28 inches square. The material is so plush and absorbent you can get away with less passes and folds, so less layers of fabric, if you prefer to use a smaller flat. When using the size suggested, however, you will have more absorbency that I generally expect from a standard pocket diaper and can go longer between changes, too.

Overall: Whenever a friend or acquaintance tells me “I want to start cloth diapering but I don’t think I can afford it” or “Cloth diaper laundry seems so confusing. You have to prewash and wash and use a special soap and you can put some things in the dryer but not others… Is it really easy to do every week?” or even “I want to use cloth diapers but my baby is so sensitive, I thought disposables gave him a rash but now my cloth is doing it, too.” I always talk to them about flats. While there is a wonderful and extensive variety of modern cloth diapers that have made this choice so much more accessible, it’s great to go “back to basics” when you’re encountering an issue or starting from scratch and these flats from Sugar Sheep are a way to do so without sacrificing quality, style, and time. I love how easily they wash no matter what setting your washer is on, and how quickly they dry (15-20 minutes on my line and this flat is ready to go). These are a great way to build your stash or make it work better for you.

Where to Buy: Sugar Sheep on Etsy


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Geffen Baby Absorbers Plus Review

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Every baby is different, and even a single baby can go through stages where a diaper that worked great can need more frequent changing or you may find yourself troubleshooting leaks or irritation. Sometimes you don’t need a whole new diaper, sometimes you just need a little something extra.


Geffen Baby has a line of universal diaper inserts designed to work with any cloth diaper on the market with minimal adjustment and maximum efficiency. The addition of one of these inserts allows for extra absorbency to help with car rides, nap time, and other times where changing more often is less convenient. This is a great way to make your stash work for you, especially if you’re feeling any frustration with your current stash.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I was sent a 3 pack of Super Absorbers Plus, made from sixty percent hemp and forty percent organic cotton fleece. This insert is a full size insert; I’ve found it to be perfect for my eight month old (who wears 12-18 month clothes) while still providing a good fit for my petite two and a half year old (who wears 2t). Geffen Baby has a helpful chart on the sizes here: http://geffenbaby.com/product-info/.  There is minimal folding required, the soaker (6×17”) fits neatly in the majority of our diapers with just a small fold in the front or back if the diaper has a lower rise. On the few diapers we use that have a more narrow channel in the middle, I simply rolled the edges a bit to tuck the insert neatly within the diaper (though I did find gusseted diapers did better with this adjustment than others).

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $14.49 for a three pack you are spending less than five dollars per insert which is a fantastic deal compared to many leading brands. I love that you can use these as an independent soaker or as a booster with your favorite diaper. If you’re on a tight budget and working with some diapers that have seen better days you can add a few Geffen baby to your laundry without breaking the bank and fall in love with cloth diapering all over again.  You can also find them in a 6 Pack.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I found these hemp/cotton fleece inserts to be incredibly powerful. I tuck them in covers for a quick and economical change (perfect for errands and travel since I can bring an extra insert or two and a small wet bag and just swap out the insert when needed). I also use them to get the most out of diapers I usually consider “average” to boost them to favorite status. Both my girls tend to be heavy wetters and require a lot of absorbency, and these inserts do not disappoint.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the blend of hemp in the five layers of soft organic cotton fleece these inserts are extremely trim and almost unnoticeable in terms of bulk. If I add them to a diaper that already has a flat or insert of some sort I don’t notice any difference in fluffiness. If I use them as a standalone in a cover I have a very trim diaper that fits nicely within even snug clothing.

Overall: I love how trim and absorbent these inserts are. My babies have not had any irritation issues and seem to love the soft brushed material against their skin. I can also tuck the insert underneath another if I need to (for example, I can wrap an organic cotton flat around it for a baby who only likes organic cotton against her skin) but I have found the texture of this insert is amazing when it comes to spraying off solids, the mess comes right off.  If the hemp and organic cotton fleece is not your cup of tea or the size doesn’t fit your needs Geffenbaby has an entire line sized from newborn to ultra offering a variety of materials and absorbency levels. I love these as a shower gift as well because they are perfect no matter what cloth diaper style the parents decide on (and because they’d look adorable in a diaper cake!) and are also a great way to create an overnight diaper for a light to moderate wetter.

Where to Buy- Geffen Baby

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Happy Heiny TWOriffic (All In Two) Diaper Review

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One task I never realized I’d have to do so frequently with my babies is centered around clean laundry. I think I was spoiled with Harper, she has always been very petite, and wore 0-3 clothing until she was around 6 months old. She’s maintained her slight stature despite a very healthy appetite, and I was able to delay swapping out her clothing sizes for months as she continued to fit in smaller sizes (with the exception of some snug cotton stretch pants thanks to some fluffier diapers). Autumn has thrown me for a loop. I have spent more time elbow deep in stacks of clean laundry squinting at tiny illegible tags and making stacks that have to be stored before my toddler discovers them than I ever imagined possible. My eight month old is now wearing 18 month clothing, and some of it is rather snug. She is ebf, just like her sister was at that age, with the occasional bit of banana or avocado, nothing crazy. My diet hasn’t changed, but the same milk that kept Harper thin as a rail has helped Autumn blossom into a very healthy round cheeked baby girl. While I don’t relish the extra laundry (diaper laundry is so much more fun), I do appreciate the clear proof that my milk is sufficient nutrition and my eldest child is just naturally slight. Do you have children on opposite sides of the growth chart? How do you feel about it? Do any of you have an older child who wears a younger child’s hand-me-downs?

Happy Heiny All in Two

Today I am reviewing the Happy Heiny TWOriffic diaper, I love the bright colors and fun designs as well as the strength and versatility of this diaper and I’m excited to share it with you.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩  The Happy Heiny TWOriffic all in two consists of a shell and an insert with a snap to keep it in place. The insert I am testing is constructed from cotton with a layer of mock mesh to create a stay dry barrier. Happy Heiny also offers a cotton and hemp version for those who prefer natural fibers against their baby’s skin. The shell is a smooth slick fabric which is not at all sticky (like some inexpensive covers can be) and wipes clean easily. The snap keeps the insert in place while allowing it to be easy popped off when it needs changing. This diaper is easy enough to use that I frequently reach for it with visiting parents/in laws since I can trust others will understand how it works.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ A cover costs $18.95 whether you choose hook and loop tape or snaps, and an insert costs only 4.50 for the stay dry version or the cotton/hemp version. With an all in two, you can purchase more inserts than covers and change only the inserts for several changes, reducing the cost of your stash and the amount of laundry you have to wash. I love how cost effective this style can be.

Performance ✩✩✩ The insert I used with this diaper is a cotton insert with a mock mesh lining to help keep moisture off of baby’s skin, which can be helpful in preventing rashes if your baby tends to be sensitive. The insert is extremely thin yet still fairly absorbent. My girls do tend to give cloth diaper absorbency a very tough test and we found that these diapers worked best with an additional doubler or pad folded flat tucked inside. If you have a light to normal wetter you may not find additional absorbency necessary. These do wipe clean very easily and the single snap makes it a cinch to remove the insert before adding a new one. I use cloth wipes (I store them dry and use a spritz bottle of water with my own wipe solution mixed in) and I find a single dry wipe is perfect for removing the insert without touching it, then wiping away any moisture on the cover.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ These covers are very generously sized, they are one of the few covers we use that still has tons of room to grow on my very chunky off-the-charts eight month old baby. The generous cross over snaps allow this diaper to fit a wide variety of sizes and shapes. However, this diaper is still delightfully trim. When not using an additional soaker I find this diaper to be one of the slimmest silhouettes we use, perfect for those tiny jeans you knew were overpriced and a bad idea but just could not resist. The diaper clings to your baby without causing compression leaks even in those snug little denim skinny pants. Why does a baby need skinny pants? I don’t know. But this diaper will fit under them, which is something I can’t say about over half our stash (and that’s no small half).

 Overall: These diapers are a great choice if you want close to the simplicity of an all in one without the cost, bulk, and long dry time of a true all in one. They are easy to use, intuitive, and stylish. The generous sizing means I will be able to use them long after my little Buddha baby outgrows some of her other “one size” (sometimes I think they mean one size fits most) diapers, even if she doesn’t slim down once she starts walking. This is a great way to build a stash from scratch, ordering more inserts than covers and trying some of each style insert to see what your baby prefers. These are also a great option when traveling since you can store more dirty laundry in even a small wet bag.

Where to Buy: HappyHeiny.com

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Bummis Flannel Fitted Diaper Review

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As the weather heats up I find our trips outside get shorter and shorter. Instead of an hour in the morning we tend to do three or four fifteen to twenty minute visits, so my girls have plenty of time to cool off and hydrate. It’s possible I’m oversensitive to the sunshine as Autumn is still rather young and I worry about her keeping cool, but I’ve been lucky enough that neither girl has ever experienced a sunburn and I hope to keep that up. My husband is considering creating a sunshade for the backyard, either something cheap like a plastic tarp rigged up that can be removed after playtime or something more permanent like a wooden structure that will also keep the rain away since summer showers are almost daily this time of year. How you keep your cool in the summer? What do you consider too much time in the sun?

Harper in Bummis

Today I’m reviewing a Bummis fitted diaper. I’m a huge fan of the Bummis Whisper Wrap (an affordable yet quality cover I have in newborn and one-size and tend to call “old reliable”) so I was psyched when I received this super cute flannel fitted with a charming “Green Faeries” design on the exterior. It is very soft and pretty, and so compact it fits in even the smallest pocket on my diaper bag.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ With a single piece that fastens with strong snaps and doesn’t require any assembly this diaper is very easy to use on it’s own. You will want to add a waterproof cover, such as PUL, TPU, wool, or fleece. You may also find you’ll need to customize absorbency by adding additional soakers within the fitted, based on the habits of your child.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At $24.95 per diaper, you are looking at a very affordable fitted option, however without any soakers included you sacrifice a lot of the expected absorbency, and by adding the suggested Bummis Deluxe Booster for $6.75 you’re bringing the price up to $31.70 for a fitted with a single soaker. While these diapers are very cute and certainly have their uses I would not consider this price to be comparable based on absorbency and longevity. My girls are what the cloth diaper community likes to call “super soakers” meaning they breastfeed on demand and tend to need a lot of absorbency in their diapers, especially since they both tend to release a lot at once as opposed to a smaller amount over an extended period of time. It’s possible for a light wetter these diapers may be a perfect and trim solution, it just wasn’t the experience I had.

Performance ✩✩ This fitted diaper is a layer of flannel on the exterior, a layer of Sherpa on the interior, and additional absorbency sewn into the “wet zone” or main channel of the diaper. There are no soakers included, although the website does suggest the Bummis Deluxe Booster as a great way to extend the absorbency of this diaper. I had a very hard time with this diaper without a booster, it tends to get soaked in just one spot and immediately leak through the cover even when the back of the diaper is dry. I’ve tried washing it repeatedly in case it was a prep issue, which causes the decorative flannel to pill up quite a bit, but the issue is recurring. I can add a booster as suggested and it does help, though I can’t say the flannel adds to the absorbency at all, it seems about on par with using just a booster in a cover. What I DO find this cover to be fantastic for is with flats or prefolds. One issue I run into when using flats or prefolds with my breastfed girls is that the legs can lose their tightness after my very active girls have been playing for a while. The result can be quite messy, but by using the trim Bummis fitted over a flat or prefold, then adding the PUL cover on top, I’m able to keep everything contained within soft and snug elastics no matter how much my babies roll, crawl, run, or jump.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is extremely trim, easily the thinnest fitted I’ve come across. It offers three rise options thanks to strong rise snaps and also offers cross over snaps so this diaper can be made to fit an extremely small baby, it would have fit quite well on Autumn when she was a newborn if we had owned it then. It also expands fairly well, transforming into a trim toddler option.

Overall: I like the materials of this diaper, the flannel is adorable and Sherpa is a great cotton solution for anyone with a sensitivity to polyester, it is fluffy while still laying quite flat, and soft against the skin. I do think this diaper is best with increased absorbency and wish that a soaker was sold with the diaper instead of suggested as an additional purchase. This fitted is a wonderful trim option that still fits neatly under even snug clothing, even when a booster is added. The leg elastics are perfect for ebf leak protection, and I love using these over flats as a way to secure everything for play time. I also like this diaper without a cover for outside play for my toddler, since she can run around in the backyard in a breathable option that protects her from bug bites and dirt in sensitive places.

Where to Buy: In stock at Kelly’s Closet


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Binky D Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing in her “big girl” room now that we’ve updated it with colors that appeal to her, a blackboard wall with chalk and lots of easy to open boxes and bins to keep her toys organized in. She still seems nervous about being in it by herself though, even with the door open while I fold laundry just steps away. Lately she’s taken to raiding her play kitchen, and hauling her doll quilt and a collection of “foods” and dishes out into the hall to have picnic tea parties with our dog, Valentine. I don’t allow our dog into the girls’ rooms (too many memories of cherished toys destroyed by my childhood dog who assumed they were for her), so it’s possible she just really wants to hang with her pup, but if I’m in the room with her she’s happy to stay and draw or do creative play. I’ve taken to bringing Autumn in there with us (I can’t bring the laundry in, Harper wants to help fold and I end up with more work than ever) and trying to have a designated amount of time there each day to help her get used to it, but part of me wants to go be productive. How do you relax and enjoy the tea parties?


Today I’m sharing a review on a hybrid fitted diaper from Binky D, made by a wonderful WAHM right here in sunny Florida. The diaper I received is made from the most lovely and plush cotton velour, a soft sky blue exterior and a cheery light green interior. The back of this diaper is embroidered feathers, meticulously placed and crafted from the richest glossy luxe threads in shades of blue, green, silver, orange, and coral. One glance at her website gallery will show you the amazing variety of one of a kind or limited edition diapers she has crafted in the past, and while I think I’d be happy with any diaper I’ve seen from her I am absolutely in love with this design.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Hybrid fitteds are constructed with a hidden layer of water resistant poly fleece inside the lining of the diaper so it offers greater leak protection without the use of an additional cover. These best-of-both-worlds diapers are breathable and soft, and packed with tons of absorbency. My diaper came with two inserts which snap together and to the diaper so it is easy to use, and quick to put on. The top soaker is generously over sized so you can fold some excess material to add additional absorbency where needed.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Prices range from $36 to $45 for a hybrid fitted diaper with two soakers. While this can be an investment if you are buying an entire stash of hybrid fitted diapers, you will find that the materials are luxe, the quality is high, and the stitching is impeccable. I’ll always pay more for an item that is made by an individual, especially someone local to me, knowing my money is going to help their family directly and not trickle through hundreds of cogs in a machine. If you can’t afford to purchase a full stash of 12-20 diapers I highly recommend you put at least one or two of these on your wish list. This diaper is so plush and breathable, a few hours in this style each day can really help if your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to rashes. I like to follow her Facebook page for updates on stockings to see when specific designs will be available, since she is a WAHM there is limited stock and demand is quite high.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Along with that hidden layer of poly fleece within the diaper shell, there is also a layer of heavy bamboo fleece inside each of the soakers. These premium materials result in a ton of absorbency so my girls are able to wear this diaper for hours even without a cover and have no leaks. At bedtime I will top the diaper with a wool cover and know that we can wake up to dry bed sheets.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This plush fitted offers a fold over rise to allow a greater range of sizes for every child, rated from about 10-12 lbs to 40 or more. A thick and strong elastic cinches the leg holes into a rich set of ruffles (I’m using a serged version, she does also offer turned versions), helping to keep everything where it belongs. One wing on this diaper offers cross over snaps so it will fit even a tiny child (although he or she will have a very fluffy bum). Harper is 2 years 8 months and can wear this diaper with the outside snap on the outermost setting, if she were to still need it when she is bigger I could pick up a couple snap covers and this diaper would easily fit her another year without issue, it has tons of room to grow. The rise on this diaper comes up fairly high, adding to the absorbency and blow out protection. Binky D rises used to be lower so if you have an older version your rise may be about an inch lower. Most fitted diapers are generally less trim than a diaper made with a PUL or TPU cover, so if you’re putting pants over these you’ll need to size up, but with a design this lovely I try to avoid that as much as possible. My girls love wearing this diaper at home with just a shirt, or out and about in a little sundress.

Overall: I’ve seen Binky D diapers before, many of the girls in my October baby online parenting group use them, but this was my first chance to try one in person and I was so impressed with the quality and absorbency. The gorgeous design and color choices make it easy to reach for this diaper as often as my laundry schedule permits, and I love that the breathable fleece contributes to healthy skin, especially in the summer heat.

 Where to Buy: Join the Chatter Group for Binky D to find out stocking times


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Fruit Of The Womb Flat Review

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This morning I checked the calendar to review my work schedule for the week and my breath caught as I realized we’re into June already! I feel like the past month has just flown by. I spent a week washing flats and covers for two babies by hand and blogging about it here with you. I attended MommyCon with my friends and got to meet some amazing retailers, educators, and speakers. I also received and started testing some amazing products for you guys and was lucky enough to participate in photo shoots for some friends showcasing a babywearing ballet class and trying on a new carrier (just for the day, but I will say I’m a fan). Add to that my regular work schedule, caring for my girls each day, troubleshooting car issues (Kim’s husband is a genius, just saying…) and managing to do some sewing (did you catch my elastic repair video yet?) to repair some items and create some new ones as well. It’s a wonder I had time to sleep! Oh wait, I’m a mom, so I didn’t. I’ll have to work on that. Today’s review is for a flat from a work at home mom of nine, I think it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about cloth diapers!


Fruit of the Womb sent me one of their most popular flats to try during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge this year. It is an organic bamboo french terry flat and I’m so glad I have this in my stash. The soft terry style is reminiscent of the flats you see used on programs like “Call The Midwife” and this particular fabric is especially thick and soft with a nice stretch to it.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Flats work their best magic when folded into a diaper fold that you are comfortable with and fits your baby snugly. While a specific fold can take a little more effort, this flat is so thick and stretchy that you can really play around with folds a bit more. Even if you aren’t a master of perfect corners you can just tuck a little fabric here, pull a little there, then fasten with a pin, Snappi, or other closure and fit a cover on top for waterproof protection.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $10.50 for the largest size, and $6 for the smallest or $9.50 for the medium, this flat carries a slightly higher price than some larger companies may offer. But it is still significantly cheaper than many other diaper styles, especially if paired with an economical diaper cover that can be reused through multiple changes. With a purchase of this flat you are supporting a work at home mom, or WAHM, who has nine beautiful children, her youngest girl is Autumn’s age. The rich material and vibrant colored thread along the serged edges makes this flat something to reach for, and I find myself using it more often than other flats in my stash, especially on more complicated folds that require a more generously sized flat.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This plush terry flat is made of a bamboo cotton blend that is incredibly absorbent and doesn’t seem to suffer from compression leaks as easily as some terry flats can. I love the variety of fold styles listed on the company website and since the material doesn’t shrink down you have plenty of room to fold in extra absorbency where you need it. When Harper is playing in the back yard I let her wear just this diaper with no cover so she can play at her water table without soaking her clothes. She’s able to spend an hour or two playing in the morning and come inside with a diaper that is still dry on the outside, and if I put a cover on her she can last even longer. The organic material is so gentle against her skin, she is able to go longer between changes with this flat than she can with many of her other diaper flats.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Green Apple flats are available in three sizes, you can choose 18, 23, or 28 inches square. These flats are preshrunk which means even after repeated hot washes, in constant rotation for over a month, this toddler sized flat still measures 28 inches square without any stretching or tugging. I requested the larger flat knowing I would be diapering an active toddler, a heavy wetter who doesn’t slow down and hates being dirty. After using this flat and seeing how generously sized it is, I think I will have to repurpose it as a toddler blanket when my babies are potty trained, it’s so soft and cozy. I always keep the diaper I’m reviewing at my desk while I write so I can remember all the details I want to share with you, but this one is sitting in my lap right now so I can feel it’s softness.

Overall: I love these flats for their plush terry material and super stretch. There are package options available that allow you to purchase a dozen flats at a discount and include a free diaper cover, I think these would make an incredible baby shower gift for a parent who may be interested in cloth diapering. I love that the smaller size flat is still a generous 18 inches square, it would work on a new baby, and when the baby outgrows this size it could still be folded into other diapers (either larger flats or any other diaper style) to be used as a doubler for increased absorbency. They are so pretty and I am dying to make a diaper cake or gift basket with these beauties. Now I just have to wait for one of my friends to tell me they have good news.

Where to Buy: Fruit of the Womb


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Tots Bots Easy Fit V4 Review

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I hope everyone had a lot of fun celebrating Easter with their families this past weekend. I find it is always takes an open mind and a bit of a thick skin to navigate the perils of family politics when one parent’s family has a big celebration and the other parent’s family decides to do a celebration at the same time of day. Clearly, you want to attend as much of both events as possible, but chances are you will be leaving early or arriving late or both, and no host likes feeling like second banana. If the families on either side are too large in number to allow a single combined party, how do you negotiate your time to be fair? How do you avoid hurt feelings or stress on a day when you want so much for your babies to laugh and play and just have fun and feel loved? It’s a tricky situation, and one I am far from mastering. I’d love to hear any feedback or advice you may have.


Tots Bots sent me an Easy Fit V4 to review. Those of you familiar with Tots Bots may have tried or read about versions 1, 2, and 3. The fourth version was released in 2014 and has more fans than ever. This nappy is made in Scotland and I’ve always wanted to try one!

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ The Easy Fit V4 brings back the bamboo that was loved in its predecessor but in a whole new way, blending the bamboo and cotton into a material they call “binky” (like a bamboo minky). Many folks admire minky for its softness and how easily solids can be rinsed off of it. Bamboo is loved for its natural absorbency and eco friendly sustainability. By creating Binky, Tots Bots was able to fashion a “best of both worlds” diaper, like a mash up of your favorite songs. This nappy consists of a unique configuration, a tongue style soaker that is sewn into the lining and extends out the back, with a booster that snaps to the end. There is a wide pocket between the sewn in portion of the tongue where everything can be stuffed for ease of use which will leave the natural bamboo against your baby’s skin. Alternatively, some parents like to fold the layers on top of the interior so the softer minky is against the skin. Either way stays in place without shifting due to the sturdy construction and generous width of the soakers.

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ At $24.95 this nappy is on the higher end compared to some leading brand pocket diapers but the thick absorbent soakers put the absorbency more on the level with an overnight diaper, it’s practically bulletproof. Also, it is from Scotland and yet you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

Performance✩✩✩✩✩ This nappy is amazingly absorbent and I really put it to the test. Long car rides, nap time, marathon errands, and overnight are all times when I’ve had concerns about whether a cloth diaper will be able to hold up, especially with my nursing on demand baby who never goes thirsty and has taught me to always bring an extra outfit for each of us (just in case). Situations where some of our all in ones and pocket diapers have failed time and time again are no problem for this powerhouse.


Fit ✩✩✩ One noticeable concern some parents may note is the bulkiness of this nappy. With or without the booster this is a fluffy nappy. I’d even say it is bulkier than many of our fitted diapers (which generally also have a doubled over tongue soaker and a booster as well as an absorbent shell but are usually lined in a much thinner minky). While this is not an issue under skirts and dresses, baggier pants as are common for boys (there is a reason you’ll usually find me prowling the toddler boy’s clearance rack at Baby Gap, their boy pants are generally more cloth diaper friendly than the girl pants) or when rocking the diaper with some baby leggings or nothing else at all, some people may find the nappy bulkier than they prefer. The extra wide booster adds to the bulk but also makes this nappy fantastic for super soakers and for older/bigger kids, too.

Overall: I love this nappy’s origins, construction, and easy styling. It is clever and strong, and a wonderful addition to any stash. While the bulkiness tends to make me reach for this one most at bed or nap time and rarely during play dates with parents who don’t cloth diaper and may be put off by the fluff, it still gets a lot of use. The generous width of the soaker and length of the rise make this diaper great for bigger kids, too. I love using products I feel good about, and I definitely feel good about this Tots Bots Easy Fit.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet


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Milovia Pocket Nappy Review

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Having two little girls is still such a surprise to me, I was the only little girl in my family aside from a beloved cousin living on the opposite end of the coast who would visit every few years and send refrigerator size boxes of luxe hand me downs that made up basically my entire wardrobe. Autumn is still very young, but I see Harper appraising her and choosing to be gentle and kind to her every day, watching her face for reactions and bringing her toys and blankets. I know they won’t always get along so well, but Harper has always been quite particular about who receives her affections, often refusing a request for a hug or kiss or farewell and choosing to play aloof. I don’t begrudge her this personality quirk, it makes the attention she does offer that much more meaningful. And Autumn is given it in spades. I have never witnessed a sister who is more attentive and loving and sweet towards her new playmate. Even when I tell her for the tenth time that day that I can’t nurse her that moment because it’s Autumn’s turn, she may balk but she never gets upset with Autumn, she never tries to push her away. There doesn’t seem to be a jealous bone in her body. It may not last, but I am relishing this connection they have while it exists.  


Today you may have noticed I don’t have a diaper review for you. I have a nappy review! This is a rarity in ‘the states’ but I am so incredibly tickled I have a proper nappy from Europe to tell you about. These gorgeous cloth pocket nappies are carefully crafted and definitely an eye catcher. I’ve received more compliments and questions when my girls wear this nappy then I have with any diaper they’ve worn before.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩ These pockets are designed with an envelope enclosure at the front so adding inserts is simple, and removing inserts when the nappy is soiled is tidier since with any luck the mess is not at the front of the nappy. One feature I noticed with these is that the hem is carefully finished with a neat tightly serged edge. Many pocket diapers that feature a front opening will just leave a cut microfleece edge which over time can become worn and also seems more prone to ride up, the Milovia does not have this issue thanks to the designer going the extra mile with this feature. It also boasts a PUL backing on the interior of the microfleece at the top of the diaper. This is a huge benefit as it means that your child can enjoy the softness of the microfleece against their skin all the way up (many diapers will use a strip of PUL here instead, which can be a little rough on extremely sensitive skin) while still protecting against leaks (especially compression leaks for tummy sleepers).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ For the longest time these nappies were not available in the U.S. and fans were forced to track down a UK retailer who was willing to internationally ship and the customer was left with exorbitant shipping charges. This drove the price of a single cloth diaper way up from a consumer standpoint. Despite this concern Milovia still has quite the following here, so much so that they just announced last week their first American retailer! http://www.squigglybugsllc.com/ is now offering Milovia nappies for sale. You can select a microfleece interior like I am reviewing here or a Coolmax interior if you prefer. With this new retailer, Milovia is also now offering their inserts included with the nappies! Previously fans would purchase the pocket then separately purchase a small, medium, or large insert (or sometimes a combination of two for ultimate absorbency). With this new package option you will automatically receive both a small and a medium insert. The entire package comes out to $34 which is still on the high side for a pocket diaper, however it is significantly lower than customers have paid in the past, and I think it is well worth the price to have at least one of these unique beauties in your stash.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Milovia nappies are made entirely of Polish fabrics created specifically for use on children. The PUL is strong and even after getting in a fight with some errant hook and loop tape in the washing machine (the laundry tab on one of my other cloth diapers is evidently not doing so well) the fabric is still unmarred and gorgeous. We haven’t had any accidents in this nappy as of yet, which is saying something because this is apparently the diaper that relieves any constipation my children may feel, every time I put it on them they soil it. The microfleece is very good about resisting staining and rinses easily. The inserts are labeled as microfiber but they are not like any microfiber I have ever seen before. These are very thick, pillowy, soft and ribbed, and something about them reminds me of mattresses. They come with a couple simple seams dividing the filling into sections which makes it easy to fold them when needed. The material does tend to get pilly in the wash (not losing material as far as I can tell, but I see miniscule lint balls stuck to the pad, possibly from other garments sticking to the ribbed material) but that is purely cosmetic. I haven’t used this diaper for a very long time (though it has been in very heavy rotation over the past month) so maybe some long term fans can shed some light on this, but I have a suspicion these plush inserts will not “deflate” the way microfiber inserts we are familiar with tend to thin out and lose absorbency.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This one size nappy offers a three snap rise and includes a small and medium insert. When I first received it I was able to use just the medium insert on my younger baby, and now I find using both inserts works best for our family. Both my girls are extremely heavy wetters so you may find just one insert works fine for you. With both inserts included I find the diaper to have a bit more bulk to it, but it doesn’t bother me. If it did I would probably look into purchasing a large insert from Milovia (hopefully Squiggly Bugs will add it to their site soon). I’m very impressed by the generously sized back elastic which manages to contain my off the growth charts (five month old) infant’s messes without leaving red marks on her skin.

Overall: These nappies come in charming, unique, and attention getting prints. I’m more than a little obsessed with the incredible feather print I received, and the quality of the materials is pretty plain to see. While these are on the higher end of the spectrum price wise, I do think these are a great addition to a well rounded stash, and they are now easier than ever to order. For my friends who exclusively use covers (with flats, prefolds, fitteds, etc) be sure and check in with Milovia about finding a UK retailer as they are now offering covers on their website (maybe if you ask nicely, Squiggly Bugs may look into carrying the covers, too)! I noticed a lot of you asking about covers when Kim posted a picture of this nappy the day it arrived, so I figured it was worth mentioning. I’m really happy with this one, I’ll continue to reach for it as long as it is clean and ready to be worn.

Where to Buy: Squiggly Bugs


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