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Tots Bots Fans Listen Up- GOOD NEWS and NEW PRINTS! (Giveaway)

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If you love Tots Bots (who doesn’t?) then today I am going to make you very happy!  It has been a couple of years since Tots Bots had a US distributor.  Being that Tots Bots is from the UK that was definitely a drag for retailers who had to wait longer to get their orders in.  If you tried ordering an out of stock print it could be quite a while before your favorite store had it back again!  The GREAT news is that they have one now and it is none other than the family behind the beloved store The Green Nursery!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 21.38.06

About tiny marigold:

For Scott and Abby Noroozi, two American kids growing up in the heartland, it was love at first sight.  She was 18, and he was 17. In 1999 they married in their hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana and moved into a sweet, little rental house on Marigold Road.  They still have fond memories of those times.

In 2005 Scott and Abby welcomed their first child, and he was the perfect reason to move back to Indiana and embark on new entrepreneurship adventures!  In 2007 they opened a tiny two room store in the crunchy college town of Bloomington, Indiana and called it Barefoot Kids.  To keep it exciting, they added a baby girl to the family in 2008.  Barefoot Kids grew out of itself, and after a few years and tweaks – it turned into The Green Nursery, Inc.  A website and storefront specializing in cloth diapers and eco-minded products and toys.

Today, the evolution continues, as Scott and Abby transfer their knowledge of customer service, extraordinary shipping practices, and savvy marketing/branding to launch a new branch of their brand. The couple behind The Green Nursery is channeling that first happy home they made together on Marigold Road and launching Tiny Marigold, a mindful distributing company.  
If you are interested in becoming a TotsBots stockist with Tiny Marigold, give them a shout support@tinymarigold.com
“We are chuffed to bits, it took us a while but we wanted to get it right. Scott and Abby are such an awesome team, we love their energy, outlook, work ethic, commitment to customer service and just know they will do great things with our brand. We are expecting a summer of fluffy love for TotsBots, especially with the things we have planned, the imminent release of the 2015 Elements print range is just the start.” Fiona and Magnus Smyth – Directors of Tots Bots
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.55.05Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.55.28Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.55.49


Want even more good news?  Of course you do!

The NEW Elements are here!

“Brace your bottoms and hold onto your ovaries folks as we introduce our 3 new Elements prints for spring/summer 2015. We think that every little bum deserves a fluffy lining and you can’t get fluffier than this! Meet Twinkle, Tweet and Treasure! Bright, beautiful and totally adorable, these prints are perfect for you folks who like to keep things simple. We actually had a lot of fun designing these and some of you may have seen these characters before…Treasure is the rainbow from Incy, Twinkle is the moon from Hey Diddle and Tweet is from the birdies in Sing a song of Sixpence.
These will be available to buy from your favourite TotsBots U.S. retailer around the 10th of April. Available in Easyfits, Teenyfits and Wraps. Full details of the products at www.totsbots.com.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 21.14.45

Win it!  To celebrate the launch Totsbots have teamed up with the Dirty Diaper Laundry to give you the chance to win a set of Elements Easyfits!  Enter below using Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Could it be? The best velcro diaper ever!

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I haven’t purchased a velcro/aplix/hook and loop/whatever you call it diaper in years.  Why?  Because in general- they suck.  The velcro either stops sticking after a while, curls up, or starts out so strong that it is a strong man competition to pull it open in hopes it will last.  I had pretty much given up and moved to all snaps.  I know the benefits of velcro but in my mind the pros never outweighed the cons enough.  Snaps last!

Then one day it occurred to me that one of my diapers that we used on my son at night, and have had since it first released, was going strong.  The velcro was still sticking without any signs of failure while another velcro diaper from the same time period has been completely unusable for a year.

This magical, miracle diaper?

Tots Bots Easy Fit v2 v3.  (A few readers say this is v3.  I had it as v2 in my original review so I may have been mistaken then.)

It seems the UK is much better at making velcro than America.  Just listen to that sound…

I’ve had this diaper in rotation for 2 years, and when my son was still in diapers full time it was in heavy rotation because we liked it a lot.  We still use it once a week or so since it is a tongue-style pocket and fits so trim that I put it on my son in case of an accident at night (which is still frequent).



I still prefer snaps since overall I can be sure they will last for the long haul over velcro diapers, but for those who just love velcro take a look at Tots Bots!  My original review from 2 years ago can be seen here: Tots Bots V2 v3Review and Video.  In that review I stated I preferred the original soaker materials and PUL, and while I still do, I now know why they switched after seeing older and well loved V1 Tots Bots so the new materials are for a reason.  Now the Tots Bots is on V4 and since it looks like the velcro is the same I am going out on a limb and saying purchasing one now would be a good choice for anyone who needs or loves velcro.


Have you found a diaper with velcro that lasts? Let us know in the comments and help other DDL readers who may be looking!

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Tots Bots Easy Fit V2 Review

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Update: There is a newer version of this diaper.

The Tots Bots Easy Fit saw an overhaul recently and I have reviewed the newest version (V2). The sizing and funtion remained the same, however the materials were changed and they now offer a snapping version. Changes include a lighter/thinner PUL (waterproof layer), using minky fabric for the absorbent tongue-style soaker, having matching aplix and soakers to the color of the PUL, and offering snaps.  I reviewed their original version back in 2010- you can watch that video to see the differences.

Ease of Use- Snaps ✩✩✩ I wanted to specfically rate the snaps version of this diaper versus the aplix because in the beginning of my testing phase the snaps were hard to close for me. For an unknown reason they didn’t come “out of the box” making a nice, secure “click” and I had to really press them to get them closed. I put some feelers out on my Facebook Fanpage and found many others had this problem. It has become easier over time but I think, since this is a known issue, it should be addressed. Is it a reason not to buy the diaper in snaps? Perhaps… but the snaps always worked. I just want to make sure if anyone is googling “Why are my snaps so hard to close on the Tots Bots Easy Fit?” that they find an answer!
Ease of Use- Velcro ✩✩✩✩✩ The Aplix version is super easy to use as you can tell from my video. The extra large tabs close around the baby’s waist nice and easy. They can overlap when you need them to as well, unlike the snaps version. Sizing the diaper means you only need to snap 2 snaps on the rise rather than the standard of 3. This version seemed to fix a weird issue I had with the previous- the middle of the diaper “tented” up making my son looked like he had a lot more going on. The new ones don’t seem to do this. You will never have to seek out inserts because this is a “tongue style all-in-one” meaning the insert is attached at one end. You can either lay in inside since the minky is perfectly safe against the baby’s skin, or tuck it in the pocket. Be advised that minky has a “grippiness” and in MY washer the inserts rarely washed out when stuffed in the pocket. This was disappointing because that is one of the biggest reasons I love the Easy Fit. I’d love to hear from others about this.
Tots Bots Easy Fit Review Three PigsBang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ 23.95 is the retail price of the new Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers. This is about 5 dollars more than the average pocket diaper. For more money you receive a tongue style diaper (no searching for inserts or unstuffing, if that works for you) with minky inserts instead of microfiber, more style (matching aplix/snaps, coordinating minky colors, option for limited edition prints (if you can find them! I’m in love with Three Pigs) and a very trim and attractive diaper. These are also made in Glasgow and Tots Bots is a family company. The diapers are imported and distributed here in the US by Bummis. I would pay this in a heart beat for their print versions… I do think many parents will need to pay extra for a doubler or use one in their stash already since minky isn’t the most absorbent material.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I have to say that I did have some leaks in this diaper related to not having enough absorbency. The diaper is designed well so I didn’t have fit related leaks. The inserts are minky and if you recall my Fuzzibunz Elite review I realized that minky is not the most absorbent material. It is trim but you might lose some of that if you have to add extra inserts. I definitely wouldn’t use it without extra inserts for naps or long car rides.  The benefit of the minky is that it has a faster drying time.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ The rise settings on the diaper give you 3 different size options. I haven’t used the new version on a newborn but I can test it on Everett and he is 20 months old and 22 pounds. He is in the stage where he can fit unsnapped or on the middle rise. I prefer it snapped to the middle but with the aplix version he has had a tummy rub issue so on that one I have unsnapped the rise to be safe. On the snaps version he can still wear it on the middle rise just fine. He has plenty of room in the waist.
Overall: I wish I could combine my favorite features of the new Tots Bots Easy Fit to the older version. Specifically I would keep the old materials in the soaker and the old PUL (it just felt more sturdy to me and less like I would rip it apart, although I’m certain I couldn’t really do that.) but have the new style with matching aplix/snaps and the newest prints.  I know there are probably plenty of people who will disagree with me and that is completely fine!
Where to Buy Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Junction are affilaite partners of DDL and carry Tots Bots Easy Fits.

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Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Review

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Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ This is right up there with the easiest fitteds to use. A velcro closing fitted really cuts down on time when you know you also have to add a cover on top. To size there are only two snaps, one on each side, to close. But as with all multi sized cloth diapers you won’t need to do this very often. Sometimes the snap in insert comes unsnapped int he washer/dryer so y ou will need to snap it back in before using if you need it.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Bamboozle will run you 19.95, not a cheap diaper in comparison to others that are already waterproof. Funny enough, usually fitteds are more expensive that Pocket cloth diapers. Since fitteds also need a cover you will have to factor that into the cost. Still, finding a relatively trim fitted that works great for overnights is well worth the 20.00 if you have ever woken up to wet sheets (like I have before).  There are cheaper fitteds that work as well, and more expensive fitteds that don’t.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ WONDERFUL! This is a very absorbent diaper. It is soft, and has stayed soft through quite a few washes. It really does the job well, no complaints here.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ There is quite a bit of room for growth on Ev. He is on the Size 2 on the middle snap so he has more room in the wiast and in the rise. I have no tried the Size 1 so I can’t tell you if it truly begins fitting at 5 pounds or if it lasts until 18 pounds. The Size 2 is said to start fitting at 9 pounds and up to 35 pounds.  The stretch of the diaper does make it fit like a GLOVE.  I’m telling you, it is a breeze to put on and get a wonderful fit.
Overall:There are a ton of reasons to like this diaper. Top being the trimness (for a fitted) and second being the softness. The only drawback is also part of its attributes: the velcro. Tots Bots velcro is very strong but it is also rough and the edges are hard. Even the most experienced cloth diaper user might find that the velcro can rub on the baby’s tummy and/or thighs. It is something to be aware of and watch for. If you find red rubbing marks on areas around the velcro you need to re-assess the size setting, which might help avoid that problem, or be more careful when putting the velcro tabs together. Most of the time the cover will end up keeping them safe from the velcro.
Where to buy:  Diaper Junction *

Shop Diaper Junction to save $5 off your first $50 order – Use coupon AFL550 – Some restrictions apply.

A Bamboozle was sent by Bummis to be used in a video about Fitteds (not finished editing yet!) so I took the liberty of reviewing it as well.  This diaper will be sent to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, along with many others, soon. *means an affiliate link is in use.  If you purchase anything through this link I will receive a small percentage, so thank you!

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DDL Loves Tots Bots Easy Fit! Giveaway *closed*

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You know what I love?  Diapers that unstuff themselves. AND diapers that don’t require me to search my laundry basket for their insert.  Tots Bots Easy Fit is a diaper I LOVE and they come in some of the best shades and prints out there!  I did a review of  the Tots Bots Easy Fit many months ago and it remains one of my favorite diapers of all time.

Heather, owner of Modern Cloth, also loves Tots Bots!  I started working with her after my Cloth Diaper Finder came out.  She was excited about it and is now one of the sponsors! (Thanks Heather!)

Modern Cloth is a pretty rockin’ store name.  Frankly I am jealous that I didn’t come up with it myself.

What I love about Modern Cloth is that they offer a newborn rental program. When it comes down to it, buying a newborn stash is quite pricey.  Prefolds and covers are great but not everyone wants to go that route.  Modern Cloth gives you the option to rent bumGenius! XS’s, Tiny Fits (the newborn version of the Tots Bots Easy Fit), or Kissaluvs KL0 and Thirsties XS covers.  I have used all of those products on either my first or second son and love them all, although the KL0 was one of the best newborn diapers that I tried.  I discuss them in a Newborn Cloth Diapers video and have a size chart.

One DDL Reader will get to choose an Easy Fit or Tiny Fit in their Favorite Color or Print from Modern Cloth!

I am simplifying all of my giveaways for this week.

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Modern Cloth and tell me something other than Tots Bots that you would love to try or that you already love!  Leave it as a comment.

Extra Entries:

(1 Entry) Do any of these: Follow @KimRosas on Twitter, “Like” Dirty Diaper Laundry on Facebook, “Like” Modern Cloth on Facebook.  Let me know that you did.  You can only do one, or do all.  Tell me which (one or all) that you did and leave it as a 1 comment.

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The fine print: Open to US Residents Only, Sorry!   I use “and the winner is…” to randomly draw winners.  Giveaway is open until April 30.

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Intro to Cloth Diapers: What is a Tongue Style All-in-One?

Intro to Cloth Diapers: What is a Tongue Style All-in-One?

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In this installment of my ongoing series: Introduction to Cloth Diapers, I tackle the “Tongue-Style All-in-One.” This might be another term you are unfamiliar with since it doesn’t represent a large number of diapers.

A “Tongue-Style All-in-One” is a cloth diaper that is not quite a pocket, not quite an All-in-One, but has the attributes of both.  There is an “insert” that stays attached, making it a one piece diaper, but it agitates loose in the wash which makes for a cleaner diaper and quicker drying time.

Hopefully the video above explains this better than words can.

I was considering making “flapping” tongue all-in-ones (ex. Gro Via AIO) a part of this category but they will get their own.

The two diapers that exemplify the Tongue Style All-in-One are the Kissaluvs Marvel AIO and Tots Bots (Bummis) Easy Fit.

Both diapers have long inserts that are attached to the diaper but are also stuffed into a pocket.

Like a pocket (what is a pocket?), the insert will be outside of the diaper during washing, however it remains attached.  This means you won’t be searching for the matching insert in your laundry basket.

Like a pocket, you will have to re-stuff the insert inside but this takes very minimal effort and time on your part compared to a pocket.

Unlike a pocket diaper (but like a Sleeve Diaper) you don’t need to remove the insert before washing the diaper since it agitates out in the washer.

Both of these diapers I have mentioned are pricier than most pocket diapers.  The Kissaluvs Marvel AIO is 22.95 and the Tots Bots Easy Fit is 23.95.  Both can be found at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet.

If you have missed any installments of my Introduction to Cloth Diapers Series you can still catch up: Intro to Cloth Diapers.

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Christmas in October for Cloth Diaper Print Lovers!

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you have seen that many cloth diaper brands have been releasing new prints recently.  And there are more coming!  The ABC Kids Expo begins this weekend.  Lots of cloth diaper manufacturers will be there to show off their newest products.  This means we are going to be hearing even more announcements very soon!  I went last year and had a blast, but I am a little (ok, a lot) pregnant this year and can’t be there!

Here are the ones we know so far, let me know if I have missed any!

bumGenius! unveiled their new Tiny Socialite Collection,  designed my Chelsea Perry.  This is the first in their “Artist Series.”  I think we can safely say this has been the most controversial and polarizing release.  Responses have ranged from love to disgust.  The fact is, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!  You can see my son modeling the entire collection in a previous post.

The Tiny Socialite Collection

Rumparooz was an earlier release, with two new prints.  Rumparooz has so far been the leader in the print world.  They often have limited prints and they come out with new ones fairly often!


Eco Owl

Gro Via just showed off their new prints that will be available in December.  These prints will grace the AI2/Hybrids and the All-in-One.  Many retailers are open for pre-orders.

Gro Via Prints

Bummis has been busy over the past couple of weeks.  First they released the new prints for the Tots Bots Easy Fits, and most recently, let us in on 2 new prints for their Bummis Super Whisper Wraps.  I have a feeling we will be seeing even more fun stuff soon!

The 6 New Tots Bots Prints!



Thirsties had a low key release of a new print in 2 colors.  Pictured is Baby Bird Blue.  Also comes in lavender.

Baby Bird Blue

*Just added

Happy Heinys has a few new prints.  They have been releasing them on their facebook page, which is where I found the photo!  There are even more new prints on their facebook page.  Ooga Boogas, Circles, and more.

Puppies on tan

Glow in the Dark Skulls on Grey, Owls on White

I am still waiting to see the new prints from Softbums that they released at ABC, and a few others.  I did not add the adorable Weehuggers prints because they are a cotton knit over PUL, not a true PUL print.

Which print is your favorite?!

Do you need to own any (or all) of these?!?  You can always place a pre-order using my affiliate link for Kelly’s Closet! You can support my blog and your fluff addiction, all at the same time!

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Bummis/ Tots Bots Easy Fit Giveaway! (5/24) *closed*

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Kelly’s Closet and I worked together to bring you a review and giveaway!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my video review of the Easy Fit.

Here is the lowdown on this amazing diaper, taken from Kelly’s Closet.

The innovative design of this diaper features a non messy stuff – easier than a pocket system. No fiddling around – a swift stuff to get the liner in is all you need… And – no more losing liners in the laundry! This super thirsty liner is actually attached to the diaper, making the Easy Fit a remarkable all-in-one diaper with many of the benefits of a two piece system – fast drying and easy to clean.

totsbots_innerIts innovative design provides a very versatile absorption – the attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers of absorption where your baby needs it. (Plus you can adjust for the absorption you need for heavy wetters and nighttime by adding extra liners). The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made from bamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton – on contact – no run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance. Protective side guards of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience! Its great fit was mentioned often by our testers – as well as generously sized Velcro type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick. The Easy Fit is available in 2 sizes; one-size (8-35 lbs) that adjusts with snaps plus a remarkable Tini Fit size that will sweetly and effectively accommodate a tinier baby (5-12 lbs). 5 very trendy colours (Oeko-tex certified dyes!) plus white. Minimal packaging.
All Tots Bots products are manufactured in their own factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics.The rayon from bamboo fibres is also Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fibre is produced in a “closed loop” system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. We really enjoy working with this company! You can be confident that the products they manufacture are ethically as well as sustainably produced.

Congrats Rebecca Orr.  Winner has been emailed.

Congrats Rebecca Orr. Winner has been emailed.

totsOne Extremely luck DDL reader will win an Easy Fit in their color choice!

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Kelly’s Closet and tell me your favorite one size diaper (other than the Easy Fit). Leave a comment.

For extra entries do any or all of the following.  Leave a comment for each you do.

Follow @KimRosas on twitter and tweet this giveaway. Please tweet, “The best One Size AIO is here.  Win an Easy Fit from @KimRosas and @Diapershops. http://h48p6.th8.us  Ends 5/24.  #clothdiapers”  Leave a comment with a link to your status.

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Giveaway ends on May 24. Winner will be chosen using random.org. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

***Open to US and Canada***

*I am an affiliate of Kelly’s Closet and included my affiliate link.

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Tots Bots Easy Fit V1

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Update: This is a video of the first version, Tots Bots is now on version 4.

As with a lot of diapers I have reviewed, I was first introduced to the Tots Bots Easy Fit at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas back in September.  There were two stand out diapers, this one, and the Marvel AIO.  Both diapers featured a “tongue” style, where the abosrbent insert agitates out for washing but stays attached.  So in essence they are an All in One, but do require stuffing the insert back in.  The Easy Fit is different in that the “insert” is touching the baby, but is very long, so you stuff it back inside.  It makes it double up while the baby is in the diaper.  The materials are luxurious and soft, and the PUL is very durable.  The diaper is made by Tots Bots, a UK company.  Bummis is now distributing them here in the US and Canada, and I am so glad!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰✰ This is about as easy as it gets!  Putting it on takes seconds and taking it off is as easy, just attach the laundry tabs.  Since the insert is really attached but agitates out, you don’t need to pull anything out before washing.  It will be hanging out once it is washed and dried, but putting it back in also takes seconds.  The bonus is that it takes far less time to dry than a traditional All in One.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ You are not only paying for the convenience factor, the bamboo, and the quality of the materials, but also the importation.  The diaper is made in the UK and imported by Bummis.  I do love it though, but if I had to pay for it I would only buy a couple.  I couldn’t afford to make them my whole stash.  But if you can, more power to you!

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ Perfect.  The soaker is 2 layers, microfiber and rayon from bamboo.  There is room in the pocket for more inserts if you need them.  I didn’t need any extra though.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ Like most snap down rise diapers, I don’t expect this to fit a newborn.  I have room for one more snap so it will fit a larger toddler.   The legs never left red marks.

Overall-  I am so in love with this diaper.  The colors are vibrant and modern and I love every single one.  The only thing that bugged me was that the bamboo attracts every single rogue velcro tab that has lost a laundry tab.  It seems to have 2-4 diapers attached to it in some way once it is out of the dryer.

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Cloth Diapers from around the globe!

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Have you ever wondered what our cloth diapering friends across the pond (and around the globe) are putting on their babies?  Well, for starters, many countries call their cloth diapers “nappies.”  So, what are we missing out on?

Many months ago I stumbled across Tots Bots, a UK cloth nappy company with the best prints!  While some of their product line has made it stateside thanks to Bummis (I am reviewing the Easy Fit)  we don’t have their prints!

totsbots_pulcover_together__31217In Australia I found Itti Bitti Nappies.  This line has a ton of different styles to offer and I love the rainbow of colors!  They make SIO (snap in Ones) and All in Ones to name a few.


New Zealand seems to have a lot of cloth diaper users.  EcoBubs is a brand I learned about that has an adorable striped pattern and comes in different color combos.  This diaper is a wool pocket.  Intrigued…


Pikapu is another Australian brand.  Why am I including it in my list?  Because they make a charcoal and a grey version (love it!).  This is an All-in-one with absorbent layers but with microfleece against the skin.  I imagine it to be like a Bum Genius Organic AIO but with a stay dry layer.  They do resemble Thirsties quite a bit.  And their typeface and website remind me of an American Apparel ad sans the visible butt cheeks.  I have to give them props for their motto though…

Picture 21colorrange

From Singapore comes a cutesy named diaper: Moo Moo Kow. This diaper is very similar to Happy Heineys.  They have wide tabs with either a velcro or snaps version.  Their diaper is also a one size pocket.


In Germany I found a diaper called Popolini, which makes a variety of styles including a one size.  Since they didn’t have any english on their website and my husband was unwilling to help me translate, I had a hard time navigating.  But, they exist!  What I did discover is that there is a cross over between this brand, and Mother-ease.  Which products I am not sure…


I also noticed a trend: Australians are pretty straight forward about what their diapers are for.  This brand of diapers is called “Krap Katchers” (get it?) and isn’t anything unique, but I had to mention it for the name.  The diaper itself is a Fleece pocket designed for overnights.


Germany is BORING.  Every diaper I found was plain, white, and utilitarian.  This diaper, Storchenkinder, is a tying nappy.  I have actually wanted to try a tying diaper for a while.


I hope you enjoyed traveling with me and shopping for modern cloth diapers around the world.  There are many countries using cloth diapers, but in most cases they are still using traditional cotton squares.  The US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia are the leaders in variety and brands by far!

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