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“For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” Benefit Auction for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope Starts Friday!

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Last month I was honored to share six different WAHM brands that exemplify the craftsmanship and love that go into well made cloth diapers. Brands include Zabi Baby, Poppy Fields, Moraki, Mo Dia, Ella Bella Bum, and Dunk-n-Fluff with all proceeds going directly to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  The auction is being held on Hyena Cart and begins this Friday, March 8.

This auction is a small effort to help fund an organization that often goes unnoticed.  They are always receiving and shipping diapers even when there are no blog posts being written, or Facebook statuses about them, or tweets being sent.  Day in and day out these women and volunteers are putting in hours and hours just unpacking donations, sorting diapers, approving applications, and shipping boxes of hope to families.  It might seem like a small thing, these little boxes of diapers, but to anyone who has ever struggled to choose between buying diapers or buying food this little box is truly the gift of freedom and peace of mind.  The video below is a documentary that will hopefully give everyone an idea of what a great cause we are supporting.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit that provides income qualified families a stash of cloth diapers for a small shipping fee.  The organization started in 2011 when Kristen McCarthy was suddenly without a job and still had two babies in cloth diapers.  As a single mom she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.  Luckily she had already been cloth diapering and had enough to not worry.  She wondered what other families would do in the same situation but that didn’t already have cloth diapers.  How could they afford to buy disposables, or even cloth diapers?  The start-up cost can be a few hundred diapers and when you are living with little or no money then you can’t just buy diapers.  With no federal or state programs that provide any diapering assistance Kristen, along with Emily Glover, started Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  After almost two years these two women have been able to ship over 3,600 diapers all across the country.  Hundreds of families no longer need to worry about how they will afford to buy diapers and their babies will have a clean and healthy bottom no matter what.  In 2013 the organization partnered with the Cape Ann YMCA’s Leader’s Club in their hometown of Gloucester.  The Leader’s Club, a group of teens who spend part of their free time doing volunteer work, now assist with the packing and shipping of cloth diapers.  With an ever increasing number of applications and donations their work is very appreciated and necessary to keep the organization running.

People ask “Why does Giving Diapers, Giving Hope charge a shipping fee?  Aren’t the families applying struggling financially?”  At this time GDGH does not have the funds to ship diapers to families or pay the return shipping fee.  It has always been their goal to eventually be able to send diapers free of cost to those who are approved.  The fee now is $35 which covers both the shipping to and from the families.  This can be a lot but it is far less than the actual start-up cost and way less than the value of the diapers being sent.  As their organization continues to grow they will strive to eliminate or reduce this cost.  As their fundraising coordinator I am constantly brainstorming ways to sustainably raise funds that can cover costs of shipping and operating costs year-round.

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the GDGH Board of Directors since their humble beginnings.  This year we are auctioning 6 amazing WAHM made diapers on Hyena Cart.  We are hoping to see lots of bids on these great diapers because they are gorgeous, and maybe also just because the money is going to this worthwhile cause this is surely close to all of our hearts.  If you aren’t able to bid, or don’t need diapers but still want to help, you can!

Visit their website’s donate page for more information on donating diapers or you can make a direct donation to them via Paypal.  GDGH can provide receipts for your tax deductible donation.  And if you want to help but can’t donate just spreading the word is enough!  Post to Facebook, tweet it, announce it on your diapering forums or in your cloth diaper groups on Facebook.  Be our Word of Mouth helper and shout it out!


Bidding on the diapers will begin on Wednesday, March 6 and end on Wednesday March 13.

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For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- I Have a Crush on Dunk-n-Fluff

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For the very last feature in the “For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” event I’m about to introduce you to Dunk-n-Fluff! After learning more about them and seeing their diapers it is safe to say that “I have a crush on Dunk-n-Fluff!” Seriously. There are so many diapers from DnF and coordinating outfits with beautifully sewn diapers that I want a new baby  just to wear these! There will be a giveaway so after reading more about Tami and Dunk-n-Fluff please enter!

Dunk-n-Fluff makes one-of-a-kind cloth diapers and children’s clothing that your little ones will love to wear. Get creative with a custom order or check out the current in-stock offerings for something as unique as your child’s personality.

Tami, WAHM behind Dunk-n-Fluff

Tami, WAHM behind Dunk-n-Fluff

Hi! I’m Tami, the work at home mom behind Dunk-n-Fluff. Sewing has been a part of me and my family for as long as I can remember. My mom and my grandma both sew and I grew up around them sewing for me and my sisters. One of my earliest memories of sewing is working on a pair of pj’s with my grandma. She even got me my first sewing machine as a wedding present. Once I had my daughter in 2004, I got into sewing a lot more and eventually started Dunk-n-Fluff. I started cloth diapering and really disliked how none of her clothes fit over her cloth diaper. So I decided to try my hand at making coordinating sets using wool as pants since they make a great cloth diaper cover and that would solve my fit problem.

Eventually I added cloth diapers to my lineup. Now, 6 years later I’m still hard at work with Dunk-n-Fluff. I love what I do and do what I love—couldn’t ask for more than that!

I live in the south suburbs of Chicago with my husband of 10 years. We have two children: Mallory and Sam. They are the “us” in About Us, because without them, I may have never started Dunk-n-Fluff!


One of the diapers I fell in love with was this style of ruffle diaper where the ruffles can be removed! As much as I love “fancy” diapers having this option to make it a practical once as well is greatly appreciated. If only I had a girl to wear it!

Coupon Code!

DDL readers can use code Y2MX52 good for 15% off any order good until 3/31


Win it!

Win a Dunk-n-Fluff from DDL like the one seen above.

Details: Size medium Dunk-n-Fluff AI2. Gorgeous, bright and *gender neutral* electric carnival PUL print outer, hidden full body layer of heavy bamboo fleece, inner layer of bright orange cotton velour. Side snapping, turned & topstitched style. Hidden snaps for baby’s comfort. Snap-in soaker consisting of layers of heavy bamboo fleece and cotton velour. Two-layer heavy bamboo fleece doubler is also included. Size medium fits approx. 15-28lbs.  ARV $31.00.
Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Open Worldwide!  Ends 3/8.

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For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- Time to Fall in Love with Ella Bella Bum

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For our next feature in this month’s “For the Love of WAHM Fluff” event I’m honored to introduce you to Ella Bella Bum. This Canadian brand of cloth diapers is best known for their Embellished Pocket Diapers that feature designer prints around the waist and tabs. Even though they are known for their One Size pockets DDL readers are getting an extra special treat! The giveaway at the end of this post will be for a custom dyed fitted!  I believe this post will give readers  unique insight into a WAHM brand that has expanded yet still remained a small business relying on a small number of seamstresses and employees.  The benefit is that customers can still find WAHM diapers made by hand and in larger quantities than those sewn by one woman who can hardly keep up with demand.  I’m so happy to be able to give you all a glimpse of this business and the diapers from Ella Bella Bum.


Sam- Founder and WAHM behind Ella Bella Bum

A Message from Sam – Founder of Ella Bella Bum

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to learn more about Ella Bella Bum Cloth Diapers. With the help of so many wonderful supporters, Ella Bella Bum has experienced a steady growth over the past 3+ years and I’m so proud to tell you about the businesses humble beginnings and bright future!

EBB’s Humble Beginnings

I began sewing cloth diapers after a disappointing “mass manufactured” cloth diapering experience with my second son. After over a year of sewing for my own children, much trial and error, and extensive real world product testing, I began selling cloth diapers on a popular Hyena Cart Congo, Bella Tesori. The fresh look of Ella Bella Bum Diapers soon attracted a North American audience and word spread of the unique designs and amazing fit.

In Jan 2010, I opened my own shop on Hyena Cart which allowed for a more targeted audience and increased product selection. Over the next 2 years, EBB continued to steadily grow and the demand for EBB diapers couldn’t be met by myself and part time help from my husband Courtney. In the Spring of 2012 I hired a good friend to help with childcare and production tasks. Together we were able to increase production volumes but despite the increase in the amount of diapers being stocked, many customers were being left empty handed week after week.








Mike, Co- Owner













EBB Expansion

In October 2012, with the intent of spreading the duties, responsibilities, and time commitments of the growing young business, I began talks with my friend Mike Szenasi who has solid experience as a Business Analyst. Excited and ready to take the cloth diapering world by storm, my husband and I moved our young family across Canada to the Niagara region in Ontario, to partner up with him. On January 2nd 2013, EBB become a federally incorporated business with the continued goal to provide top quality, unique, designer cloth diapers to North American families.

With the amazing support of our spouses, Courtney and Melanie, Mike and I currently lead a team of 6 dedicated individuals – 3 production assistants and 3 seamstresses. With Mike taking on the back end business side of things I am better able to focus on the creative aspects of the business, which is where my true passion lies. The atmosphere at EBB headquarters is fun and lively yet the attention to detail and impressive top notch quality remains strong as all members of the EBB team are parents themselves. Everyone works to ensure that you receive nothing but the best for your little one.

Our Bright Future

The road from sole responsibility to team collaboration has had its learning curves. But with each experience comes the opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Which aids in building a well rounded, customer focused business.

Our goals over the next few months include streamlining the EBB product line, further increasing the uniqueness and creativity of EBB diapers, launching a new website, and to consistently offer these unique and popular products via continued weekly stockings at www.ellabellabum.com.

About the EBB Team

Sam Campbell is the founder, co-owner, and creative designer of Ella Bella Bum Inc. Her husband Courtney is very supportive of the business venture and has been a strong driving force behind EBB from the very beginning. Courtney is a trade carpenter and has been instrumental in the building of the production space and selflessly aids wherever needed. Together they have four beautiful children: Bailey – 11, Chase – 6, Ariella (Ella) – 4, and Graysen – 2.

Mike Szenasi is the co-owner of Ella Bella Bum Inc and heads up many of the back end business tasks. He has extensive business experience and is Sam’s perfect compliment as a business partner. His lovely wife Melanie is also very supportive and aids wherever needed to help the business run smoothly. Together they also have four beautiful children as well: Ethan – 9, Jessica – 6, Austin – 4, and Andrew – 1.

The EBB team at present also includes 3 production assistants and 3 local WAHM seamstresses.


As you can see the diapers from Ella Bella vary in style! As with most brands the best way to stay in the loop when it comes to stockings and ordering is by liking their facebook page.

Win one!

A lucky DDL reader is going to win an Ella Bella Bum custom dyed fitted (like the one shown in the Valentine!)   ARV $40.00.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below!  Open to Worldwide!  Ends 3/6.

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For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- Mo’ Love for Mo Dia

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Everyone can go ahead and laugh at this title.  Trust me… this is the BEST of the bunch.  This feature is for Mo Dia diapers during this month’s “For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” Event where DDL is paying tribute to the diapers made with love.  I’ve done reviews for them twice since they started their business and I’m really overjoyed to see how they have grown!  Seeing a pocket diaper that is unique and their own pattern and that is sewn by a WAHM is getting harder to come by.  Mo Dia is a sister run business which is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  Not only are they a sister team but it is an entire family affair!  I will admit that I am a little jealous of how close knit their family seems.

Now you can learn more about the sisters and family behind the diapers!


MoDia Diapers LLC are created by Sarah and Hannah: two moms, registered nurses, and sisters-in-law who started our journey with cloth diapering our little girls. We branched out to sewing diapers first for ourselves, friends, and family, and then expanded to selling diapers, in hopes of sharing affordable, stylish cloth diapers with others.
Our name is a combination of our oldest daughters’ names, Moriah and Lydia, who are our inspiration and the first test subjects of our diapers! Our families both expanded this year with the births of daughters Grace and Elianah who are the next generation of willing test subjects, as our diaper creations are constantly changing. We love finding new and innovative ways to make modern diapering products. We are always open to trying new things and welcome suggestions or custom orders.
71559_500154266701394_2038239666_nWe are thankful for our little business that allows us not only to stay home with our girls, but also to be creative and produce diapering products that others love! Our company would not run and function without the help of other family members who help us with the website, sewing, and helping play with little girls while we sew! We are especially thankful for two cousins, Elaine and Laura, who sew diapers that are sold on our website, a sister Heidi who does all our web design, and a cousin Chad who helps out with all the technical needs of the website!
We make One-size pocket diapers, one-size AI2’s (brand new coming soon!), Newborn fitteds and AIO’s, and one-size fitted diapers in regular hemp/bamboo, overnight, or hybrid! We also make a variety of cloth wipes and other accessories. Every diaper purchase on our website comes with a free double layer flannel print wipe!
We are so thankful for return customers and word of mouth that has kept our diapers selling and allowing us to continue doing something we love! We are also thankful for our customers being parents and being understanding of our families coming first. It is a joy to be able to stop a sewing project to read a book to our children, help with a puzzle, or just provide cuddles when they are not feeling well!
Thank you for your interest in our diapers!

You love them too, right? How can you not when you learn more about how this is a real family operation?


Win one!

I covet their Chevron diapers (I have a few Chevron items in my home right now, it is nice to be trendy with diapers too!) and now one of you will get to win one of these diapers!  Not only that, but Mo Dia will be offering a tie dye fitted for the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope auction happening soon!  You can enter this giveaway using the Rafflecopter below.  Ends 3/1. Open to US only.

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For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- Head Over Heels for Poppy Fields

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We are in our second week of the “For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” event and I’m excited to bring you our third brand- Poppy Fields!  Poppy Fields had me at “designer prints” instead of hello.  One of the best parts of shopping for WAHM diapers is being able to pick from a much wider array of prints that range from posh and pretty to punk rock.  Poppy Fields chooses designer Scandinavian fabrics in vibrant colors and fun motifs that all make me feel the urge to shop.  I guess that is why you could say that I’m Head over Heels for Poppy Fields!



Here is your chance to get to know Samantha, the WAHM behind Poppy Fields.

poppyfieldsI’m Samantha – work at home mom to two, wife to one, and founder of Poppy Fields Shop, We’re a small family owned and operated business based in the great state of California.

Our cloth diapering and baby goods store features our brand of Poppy Fields fitted diapers.. We take great pride in the creation our diapers.; they are thoughtfully designed, responsibly made, and fun to wear! All Poppy Fields diapers are handcrafted in the USA with love and made from only the finest materials,

Our goal is to provide our customers with an amazing product and exceptional customer service. We welcome you to learn more about us and our products by visiting our online shop and about page.


The best part of my job is getting to know the WAHM’s hard at work on their sewing machines who put so much time and love into what they are doing.  In my mind you can always tell when a diaper is crafted with skill and the minute I handled a Poppy Fields I could feel how well it was made.  They are sized and perfectly fit our new tester baby!  Luckily DDL will have a review coming your way in a few weeks but you get to enter this giveaway for a Poppy Fields fitted right now!

In addition there will be a one of a kind scrappy Poppy Fields auctioned off in a benefit for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope in just a few weeks so please stay tuned for that!  I’m so grateful for Samantha’s hard work on this diaper for a great cause and even happier to be able to feature her and her diapers here today.

Win one!

Giveaway is open to US and Canada. Winner picks size, print, and snaps or no snaps plus insert style. Ends 2/26.

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Moraki Diapers valentine

For the Love of WAHM! Fluff- Madly in Love With Moraki!

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Moraki Diapers valentine

Today is the first of a new event here on DDL honoring WAHM fluff! The “For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” event this month will feature several brands of fabulous diapers made with love, by hand. What a better time to celebrate their hard work and beauty then the month of February?!  Read more about Moraki and then stay until the end of the post for a giveaway!


Our first brand is Moraki, based in California and run by a WAHM and sewn by several moms all locally.


Owner and WAHM Charlie working hard with what seems to be a very snuggly toddler <3

We currently offer an AI2/Pocket Diaper and innovative hemp/cotton inserts. They function well, fit 7-40+ lbs, and provide a trim fit for a newborn and heavy wetting toddler. All of our products are made in California, USA by locals moms and we offer an incredible 18 month warranty plus a 30 day wash and wear guarantee. Keep your eye out for our AIO and innovative fitteds, scheduled to come out in the coming months of 2013!

The owner and designer, Charlie, still sets all snaps and does the topstitching on each diaper. She also hand packs every order ~ and don’t expect any plastic or extra packaging when your diapers arrive. Moraki is minimalistic, so you won’t receive a packing slip unless you request it.

Moraki is a mama owned, conscientious manufacturer aimed at creating high quality, innovative, and stylish reusable cloth diapers and other family products while stirring awareness in sustainable living and waste reduction. Our focus will remain on supporting local communities and individuals as we grow. The goal of Moraki is to offer products that eliminate waste, backed by outstanding customer service.

Simply put ~ I just LOVE to make mama-made, adorable cloth diapers that work well! and last!

Moraki Family

How can you NOT love a company like this?  I’ve been using Moraki diapers since reviewing them recently (you can watch my video here) and I’m still reaching for them for overnight.  I’ll be sad to donate them soon to my favorite charity but happy to see others get to love them like I have!

Moraki is also going to give one of their One Size diapers to a lucky DDL reader, who I’m sure will fall madly in love!

Winner will choose the color or print. Ends 2/18.  Open Worldwide.
After the event ends if you do not win there will be an auction with each diaper featured this month.  The auction proceeds will all go to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope so it is a GREAT cause to support.  Keep checking back to find out more about that portion of the event and stay tuned to see what other WAHM diapers will be included!

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