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Kissing Blake Hybrid Extended Wear

Kissing Blake Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing outside, it’s my perfect cure for any day when she’s being especially moody or disinterested in her usual toys and activities. It’s a bit trickier to manage supervision now that her baby sister has arrived, but thanks to babywearing and a little planning ahead, I’ve been able to make our backyard adventures really special and exciting even if I do have to stay in the shade and take lots of breaks to nurse.


Today I’m sharing a review on Kissing Blake, they offer a wide variety of quality and hard to find prints as well as custom embroidered diapers at a variety of price points. I tried out a diaper called Mermaid, a one size hybrid fitted with a shimmery swimsuit fabric outer that sparkles in the sun.  For the video the diaper shown for the first portion is their Extended Wear Overnight but my review reflects the Daytime Hybrid Fitted option I was sent.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ With a fold over rise and cross over snaps, it’s easy to get this diaper on just right. I love that the soakers snap together then snap to the diaper so nothing shifts on the baby. The materials used in each Kissing Blake diaper are washed prior to arrival, so you can start using it right away (no lengthy prepping to get through), though they don’t reach their full absorbency until they’ve been washed about four times. If you’re looking for extended wear or have a heavy wetter, you’ll want to add a cover over this diaper (any kind will work, but I especially love wool as it is so breathable). Keep in mind if you have a grandparent or babysitter over who may not be familiar with fitteds you’ll want to clue them in or you may receive a frenzied phone call that your diapers are leaking (not that I’d have any experience with that).

Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ Prices for a Kissing Blake diaper vary based on the materials used. This particular diaper was listed at only 26 dollars, which is a fantastic deal for a quality hybrid fitted like this one. Many of the diapers offered feature fabrics which are hard to find prints and some have even been customized with intricate and beautiful embroidery. Some of these designs can run up to 50 dollars, which is on the high end for fitted diapers but understandable given the market and the options being offered. I love that a variety of price points are offered so any family can try Kissing Blake.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩This diaper is a hybrid fitted, which means it contains a hidden layer of polyester fleece behind the decorative outer layer and is somewhat waterproof, but not entirely. You’ll still want a cover for any prolonged wear or maximum protection. I love letting Harper play in our backyard while wearing a hybrid, though, as they are so breathable and if she’s outside and her diaper becomes damp, it isn’t a hassle to take care of. This Kissing Blake diaper is so beautiful I love seeing it on her and only use a cover if we’re running errands or if it’s nap time. The organic bamboo fleece used on the soakers is 500 gsm (SHOBF) which means it is super heavy weight, perfect for absorbing a lot of liquid. Kissing Blake also offers some diapers specifically meant for overnight and heavy wetters, these diapers have three soakers included instead of two.

Kissing Blake Hybrid Extended Wear

Fit ✩✩✩ I did find that the outer most snaps on the wings of this diaper were really far out, so while Harper has plenty of room to grow in this diaper, she will need snap covers to prevent the snaps from cutting into her skin as she is already on the very last setting despite being very petite. A snap cover will provide a barrier so the male snap doesn’t press into and hurt her skin.

With this fitted diaper you can expect some bulk, the diaper itself includes a layer of decorative fabric, a hidden layer of polyester fleece, and a layer of cotton velour on the interior. You then have two generously sized soakers, each is made with two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece, that can be folded over if you need additional absorbency in a specific wet zone. Based on how you fold the soakers, you can have up to 12 layers of absorbency, which can lead to a bit of bulk. Not that I’ve EVER minded a fluffy butt. It can be a bit tricky if you like dressing your little one in pants with a traditional cut to them (this is the time to pull out the Project Pomona Pants or the baby leggings!) but you can always remove one of the soakers if you don’t need full absorbency and the cut really matters to you (ie for a birthday photo shoot). Oh, have I mentioned how perfect these diapers are for a special photo shoot? There are such great prints available! I have my eye on that Dalek diaper.

Overall: I think these diapers are so cute and very absorbent for a hybrid fitted. I love them for playing outside, or for bed time with a cover. They are great for special photo shoots if you choose a special print you love (many of my cloth diapering friends like featuring a favorite diaper in their baby’s birthday or milestone photo shoots). These would also make a wonderful gift, either for a baby shower or if you have a pocket obsessed friend struggling with absorbency on bedtime diapers who you’d love to try fitteds. I love following Kissing Blake’s page to see what new prints they’ve come out with, they have something for everyone.

Where to Buy: You can find diapers listed on the Kissing Blake Hyena Cart.


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Win a Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted! {3/18}

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Yesterday Lara, our fabulous diaper reviewer, wrote her review of the Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted and loved it, especially for her heavy wetter!  Now we get to give one of them to a lucky DDL reader!  YES!  Hybrid fitteds are so hot right now (lol) and if you haven’t tried one this could be your chance!


Hybrid fitteds have a hidden layer of poly fleece between the decorative cotton knit outer and the inner layer (cotton velour in this case) so it helps to stop the moisture from going through to the outside.  It isn’t waterproof, but it does prevent all of the wetness from going through right to your furniture or lap.  This is nice for babies with sensitive skin who need breathability!  Chunky Cheeks hybrids are one size and fit babies 10-35 pounds using a fold over rise.  Their waist has a generous amount of room for babies to grow into.

Right now the best way to get your hands on  Chunky Cheeks, besides winning, is to order through the co-op on Facebook or get a custom.  Make sure you enter to win too while you are here!

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Chunky Cheeks Hybrid Fitted One Size Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing pretend. Pushing her “babies” around in the wagon and taking sips from her little tea cup so she can pretend to refill it from her teapot are two of her favorite games. It’s amazing to me how imaginative she is, and how she picks up on these things so quickly. We’ve used our stroller maybe three times and I don’t think she’s ever been awake while I’m having tea (that’s a naptime joy) so she’s learned these things purely from the playing we’ve done together. My mom once told me the best and most important gift you can give when you are choosing presents for birthdays and holidays is to sit down and show your child what they can do with their new toy. It seems simple, but it’s true. I remember my mom asking me all kinds of questions about a toy I had asked for after I received it, and having me point out all the things I could do with it and why I loved it so much. As an older child, I was excited to share my knowledge and didn’t even realize she was (in her own way) teaching me how to play with it by discussing every feature and possibility. What is your favorite way to play with your little ones? Do you like to show them what to do? Or ask them questions? Or observe and use positive reinforcement when you see them figure something out? I have many years of playing ahead of me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Today I’m going to share a hybrid fitted diaper from Chunky Cheeks with you, it’s made with a hidden layer of poly fleece inside. This means while you’ll want a waterproof cover (like wool or pul) on top for long term use, this diaper can be worn without a cover for quite some time. The fleece helps to keep the moisture from soaking the outer layer for a while.

Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks comes with two inserts which snap together and snap to the diaper. You can use one or both inserts to meet your needs. Both inserts are generously oversized, so you’ll want to do a bit of folding to make sure they tuck nicely within the diaper. This can require a little extra prep work if you’re ocd about the folds being even the way I am, but it is possible to just put the diaper on and then tuck the excess in, it’s all about what works best for you.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Chunky Cheeks generally sells hybrid fitteds for about 30 dollars. This is about average for a hybrid fitted diaper, a little on the high side, but nothing compared to some of the brands I’ve seen. You’re paying for quality materials and a very well constructed diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Those generously sized inserts are fantastic for soaking up moisture, they make this diaper perfect for overnights. I also love keeping Harper in a hybrid fitted without a cover while she’s playing because they tend to be more breathable then many diapers. Harper has very sensitive skin, so having a breathable diaper for her to wear is an excellent opportunity to allow her skin to recover from being diapered all the time (without the potential mess of diaper-free time, which I don’t often have the opportunity to do these days).

Fit ✩✩✩✩ These diapers are accented with a long row of snaps and a fold over rise, so they can probably fit a teeny tiny baby up to a chunky toddler. Chunky Cheeks lives up to its name, with a very thick and fluffy silhouette. There will be no question that your baby is wearing a cloth diaper, and some pants may not fit with these. I take that as an opportunity to show off the diaper, and skip the pants every now and then. If you can’t have a no-pants party when you’re a baby, when can you? Wait, don’t answer that, we don’t know if our bosses will read this…

Overall: I really like how absorbent Chunky Cheeks diapers are, and the prints and designs are so much fun, check out the Cars themed diaper on their Facebook page! If the thick appearance of the diaper bothers you, you can remove one of the inserts and the diaper should still hold up for a couple hours without issue. My heavy wetter definitely does better with both, and I love showing off our love of cloth.

Where to Buy: Chunky Cheeks


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Don’t Sew Angry One Size Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

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Does cold weather make you feel claustrophobic? I’m pretty lucky to live in a place where it’s nearly always warm, but I think just about everybody was hit pretty hard last week. I really count on being able to go outside when Harper gets fussy, sometimes a little fresh air and sunshine is the only thing that can make her happy. What do you do when it’s too cold to go out? Do you explore the house, looking for uncharted territory? Do you make forts out of couch cushions or tents out of bed sheets? What is your favorite way to change things up when you can’t leave the house?


Today I’m thrilled to show off an adorable hybrid fitted diaper from Don’t Sew Angry. Fitted diapers are made with layers of absorbent material, and are known for being really cute, but since they aren’t waterproof you have to put a cover over them and often don’t get to show off the charming prints. This hybrid fitted contains a hidden layer of fleece inside to help keep moisture inside longer. While it’s not completely waterproof, you can often get away with not using a cover for a while, so your baby is in a more breathable diaper and you get to revel in how sweet they look.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper features a fold over rise, which means there are two rows of female snaps along the front rim, facing opposite directions, and you fold over the diaper to expose the interior row if you need a tighter fit. Fold over rise is an excellent option for my smaller baby, but with some fitteds it can be trying to get the fold to stay in place while I adjust the snaps. Don’t Sew Angry has presented an excellent solution for this. There are two snaps in the center front of the diaper to hold the fold down when putting the diaper on, no more struggling and wishing for more hands required. Putting on this diaper really is a snap. (if the baby needs an even shorter rise, as shown in the video, you can leave those unsnapped as well) I also like that the two soakers inside nestle together with snaps on one end and a band of fabric at the other, Harper can move around as much as she wants and I know the soakers will remain in place ready for anything. You will have to make sure to unsnap the soakers and separate them when washing and drying, but this step is minimal and takes little thought or effort.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ Prices tend to range from 26 to 32 dollars depending on the fabric and features offered. I’ve seen fitted diapers going for twice that much that are the same impeccable quality as these, we have some at home (not acquired through the blog) that we’ve used many times so I can attest this diaper is just as good if not better than some of those pricey “collector’s items”. I know a lot of parents can’t or won’t use exclusively fitteds in their stash, they do add up. But if you are having issues with your overnight diaper and need something that won’t leave your baby soaked I cannot suggest fitteds highly enough. Even if you just have a few for night time. They saved me with my heavy wetter and many frustrating nights spent washing sheets and calming a miserable uncomfortable baby. Don’t Sew Angry offers very reasonable prices for a high quality well made diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Harper has worn this diaper in very heavy rotation since we received it (if you stare really hard you can see very minimal pilling from the dozens of washings it has been through with us). I do use a cover on her at night for added security but don’t bother with one during the day when I’m changing her every two hours-ish and she has yet to need one. This diaper does a fantastic job holding up to a very active baby, and I feel like the fold over rise is especially beneficial for babies who crawl or spend time on their tummies, since it creates added thickness at the waist that is similar to a dam. The soaker matches the interior, which is a pale violet, and stains tend to cling to it and show up vividly, despite sunning. I plan on trying the lemon juice trick for stains at some point, but since no one sees the interior but me, and I know it’s perfectly clean, I’m not worried.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Fitted diapers tend to have a larger footprint then their sleeker waterproof counterparts. If fluffy butt is a dirty word at your house, you may shy away. Fitteds are generally made with lots of layers of natural fibers, which adds up to a lot of bulk. Don’t Sew Angry is no exception, all that cotton, bamboo, and hemp creates a nice soft little fluffy silhouette which may require going up a pants size or two. But that bulk translates to a happy dry baby, and since the fit around the legs and waist are excellent, aesthetics is the only issue. I love the way these fit, and will gladly add more to my stash.

Overall: Don’t Sew Angry offers a lot of interesting and fun prints in a diaper that is strong and well made. They make an excellent gift, especially if you choose a custom and have one made with a print you know the recipient will love (I’m kind of obsessed with the ombre pink/purple stripes Harper received, it is so beautiful). I also recommend having at least a few of these in your overnight arsenal, they are so absorbent and soft.

Where to Buy: Don’t Sew Angry on Hyena Cart


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Muffins-N-Mayhem Hybrid Fitted Giveaway! {8/16}

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baliThis Monday Lara reviewed the One Size Hybrid Fittted from Muffins-N-Mayhem- not only was it a hit and survived all night without a cover, but it was adorable to boot!  Now I get to give one away!

Hybrid fitteds are special because their hidden layer of fleece helps deflect the moisture back into the absorbant soakers which means, if you choose, your baby can wear the fitted without a cover without the outside getting soaked.  Moisture can get to the outside but not as much as it would in a regular fitted.

This is a great option for those of us in hotter climates since many babies need that breathability to prevent heat rash.  The mama behind the brand is a Florida native which is surely why she was inspired to make these!

Muffins-N-Mayhem will have a special gender neutral print to offer for this giveaway which you can see below.


You can enter this giveaway for a wonderfully made diaper using the Rafflecopter below. Ends 8/16 and open to US and Canada.
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Muffins -N- Mayhem Hybrid Fitted Review

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Update: This WAHM is no longer making diapers.
Summer is in full swing, and I’m constantly trying to think of ways to cool off in the Florida heat. Suddenly any place with A/C is a promising destination. We’ve been spending our afternoons at the bookstore, the mall playground, window shopping, and at the library. I feel like Harper is still too young for the water parks, though she enjoys our pool at home, and I don’t think she’d have the patience yet for our local aquariums or museums. I would love some suggestions on how you beat the heat with your littles.

Today I’m reviewing a hybrid fitted from Muffins -N- Mayhem. I am in love with the designs she features, I recently saw a Walking Dead theme diaper that was just incredible.

Editor’s Note- To learn more about Hybrid fitteds and why they are different from a regular fitted visit this great post from Autumn on All About Cloth Diapers. 

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩

These diapers are made with a hidden layer of poly fleece that helps keep the moisture in the soaker while still allowing the diaper to be more breathable than completely water proof diapers. I love that Harper can wear this fitted without a cover, it’s less work for me and it allows people to see how incredible they look.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩
The average price for a hybrid fitted from Muffins -N- Mayhem is $29 which is a reasonable price, average for a fitted hybrid and excellent for one of such high quality. I love the materials used, for example, the soakers are four layers of heavy bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour. And I would gladly spend more on diapers that look good any day.

harpermuffinsnmayhemPerformance ✩✩✩✩✩

When I first received this diaper I was not aware it was a hybrid, and I prepped it and set it on the changing table with a wool cover and a set of pjs so my husband could change her into them when it was bedtime (I work during her bedtime routine so he is in charge of getting her to sleep, no easy task). Apparently she was a handful this particular evening, as he completely forgot the wool cover and put her pjs on over the fitted and put her to bed without a second thought. I didn’t notice during her nighttime feedings, and when I went to change her in the morning I was shocked to see the cover on the floor and her pjs still dry as a bone. Harper is normally a pretty heavy wetter at night, so this diaper must have superpowers to be so effective!

Fit ✩✩✩

This fitted has a fold over rise for different size options and a dozen snaps to choose from for a perfect fit. I have a hard time with fold over rise myself, but that is a reflection of Harper’s body type and not the diaper at all. I found that Harper was able to wear this diaper snapped either way and still have a good fit, so I usually just leave it up. The soaker is generously sized and very soft against Harper’s skin, it folds over and snaps in place so the snaps don’t touch her body at all. The extra soaker length gets tucked in at this point, I’m still experimenting with the best way to do that against her small frame, but the minor added bulk doesn’t bother me.


These diapers are so fun, and so easy. I love the way they look, the way they feel, and the way they work. They are very well made and the prints are obviously chosen with care, I smile every time I reach for those bold feminine stripes with the subtle sparkle. My biggest challenge is going to be figuring out what clothing for her to wear that doesn’t hide something so pretty!

Where to Buy Muffins and Mayhem on Hyena Cart


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Poppy Fields Fitted Review

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I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Dirty Diaper Laundry family. Harper just turned five months old (editor’s note- she is 6 months old now) and our experience with cloth diapers has been a learning process but definitely a positive one. I feel good every day knowing our diapers are better for the environment, for her health, and for our budget.

I received an organic cotton fitted diaper from Poppy Fields. The first thing I noticed was the print, these diapers are incredibly cute! When I opened one I found a rich plush organic velour that was soft to the touch and a thick cotton and bamboo doubler in a generous size. My immediate impression is that these diapers are very luxurious and something I would be proud to show off or give as a gift to new parents.

Poppy Fields Fitted

Ease of Use ✩✩✩

This diaper can be purchased with a doubler sewn in or snapped in. Mine was snapped in, with two discreet resin snaps in the back. The elastic in the diaper causes the doubler to peek out at the stomach before the diaper is snapped, which caused me to hesitate the first time I used it, but everything fits nicely once fastened. The option to snap the doubler in means you can remove it when washing so it will dry faster. It did take a long amount of time to dry on the clothesline even separated, I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if it were sewn in (The sewn in option is said to be better for heavy wetters, but I had no absorbency issues whatsoever so unless you have an older child imitating Niagra Falls you’re probably safe with the snap-in option) . The diaper’s interior is a thick plushy cotton velour. It’s great for absorbancy but that rich fiber stains when soiled so it’s imperative I sun these after they get dirty (not wet), otherwise I could just toss them in the dryer to get around the long-dry-time issue. I’ve found that using these as a night time solution means I’m less likely to have a soiled diaper, and since I won’t need it again until sundown, I don’t mind just leaving on the line most of the day. I think the other qualities of this diaper makes dry time less important to me, especially since organic is a feature I really appreciate. If I chose to use these fitteds throughout the day, I might sun them for a couple hours then toss them in the dryer to finish the job quickly.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩

At 30.50 for a newborn diaper and 34.50 for all other sizes, these diapers are a bit of an investment. That being said,
you’re paying for extremely high quality. The materials are luxe and the patterns are just beyond adorable. Every time I look at my Poppy Fields I can’t help but smile, the fabric choices are outstanding. While I would normally shy away from paying over thirty dollars for a diaper, these are a good value based on the quality.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩

One issue many parents deal with is overnight leaks. You’re so excited your child slept for a certain amount of time, then you notice they are soaked, the bedding is soaked, or worse, soiled, and your excitement turns to frustration as you deal with the aftermath. I’ve even heard of parents turning to disposables for overnight to escape this issue, but with Poppyfields this may not be an issue. Nine layers of fabric including organic cotton and bamboo managed to stand up to a long night with my heavy wetter.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩

These diapers are available in five different sizes that include a generous number of snaps to guarantee a good fit. The options include newborn, small, medium, medium long, and large. My fourteen pounder was able to fit in both the small and medium sizes thanks to those handy snaps, so for a sized diaper you can still look forward to using these for quite a while.

I would happily own one of every print available if my budget would allow it. These diapers are beautiful and a pleasure to use. I’d rather deal with a longer dry time if it means organic materials that don’t leak, and I was very impressed with the quality of these diapers. Again, my first thought is that this is an excellent gift (with a wool cover) as any new mother would be thrilled to see any of these patterns at her baby shower. If these are even just a small percentage of your stash, you’ll find them a luxury you look forward to using and may wish you had more.

Poppy Fields has updated their doubler options since I wrote this review; they were kind enough to send me their new insert. It features two separate pieces that snap together for wearing and come apart for cleaning. These new doublers dry much faster than the sewn together style I originally tried. They are also easier to sun, as Harper has stained both styles, it was much more difficult to get every bit of the sewn together style exposed to the sunshine but these were a snap (hah, a pun!) and I was very pleased by the new option. Poppy Fields suggests the sewn in style if you have a heavy wetter, but so far I haven’t had a single leak with these whether using a wool cover or PUL.

Where to Buy: PoppyFieldsShop.com


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Green Genes Diapers Hybrid Fitted Giveaway {12/4}

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One lucky DDL reader is gong to win their very own Green Genes Diaper Hybrid Fitted! If you enjoy letting your baby wear a fitted cloth diaper with no cover around the house, or just enjoy new fluff, then make sure to enter at the end of the post!

About the Hybrid Fitted-

These diapers have a hidden inner core of poly fleece. The fleece makes your diaper some what waterproof, dispersing the wetness, instead of soaking one spot. This allows your child’s skin to breathe! This diaper includes a snap in soaker system. One snap in has a layer of velour, and 2 layers of fleece. The next snap in has 2 layers of bamboo and/or hemp. The snap ins for this diaper are 16″, extra long and plenty of length to fold over, and add more soaking layers! One size fits most babies from approximately 10-45lbs! Just adjust the snap down rise to fit your baby perfectly!

Like I said in my review, this is my new favorite fitted to use coverless due to the unique layer of fleece on the inside of the pocket. It distributes the liquids so there is no huge wet spot and even after several hours Everett felt mostly dry to the touch.

Green Genes Diapers make other styles of cloth diapers as well.

You can learn all about this diaper and watch the video review posted already. And when you see it you’ll want to enter to win! This one is open to US and Canada.

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Green Genes Diapers Hybrid Fitted Review

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Green Gene Diapers has a One Size Hybrid Fitted that is perfect for those who love letting their babies run around without a waterproof cover. Learn more by watching the above video and by reading my performance review.  Don’t be scared of the “Ease of Use” rating because what it lacks in that category it makes up for in the others.  Note the update to the Ease of Use category.
Ease of Use ✩✩ While I know there is a whole mess of people who really love hybrid style fitteds (ones with snap in soakers and other add ons) they can certainly up the level of complication. This particular hybrid fitted from Green Genes Diapers has 2 snap in soakers that also need to be folded in and an additional option to stuff an insert (and then un-stuff before washing). And as with most fitteds of this style the diaper has 3 snaps per tab in a row to snap. Then if you need a cover you have that additional diaper to apply on the baby. If you LOVE hybrid fitteds you won’t be phased by these options. Additionally, you don’t HAVE to use a cover around the house and you don’t HAVE to use the snap in inserts. Still, there are a lot of options and this can be time consuming compared to easier diapers like All-in-Ones and confusing to newbies. Please note that after I performed this review the soak style was changed to an easier version with less soaker snapping has now been released.  My reivew still stands for this earlier version but please see their new version as well.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ I actually think the price for this diaper is really great! Usually hybrid fitteds are over $30.00 and this diaper can be purchased for abour $25.00. It uses really absorbent materials. Like any other fitteds you have to consider the additional expense of a cover if you plan on using them.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I’m really blown away at how that fleece layer works that is inside of the diaper to distribute the liquid through the diaper. I, like many others, enjoy letting my son wear a fitted without a cover around the house for more breathability and to help if he has a rash. In this case he wore this diaper many times coverless and each time I had a hard time knowing when he was wet, unlike most fitteds. It was also absorbent with both inserts, more than I would ever needs even at night, and was even fine with none of the snap in inserts, just one in the pocket.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ You are going to have a hard time putting your baby in typical jeans with these and a cover on. But for nights and going coverless around the house that isn’t even an issue. There is plenty of room around the waist with extra long tabs and the rise has one full step up left for Everett who is 2 years old and 23 pounds.
Overall: I think the price and the unique fleece lining make this diaper worth looking into, especially for people who love letting their babies run around coverless in a fitted. They also offer a newborn version of this diaper! Now that I have experienced this super neat diaper and the liquid distribution I won’t want to use my own fitteds as much!
Where to Buy GreenGenesDiapers.com

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