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One Size Swaddlebees Simplex for Daycare- It’s Nice to Have Choices!

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Sometimes you see a cloth diaper come out and say to youself- “Hey!  Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!”   That is what I said to myself (talking to yourself is not a sign of insanity when you spend 95% of your day alone with little people and no adults) when I first saw the Swaddlebees One Size Simplex.

The reason I exclaimed this was because the One Size Simplex gives you the option to have stay dry microfleece or natural fibers against the baby’s skin!  The tongue-style soaker is designed to either stuff inside of the pocket which leaves the baby’s skin next to birdseye cotton, or lay inside of the diaper which leaves a stay dry microfleece next to baby’s skin.  So smart! Not everyone will think this is as cool as I do.  That’s fine.  I like having options, and options that don’t require buying multiple diapers.  Speaking of options, this is a One Size diaper and should work with babies until they learn to use the potty.

The reason I picked the Swaddlebees One Size Simplex as a great diaper for daycare is that I know some parents prefer snaps all around.  With only 4 snaps total and 2 per tab this is a manageable amount even for someone completely new to cloth diapers.  With a little hands on demonstration it shouldn’t take more than one change for a teacher to learn the ropes. Thanks to that tongue-style insert (you know I love this style of diaper, right?) regardless of whether the insert has been laid in the diaper or stuffed in the pocket you won’t have to un-stuff it or touch the insert again before washing it.  And rather than it being a thick, sewn in AIO, it will dry faster. It is also one of those diapers I love using and I think anyone looking for diapers that work well for daycare should also consider that the diapers they choose will get lots of use at home too.

Not related to how it works for daycare, but in general, another added benefit to the two linings is that when your baby approaches the age of potty training you can switch over to the natural fiber side (if you normally used stay dry) to teach them to recognize their wetness.  Snapping diapers will also pull up and down pretty easily, and the Swaddlebees One Size Simplex will as well, for potty training at home or at daycare.  If you want to learn more I’ve also reviewed this diaper.

Thanks to the folks at Swaddlebees I will also be giving one lucky reader their own One Size Simplex!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US only. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Blueberry Capri Cover Review

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When this video was made this product was under Swaddlebees. Now it is under Blueberry and imply called Capri.
This is a review of the Swaddlebees Capri Cover and Insert set. This is a new product from Swaddlebees that was just recently released. The Capri cover comes in Size 1 or Size 2 and each cover has 3 size settings. The Capri inserts are sold in size 1 or 2 and have the option of either microfleece or birdseye cotton next to the baby.
Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ You can find the Capri covers in aplix or velcro. Sizing is done by snapping down the rise and the Capri insert is easily laid into the the gusseted area inside.  An All-in-Two style system isn’t as easy as just changing out a pocket or All-in-One but this system is easier than those that snap into the cover.  The cover can just be used over fitteds or other non waterproof cloth diapers as well.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Swaddlebees products usually have a higher price tag than other similar cloth diaper products. The Capri cover and inserts are no exception. The Size 1 is 16.95 and the Size 2 is 19.95. Size 1 inserts are 12.95 for 2 and the Size 2 inserts are 15.95 for 2.  Part of the price is due to the diapers being made in the USA where the workers are paid a fair wage compared to many of the very inexpensive Made in China diapers being seen everywhere.  I had these added to my cart and kept taking them out because the price was just too much for me to spend. Luckily I ended up waiting for them to stock at Diaper Junction and I used affiliate credits. The cover is going to last forever- it is impeccably made. Since I wasn’t a huge fan of the inserts I would rather use flats inside and save the money.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Capri covers were bulletproof and the PUL wasn’t letting anything through. The inserts were very, very absorbent and stood up to naps and long car trips.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ If I review the Capri alone it fit really well, especially with pad folded flats as inserts. With the Size 2 Inserts and the cover on the smallest rise it was hard to get a good fit at the stomach because the insert made a bubble. I tried folding over the insert in various ways but usually would squish the insert in to prevent bumps at odd places. Also I worry about the comfort where the rise snaps down and how it touches the baby’s legs.
Overall: I certainly prefer the cover to the insert. I did appreciate the ability to choose microfleece or birdseye cotton against the baby’s skin and that the insert dries quickly. The cover looks like it will last through many, many washes and kids. The cover works well as a regular cover and as an All-in-Two system.  You can also get the Capri in the amazing print selection offered by Swaddlebees.
Where to Buy Kelly’s Closet (affiliate) sells the Capri Cover and Capri Inserts

I purchased a Capri cover and insert set using affiliate credits for this review.

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Swaddlebees Simplex One Size AIO Review

Swaddlebees Simplex One Size Video and Review

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Update: This diaper is discontinued and all Swaddlebees products are now known as Blueberry.

The Swaddlebees Simplex is one of my favorite diapers so when I saw that they were coming out with a One Size version I knew I was going to be love it.  They seriously didn’t disappoint!  I do prefer front snapping diapers to side snapping so this change was welcome too.  The best part is that not only do you get the birdseye cotton layer but you also have the option of a stay dry microfleece.

Swaddlebees Simplex One SizeEase of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All-in-One is a bit misleading only because it isn’t a “true” AIO. All pieces are attached but there is some preparation before using the diaper. You will either need to stuff the tongue inside of the pocket or flip it and lay it inside. I’m not saying this is a hassle because it is still easier than stuffing pockets and looking for inserts. I just like to share the difference between a true AIO and those that are almost an AIO. I call this a “tongue-style AIO.” To size the diaper you’ll need to snap down the rise (or unsnap and resnap as the child grows) and this is very easy to do.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ $25.95 isn’t cheap at all. For 24 diapers you would be spending close to $700. Would this still be less than using disposables? Absolutely- but that is a large chunk to part with at one time, especially when there are less expensive diapers available. I pay the price because I only buy 1-2 as special diapers and the rest of my stash consists of pockets that are less expensive. I know part of the price comes from higher quality materials (Swaddlebees uses birdseye cotton and really nice PUL, quality elastic, etc) and the diapers are made in the USA.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Love this diaper for how it works on Everett. 10 layers of cotton were plenty for us but cotton isn’t as absorbent as microfiber or hemp so some people might find they need to insert a doubler into the pocket opening. I need a little hemp doubler for nights but in the day I don’t have to add anything. No leaks during our testing.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Unlike many pocket diapers, there was no gaping at the stomach on Everett and the middle rise snap fit him like a glove. The legs looked nice and comfortable around his thighs and the rise was just where I like it- a bit below the belly button. I still have one rise snap left but I may never need to use it. Everett is 22 pounds and 16.5 months old.
Overall: I can’t find anything wrong with this diaper except not wanting to pay the higher end price tag. Diapers in this range, for me, tend to be one offs and I buy them for the cute prints (I love Tweet, Swirls, and Dino) and/or to review. If feasible I could see myself having a large number of these. They would make excellent daycare or babysitter diapers. I used to get annoyed when my sitter would use a pocket and not unstuff it. At least when these get tossed in the pail and washed you will never find an insert bunched up inside!
Where to Buy Diaper Junction (affiliate link- this is where I bought mine!)

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Trend Alert: Prints and Trainers are HOT for Cloth Diapers!

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Just as Fashion Week sets the new trends for the next season of clothing and accessories, the ABC Kids Expo taking place Set 23-26 sets the newest trends in Baby Products.

With over 25 Cloth Diaper Exhibitors joining the show this year there will be lots to see.  Usually brands wait until this time of year to unveil their newest products.  Buyers will be at the show placing orders and brands want their newest releases ready for order!

This explains why the biggest brands in cloth diapers are announcing their newest products.  Already we have seen huge announcements from GroVia, bumGenius, and Swaddlebees.  

The trend?  Trainers and Prints.  

GroVia announced their new Trainers called MyChoice.  These are “One Size Fits Most” that have a snap down rise and have the option of two different Flex Side Panels.  The Regular Size fits 1T-3T (18-35+ lbs) and Plus fits 3T-5T (30+ lbs).  You can find the MyChoice with the Regular Flex Size Panels for 18.99.  If you want to add the Plus Size Panels for 3.99.  The panels can be purchased in multi colors but the trainers come in Vanilla and Cloud.  Available Dec 2012 

GroVia also came out with 2 new colors, Cloud (grey) and Surf (teal).  Also available in October.  You can view them in the trainer chart above.

bumGenius already announced recently that they were releasing a trainer that one also be a “One Size Fits Most” Design with replaceable inserts.

Meet the Flip Trainer!

The Flip Trainer has stretchy side panels similar to the bumGenius tabs, replaceable organic cotton inserts so that your toddler can feel when they are wet, and those inserts use touch tape to be secured inside, and can be replaced when wet.  This should save a little money in the Trainer department since you are usually dealing with wet misses.  There is a snap down rise and the trainer should fit toddlers 20-50 pounds!

Rumparooz has a new line of EcoPosh diapers including their Organic Training Pant.

Kissaluvs released their new Pocket Trainer a few months ago but it is still worth mentioning.

I can’t say what is coming but I know of two major brands also releasing Trainers in the near future.

bumGenius also announced new colors and PRINTS!

Lovelace (on left) and Albert (on right)  You can preorder them from Mom’s Milk Boutique and won’t be charged until they are shipping, sometime in December.

Yesterday I also posted about the 6 new prints from Swaddlebees.  These will be available for most of their product line.  You can view them all on my post and even enter to win one of the new prints in a Bluberry Coverall!    Here is a peek:

I also have in my possession a very fashion forward print from Charlie Banana designed by Matthew Langille.  I can’t share it just yet though!  For now check out one of his other designs, these are Swatches.

Thirsties just released their new print, Hoots.

And Sweet Pea also announced an Owl themed Print.

Other recent but not “brand new* prints that have been introduced lately include BottombumpersTiny Tush, AppleCheeks, and itti bitti.

Rumparooz released their new line of EcoPosh diapers made from recycled plastic bottles.  They have a One Size fitted, Newborn Fitted, and a Wool Soaker.

Then there are more prints being announced soon by a few other brands!  *hint, one is a DDL advertiser* I can’t wait to see them all at ABC Kids!  I have a feeling I will be updating my Cloth Diaper Finder with at least 30 new products soon!

Which is your favorite new product announcement or print?  

*Some links included are to DDL affiliates.  If you purchase anything through the links I will receive a small percentage, so thank you!

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New Prints from Swaddlebees and Blueberry- First Look and Giveaway!

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Swaddlebees and Blueberry have been churning out new products like mad lately!  They recently released new Fitteds in One Size and Newborn Sizes, and have been teasing about new prints!  You know how excited cloth diapering moms get about new prints, right?

Well, the day is finally here!  The BIG Reveal!  I feel like Niecy Nash on Clean House…..

Take off your blind fold and OPEN YOUR EYES!


These 6 new prints will be available for both Swaddlebees and Blueberry diapers!  Meet….

Judging by the photos I will go ahead and say that Tweets and Swirls are my favorites for a boy or gender neutral.  But if I had a girl I would be all over Pink Butterflies.  There is something really pretty about the pink and yellow together that I just love.

There is a nice mix up up patterns and fun “cute” prints, like the Monkeys and Dinos.  I think they were able to cover all of the bases here!  I know a certain DDL contributor who is going to be crazy about Tweets…. not because she loves Twitter but because Green/Brown neutrals are her go-to colors for her girls.    Swirls reminds me of a beautiful white cake with gorgeous marbled icing!  I just know there are more details to be seen in person so I’m looking forward to that day!


Right now the prints are available for the BB One Size, Econappi, Simplex, and Coveralls.

These are only available for retailer ordering between now and the 19th. Starting the 19th, everybody else can order them directly from Swaddlebees.com.  If you have a favorite retailer that you want to order from let them know!  They will begin shipping out to retailers this Thursday!

For now I  get to give 3 Coveralls (One Size Covers) to a DDL Reader!  Winner chooses their choice of print.  Use the Rafflecopter Entry Form below.  As a reminder, you must have Javascript enabled.  Good Luck!

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My Boobs are Excited for BlogHer ’11!

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Last year I wasn’t able to make Blogher ’10 in NYC (4 hours from my home) for a few reasons.  I waited too long to purchase my tickets and the event sold out, and it also fell just a few short weeks away from my EDD for my second son Ev.  I had a major case of the Green Eyed Monster when logging into Twitter as my virtual BFF’s got to hang out, learn new ways to improve their blog, and party together.

This year I made it a point to buy my tickets early, find sponsors, and plan.  I found two very fitting sponsors in Swaddlebees, a cloth diaper company committed to keeping their product lines manufactured in the US. They offer every type of diaper imaginable in their line including my favorite- Swaddlebees Simplex.  The Simplex even made my list of “trimmest” cloth diapers!  My other sponsor is Boba.  Boba makes a baby carrier specially designed for babies over one year that gives them extra room in the seat, a higher back (which makes for safer babywearing and more peace of mind for me) and even optional foot rests for longer legs to keep them comfortable and in the proper seated position.  I just discovered this week that Everett fits well into the Boba so I am excited to start using it again!  I’ve even been able to nurse him in it- a video of that is coming soon!  Boba is part of the NAP family, who are also the makers of the Sleepy Wrap.  I am “self sponsoring” the cost of my ticket and the various other charges involved in the trip (which ain’t cheap), but my flight and hotel costs were generously covered by sponsors.

My boobs are also seeing quite the BlogHer sponsorship. Yes, you heard right- Boobs.  I had a mini freak out when I realized I only owned a single electric pump but I would be far from my nursling for 4 whole days- 96 hours to be exact.  A single works fine for my at home pumping needs but I knew I needed to stock up in a big way for BlogHer plus I would be pumping to keep a supply and relieve engorgement during my stay in San Diego.  A single would take DOUBLE the time during my breaks to pump since my boobs would have to take turns.  Now that I understand more about the WHO Code thanks to Amy from Just West of Crunchy I didn’t want to get another Medela or other WHO Code violator made pumps.  I contacted Hygeia, the makers of WHO Code compliant pumps that are also Closed Valve System pumps (meaning they are approved for multiple users since no milk will make its way into the pump itself and potentially cause mold or contamination) and asked if they would consider being my “Pump Sponsor.”  It was an exciting day when they said yes and a huge weight off my shoulders (and my bra).  Already I am loving the pump for the quiet suction noise it makes and the fact that it has a rechargeable Ion battery.  I can pack and pump all over the conference if I need to and never have to situate myself next to an outlet!

Not only is Hygeia Sponsoring my Pump, they are also going to very generously be providing myself and other Lactacting Mama’s at BlogHer with Freezer Storage Bags to use.   In case you missed my post on Donating Milk While at BlogHer- I’ll not only be donating my own milk from 4 days of pumping, but I’ve recruited other mothers hoping to do the same!  We will be descending upon Jenn  from Life With Levi’s hotel room since she is throwing a “Pumping Party.”

And even though I wrote this post 3 days ago- Just so happens that the Hygeia Enjoye is on Zulily today for 100$ off. Sign up for Zulily using my referral link and get an amazing deal on an amazing double pump!

And since I will be a true “pumper” while at BlogHer I knew I needed a Pumpease Hands Free Nursing Bra.  I would miss out on tweeting while holding two horns to my breasts for 15 minutes but with the Pumpease I’ll be able to remain hands free while I get milked.  That is a HUGE deal.  My friend Ginni reviewed the Pumpease for my blog and she said it saved her back and made pumping a whole new and more enjoyable experience for her.  Thank goodness Wendy has sent one for me to use.  I’m stalking my mailbox for it.

But wait- there’s more!  While trying on clothing for my trip I realized my bras were looking sad and letting my boobs down.  I jokingly tweeted that there should be a bra company at BlogHer offering Bra Fittings (hey, Lees is offering Jeans Fittings, why not?)  Alison from Nummies Bras offered to send a few bras for me to try on (just because) and in days I had Christmas in July for my boobies.  A gorgeous package of beautiful and stylish nursing bras was in my possesion.  There was even a Pink Bra.  I cannot tell you the last time I purchased a “fun” bra.  Mine have all had to be tan/ white/ or black.  Not even black actually.  Just tan or white.  I have become quite busty since having children.  I’m 5’3″ and less than a buck but my boobs are DD’s.  I’ve tried them on and the DD/E size is fitting best but the 32 bands fit my back the best.  I just happen to wear a hard to find size since I’m 32 and DD so many times I have to size up to a 34 band and this was the case with Nummies.  I can’t fault brands for not making that size, especially smaller manufacturers.  PS- Alison hasn’t asked for anything in return but it just so happens that I love the bras that fit me and they are so cute!  She was just trying to help me out with my booby crisis!  She is one of my favorite people on Twitter so if you are looking for an interesting woman to follow who puts a smile on your face she is the one!  @NummiesBras

My boobs are totally spoiled for BlogHer!

But what am I looking forward to the most about BlogHer (besides the informative sessions and parties with my buddies)?  Seeing Ricki Lake speak and possible even meeting her!  Ricki Lake has really pushed Homebirth into the mainstream (her movie gave me confidence to try my own homebirth) and made it a really viable option for parents who may not have even heard of it before!  That is an admirable and impressive accomplishment.  She is also coming back to daytime soon!

I’m not excited about leaving my famiy but I am ready to meet lots of new (and old) friends, take tons of notes, and maybe even have a little fun!

Even though I’m being sponsored by these companies in some way I am telling the truth when I say that I love them!  Thanks again to Swaddlebees and Boba for their generous sponsorship that is getting me to BlogHer and to the other companies making my boobies weigh less, look perkier, and be more productive!

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The Trimmest Cloth Diapers Round-Up

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Is there such thing as a Trim Cloth Diaper?  I say yes!

Using cloth diapers can sometimes mean that your baby looks like they have a little extra “junk in the trunk.”  Most mama’s are either indifferent or happen to like the “fluffy” booty.  Then there are the moms who really want trim cloth diapers.

I am going to say here and now that there is not a cloth diaper on the market as trim as a disposable. And you don’t want them to be.  The reason for a disposable’s trimness has everything to do with science and the chemicals used to make them.  The non chemical fabrics can’t compete and I don’t find that a bad thing.

Out of all {100+} cloth diapers I have tried and tested there are some that stand out from the crowd for their trimness.  I’ll be listing them here for all of the mamas looking for cloth diapers that don’t *ahem* accentuate the booty.

BumWare Extreme AIO

The BWX is probably the trimmest cloth diaper I have ever used and the closest in sihlouette to a disposable when under clothing. Also, there is no elastic around the back. The diaper is Sized meaning you need to size up when they grow out of one size. The soaker is microfiber and is sandwiched between the PUL waterproof exterior and a Microfleece interior which is next to the baby’s skin. This is not the diaper for Heavy Wetters unless you plan to add a doubler.  {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Swaddlebees Simplex {review}

Many will argue that a Side Snapping cloth diaper is the trimmest option.  People- Meet the Swaddlebees Simplex!  There are so many things that made me fall in love with the Simplex: Clean front, TRIM, Fast Drying, Durable Birdseye cotton lining and soaker, and Made in the USA.  The Simplex comes in sizes (currently 2.0 is sold in Medium/Large only).  It is a mix between a pocket and an All in One- the insert is sewn at one end and agitates out on its own in the washer- then needs to be re-stuffed before putting back on (you can also lay it on top if you prefer and skip stuffing).  The Simplex can be purchased in prints too.  {If you prefer a stay dry lining the sister diaper- Blueberry Basix- has Microfleece lining and a Microfiber soaker and is just as trim}  Simplex 2.0 was just released with more room in the waist.  {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Ragababe Easy AIO {review}

There is a reason that you can’t get your hands on a Ragababe Easy AIO.  They are pretty fabulous and happen to also be pretty darn trim.  More than being trim, they are extremely light weight thanks to the Bamboo used for the soaker.  This diaper comes in sizes and is a true All in One which means the soaker is sewn in, however there is a small pocket opening towards the front if you need to add more absorbency.  If you do then it won’t be as trim.  Hopefully the mama behind Ragababe can catch her breath and a break to let more folks get their hands on them.  For now, keep stalking the facebook page or various FSOT forums.{Buy from Ragababe}

bumGenius Elemental {review}

The BGE was one of my first cloth diaper loves.  At the time it was released it felt revolutionary; it was an All in One with a shorter drying time and it used natural fibers.  The BGE is certainly trimmer than it’s cousin, the bumGenius 4.0 but it is also more expensive.  This is my Go To cloth diaper for my diaper bag, especially when I had two babies in cloth.  Unlike the above diapers mention, the bumGenius Elemental has the distinct honor of being the only One Size and All in One cloth diaper in the list.  It even looks fairly trim on newborns; that is impressive! {Buy from Sweetbottoms}

Evolution Ion {review}

The Evolution Ion is a great diaper.  It is also a very Trim cloth diaper that is a Pocket too!  The inserts that come with the Evolution Ion are trim and absorbent, plus the sizing in the legs keeps the front looking clean and distributes the fabric so there is no bulk in the front.  These diapers have a Cool Max lining which wicks mooisture away from the baby and is made from recycled plastic bottles.  Another reason to love them: they are Made in the USA. {Buy From Kelly’s Closet}

Flats and Covers are also very trim on older babies and toddlers.  I have yet to find a “trim” fitted but when it comes to Fitteds versus Fitteds Bamboozle is less fluffy than most.

Have a Trim Cloth Diaper Recommendation?  Leave it in the comments!

Some of the above links are to DDL affiliates, including my new affiliate Sweetbottoms (FREE SHIPPING)! If you shop through any affiliate links a percentage will go to DDL, so thanks!

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Announcing my BlogHer 2011 Sponsors!

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I’ll be Child Free at BlogHer '11!
Making the decision to go to a blogging conference seemed like a no-brainer but it was hard. I have two babies who need me. Initially I was going to make it a family affair but since BlogHer is in San Diego this year I was worried about the time change and the short stay so they boys are staying home with their Dad.

Other than my children my next concern was the expense.  Travel, hotel, ticket, miscellaneous expenses- these all add up! I decided to seek sponsors to offset the cost.

My goal was to work with companies that I already knew and loved.  I don’t do “sponsored” posts (posts where I’m paid to write about a topic) because I do value the mission of this blog and the trust that you have in my voice.  While I do accept items to review and have participated in a few cloth diaper related blog parties that were compensated with- you guessed it- cloth diapers, that is the extent.  My monetary income is derived from my amazing advertisers and my affiliate sales. That is it.

I emailed my top picks for brands that I loved.  I was escatic to hear that they wanted to work with me as well. So who do you think I’m representing at BlogHer?!


Boba- My Favorite Soft Structure Carrier for toddlers and Swaddlebees- makers of my new favorite sized side snapping diaper!

I would never represent a brand or company I wouldn’t recommend to my best friend.  And considering how often I have told people about the Boba, and am already telling people about the new Simplex, this is a natural fit.

So what does this mean exactly?

Boba and Swaddlebees are helping with the cost of my trip (they are not covering the entire cost so unless I find another sponsor this will be out of pocket *hint *hint) and in return they are getting advertising space on my blog.  I’ll also be sharing some of their promotions or news on my blog, Fanpage, or Twitter.  Any posts about them will have a disclosure since it would be considered a “sponsored” post however I would never post something that I don’t feel is worthy of being shared.  I have other exciting ways to promote their brand in store as well.

I can’t even say enough good things about these products. I love my Boba for Fletcher these days.  He thoroughly enjoys riding on my back and especially enjoys being tossed onto my back using the Superman Toss.  The Simplex is one of the first diapers I grab and it makes a fab trainer for Fletcher too!  Plus. they are wicked trim!

Thank you Boba and Swaddlebees for helping send me to BlogHer!  You rock!

What about you guys?  Are you going to Blogher?  If you are and you consider yourself a Green or Cloth Diapering Mama join the Facebook Page. This will be a great place to connect before the big event.  I know I will want to feel like I “know” people there!

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Swaddlebees Simplex and Blueberry Basix Review

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I have good news, and better news!  The Swaddlebees Simplex and Blueberry Basix are fabulous!   In case you haven’t noticed, there is a trend happening in the cloth diaper world where manufacturers are slimming down or eliminating their Sized products in favor of their popular One Size offerings.  One Size diapers are great for many but there are still others who prefer a Sized option for the trimness, the better fit (in some cases), and the simplicity.  Not only are the Swaddlebees Simplex and Blueberry Basix sized diapers, but they are even more special than that.  If a Pocket, a Tongue Style AIO, and a Sleeve Diaper had a threesome the Fraternal twins would be the Simplex and the Basix.  Both diapers have a sewn in soaker at one end which agitates out in the wash and it has a pocket opening at both ends.  The Simplex soaker and lining are birdseye cotton and the Basix has a microfiber soaker and microfleece lining.  Both are side snapping diapers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Sized, self unstuffing- the only thing that would make this diaper easier is if it put itself on! It is side snapping, which to some people means it is a little harder to put on. I always say it is just an adjustment to what you are used to. It will become easier. Since it is sized there are only 3 snaps to choose from on each waist, so that makes it easier. After the diaper is soiled it goes in the pail, not unstuffing. After it is washed and dried the insert will be hanging out, but attached. So simple!

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ So here is where I say that I LOVE this diaper, but if you are wanting an entire stash in every size it is going to get pricier than many other systems. I would still rather own a few of these for my diaper bag, for the babysitter, for Dad, than buying a pocket sized diaper or even a true AIO. It has some great features and it dries quickly!

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Both diapers aren’t super absorbent, but they are good enough for a few hours in the day and an average nap. Here is the exciting part- since it is a sleeve you can add another insert but you won’t have to retrieve it! It will agitate out also. THAT is cool. This means the diaper is trim for the times you don’t need extra stuffing but even when you do you don’t have the extra step of removing it. WIN.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I chose the Medium for my son Everett based on his weight (19 lbs) but maybe I should have measured his waist! He is on the last snap on each side! I’m actually really bummed because that means he will be growing out of it any day (or he will crawl and fit back into it soon, I hope). The funny thing is that it fits my 27 pound toddler as a trainer for naps or nights (we love side snapping diapers for this and both the Basix and Simplex work great for this and are trim!) So the lesson for all of us is, if a company offers waist and rise measurements, double check! The rise for Everett is great though so I’m really banking on his crawling back into them soon!

Overall: This is one of those diapers that has crept into my heart and onto my tops list. I don’t even think I had a diaper in this category on my tops list so it has filled a gap.  The Simplex fills a need for a natural fiber lined pocket but it is definitely more than that!  I’ll be recommending these to everyone I know.

I was sent a Simplex and Basix for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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Swaddlebees AIO

Swaddlebees All-in-One Review

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Update: Swaddlebees now operates under the brand name Blueberry and this item is no longer made.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ Being that this is an AIO, ease of use is implied!  This diaper is a side snapping AIO, somewhat rare, and you have 2 vertical snaps on each tab to affix, so 4 in total.  This diaper is also a sized diaper, so there is little guesswork involved on which snap to use.  You have 3 waist and thigh choices.  For us, we used the tightest one, since he was testing the large.  There is a pocket opening if you need to add more stuffing, but this diaper has a generous microfiber insert.  No unstuffing/stuffin required.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ This diaper is 21.95.  Typically, AIO’s are pricier than pocket diapers.  Also, Swaddlebees have a bamboo velour lining and are made in the US.  These are two possible reasons for the price being a little higher than other diapers.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ This was an easy diaper to review.  I never had any trial and error issues with fit so we never had any weird leaks.  I did not try this diaper overnight because it is side snapping and my son sleeps on his side.  I anticipated a higher chance for leaking and frankly, being woken to wet sheets is not on my agenda right now.  Back and tummy sleepers should be fine, and there is a pocket to add more inserts if you need them.  We did use it for naps with no leaks, so in all likelihood it would have been fine.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ My son was SO in between sizes, which is what I am finding in a lot of other brands as well.  The Medium went up to 25 pounds, and the large began at 22.  He is around 24 pounds.  I chose the large.  He has a skinnier build, but the large fit pretty well.  At times I noticed a leg gap when the diaper was wet and heavier.  It is just a hard age in diaper sizing.

Overall- I think that this diaper is very well thought out.  The cotton velour lining is great because some babies are sensitive to microfleece.  The microfleece layer beneath it still works to wick moisture away but it never touches the skin.   I also love that it can be used as a pull up, though since it is an AIO it isn’t quite like a trainer and will be bulkier than most trainers.  I enjoyed reviewing this diaper.  The only drawback was that because the soaker is a rectangle you can see the outline, which is a little reminiscint of a pad…….  other than that it is a great AIO!

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