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For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- Mo’ Love for Mo Dia

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Everyone can go ahead and laugh at this title.  Trust me… this is the BEST of the bunch.  This feature is for Mo Dia diapers during this month’s “For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” Event where DDL is paying tribute to the diapers made with love.  I’ve done reviews for them twice since they started their business and I’m really overjoyed to see how they have grown!  Seeing a pocket diaper that is unique and their own pattern and that is sewn by a WAHM is getting harder to come by.  Mo Dia is a sister run business which is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  Not only are they a sister team but it is an entire family affair!  I will admit that I am a little jealous of how close knit their family seems.

Now you can learn more about the sisters and family behind the diapers!


MoDia Diapers LLC are created by Sarah and Hannah: two moms, registered nurses, and sisters-in-law who started our journey with cloth diapering our little girls. We branched out to sewing diapers first for ourselves, friends, and family, and then expanded to selling diapers, in hopes of sharing affordable, stylish cloth diapers with others.
Our name is a combination of our oldest daughters’ names, Moriah and Lydia, who are our inspiration and the first test subjects of our diapers! Our families both expanded this year with the births of daughters Grace and Elianah who are the next generation of willing test subjects, as our diaper creations are constantly changing. We love finding new and innovative ways to make modern diapering products. We are always open to trying new things and welcome suggestions or custom orders.
71559_500154266701394_2038239666_nWe are thankful for our little business that allows us not only to stay home with our girls, but also to be creative and produce diapering products that others love! Our company would not run and function without the help of other family members who help us with the website, sewing, and helping play with little girls while we sew! We are especially thankful for two cousins, Elaine and Laura, who sew diapers that are sold on our website, a sister Heidi who does all our web design, and a cousin Chad who helps out with all the technical needs of the website!
We make One-size pocket diapers, one-size AI2’s (brand new coming soon!), Newborn fitteds and AIO’s, and one-size fitted diapers in regular hemp/bamboo, overnight, or hybrid! We also make a variety of cloth wipes and other accessories. Every diaper purchase on our website comes with a free double layer flannel print wipe!
We are so thankful for return customers and word of mouth that has kept our diapers selling and allowing us to continue doing something we love! We are also thankful for our customers being parents and being understanding of our families coming first. It is a joy to be able to stop a sewing project to read a book to our children, help with a puzzle, or just provide cuddles when they are not feeling well!
Thank you for your interest in our diapers!

You love them too, right? How can you not when you learn more about how this is a real family operation?


Win one!

I covet their Chevron diapers (I have a few Chevron items in my home right now, it is nice to be trendy with diapers too!) and now one of you will get to win one of these diapers!  Not only that, but Mo Dia will be offering a tie dye fitted for the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope auction happening soon!  You can enter this giveaway using the Rafflecopter below.  Ends 3/1. Open to US only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mo Dia One Size Pocket Review

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Update: This brand is no longer making diapers but you can find their pattern for sale.

A few months ago I reviewed the Mo Dia One Size Pocket. My original thoughts on the diaper were pretty positive; it worked great, the design was stylish and unique, and the included hemp fleece soaker was amazing. The downside was the sizing; the waist was a little too small and the rise a little too short. I didn’t expect it to last Everett more than a few more months- how would it last until potty training?

After that review and other customers agreeing with that sentiment the two ladies behin Mo Dia went back to the drawing board. They now have a new pattern for their One Size Pocket that addressed both issues. The sizing is more realistic and more like other OS diapers. I have a video and review for the new Mo Dia. if you would liek to compare to my old review and video you can visit this link.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The Mo Dia I reviewed is a snapping diaper with 2 snaps on each tab, 4 snaps total to close. The rise, like many other One Size diapers, has a 3 step snapping adjustment. This is only applicable when you need to size up or down so you don’t have to do it for each change. The insert is one long piece of hemp fleece. The simplicity is genius. You fold it to the desired length, and place the most layers folded over where you need them (front for boy/tummy sleeper and middle for girl). The folding does take longer than just using a sized or pre-snapped OS insert which is why it gets 3 stars.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ A Mo Dia runs about 21$ with the hemp insert included. These diapers have a very custom look, even those that aren’t made to order. The snaps usually coordinate well with the fabric options. Some have full PUL outer, some have PUL bodies and cotton knit over PUL tabs, and some are the reverse. Now that the sizing is larger it is even more of a good investment than the previous version.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I wish I could tell you how much these inserts rock my socks. They look so simple, and they are, but work better than most other included inserts. So, you have to fold them to size… not a HUGE deal. I’ve used this diaper for longer naps and daytime for Everett (10 months old) and nights for my toddler (almost 3) with no leaking or wicking problems. No red marks either!
Fit ✩✩✩✩ When you fix one problem you potentially cause another. The previous Mo Dia sized up nice and tiny and would likely be a good fit for very small babies. Adding more to the rise and width makes it look bulkier. I have not tried it on a new/small baby but I’m just basing on what I have seen. On Everett, who is 20 pounds and 10 months old, he still had one more snap on the rise and a snap on each side for the second snap in on the tab. After that the male end of the snap would touch skin, however I don’t think that is going to happen. And since he is pretty wide I don’t know how many others it would happen to either.  They aren’t the trimmest cloth diaper out there but I don’t mind fluffy.  Just poutting that out there.
Overall: The fact that Mo Dia adjusted their pattern based on user feedback is incredibly awesome and proves how much they care about their product and customers. The new Mo Dia is just as cute but with more growing room. The quality of the diaper is obvious, the stitching is clean and I haven’t seen any loose threads. They come up with the most adorable color and print combinations too!

Where to buy: MoDiaDiapers.com (coming soon!)

A Mo Dia OS was sent for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine.  

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Mo Dia Semi-Custom One Size Giveaway

Mo Dia Semi-Custom One Size Giveaway

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The ladies at Mo Dia are going to let one DDL reader design a custom diaper or pick from their in stock selection.  Customs will be based upon their instock fabric at the time of winning.

All MoDia diapers are hand-crafted with love by two sisters-in-law in smoke-free homes in Michigan, USA! We use high-quality materials (see list below). Check out our facebook fan page for occasional coupons and specials ! If you have any questions or want us to custom design a diaper for you, please contact us (modiadiapers@gmail.com)!!

The MoDia Difference
*Our belly elastic provides a great fit in the front, perfect for little boys and babies that are “in between” sizes. (available in our snap diapers)
*Our inserts are a long-fashioned double layer to dry quickly after washing and create 4-6 layers of absorbency where you need it most.
*Our snap diapers feature alternating snap colors, making snap sizing even easier! No more counting snaps, just match the colors.
*Our hook/loop diapers feature an innovative soft loop fabric that closes over the hook tabs for more secure washing. Bye-bye diaper trains!
*Contrasting decorative tabs make each diaper unique and stylish.
*Handmade in the USA!

*PUL waterproof outer
*Soft, stay-dry suedecloth or minky inner liner
*Generous pocket in the back of the diaper for easy insert stuffing
*Snaps in the rise to change to 3 sizes
*Belly elastic for a great fit in snap diapers
*Snap or hook/loop closure
*Hemp fleece or microfiber insert, double layer (5 in. x 28 in.)

One very lucky DDL Reader will win a MoDia in their choice of style.

Winner can choose from instock store or instock fabric to design a semi-custom diaper.


(1 Entry) “Like” MoDia on Facebook. Leave a comment. (If you aren’t on FB then do the other entries.)

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Mo Dia One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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Update: The diaper is no longer being made however you can purchase a pattern to make one yourself.
Mo Dia is an Etsy brand that combines stylish designer prints, colorful snap combos, and PUL solid colors to create a gorgeous cloth diaper!  The diapers are made my two Mom’s who obviously have an eye for style!  I would say this is a WAHM diaper but these ladies have day jobs and make diapers, plus they are moms!  They definitely stay busy!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Like many snapping diapers, this one has 4 snaps to close, two on each tab.  If you have the velcro version it would go on just like a disposable.  It is a pocket so it has to be stuffed before being used, and unstuffed before being washed.  An added step will be folding the insert before inserting it to the desired size.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ A Mo Dia will run about 20.00, including the hemp insert.  I find that to be a more than fair price factoring in labor, quality materials, and an awesome insert.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Ev has tested this diaper pretty thoroughly, including overnight.  The hemp insert is very absorbent, one of my favorite features of the diaper.  I underestimated my son and began using the diaper on the smallest setting but after a couple of leaks went to the middle rise and this solved the problem.

Fit ✩✩✩ In the rise the fit was great for my son once we went to the middle setting, and we have room for growth in that setting as well as once the diaper is unsnapped.  Waist wise I think the diaper could use more width.  Now that I have a chunky baby I see how he could outgrow this diaper in the waist at some point.  In the video I show you where the diaper snaps and that the male snap ends would hit skin if done any wider.  If they added an inch or two to the waist that would help.  The waist elastic is a good idea and I am seeing more diapers adopt this design. (FYI, the velcro version would not have this issue)

Overall- The combinations of prints and colors that these women come up with for their diapers are pretty fabulous!  You won’t see diapers like this that are mass produced.  Their velcro tabs look awesome but I haven’t tried them.

Where to buy: Mo Dia Etsy Store or Z Bears

A Mo Dia was sent for the purposes of the review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% genuine and my own.

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