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To Grandmother’s House We Go!

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Today we are off to Oma’s house in North Carolina for a quick visit.  It’s been about six months since our last trip so we are all excited to see family and friends for a few days.  That also means I’ll be away from my computer and taking a blog break until next week.

I’m sure you all understand!  I didn’t line up any guest posts or work on posts to fill the void since I’ve actually been doing work for another company on a video for a new product (shhh I can’t say!) and adding extra blogging wasn’t happening!  Oh, and you know when you leave town and hate the thought of coming home to a dirty house so you spend a whole day cleaning just to know that when you walk in the door a few days later you get to say “ahhh….. home.” and not “crap my house is so dirty, tomorrow I have to go right back to cleaning.”  That is my job today!

Filming takes over my house...

Filming takes over my house…

The next few months are a string of trips, holidays, birthdays, and large scale projects.  North Carolina, husband’s birthday, big website development for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, Sanibel Island, Vegas, Everett’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, Fletcher’s Birthday, Christmas, New Years, My Birthday.  I’m pretty sure we should have had our kids in the spring because this is just nuts!

I’m been doing a piss poor job of balancing work and home life.  When it comes down to it, I often neglect my house and put my time into working and playing with the kids.  My work hours have been drastically reduced now that Everett no longer naps.  I’m hoping when a spot opens at his brother’s school he will make a smooth transition to 2-3 short days a week so that I can get more work done and spend less of my free evenings on the computer instead of relaxing or spending time with my husband.

I’ll still have a video and review for you next Monday, so check back then.  If you are bored you can always look back at old posts.  My bar up top gives you topics to browse and my New to Cloth Diapers page links up helpful articles to all of you who are just getting started on your cloth diapering journey.  I’ll be snapping photos on my trip so if you aren’t already you can follow me on Instagram too (Kim_Rosas).

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What’s on Your Fridge?

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It occured to me a few days ago that my refrigerator was telling on me.  How is that?  Refrigerators can’t talk!

They can’t, but they can sure call me out in many ways.  On the outside my refrigerator is a window into my family, my temperament, my habits, and more.  The disorganized photos, coupons, random magnets, and outdated calendar all tell a story.

Admit it: you go to a playdate/barbeque/dinner/party and find yourself looking at your friend’s refrigerator.  Intentionally or not you are learning more about that person than you might after weeks of conversations.  Lots of dental appointments probably mean their teeth are jacked up.  Drug problem?  Or maybe not.. let’s not jump to conclusions.  An organized family calendar full of soccer practice, church choir, recitals, etc is just a sign of a Mom who is far more in control of her life than I am.  We are looking at others through our own filters and comparing ourselves, but who doesn’t?

You can’t trust a person with nothing on their fridge. -Me


I would invite you all in to look at my fridge but I only know a few of you who live close enough!  Instead, I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo, resisting the urge to straighten up or remove anything incriminating.

A. Everett with his “1” Pumpkin.
B. Random photo of my In-Laws’ neighbors
C. Fletcher with his Uncle in San Antonio
D. Suzanne from Bebehblog.com and I in the photo booth at BlogHer ’11.
E. My SIL and Future BIL at Disney
F. My SIL and Future BIL.  Great picture of them!
G.Fletcher last November for his “2” Leaf photo.
H. Fletcher about 6 months old.
I. Fletcher and Everett in a brothers hugging pose.
J. Julie the “Cloth Diaper Geek” and I at BlogHer ’11
K. Everett at 11 months old.  I love his outfit in this one.
L.  Fletcher’s 3rd Birthday Party Invite
M. The boys with Santa LAST YEAR (photo has been up all year)
N. Our Family Portrait taken when Fletcher was 11 months old.  We were just a family of 3 then.
O. Fletcher and his Great-Grandmother 1 month before she passed away.  He was about 18 months old.

A. Snowflake Chip belonging to item K. to mark days until X-Mas.
B. 2 Food related ceramic magnets I got for X-Mas from my Aunt Tit. (Not her real name.)
C. Obligatory Pediatrician Magnet with contact numbers
D. Lion Butt and Lion Head.  Belongs to a set of heads and butts that are mostly lost.
E. GEN-Y “Save the World Cloth Diaper”
F. Orlando magnet from hubby’s work trip.
G. Savannah GA magnet from vacation when I was 7 months pregnant with Fletcher.  Ankles were tree trunks, it was summer.
H. “Happy Birthday” photo frame magnet.
I.  Fort Pulaski magnet.  Same Savannah, GA trip.  I almost passed out touring that place.  I was HOT.
J.  “Aloha”
K.  “Countdown to Christmas”  At some point this will make sense.  It took up a massive amount of real estate but never made it to the Xmas stuff box in the basement.  Dec 1. is right around the corner.
L.  “Kissed on Both Cheeks” magnet from my MIL
M. San Diego Magnet from the hotel gift shop when I went for BlogHer ’11
N. LeapFrog Fridge Farm with all of ONE magnet left.  “purple purple purple cow.” You know what I’m talking about…
O.  Pumpease Breastmilk Storage Guidelines.  AWESOME and handy.
P. Gently Borne Midwifery contact numbers for my homebirth midwife
Q. Tampa Zoo from a vacation there when Fletcher was about 6 months old.
R. Shape of NC, my home state.  The front peeled off but I can’t seem to throw it away.
S. Cool Spiderman Magnet.  Fletcher loves it.
T. OCCRA letter opener
U. 4 Animal Shapes meant for a magnadoodle thingy but it sucked so I threw it away.
V. Another Orlando Magnet?  hmmm..
W. Green Baby Shoppe, semi local cloth diaper store
X. 3 Mario Bros themed magnets custom ordered from Etsy to be cupcake toppers at Fletcher’s 1st Bday Party
Y. 4 month old Fletcher made into a magnet.

a. Babysitter’s number/name on a Post -it.
b. Artwork by Everett.  Underneath are more works of art by Fletcher.
c. Painting by Fletcher that reminds me of an anatomical heart.
d. August calendar from Paper Coterie…. it is November
e. Sticker remains of a Pediatrician appt of yore
f. Fletcher’s artwork.  It was the first time he traced a shape (an ice cream cone)
g. BEST POSTCARD EVER.  A woman holding farm fresh chicken eggs, nude, with her bearded partner.  It’s an ad for my midwife.  Totally reminds me of the Yert SNL Homebirth Sketch.

So there ya have it.  It is obvious by my fridge that I:

have kids.
have been to various gift shops and paid an arm and a leg for a souvenier magnet.
am not good at cleaning my fridge off.
do not use paper calendars.

If only I were brave enough to show you the INSIDE of my fridge…

What’s on YOUR Fridge?

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Tell me in the comments what's on your fridge too!

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Long time, No post

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You might be wondering where I have been.  (or not)  Some of you might assume I have been on a fabulous tropical vacation and haven’t had the time to post.  Or maybe, the family and I went on a cruise.

Sadly, nothing that exciting was keeping me from the blog.  I did have a mini-vacation over the weekend.  I drove 6 hours to Gloucester, MA with both boys and no husband to visit my friend Kristen.  She has 2 girls, one of which is Fletcher’s age and also happens to share a birthday with Everett (10/20).  We all had a wonderful time, with the exception of me losing my wedding band.  I’ve lost so much weight that I am much slimmer than I was when I was married.  Even after having it sized down once already, it wasn’t enough. I have already stopped wearing my engagement ring, but in the chaos of 4 kids 3 and under and 2 moms the band slipped away.  It hasn’t turned up yet.  I’m pretty bummed.

My two boys on the left, Kristen's two girls on the right

Kristen and Suriah, Everett and Kim (me)

We drove back home on Monday and the boys were amazingly good. There was no crying!  I made record time despite hitting Boston traffic too.  My husband saw us after he got home from work but I was sick and so were the boys.  We all picked up a nasty cold in MA.  Then, the next day he packed and flew to Florida for the rest of the week.

This is where my week got interesting. All of us are sick and my husband is out of town.  It has been a struggle for survival.  Each night at least one child needs special attention due to their fevers spiking. Last night it was both of them and I ran from room to room as each woke with a special need.  “Mommy” Fletcher called out in his best sick voice “I need apple juice.”

I gave up and told Fletcher to join me and Everett in my bed.  Big mistake.  I couldn’t sleep because poor Fletcher coughed and sniffled all night.  Ev woke to nurse as usual and needed special bouncing once.  I believe I was up 12:30-4:30 and the boys woke for the day at 6:45.

I wish I could say I have been enjoying my blog break and sipping a tropical drink with an umbrella in it while laying in the sun.  Nope.  Just wrangling kids, folding clothes and diapers, mopping up spills, and doing work when possible on the back end to have my website and database moved to a new host.  One who won’t “suspend” me every 20 minutes.

I’ve also been brainstorming of a way to help Kristen and Emily (my friends in Gloucester) raise money for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  They are very close to acheiving Non-Profit status.  It is quite a journey to get there, in case you weren’t aware.  Once they acheive this any donations you make will be tax deductible.  They are working so hard to help families in need receive cloth diapers.  I hope I can do something more for them.

I am in the proces of reviewing a lot of cloth diapers, so there is that to look forward to.  Next Monday is the GoGreen Champ 2.0.  Then reviews of (in no particular order) the Bobux fitted, LuxButt, EcoBubs Wool Pocket, Blueberry Coverall, Bummis Super Snap, Smart Bottoms AIO and AI2, Fuzzibunz Elite, and Monkey Doodlez TAG.

I’ll be relieved when my technical issues come to an end.  Thanks for sticking through it!

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Wordless Wednesday: Vacation

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Earth Day 2010

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I had planned on putting up a post today but I haven’t had the time to do anything special or even interesting.  Instead, I have been on vacation chasing my son around town and trying to enjoy a bloggy break.

But, since my blog is “green” I thought I should at least acknowledge that today is Earth Day.  Everyone should consider the choices they make in life and how they affect the earth and their environment.  One day a year we are told to celebrate and make changes.  Hopefully those who make the changes stick with them.

I am proud to use cloth diapers on my son as one way to help reduce our impact on the earth.  I am also proud of all of you who use cloth diapers!  Happy Earth Day!

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Diaper Laundry…..

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I am just not in the mood for diaper laundry today. My basement is frigid and my body aches for some reason or another. Then there is the issue of that GIANT box blocking my path from my apartment to the stairs. Currently they are on the hot wash/ cold rinse/ cold rinse cycle with NO detergent. I am also prepping my Gro Baby diapers, the two new colors I got in the mail on Thursday.

We are flying to San Antonio in a few weeks. This is exciting since we haven’t been for over 5 years. My husband’s family lives there and none of them have met Fletcher. The practicalities of trying to continue cloth diapering on a trip weighing on me. I am going to use a mix of G diapers and Gro Baby diapers, which should lessen the load. When we drove to Charlotte I brought essentially every diaper I owned. As nice as that was, flying does not allow for 5 suitcases of fluff! I may break down and buy the flushies for the g diapers; they will only be used for the airport/ plane ride. Something about wet diapers sitting in my bag for hours does not sit well with me. After our trip I will be sure to let people know how flying with fluff went.

To the basement I go to check my agitation, I want to see if there are any suds, to ease my mind….

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