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Ask Kim from DDL a Question: Part 2

Ask Kim from DDL a Question: Part 2

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Part 2 of my Q&A session answers questions about nursing a newborn to toddler in carrier, where I got my boys’ names from, a prepping question, and dispelling a stripping myth.  My children make a more vocal appearance in this half so be warned, it might get loud!  If you missed Part 1 catch it here.  

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Ask Kim from DDL a Question: Part 1

Ask Kim from DDL a Question: Part 1

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You sent in your questions for me about washing cloth diapers, stripping, baby carriers, and even my boys’ names!  There were more questions than time in one video so I split them into two.  The first video I’m posting today is all about washing, detergents, and my stash.  Tune in and check back tomorrow for Part 2!


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Today is a catch-all post for a few important items that just don’t make sense to occupy an entire post!

Ask DDL a Question and have it answered on video

I get a lot of emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and carrier pigeons delivering questions about cloth diapers.  (Okay, I don’t actually get questions delivered by pigeon but how rad would that be?!) Sometimes an email just can’t convey what I want to say.  Sometimes I want to fly to their home and SHOW them.  Instead of costing myself a lot of airfare I have decided maybe I could just video what I mean instead.

If you have a burning question about cloth diapering (or even anything else I might be able to help with) and want it answered in a vlog, ask it!   You might just get an answer!  The best part is that others probably have the same question, so lots of readers and viewers will benefit.

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Vote for DDL in the Padded Tush Stat Awards

I am SO not a person who begs for votes or asks to be nominated for awards.  I’ve always secretly hoped I would be nominated for something for the blood, sweat, and tears I put into DDL.  But I wanted it to be a real award, and not one of the “Vote for me Every Single Day” annoying awards that are just trying to get extra traffic for themselves and care nothing about actually giving an award!

Even though this is a new Award, it is hosted by Padded Tush Stats and is just about cloth diapers.  I have been nominated by a few people (thank you!) in the Cloth Diaper Resources category.  If you have learned from my blog and feel I’m a valuable resource for the community I would appreciate a vote.  There are also awards for Best Cloth Diaper, Best Accessory, and Best Retailer.

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I’ve been on Pinerest for a while but I’m just now starting to get more addicted involved.  This is completely unrelated to cloth diapers, but I would love to find more people to follow that have similar interests.  I have been adding lots of pins to my “Things I’ll Never Cook” board.  (Full disclosure, I actually did make a few of the recipes on there!)  I’ll be following everyone back who follows me.
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Be Featured on DDL

Black Friday is coming soon.  That means SHOPPING and DEALS.  I’ll be compiling my Second Annual Black Friday Deals list and publishing it early that morning.

If you are a cloth diaper retailer offering discounts and special sales for Black Friday then you will want to be listed in this post.  Last year it was a hugely popular post that passed around the internet for all the fluffy deal seekers to find.

Listing is totally free, but I will also be offering featured slots for a small fee at the top.  Due to the number of retailers offering sales the post will be very long, so top is always good.

And since a girl’s gotta eat, don’t forget DDL does have advertising options available and other ways to promote your business (such as hosting a review or giveaway).

Contact me to be featured on Black Friday

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Mark your Calendars!

Twitter users, mark your calendars for November 22 at 9 pm for a Twitter Party hosted by myself (@KimRosas) and @ClothDiaperGeek for Mom’s Milk Boutique! There will be lots of prizes!  More details to come.  

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Introducing The Cloth Diaper Finder

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Yesterday I releasedThe Cloth Diaper Finder, a database containing 120 cloth diapers that can be searched based on 11 different criteria.

Unlike a Google Search or Online Store  drop down menus, The Cloth Diaper Finder lets you pick and choose the features you want in a diaper.  You can search based on Price Range, Company (ex. Thirsties), Sizing (One Size, Sized, etc), Diaper Type (AIO, Pocket…), Closure Type (Aplix, Snaps…), Outer Material (PUL, Wool…), Country of Origin, Stuffing Required, Agitates Out (insert removes itself in the wash), Stay Dry (diaper has a stay dry layer like Suedecloth), and WAHM Made.

Let’s say you are looking for a One Size diaper that comes in Snaps and Needs Stuffing but doesn’t need to be unstuffed (agitates out).

Drumroll please…….

You get Smartipants, Kissaluvs Marvel, and Bella Bottom’s Incredibella.

If it is a US made diaper you are looking for, go ahead!  Go to Country of Origin and select USA. You can also narrow it down to diapers that are WAHM made, and even filter the diapers into a Price Range.

If you want more Details about a diaper that has come up in your search results, click the Details button and a window will pop up like the one above.  Every diaper in this database has every detail imaginable listed.  You will also see the MSRP and a Buy Now button.  To clarify, I am not a cloth diaper store.  The Buy Now button will often send you to different store that sells this diaper in a new window.  Many times they are my affiliates and if you purchase through that link I will receive a small percentage (so thank you!).  There is also a Read Review link, if it is clickable then I have already reviewed the diaper and you can see the video/read the review in a new window.

Confused by the terminology I use? Please refer to my Terms and Definitions/FAQ page. This page was painstakingly made into a beautiful, readable format by my husband.  He added HTML table tags to every entry.  I have photos and explanations of nearly every term I reference.  As an example, a diaper with Ruffled/gathered elastic on the legs has this definition and photo:

Ruffled/Gathered: This diaper’s elastic is sewn in a way that gathers up or ruffles around the leg.

But Kim, you say, I know there are way more than 120 cloth diapers available?!  Where are the rest?

Here is where I say that collecting and entering data for 120 cloth diapers was no walk in the park.  I chose to start with the diapers I have used and reviewed because I knew most of the attributes by heart.  I do want to add to the database and will be doing so.  That is where you come in!

If you make a cloth diaper that is available for sale, or know someone who does, let them know that you can add your diaper by filling out the Add a Diaper form. It won’t be added automatically but I will get it posted as soon as possible for you.

I hope everyone is having as much fun exploring this database as I am.  I believe it is going to be a useful tool for current and future cloth diapering parents, and even as a research aid for manufacturers, bloggers, and retailers.

In order to keep this puppy running I am going to be selling premium ads on The Cloth Diaper Finder only.  If you are interested in a slot that will be seen by oodles of cloth curious parents fill out this contact form!

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I want to cloth diaper but…..

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Talking to other parents in real life or online, the response I often hear is “I want to cloth diaper but….”  fill in the blank.  There are obvious hurdles to beginning cloth diapering.  This is an attempt to dispel some of those potential road blocks.

… I don’t want to prick my baby with pins.”

Although some parents still use (and love) pins, modern cloth diapers fasten in a variety of ways:  Velcro, snaps, ties, plastic “s” hooks, and an alternative to the pin- a Snappi or Boingo’s.

… I don’t want my baby to get too hot in plastic pants.”

The waterproof material for cloth diapers is far from vinyl or plastic!  Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) is a breathable yet impermeable waterproof barrier used for diaper covers {watch this impressive video that PROVES how breathable PUL really is!}.  This material is also used in Pocket Diapers, All in Ones, and various other modern cloth diapers.  In addition, Fleece is an alternative for babies with sensitive skin.  Fleece is waterproof and can be worn as a diaper cover, or used to make pocket diapers.  Wool is another option.  Although expensive and intimidating, it is am amazing solution to keep your baby dry overnight.  The lanolin in wool (along with an extra lanolizing process at home) makes it waterproof {read more about wool here}.

… I don’t want to deal with the mess.”

Fact: all babies and toddlers are messy.  Saying you don’t want to use cloth diapers because it is “messy” is laughable since every day you are faced with chunky spit up, poop explosions (which usually do not happen in cloth btw, click here for proof), drool, and messy food fights.  The only difference between cloth and disposables is that you dump the solid waste in the toilet.  This can be done a number of ways, including shaking, scraping with toilet paper, and using a handy diaper sprayer.  Your hands don’t need to touch poop!

… I don’t have the time to wash diapers!”

Frankly, neither do I!  Or my other clothes.  Washing diapers is something that gets added into your routine.  In total, washing my diapers takes me less than 10 minutes of actual effort.  The washer and dryer do all of the heavy lifting!  And to put away my diapers takes all of 5-10 minutes, including stuffing them.  I much prefer cloth diaper laundry to regular; it is easier, and if I let it sit in the washer or dryer a few hours, it doesn’t matter.  I even like to start washing them late at night and have diapers ready in the morning.  There are also cloth diaper services which will wash diapers for you {learn more about thr resurgence in popularity of the cloth diaper service}.

… it sounds way harder than disposables.”

What seems hard in the beginning just takes a little research or attendance at a local cloth diaper workshop.  Changing the diapers isn’t hard, it is picking one.  It is true that there are way more varieties of cloth diapers than disposables.  I won’t go into the ins and outs here, but to learn all about the different types I highly suggest Mothering Magazine and their recent article on Cloth Diapering or viewing the videos on each type of cloth diaper in my “Introduction to Cloth Diapers Series”.  Once you have an idea of what will work best for your family, you just need to find them.  Buying used can save you a lot of money, especially if you are still wavering in your commitment.  Not to mention, when you are done with your own diapers you can resell them.  Cloth diapers hold their value very well, and you can sell yours and recoup 50-90% of your investment in most cases!  Try selling your disposables back to Target.  Yeah….  didn’t think so!

… I am afraid I will try and not like it.  So why waste my money?”

There are some fabulous trials out there for people who want to dip their toes in the water.  My favorite is Jillian’s Drawers “Try Cloth for Ten Dollars.”  You are sent a few of the most popular one size diapers to try.  You can buy them if you decide you love them, or send them back.   If you decide to send them back you are only out 10.00.

… I heard they smell.”

Ok, sometimes the stank might build up.  Imagine what is going into those diapers.  Yep.  Not pretty.  That is why finding a detergent that works for you is very important.  Washing cloth diapers might take some getting used to.  Then when you find your routine hopefully the smell will never build up or return.  However it is important to note that you can wash these diapers every 2-3 days and the smell is usually contained within a pail or wet bag.  With disposables the used diapers, especially those containing poop (techinically you can and SHOULD still remove solid waste and flush it from disposable diapers however the fact is most people do not), start to smell and can really stink up a room.  With cloth diapers you never have stinky poop sitting in a pail since it is put into a toilet and flushed away!

… I am afraid they will leak more than a disposable.”

Disposables use super absorbent polymer (SAP) gel, which can hold a ridiculous amount of liquid.  It is too good to be true.  That gel is also toxic and if exposed to skin or ingested can have terrible results.  I have heard of two dogs that died from eating a disposable diaper.  Cloth diapers rely on a variety of materials to absorb wetness: cotton, bamboo, hemp, microfiber, microterry, and ZORB. These all vary in how much they can hold.  Hemp and ZORB are the most absorbent, but I have had success with them all.  The main point is, they hold urine.  Depending on how often your baby pees and how much, you might change more than a disposable.  If you are having leaks, it could be due to a washing problem.  I have an entire post dedicated to leak troubleshooting.

… “I can’t afford it.”

It is true that even the most expensive cloth diapers will save you money in the long run.  Long run being the key word.  Disposables are a constant expense that is spread out equally over the years your baby wears them.  Cloth diapers cost as little as 100 up to about 500-1,000 for a complete stash.  If you are truly in financial distress there are many cloth diaper lending banks.  Some are local and there is one national foundation- Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  Find a list of cloth diaper lending organizations.  You can apply and see if you qualify for free cloth diapers.  Buying used can save money as well.  Or, keep your eyes peeled for great sales.  Kelly’s Closet always has a great sale going on!  Also enter cloth diaper giveaways on blogs like mine.  Truth is- you can’t afford NOT to use cloth diapers.  

… No one I know uses them.  I am afraid of how people will react.”

No one I knew in real life used cloth diapers either, when I started.  But a few people ended up converting just after seeing my diapers and talking with me about how easy it can be.  You can be your baby’s advocate.  If people tell you cloth diapers are bad for your baby, explain that in fact, they are better because they have no chemicals in them.  If they laugh and say something about how long that will last, be the bigger person and do as you wish.  Use them for however long you like.  As long as your baby is happy and you are happy, who cares?  Be a trendsetter!  I guarantee you will have the numbers of moms using cloth rise.  We multiply!  Oh, and don’t be surprised if you are treated like a hero if you are caught changing your baby into a cloth diaper in public.  An ego booster for sure!  Plus, there is a huge online community of support in the form of message boards, blogs, websites, and Twitter.  These are great for getting your questions answered if you have a problem.

…I don’t want my baby to be wet or uncomfortable.”

Would you want to wear paper underwear?  Your baby probably doesn’t either.  Cloth diapers are available with liners that wick away moisture, like suedecloth and microfleece.  Unfortunately, a small percentage of babies have an allergy to one or both of those materials, but this is rare.  Other parents prefer organic fibers to touch their baby like cotton and super soft bamboo.  My son does not show a preference for any material, but I like stay dry diapers for nights at least.

… I have multiple children in diapers.”

That is all the more reason to use cloth diapers!  Imagine spending less than 1,000 to diaper 1, 2, 3 kids or more!  And never running out of diapers and having to run to the store last minute, lugging 2 babies inside.  Using one size diapers give you some flexibility to change the sizes to fit two different babies.  And you can still wash with the same frequency, just larger loads.  Easy as pie.

… my baby is in daycare, so I can’t.”

This is a tough one.  Unfortunately, many daycares do not allow cloth diapers.  Those that do often want you to have easy to use diapers with velcro that are all one piece.  These are the more expensive diapers as well.  Simply showing how to use a modern cloth diaper may change their mind, as well as providing your own wet bag for the dirty diapers.  You may also want to let the care provider leave any solid waste in the diaper for you to dump out later.  The Real Diaper Association has a tip sheet for daycares and cloth.  Even if your daycare won’t use them, there is no rule stating it is all or nothing.  Use cloth when you can.

…my husband/ SO doesn’t want to.”

Husbands can be the hardest ones to convince.  Mine was very skeptical at first.  I showed him how much money we would save, and explained the benefits to our baby and the planet.  You can also let them know that not having bags of stinking diapers to take out means less garbage duty for him.  Show him a modern diaper and how easy it is to change.  He may just need a visual.  Or, do it anyway.  He will come around!

…won’t it make my baby’s clothes not fit?”

There are some very trim cloth diapers out there {see “Trimmest Cloth Diapers” post.  And even some of the fluffier ones have little impact on my own son’s pant size.  If you are worried their butt will be so big you have to move up to the next size, which will be too long, I doubt it, but anything is possible.  Conversely, if your child is a skinny minny cloth actually helps pants fit better!  Bonus: cloth diapers cushion the booty as toddlers begin learning to walk.

… my baby is too old.”

Late bloomers need not worry.  It is never too late to start.  By starting late you avoid newborn cloth diapering, and can skip to a one size diaper or a size Medium or Large right away.  Most children are in Mediums the longest, and some never even wear a large.  And if you plan on having more children the diapers you buy will still get plenty of miles.  You can also resell your diapers when finished with them.

… how will I travel?”

Very sneakily!  I have snuck my cloth diapers onto flights by stuffing my carseat and carseat bag (which check for free!) with a bag of cloth diapers.  Don’t want to travel with cloth diapers?  No one is holding a gun to your head.  I typically do, but there have been times I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t hate disposables so much if they were used in situations like traveling only.  In fact, that is why they were invented!  To allow mothers to leave the house with ease.  Back then the diapers were larger and harder to travel with too.

… I don’t own a washer and dryer.”

Ouch.  That is important.  You could find a cloth diaper service in your area, which will deliver fresh diapers to your door and pick up the dirty ones.  This costs about the same or slightly less than buying disposables.  It is possible to hand wash or use a laundromat, but it is understandably more difficult.  To those interested in learning more about how to handwash I have done so myself using a camp style bucket washer and have instructions on how to make a camp style washer and how to wash cloth diapers in a camp style/bucket washer.

… I have terrible memories of cloth diapers as a kid.”

Believe it or not I have seen this excuse quite a few times.  Since the old cloth diapers were heavy fabric rectangles, relied on pins, and used plastic covers, many people have bad memories.  Not to mention, they recall their mothers washing them or bleaching the crap out of them, which left a noxious odor and lingering sense memory.  Even when I say they have changed and people no longer use wet pails (for the most part) the bad taste in their mouth is hard to overcome.  If this is you, I assure you that washing and changing cloth diapers is nothing like the old days.  And no scrubbing or dunking and swishing diapers in the toilet.  There are more modern methods.

…I don’t want to be one of those ‘Crunchy’ parents.”  

Cloth diapering is not reserved for tree-hugging, granola eating, birkenstock wearing hippies.  All kinds of parents use cloth diapers for all kinds of reasons.  Being crunchy doesn’t even mean you have to use cloth and using cloth diapers doesn’t automatically put you into the “crunchy” category (although it often leads to to change lifestyle choices as a gateway drug to crunch).  Techie parents, yuppies, poor, rich, middle class, famous, nerdy, frugal, and trendy parents have all used cloth diapers.

… I actually don’t want to!”

Well then, why are you here?  But seriously, no one is making you.  I do want to see more parents using cloth, but it just isn’t meant for everyone.  As long as your baby is happy and safe, that is all that matters.  But if you change your mind, you know where to find me!

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