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HumBird Wool Cover Review

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Autumn just loves playing outside when the weather is nice. I love that I can create a safe haven for her and let her explore while I do yardwork or sip my coffee at a table nearby. Even if she’s overtired or teething I can count on the great outdoors to pacify her when nothing else will do. I think in reaction to this a lot of the items I’ve been coveting for her lately are outdoor friendly. Harper takes great pleasure in showing her how to play with these large and usually brightly colored play structures, and I love that there is active creative and imaginative play with no screen time. How do your littles love to unwind?

Humbird wool cover

I’m often asked what we use for cloth diapering at night and on long errands or drives when it might not be easy to change a diaper as frequently as is ideal. This is especially important to parents who may have used disposables in the past and come to rely on the highly absorbent who knows what inside, the absorbency of cloth by comparison may involve a little adjustment and troubleshooting depending on your baby’s personal habits.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This cover is generously sized with an exceptional amount of stretch while still reading quite thin. This means you can easily pull it over any fitted diaper or a prefold or flat which has been pinned or Snappi’d into place. The soft stretchy waist and leg bands are made of a very fine knit wool which provides great coverage against leaks and keeps everything snug and comfy.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ The biggest hesitation I see with parents considering wool is the price point. Wool covers are often priced quite high which can be a deterrent for parents looking to save money by using cloth. These covers are exceptionally affordable, with lovely minimalist covers as low as fifteen dollars or beautiful one of a kind applique embroidered covers for less than forty dollars. With wool, you can reuse a cover many times before you have to wash it, just let it air out between uses and the natural antimicrobial properties act as a natural cleanser. So if you have just two or three covers you can use wool endlessly, perfect for parents whose children have allergies to PUL and other less natural materials.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This cover is incredibly absorbent, and very durable as well. Autumn is very curious about her world these days, and has no qualms army crawling across a rough slate floor to rescue a lost toy, or rolling around in the grass just to make her sister laugh. I don’t mind her playing hard in this cover, because despite her best efforts it still looks brand new. I just hand wash it with room temperature water and a bit of wool wash and let it dry outside and she’s ready to wear it again. Some of our other wool covers are lovely but just cannot stand up to the abuse of an ambitious little girl. This one will last a very long time.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the thin European boiled wool HumBird uses, this cover fits great over bulky fitteds as well as under a child’s clothes. I do need to size up on Autumn’s pants, but I need to do that for some of her bulkier pockets and all-in-ones, too. I love using a soft bamboo flat in an origami fold with this cover, it can last for hours of play and is considered “bulletproof” for a reason. I will say the boiled wool is a little stiffer than some types of wool you may have tried, but it is still fairly soft and pliable and the waist and leg bands are extremely soft, which should be the only parts up against your baby’s skin most of the time. I think the slightly stiffer material is an easy tradeoff considering how thin yet effective the tightly knit material is.

Overall: HumBird makes beautiful and very useful wool covers, perfect for nighttime, gifts (especially the embroidered showpieces), and solutions for children with PUL sensitivities or allergies. I love how little care these need, I washed them three times with lanolin to prep and since then have barely needed to care for them except to remove food stains from my adventurous and impatient little girl. I love that these are made by a mom in the Bavarian Alps, and that she’s been doing it for about five and a half years now. Her loving attention to detail and carefully chosen materials reflect in the quality of each cover.

Where to Buy: Humbird

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Bottombumpers One Size diagram

Bottombumpers Diaper Video and Review

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My girls love drawing together, or I guess I could clarify Harper loves to draw and Autumn loves to scribble, but she’s getting there. I adore seeing the spark of joy on their faces when crayon touches paper and a new idea is expressed. Now that Autumn is less inclined to put everything in her mouth, they can spend a lot more time playing and creating together, and I love seeing what they come up with.

Bottombumpers sized

Today I’m posting an updated review on Bottombumpers, these were reviewed by Kim in 2010 when they first released, but five years later we are ready to post a new video for each (1 video of the One Size and 1 video of the sized) and share a few updates as well as my own personal experience with them.  The review reflects using both the sized and one size- the function much the same.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is technically a snap-in-one, as the insert and soaker snap into place and can be removed for more efficient washing and faster drying. I found it washed quite well without unsnapping, though, and have used it most often as an all in one.  When I do unsnap the insert and soaker I find it very easy to locate the correct pieces as both are unique and easily identifiable thanks to their size, shape, and charming tags (which remain hidden when in use but are perfect for playing “match that diaper” during laundry sorting). The roll in elastic is incredible for avoiding red marks, especially with Harper’s sensitive skin, but if you are bothered by the way the inner material can peek out when folding your diaper for storage, I found it helpful to gently stretch the diaper over my knee before snapping, just to quickly and easily tuck in the lining. If you have a caregiver changing diapers, just mention to them to roll in any lining when putting a new diaper on the baby, to keep leaks contained. I did find this roll in elastic to be nice and strong, and it doesn’t come unrolled while in use like some other brands I’ve tried (none I’ve reviewed on this blog, but others I’ve purchased over time).

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ You can purchase a sized diaper (there are two options) for just twenty dollars and ninety five cents, or upgrade to a one size with adjustable rise snaps for only twenty four ninety five. I find both these prices to be reasonable, considering the materials used, the “Made in the USA” aspect, and the strength and quality of these diapers. This is a diaper I can use with multiple children over an extended period of time and find very little wear and tear, based on my experience with some previously loved diapers I had purchased and sanitized when Harper was an infant. While replacing elastic on these would be more labor intensive than other styles, the elastic in my older diapers has held up very well and not yet required replacement. If they ever do I will be happy to share a tutorial on how to do it (you can search the blog for my previous elastic replacement tutorials).

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are extremely absorbent thanks to an organic cotton lining, an eight layer organic cotton double long soaker topped with plush bamboo blend velour, and a snap in soaker tucked inside. I love how soft this diaper is against my baby’s skin, it is especially comforting to use this on my youngest daughter as she is off the charts in terms of height/weight and her more-to-love bum (which is finally slimming down thanks to an extreme crawl-all-day exercise regime) has lots of gentle support in this soft and squishy diaper, with nothing pinching or rubbing against her skin.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are surprisingly trim, so much so that I worried whether they would offer adequate coverage the first time I used them. When I store them in a media basket with my other diapers they are a good inch or so narrower than most of my other cloth diapers. However, thanks to that absorbent lining and generous soaker and doubler I had no need to worry as both my girls can rock these diapers for hours if needed and I can remain confident we won’t have any leaks or problems. If I am planning an outfit with teeny tiny toddler jeans which can be stiff and unforgiving of fluffy diapers I will always make sure I have a Bottombumpers washed and ready to use. And while the size two works very well on both my girls right now (suggested for babies 15-30+ lbs, my girls are 23 lbs and 30 lbs, respectively) the one size with it’s clever hidden rise snaps tucked under the soaker layers within the lining of the diaper allows for a more flexible fit without the visual clutter of an assortment of snaps on the exterior of the diaper. I love how clean and neat this looks, especially for folks who aren’t used to the look of rise snaps (I’ve actually seen someone ask if a Cheerio slipped into a child’s pants at one point, they were so flummoxed by an exposed snap which was visible through a thin pair of leggings).

Overall: Bottombumpers diapers are easy, intuitive, colorful, and strong. They are reasonably priced and made in the USA. These diapers are so simple to use and quick to wash they make cloth diapering a pleasure, and the hidden one size snap design is genius. I would recommend these to anyone as a wonderful solution for naps, errands, and play. The beautiful embroidered versions I see in a local boutique shop are a sight to behold and would make the best and most personal gift for a baby shower or first birthday. I love these diapers and I think you will, too.

Where to Buy: One Size Front-Bottombumpers and One Size Side-Bottombumpers.  Sized Bottombumpers

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Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover Review

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Now that Autumn is a year old, she is incredibly mobile and more curious than ever. She wants to do everything her big sister does, and is determined to keep up. Any hint of inequality or unfairness is cause for a howl of indignation, and she pushes herself every day. I wonder how much of this is her personality, how much correlates to her relationship with her sister, and how much she will retain as she grows older. Do you notice similar traits in your younger children? How do you help them to feel that where they are now developmentally is okay and they don’t have to keep pace with older siblings?
Autumn Too Smart

Today I’m excited to share the Too Smart cover from Smart Bottoms. When I’m approached by families interested in learning to use cloth diapers, I always encourage them to include a few quality covers for a strong starter stash, since they are so versatile and affordable.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This cover has generously sized flaps in the front and back of the diaper with PUL binding to help keep your insert of choice in place with a water tight bond. The cover itself is very simple to use, with the great fit and rise spacing Smart Bottoms fans know and love. You can choose the Too Smart inserts, which are very similar to the sewn in soaker in the all in one version of this diaper, and fold it in the manner you prefer (a simple tri-fold or with additional absorbency at the back or front), or you can choose your own insert. The beauty of a strong cover like this one is that anything absorbent will work, from old cotton tee shirts to flour sack towels to your favorite soaker of choice. Just remember if you are going to use something with microfiber it is important to wrap it with cotton, fleece, or some other material so the microfiber never touches your baby’s skin. I found the Too Smart insert to be an excellent soaker, it is organic cotton, it washes easily and dries quickly, and doesn’t wrinkle up or pucker the way I’ve noticed some long inserts can.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ You can bring home one of these eye catching covers for twenty two dollars, and if you need soakers a three pack of inserts is just fifteen dollars. While it is possible to find cheaper covers and inserts, the quality and longevity of this set is very hard to beat. It is apparent when you run your hands over the material, when you pull on the snaps to test their strength, and when you tug on the elastic to ensure a snug fit around your little one’s thighs. Smart Bottoms is made in the USA and the cost is minimal when you consider you can reuse the cover without needing to wash until it becomes soiled or once a day. My water bill is always appreciative when I reuse covers and reduce my laundry load.

Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This cover is exceptionally strong, and while it is important to consider the level of absorbency you require and plan accordingly, I do find that the generously sized double walled gussets to offer a great deal of forgiveness when it comes to keeping your little one’s clothes dry. The extra wide elastic at the back also keeps messes away and prevents the dreaded blow out, combined with the aforementioned PUL flaps.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ If you’re lucky enough to have tried the Smart Bottoms all in one style, you’ll be excited to know that these covers offer the same exceedingly popular footprint. The snaps cinch down to a snug fit cozy enough for a new baby, combined with tightly gathered elastic. When your little one grows the elastic will stretch to accommodate and the strong snaps will stand up to even the most determined toddler hands (so if you’re struggling with an overeager “helper” who likes to remove their diaper at inopportune times, this cover may be your golden ticket!) making this one size diaper very flexible.

Overall: Smart Bottoms is known for exceptional diapers in stylish choices and their versatile new cover is the perfect addition to their collection. I adore the color choices with the contrasting snaps which are playful but never too juvenile. The Too Smart has all the features I look for in a good cover, and makes an excellent choice for a stash whether you’re on a budget, you love the diverse options a cover can allow in regards to absorbency, or you would just like something lovely and well made. I’ll even let you know I’ve suggested this cover to some friends of mine who choose to use disposable diapers, as the cover is so good at containing messes and preventing blowouts it can offer a trim and yet durable layer of protection for families who are looking for a neater solution.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet or any Smart Bottoms retailer will have them now!

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Tidy Tots One Size (improved) Video and Review

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This month has gone by in a flash, with birthday preparations for both girls and a number of Halloween costumes to sew for friends and neighbors. I’d say this has been my busiest month of the year, but I know it will get more hectic as the weeks progress and I won’t be able to slow down again until January. The girls had an amazing birthday, celebrating their individual days (just two days apart) with special activities followed by a party of our closest friends and family that weekend. It was a lot of fun to see how involved Harper was with the birthday aspect, saying thank you for gifts and beaming with excitement as their tiny cakes were presented. Autumn observed more passively, but loved being passed from lap to lap and reveled in the admiration she received. The tokens we chose for them and those received from loved ones have been extremely helpful in diverting their attention so I could steal away a bit of time to sew and pin. How do you find moments to create with the holidays quickly approaching?


Today I’m reviewing the new improved Tidy Tots diaper system, introducing some of the features which have been updated since my last review with this diaper.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This all in two style system involves a diaper cover, prefold like inserts dubbed cleverly the “No-fold diaper” as they are already stitched into thirds to make changes quicker and more convenient, and a booster which can be neatly tucked within the insert for added absorbency. The cover and insert come equipped with a set of four strong snaps to keep the “No fold” neatly in place no matter how much your tot wiggles and crawls. There is also a disposable liner available, though I did not receive any to review, the Flushies liners can be wrapped around the insert prior to snapping to ensure it remains in place and completely encompasses the pad to make clean up simple and tidy. The snap in system does take a bit longer than many all in twos due to the number of snaps, the adjustment of the booster, and the positioning of the disposable liner if used, but the system is quick to wash and a cinch to put on, with no rise snaps to adjust or elastic to tuck, which makes up for the difference.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ An Essential Set will still run you just 99.95 for 2 covers, 4 inserts, 4 boosters, and a roll of 100 disposable liners, even after some significant improvements to the system. This is a great option if you’re curious about Tidy Tots but not ready to commit to a complete stash. The Great Start Kit is 269.95 and includes 6 covers, 12 inserts, 8 boosters, and 100 disposable liners. A cover can be reused several times before laundering, and the snaps at the corners of the insert make it easy to change out a soiled or damp liner without touching anything unpleasant. So theoretically, a Great Start Kit would get you through a dozen changes before you need to do laundry. Doing the math makes any sticker shock much more palatable, especially if you calculate how much your stash (or your friend’s if you’re just starting out) cost. It’s still a high upfront cost, but working with interchangeable covers means less laundry and lower utility bills. The disposable liners save you, too, since you won’t be using all that water from your diaper sprayer on those really daunting diapers. Individual covers can also be purchased for 19.95 if you’d like to boost your current stash with something new. I love that these covers are made in the United States.


Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ These diapers are more absorbent than ever thanks to a major boost in terms of the number of layers sewn. With the new design, the “No fold” diaper inserts now boast TWO layers of organic hemp, while the ever useful boosters offer an eyebrow raising FOUR layers. Hemp can take a bit longer to prep, as it becomes more absorbent once the natural oils have been washed away, but is known as a workhorse and is an excellent choice for heavy wetters or parents dealing with leak issues.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The Tidy Tots covers are a unique one size style, offering a suggested fit of ten to forty pounds without bulky rise snaps or adjustable elastic. The diaper depends solely on its design, relying heavily on generously stretchy elastic, and impressively high “stand up” leg gussets which are a huge help when it comes to fitting skinny legs and keeping in messes and leaks. While I found myself skeptical of the claims of this diaper in regards to fit when I first tested it, I soon found it lives up to the hype, and now that I have two children of extremely different body types I can say with confidence that this cover really does accommodate a wide variety of babies and toddlers. I’m also excited to say that Tidy Tots now offers a SNAP closure on their covers for those of you who cannot use hook and loop covers. They have even incorporated an extra male snap at each end of the front panel, this snap can be folded inward and attached to any available female snap to help prevent the dreaded “wing droop” when utilizing a tighter fit. I put this new feature to the test and was happy to see that it really does help keep the wings up while still containing the inside lining of the diaper so leaks are not an issue. There is also now a PUL binding along the edge of the flaps on either end of the cover, which helps with durability and helps ensure any mess stays where it belongs and does not soak through the top of the diaper.

Overall: Tidy Tots kits are an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a neat and well organized system, perfect if you know you would like to use a single brand of diaper. The design is intuitive, the instructions fairly simple, and the designs are adorable. If you prefer to mix and match your diaper collection, you can pick up a starter set or add a few covers or diaper inserts and boosters to your existing stash. While the snaps would not be as functional used with any other system, you would still be able to take advantage of excellent absorbency and a polished and innovative design.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet

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Fuzzibunz Sweet Beginnings One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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With her birthday right around the corner, I am trying very hard these days to remind Harper to clean up her toys when she is done. We have begun a tedious but effective routine, after she removes a toy and plays with it, I repeatedly remind her to put it away before taking out another toy or moving on to some other game. Sometimes she gets as exasperated as I secretly feel, but it is worth it to not spend an hour on her room each night. My favorite part is when I give her simple, clear, and attainable instructions and she follows through. When she finishes, I jump up and down like a lunatic and sing a made up song about how happy I am her room is clean and there’s enough space to dance. We dance in circles on the rug and she laughs and claps. I don’t mind embarrassing myself if it makes her happy and encourages her to be tidy. How do you handle toddler tasks like cleaning up?

Fuzzibunz One Size Sweet Beginnings


Fuzzibunz holds a special place in my heart. When I was expecting my second child, my stash of cloth diapers suddenly seemed less impressive. I remembered going through dozens of diapers a day in those early weeks, and adding to that a toddler and less time to do laundry as often as I prefer, and I felt a bit overwhelmed. It was around that time that a new friend I’d met at the bookstore mentioned she had some Fuzzibunz from her daughters’ diaper days and would be happy to bring them to me. I got SO much pleasure out of washing and assembling rows of perfect matching diapers, tugging the adjustable elastic to the smallest number slots and lining the folded diapers in baskets like rows of candy. Fuzzibunz now has a new Sweet Beginnings collection, and I’m reviewing a one size option for you today.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The first time I attended a cloth diaper class at a local boutique, the shop owner demonstrated how the buttonhole elastic in a Fuzzibunz diaper could be reached by slipping a hand into the pocket lining, and how the elastic could easily be loosened or tightened for a perfect fit. I had a few other pocket diapers at the time, and was still learning, and I recall thinking ALL cloth diapers had this ingenious feature. I was quite disappointed when I inspected my meager stash to find no adjustable buttonhole elastic in sight. While this feature may require a brief explanation for parents who have never experienced this style, it is quick and intuitive to learn and allows for a far more custom fit than a more traditional snap down rise.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ For $19.95 you receive a pocket style diaper as well as a contoured organic cotton/hemp insert. If you require additional absorbency, you can purchase a two pack of the inserts for $13-13.75 for a small or large set. The price of the diaper with a single insert is quite fair, though if you have a heavy wetter and need an additional insert it can seem a little high, you’re better off purchasing a two pack of inserts and two of the diapers, or one of their popular starter kits. I do think the price is acceptable considering how incredibly adjustable these diapers are if you have a larger baby. The footprint of the diaper when the elastic is at the loosest setting is HUGE and would easily fit an older child as well, even a school age child who may need to wear diapers. Having the option to easily adjust the size to last as long as you need them makes this diaper a terrific choice for parents with babies who are in a high percentile for height and weight, or older children who wear diapers.

Performance ✩✩✩ The insert provided with this diaper is a natural fiber which requires several washes to become prepped and fully absorbent. Once you reach this sweet spot of laundering, the insert is extremely powerful, and it is not subject to some of the flaws associated with other types of soaker. You don’t need to worry about compression leaks with this tightly woven trim insert, and it does not seem to carry odor the way some synthetic materials do. I did find for my girls that this diaper worked best for us with additional absorbency, especially if going for a long drive. The footprint of the pocket is giant, even with the elastic adjusted for a trim fit there is still a lot of room for added soakers, prefolds, tee shirts, whatever you fancy. Whereas the included medium/large insert is actually an entire inch smaller in width than the soaker channel of the pocket. My personal wish is that a larger soaker that fills the central channel of the wet zone would be offered with the diaper, considering it is marketed towards babies and children who are generally larger and it is not absurd to think they may need a bit more absorbency.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is perfect for parents who are raising their eyebrows at each doctor visit, watching the graph recording their baby’s growth climb higher and higher, and dubiously attempting to snap those final exterior snaps on their existing cloth diapers. For any parent who has ever wondered “Will my baby outgrow his one size diapers?” this is the one size diaper for you. Rated for 10-40 lbs without breaking a sweat, this Fuzzibunz one size has your back. While it’s true some babies will slim down once they start crawling, or “grow into” their bodies, some of us simply have loveable chunky babies, or perhaps older tykes in need of that extra security. This diaper is not great for tiny babies, as the sheer size may seem overwhelming, but the adjustable elastic will help to ensure there are no blowouts, and the crossover snap and hip snaps can help to secure a snug fit at the waist. Regardless, this diaper will impress you with its strength and size.

Overall: This diaper is available in a variety of fun new design choices, and it is a great option for parents looking for a generously sized yet still adjustable option. The wide opening allows plenty of space to add additional soakers if needed, but when using the included insert the fit is surprisingly trim (though with a smaller elastic adjustment at the back you may notice the interior lining can bunch up a bit which can cause some fluffiness)(but seriously, who doesn’t love a fluffy bum?). These diapers are a great choice for anyone who is ready for a diaper that will last until potty training (no matter when that day comes) as well as a fun choice for a gift.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet


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Maritime Lux from Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff LUX 3-in-1 Review

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Fall marks the beginning of cooler temperatures for most of the country, as folks dig out their boots and scarves. For me it was only weeks ago that I bothered taking the cover off the pool as it is finally a reasonable temperature for my baby to be out in the sun every day. I wish I had the cash to spring for one of those fancy outdoor patios made of compressed rubber pavers, our backyard is mostly concrete and with Autumn learning to walk I get very nervous letting her play and explore. Harper doesn’t know it yet, but my husband is planning to build her a wooden deck/sunporch/platform for her playhouse to keep it from collecting rain water on her outdoor rug and to provide a sense of structure in a large yard. I have my own plans to update her house, and on her birthday there will be a special breakfast cupcake waiting for her inside. What do you do to make your backyard fun for your littles? How do you deal with crawlers/walkers/daredevils in a less than ideal environment?

Funky Fluff Lux new prints
Today I’m sharing a new review for Funky Fluff, they’ve come up with an amazing updated series called LUX (and, spoiler alert, it IS luxurious!) and I have been so impatient to show you their new prints, Chantilly and Maritime! They released the prints without a name and let the fans choose, I think that is so cool and the names are perfect.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ These diapers have the capability of being relatively easy or complicated, based on your preference and your child’s needs. The diaper system includes a pocket with openings at either end and snaps to secure the soakers. You also receive two crazy thick soakers, one larger and one smaller, but both generously sized. You can snap the soakers together and stuff them then snap them in place (which is what I do for Autumn since she tends to need a lot of absorbency and I like the way it is all held neatly in place) or you can use just one of the soakers, you can stuff the pocket without snapping, or you can snap without stuffing (to use as an all-in-two). The soakers are contoured which helps with absorbency and is great for even the biggest messes but can make stuffing a bit intensive, I found it a struggle to get both soakers into the pocket each time, it usually required quite a bit of smoothing out on either side. I’m really glad there are openings at the front and the back to make adjustments easy. I found that I preferred to remove the inserts before washing to help them wash and dry easily, but it’s possible, especially with just one insert, to leave them snapped in place. If you prefer something simpler, stick with one insert or use the all-in-two option. I love that this diaper is so easy to customize for your needs.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $24.45 for a full system from Canada, I think this price is very reasonable considering the quality of the materials. You can choose either a bamboo terry option or a stay dry option (which is a dollar cheaper, too!) if your baby is sensitive to wetness. I found both to be equally absorbent and can’t pick a favorite.

Old Funky fluff and New Funky Fluff Lux insides

Performance ✩✩✩✩ With Autumn, I use this diaper with both inserts and I can trust it to last for naps and even overnight without issue. I was initially concerned there would be compression leaks since the pair of inserts seems to fill the diaper pocket snugly, but I have not experienced any leaks with this diaper at all! One of the updates in design includes a waterproof band at the interior front which is probably a big help with this. Harper is using diapers part time now, usually just when we are out of the house or at night, and with her I use one insert snapped in place and even one can manage a well hydrated toddler for several hours of running errands without issue. That is something I cannot say about some of the other “thicker” all in one or all in two styles she’s been wearing. I will say the bamboo terry takes a longer time to dry, I generally start with drying it on the line with my other diapers and inserts and if it is not dry when I collect the laundry I will toss it in the dryer with some wool dryer balls and whatever laundry I happen to be drying (usually towels or my husband’s clothes) to make sure the super absorbent material is completely ready to be used again.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper comes with four rise snap options and two rows of waist snaps as well as hip snaps and crossover snaps for trim tummies. I much prefer diapers with hip snaps for Harper, as a skinny toddler she will inevitably suffer from “wing droopage” if she does not have a hip snap to keep the sides of the diaper up and in place. With my baby Autumn this is less of an issue, she’s a bit of a chunker and doesn’t have the same issues as her sister. I am happy to report that this diaper fits her quite nicely as well, and there is definitely plenty of room to grow. If both inserts are used there is more of a fluffy profile and I’d suggest roomier clothes but it is still very cute and if you need something trimmer just use one insert, it is very absorbent on it’s own.

Overall: These diapers are very soft and absorbent as well as adorable! I love the updated features, the fun prints, and the high quality materials and craftsmanship. These diapers make a great gift, since even one or two would help any parent know that they have a “bulletproof” option available, and they would also be a great stash diaper since they can be customized to be easier for daycare or babysitters, more absorbent for night, trimmer for day, or just how you like them all the time! If you know someone who is struggling with their diaper routine and needs something to help them love cloth diapers again, this might be a great gift for them, because no matter how you use them they seem to do their job really well!

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet 


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Toucan from Nuggles

Nuggles All In Two Diaper Video and Review

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Every morning I am woken by tiny cries demanding my attention. I drag myself out of bed and begin our morning routine to ensure both babies have milk and clean diapers and are comfortable and happy. Harper will often follow me around as I get the day started, asking questions one after the other like an automatic weapon. My sleepy mind cannot keep up and the soft roar of my coffee addiction muffles clear thoughts. It can be difficult to respond to her patiently, and I often resign to silence as I prepare a cup of brew and her bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and bananas. As she sits with her bowl and I sip my drink the questions stop and the buzzing melts away. By the time her breakfast is done I’m ready to answer her queries, whether they make sense or not. I know I should break my dependency on caffeine but in this stage of my life I find it hard to imagine. How do you cope with the morning slump?

Simplee Nuggles AIO on Harper

Today I’m reviewing an all in two style diaper from a Canadian company called Nuggles. The diaper was designed in Kamloops, B.C. where they house their quality control and packaging center to ensure every diaper that is sold meets their standards. I love that the factory where these diapers are sewn uses certified organic bamboo and cotton yarns.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ With this diaper you receive what looks like a pocket but there is a snap just inside the envelope flap on the back, and the bamboo terry inserts are safe to lay against your baby’s skin so you can snap the insert(s) in place and leave them laying on top of the diaper or you can stuff it inside the diaper like a classic pocket. While it isn’t necessary to use the snap option when stuffing this diaper, I find it a wonderful feature to help inserts stay in place no matter how much my girls scoot, crawl, roll, or flip. With a smaller and larger insert that can be used individually or snapped together you can customize absorbency and ensure a good fit.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At $25.95 for an all in two diaper, the price is quite reasonable for a well-made diaper, especially considering that both inserts are included. The bamboo terry is four layers thick, and incredibly strong. The colors and prints are incredibly cute, I just love the “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” pattern my girls are testing.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ This diaper worked very well for my girls, the bamboo terry does require more prep than less natural materials but I don’t mind being patient as it pays off with a highly absorbent result. The strong and silky TPU cover appears very durable, even after my baby army crawled across the concrete patio and scuffed up her tee the diaper still looks perfect.

This is my favorite print in their current line-up!

This is my favorite print in their current line-up!

Fit ✩✩✩✩ With the option to use just one of the thin bamboo terry inserts for moderate absorbency these diapers are incredibly trim! Adding the second soaker adds only a little bulk and allows me to know I can run errands without having to stare at the clock every ten minutes worrying about an outfit change. I have tried this diaper overnight and while I need to put it on right before our evening nursing session and change it as soon as she wakes, this diaper will last all night for us without leaking or leaving marks. The diaper fits well on both my girls and the crossover snaps help secure a snug fit on my toddler’s tiny frame.

Overall: I love that the wide opening at the back of the diaper allows the soakers to agitate out on their own. After rinsing I unsnap them to allow maximum movement and toss them in the wash knowing they will be cleaned. These diapers are convenient and adorable, be sure and check out the mermaid and pirate prints as well!

Where to Buy: My Blossom Bottom (they are one of the very few US retailers for Nuggles and provided a diaper for this review)

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How to use the 6r soaker from Rumparooz

Rumparooz G2 One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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My girls love their baby dolls so much. While they exhibit traditional curiosity and test the limits with many of their toys, they have always been so gentle and sweet with their “babies”. I love watching them hug and kiss the little dolls and Harper loves to change their diapers and pajamas, I often find tiny clothes scattered along the hallway outside her room. I think their empathy towards the fragility of the dolls helps them to be cautious with our friend’s younger babies, too. How do your littles care for their favorite toys?


Today I’m reviewing Rumparooz pocket diapers, and yes those are tiny Rumparooz doll diapers on the baby dolls. I received one at this year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change and the other from a local diaper shop as part of a prize package. The girls LOVE these tiny cloth diapers, and Harper begs for her “kangaroo” diaper almost daily.

Editor’s Note- DDL reviewed this same diaper in 2010 but we decided to preform an updated review because that video is old, low quality, and RAR has discontinued aplix versions of this diaper.  

How to use the 6r soaker from Rumparooz

This color, spice, is Kim’s favorite.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Rumparooz pocket diapers have a wide opening in the stay dry chamois lining to easily slip the insert(s) into place. The design is intuitive, but if you are delegating diaper changes to someone unfamiliar with pockets I would suggest making sure the diaper is stuffed in advance to be certain the microfiber insert doesn’t lay against the baby’s skin. I do wish the opening had some kind of additional coverage to prevent it from gapping open, as I often notice it trying to expose the microfiber and while I have never seen an ammonia burn on either of my girls, I am always wary of ensuring their skin is protected. The strong elastic and snaps help to make sure this diaper is easy to fit at any size. The customizable soaker option offers SIX different configurations to help you get the absorbency and trimness you need.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $23.95 for a pocket diaper with the 6r soaker (which is actually TWO soakers that can snap together or be used individually) you will pay a little more than with some brands. However, Rumparooz are designed in the USA, in Colorado, and these award winning diapers are reliable and constructed to last through many washings. Considering the two soakers you receive and the quality of design, I think this price is reasonable, and the wide variety of colors and prints will have you dreaming of an entire stash of RAR (Rump-A-Rooz).


Performance ✩✩✩✩ This diaper can be worn in four different rise settings with six different soaker choices. I found that both soakers in the “girl doubler” configuration worked best for my girls at nap time, and I could use just the med/large option if I needed something trim to fit under tiny baby leggings while out playing. The microfiber inserts have held up very well, they do not seem to compress or lose absorbency like some cheaper microfiber inserts we’ve used. I love that the snaps on the inserts and the contouring help everything to stay in place so I don’t have the shifting and bunching that many pocket users dread. I haven’t been able to use these overnight with my girls, they tend to be heavy wetters and I notice a slight wicking at the tag if we try to go all night with this diaper. But for day they are wonderful! I especially love the built in gussets within the body of the diaper lining, these diapers are perfect for breastfed babies and extreme messes alike, the soft gussets are gentle against the skin but help to contain any mess. And the velvety material rinses clean and spotless with my diaper sprayer.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This diaper can be as trim or as absorbent as you need it to be, thanks to the various fit options provided. While the most absorbent option does tend to be quite fluffy, and is too bulky for toddler jeans, it is still absolutely adorable and a great excuse to rock out with your cloth out. I love the rich colors and am happy to show off these amazing diapers when I’m in a position to. I also love the footprint of these diapers, the design means I don’t have to stress about wing droop and the coverage is great on both my skinny little toddler as well as my fluffier younger baby.

Overall: This pocket diaper is a great absorbent choice that I love for daytime and naps, it is stylish and modern and fun and it looks as new today as it did 50 wears ago. I can easily imagine this diaper lasting through multiple kids without wearing out. The wide selection of colors and patterns offer something for everyone.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet

DDL purchased a G2 to facilitate this review.

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Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Snuggly Owl Boutique All In One Diaper Review

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As August crawls past and the summer heat becomes more and more stifling I find myself so thankful for our pool. My husband balks about the maintenance required and all the yard space it takes up but when I can take a fussy baby and cranky toddler (and a tired and overheated mama) and slip everyone into the water for a refreshing escape, it is so worth it. Not to mention the naps it inspires. My girls never nap as long and as hard as they do after splashing around in the pool for an hour. Living in Florida, it is important to me that they become comfortable in the pool, and can tread water and learn to swim as early as possible. The fact that they see it as frivolous play just makes it so much better. How do you cool off your kiddos in the summer?

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Today is the day I tell you about that adorable kissy fish print diaper you spotted on Instagram three weeks ago. It’s been hard to keep quiet about this one, but today I finally get to share! Mandi is a WAHM who makes all of the diapers she sells (so you know quality control is never a concern) here in the United States, out of her own home. The materials she uses are excellent quality, and the prints she sources are a constant surprise and delight, I subscribe to her stockings just for the thrill of seeing such fun and lovely diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This all in one style diaper is a snap to fit (heh, snap, see what I did there?) with dual cross over snaps that allow an easy trim fit for thinner babies whether you are right handed, left handed, one handed, or just completely new to cloth diapers and trying to figure it all out. While the super long soaker could seem a little confusing to first timers, I’m pretty sure any caregiver could figure out to fold it under (in whatever way you see fit as long as it tucks within the shell) and the diaper will hold up well. If you’re leaving your tot with a loved one and you think it will be an easy, you can fold the insert in the manner you prefer and close up the diaper, making it self-explanatory to any adult.

Snuggly Owl Boutique AIO

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ At $28 for an all in one diaper, the price is a little higher than you may be used to from larger corporations. I ask you to remember that this is an individual, producing at a human rate, and making these beauties right here in the states. Considering the quality of construction and the amazing selection of materials, I would happily pay a bit extra to support a mother and help pay for her beautiful babies’ future piano lessons or soccer uniforms. Since I’m mentioning construction, I think it is important to tell you that it is rare for me to see such impeccable stitching from a WAHM, I expect to see a little extra thread here or a skipped stitch that doesn’t affect use there, but this diaper is absolutely perfect. I appreciate that the print is a “one side up” style and the seamstress actually took the care to properly trim and sew the PUL so that the front and back are both “right side up” with a flawlessly finished seam subtly blending in to the most hidden area of the diaper.

Snuggly Owl Boutique inside

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ This diaper is amazingly absorbent. The shell itself has a generously thick layer of bamboo fleece in the wet zone surrounded by PUL on all sides, including the tummy, which is great for preventing leaks (especially with tummy sleepers). The snake style soaker is the longest I’ve ever… Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. This soaker is 30” long, with a wide flared base to create absolute coverage over the bum area. With all that length you can fold in half and tuck under if you are on the largest rise setting, or you can get creative and fold additional absorbency in the zone where your child needs the most coverage. This is perfect for my babies who are “heavy wetters” and tend to go through some brands of all in one style diaper in under an hour. With this diaper I can trust that our errand at Target, followed by the post office, then the drive thru, and lastly the thrift store, will not be interrupted no matter how many treasures catch my eye. I have even tried this diaper on my 34 month old (is she really going to be THREE in October? Where does the time go?) overnight (not planned, my husband had the girls while I was working and he wore her out and she slept in her play clothes that night) and she went all night long with no leaks at all. She came to bed to nurse around six am and her shorts were dry and she was content.

Snuggly Owl Boutique

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The footprint of this diaper is trimmer than some styles and brands we are used to, and it took a little adjustment to remember that Autumn’s adorable chunky thigh rolls are not covered by this diaper, but with a proper fit they have no need to be, everything is contained within the encased elastic without leaving any marks. The back elastic is super strong and stitched tight to avoid the dreaded plumber’s crack and poo-splosion, and the soaker is stitched with a slight rim flaring out which makes rinsing messy diapers far easier (nothing is likely to get caught in the seams this way). I do think this diaper is best for a thin or small baby or child considering the trim cut, snug elastic, and crossover hip snaps, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that on the highest rise setting my Buddha baby still has room and is comfortable.

Overall: This diaper is incredible quality, with impressive absorbency, a wide range of fit, and a surprising variety of prints. Snuggly Owl Boutique also offers All In Two style diapers as well as Fitteds, and she tends to sell out quickly so if you’re interested in scoring one of these treasures you may want to follow her on social media to keep tabs on her next stocking. These diapers make an excellent gift, they are what I consider heirloom quality (perfect for passing on to younger siblings or saving for the future). Many of the diapers I test are great at first but may show wear after a few months, this diaper has been put through the ringer since the day I received it and apart from some light staining on the soaker (which may sun out if I ever have the patience to give it more than a few hours to dry) it still looks brand new.

Where to Buy: Snuggly Owl Boutique


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Applecheeks Two- Size System Review

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As Autumn grows more aware of her universe, she has become more and more specific about what she wants to hold and touch and see. Harper has been pretty game about sharing her toys these last nine months, probably because it was often a suggestion or her own idea to present her toys to her baby sister. Now that it is not a choice she is making and she sees Autumn reaching out and taking what she wants, you can see doubt flicker in her eyes as she decides how she feels about this sharing business. She is still relatively patient, especially considering her age, but I can see it is a behavior (for both of them) worth keeping an eye on. When I was little I was the baby sister and I became so used to joining my big brother’s games or playing with his toys that I was painfully offended when he tried to dissuade me and couldn’t even fathom that maybe he deserved to keep them to himself sometimes. I’m going to try not to let that kind of dynamic develop here, though it’s difficult when so many toys are not “Harper’s” or “Autumn’s” but just toys in their own right, taking up residence in whichever bedroom has the space.

An AppleCheeks Size 1 and 2 in use

Today I am reviewing the AppleCheeks pocket diaper. This classic has not changed in style or features since Kim’s review in 2010, though they have introduced a new insert made with stay dry micro fleece on one side and micro terry on the other, as well as a third size option for their covers, made for children 30-65+ lbs, which fills a very important need with a lot of families. I actually have a funny story about the size three, I was at MommyCon Orlando with Kim and helping answer questions at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center when a parent asked about diapers that could address an older or larger child. We didn’t have any size three pockets at our table, so I ran over to a nearby table where a friend and local retailer had AppleCheeks for sale. I asked her if I could borrow a size three and she gave me a long stare, eyed little Autumn all wrapped up on my back, and asked finally, “To use?” I laughed and explained it was just to show and I would direct any customers to her table, but I’m still cracking up at the idea of someone asking to borrow a cloth diaper from a shop to use and then return.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ With a very simple shape and generous opening to stuff, these pockets are pretty foolproof, even to a beginner. You can lay the insert inside or on top of the microfleece lining and after use you can rinse and wash without having to remove the insert from the pocket, the wide opening will allow the insert to agitate out on it’s own. With sized covers that eliminate the need for rise snaps, this is one of the most easy to use snap pocket diapers I’ve tried. These are also a great choice for daycares and caregivers since they are so intuitive, especially if you prestuff them before packing them.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At twenty dollars for a pocket cover (twenty five for the size three) and nine twenty five for a two layer bamboo insert like I tested (AppleCheeks insert prices range from five dollars to eleven fifty depending on your choice of material and style) this diaper is not cheap. However, it is made from quality materials, designed and manufactured in Canada, and will last a very long time. One diaper I am testing is several years older than some other big name diapers I use as frequently and yet it shows much less wear.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I used this pocket with an AppleCheeks one size bamboo from rayon insert (try saying that three times fast). This insert is made from two layers serged together, and measures about twelve by fifteen inches so you can fold it to meet your baby’s needs. I love that this insert is so absorbent, yet still so trim, and that I have the option to lay it inside the pocket like an all in two if I want. The generous sizing of the pocket means you can also customize the absorbency if you prefer a certain material or need additional absorbency.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ With three sizes to choose from (size one is suggested for babies seven to twenty pounds, size two for babies eighteen to forty pounds, and size three as stated above) you can select a diaper to fit your child without the need for rise snaps. I can say the size suggestions for the size one are pretty accurate, Autumn was pushing twenty pounds when I received a size one diaper and it was definitely a squeeze to get that diaper on her, she had some serious tush cleavage… The size two fits her much better. I was dubious as to how one diaper with no rise snaps could fit an eighteen pound baby as well as a forty pound baby, but with strong and stretchy elastic at the tummy as well as the back and legs, and the renowned Applecheeks ruffles at the legs. I haven’t experienced any leaks with this diaper, and despite recently replacing the elastic on one that is several years old it is still holding strong and works just as well as a new one.

Overall: AppleCheeks pocket diapers are strong quality pockets that are a cinch to use and come in loads of fun colors and designs. I love their online release parties when a new limited or retailer exclusive diaper is offered. If it isn’t in your budget to load your stash with these lovelies, I still suggest you pick up at least one or two for caretakers in your baby’s life or even just for those days when you want to have a stress free experience with minimum effort and still have good results.

Where to Buy: Kelly’s Closet

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