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Studio Ghibli cloth diaper by Sassy Bumz

Studio Ghibli Inspired Cloth Diapers

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I love creating diaper themed galleries and inspiration struck last night once I realized that there are WAHM’s making Studio Ghibli inspired cloth diapers! My husband introduced me to these magical movies in college. I remember Kiki’s Delivery Service was the first he showed me. Years later we watched Ponyo with my oldest son and I just recall seeing his amazement at the film. They’re not all suited for children but I know as my boys get older we will share more of the movies with them. I was able to find several diapers themed after the movies of Studio Ghibli that I wanted to share! Keep in mind that often these diapers are custom creations so they might not be in stock but I’ve linked the creator’s websites in order for you to get in touch with them.
Ponyo cloth diaper by Comfy Bums Cloth



A Ponyo diaper was a must, and while I couldn’t find any that featured Ponyo this diaper from Comfy Bum Cloth captured the beauty of the seaside town perfectly.  Comfy Bum Cloth on Facebook. (they have incredible Mario and Zelda diapers in their past gallery too!)

Howl's Moving Castle cloth diaper



Howl’s Moving Castle doesn’t get left out thanks to this diaper featuring Calcifer.  TheAlbinoSquirrel on Etsy
Studio Ghibli cloth diaper by Sassy Bumz

Thanks to this amazing fabric from Spoonflower (you can buy it by the yard too!) Sassybumz has made many custom hybrid fitteds that have the many magical characters from Studio Ghibli films, including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and Arrietty.  Find Sassybumz on Facebook.

Totoro cloth diaper by Bunzuke

A DDL gallery isn’t complete without a Bunzuke diaper.  I’m always amazed at their ability to have a diaper for everything geeky I dream up a gallery for!  Totoro is a popular theme. Bunzuke on Facebook.

Totoro cloth diaper by Little Butts Diapers



The diaper that inspired this gallery features a Totoro embroidered on a Little Butt Diapers creation.  These diapers are nearly impossible to get but you can find the stocking updates on Facebook. 

Totoro by Studio Ghibli cloth diaper from Albino Squirell


TheAlbinoSquirell is a fan, as you can see here is another Studio Ghibli inspired diaper, this time, featuring a Totoro face on the bum.  Find it on Etsy.  

Hand painted Totoro cloth diaper

Painting cloth diapers can be a way to get just the theme you want, that is, if you have the artistic ability!  Sarah Jean Seipe painted this Totoro diaper for her personal use.

Totoro scene painted onto cloth diaper

And to close us out is this incredible scene painted on a diaper by Elise Megan’s husband for their personal use.  Everything about this diaper and photo says “awww.”  If you’re wondering how painted diapers hold up to washing she said “After a few washes, it looks more like a watercolor & so much more like a Japanese landscape. Just like I was going for!”

Have you seen other Studio Ghibli inspired cloth diapers around the web?  My search didn’t come up with many so I’d love to see them!  You can also leave your idea for a themed gallery that you’d like DDL to do next in the comments!

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Little Butt Diapers- Geek Chic {$35 GC Giveaway}

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Where were Little Butt Diapers when I was still cloth diapering?! I’m sure we would have owned several of these diapers because they offer embroidered pocket diapers featuring many of our favorite geeky logos and characters.

Yesterday, Lara reviewed these diapers and had great things to say about Little Butt Diapers, you can read that and watch the video demo here.

Little Butt Diapers loves creating cloth diapers with more boy themes (though girls are not excluded from wearing them!) and she makes a lot of custom diapers.  Designs include Minions, super hero logos, famous movie characters, and even sports teams.

You’ve been drooling over them ever since you saw them…. now is your chance to get your hands on one!

Little Butt Diapers will be giving a $35 Gift Certificate to a lucky DDL reader, and this giveaway is open Worldwide!  See the rules on the Rafflecopter form.  Ends October 3.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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8 Awesomely Geeky Cloth Diapers- Star Wars, Dr. Who, and More!

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Get ready to hide your wallet because I have 8 of the geekiest and most awesome cloth diapers you have ever seen!  Click the image to visit the store or maker.


Ewok+Cloth Diaper. From Bunzuke Cloth Diapers

A GLOW in the DARK Tron Diaper. You know you want it. From Seams Geeky on Etsy.

Raising a future Redditor? This custom creation is from WeeNotions.co.uk

This one is for all of those Dr. Who fans. Tardis diaper! From ArcticRoseBoutique on Etsy.

Your baby might not be old enough to remember playing Space Invaders but you might! From The Eli Monster

The force is strong with this diaper cover! Star Wars upcycled woolies from Chickadee and Me on Etsy.

Albert print from bumGenius. Available on their trainers, Flip covers, Freetime, Elemental, newborn AIO, and 4.0. *affiliate link

Wee little Super Heros for your little super hero! From Short Rounds Diapers

Want more? See 8 Awesome Nintendo cloth diapers.

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