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Diaper Dekor Diaper Pail Video and Review

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One question I hear a lot from parents interested in trying cloth diapering is “What do you DO with the dirty diapers?” If you’re used to the idea of bundling up a disposable diaper and just throwing it in the garbage (did you know the package actually says to shake any solids into the toilet before disposing of the diaper? I’m guessing a lot of parents don’t do that, which is a shame when you think of all those landfills) then figuring out how to deal with your diaper laundry can be a bit of a puzzler. You’re not going to throw it in a basket with the jeans you wore yesterday and your husband’s socks.

A lot of parents who use cloth choose to keep diaper laundry in either a pail or a wet bag (a bag made of PUL with a zipper closure and generally a loop handle for hanging) until laundry day. The trouble is, most diaper pails are not made for cloth diapers. Many pails on the market are too small to handle the larger bundle of a loaded one size diaper, and plastic liner bags are not ideal for storing cloth, especially the ones with a built in scent. It can be tricky to find a diaper pail that works for you, but I’m thrilled to say we found one we absolutely love.


One year old for scale

How does it look?

Diaper Dekor makes the most aesthetically pleasing pails I’ve ever come across. There are three sizes to choose from (perfect for parents of multiples) and they’ve even come out with a line of beautiful colors! I had an instant weakness for the sweet but sophisticated pale ballet slipper pink, and had to have it for Harper’s nursery (they also carry a pale blue, pale green, rich gray, white and black). The design is sleek and modern, and blends in very nicely with most décor (quite a difference from the more clinical looking bland plastic towers I usually see at the big box baby stores).

How well does it hold in odors?

My favorite feature of the Diaper Dekor is the smell. Or should I say, the lack there of. Before I had the Dekor, when I experimented with a wet bag, and later, a more commonly known diaper pail, I dealt with a lot of stink. Even when Harper was exclusively breast fed and not yet on solid food, the odor was distinct and unrelenting. The Diaper Dekor uses a special kind of plastic known as ABS, it’s the same plastic Legos are made out of. This plastic does not fade or yellow, it does not absorb odor, and it is extremely durable. I can’t tell you how many times Harper has banged into it when she was learning how to walk and testing her boundaries, yet there isn’t even a scratch on it. And with the hidden trap door under the lid, any odor stays well contained until laundry day. I love walking into her room and sitting down to play with her, rather than rushing to tend to laundry right away to escape the stink.

Is it good with cloth diapers?

The fine folks at Diaper Dekor understand our needs, and have come out with a fantastic cloth liner bag for their pail that is perfect for cloth diapering families. They actually send you a set of two, so you always have one ready to go even while the other is in the wash. These bags are strong and HUGE, I’ve yet to fill one up completely before laundry day, even when using bulky fitted diapers with boosters. They have reinforced strips along the top where the bag hangs against an interior wall, so even a heavy bag full of dirty diaper laundry isn’t going to give under pressure. A drawstring allows you total control over the grip of the bag opening, so you can easily release it on laundry day, and a panel on the front of the pail swings open to allow easy retrieval without any mess or hassle.

Is it easy to use?

I love the one handed operation, I can easily tap the foot pedal to open the lid, and then gently push the soiled diaper into the trap door with one hand while holding my baby with my other arm. The trap door also has a handy lock feature, so when Harper gets it in her mind to see exactly how much can fit in this generously sized pail, I can thwart her efforts and protect her toys.

Where can I buy one?

The Diaper Dekor is very reasonably priced considering the materials and design, you can pick up the classic size for just 29.95, the plus (which is what I have) retails for 39.95-44.95 (available on Amazon for 44.95-affiliate link) depending on the color, and if you run a daycare or have several littles in diapers you can pick up the XL for 89.95. The two pack of cloth diaper liners (made for the plus size bin) are just 24.95 (22.55 on Amazon and Eligible for Prime-affiliate link). They’re sold in most big box stores like Target and in most baby stores.  If you prefer not to shop online or through Amazon try Brixy to locate a baby store near you and see if they carry the Dekor.  When your diaper days are over you can pass it on as a wonderful gift to new parents (they are so strong I have no doubt they can live through multiple kiddos) or keep it to use with regular plastic liners (also available for sale, and they have a biodegradable option). I can easily imagine something this cool looking as a perfect wastebasket in Harper’s college dorm room one day, the perfect way to dispose of that old Thai takeout without any smell, even if she doesn’t get it out to the dumpster for a week.

Note from Kim:  I used the Dekor with both boys, it lasted for years without ever absorbing odors.  Our Dekor was “hacked” to be used with elastic edges reusable pail liners so I was thrilled to find out last fall that Diaper Dekor was cloth diaper friendly now and had designed a pail liner just for their product.  I also love the sage and grey colors available!  Just one more sign that cloth diapers are becoming more mainstream!  


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Diaper Pails Versus Hanging Wet Bags- Dirty Cloth Diaper Storage Debate

Diaper Pails Versus Hanging Wet Bags- Dirty Cloth Diaper Storage Debate

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So you have decided to use cloth diapers.  Awesome!  Now you are wondering what you do with the dirty diapers?  Disposable diapers go in a diaper pail or trash can.  Where can you put your dirty diapers until wash day where they won’t stink up the joint?

Diaper pails or hanging wet bags for cloth diapers?

Most families choose between 2 options: A traditional Diaper Pail or a Hanging Wet Bag.  In either case, you will need a PUL (waterproof material, same used for most cloth diaper covers and shells) lined bag of some sort to either put in your pail, or to hang in the nursery to place your dirty diapers in.  There are certainly other options, and I will list those at the end as well.  Full disclosure: some of the links provided are affiliate links.

Diaper Pail:

If you have ever walked inside of a Target and shopped for baby stuff you have seen the aisle of large boxes containing a variety of different diaper pails.  The most famous being the “Diaper Genie.”  Unfortunately, most pails designed for disposable diapers are simply not cut out for cloth diapers.  Pails that have turning lids like the Diaper Genie don’t have room enough in their openings for many cloth diapers to fit through.  Other brands, like the Diaper Dekor (which I use) can be modified to accommodate cloth diapers and an elastic edged reusable pail liner.

Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System

There are also cloth diaper pails which have locking lids.  I have not personally used one since I prefer the convenience of a step can.  Some of these pails use mesh bags to hold the dirty diapers.  The good news is that the mesh allows the diapers to breathe which can prevent odors.  The bad news is that the wet and soiled diapers could get the pail itself dirty.  You would have to wash the pail more often than if using a PUL pail liner.  Locking lids are great for curious little ones.  Since most people do not keep wet pails (pails with water and bleach to soak diapers between washes) at least there isn’t a worry about drowning.

Bambino Mio Dirty Nappy Cloth Diaper Bucket & Lid

A third pail option isn’t technically a pail at all.  Plastic or Metal step lid trash cans can work as a pail also.  You will just want to check the sizing and make sure a pail liner will work.  Many of these trash cans are too big or too small.  I found a hard time locating one to fit a pail liner when I shopped for one, so I bought my Dekor.

Umbra 12-Gallon Trash Can

With a pail you have the option of using an elastic edged pail liner, which functions like a trash bag, but that you wash over and over with your dirty diapers.  Many major brands make their own version.  Wahmies has a popular model which also has an elastic loop that you can use to hang it from a door knob if you choose.

Wahmies Diaper Pail Liner

I can’t forget those who want form with their function!  The Ubbi pail is a steel diaper pail that combines good looks with a smart design.  It works with disposables and cloth and you can purchase their reusable pail liner separately.  While it comes with a hefty price tag, it will last many years through many children and can then be resold or passed on to a friend or family member.   Steel, unlike plastic, won’t absorb odors over time.


Ubbi Diaper Pail

Wet Bags:

Hanging Wet Bags come in a large variety of options.  There are long skinny bags, short wide bags, zippering bags, drawstring bags, colorful print bags, plain solid colored bags, and so on.  These bags also come in a variety of sizes.

The best hanging wet bag is going to have an unsnappable handle.  These can be looped around anything sturdy enough and closed.  If you have bars on your changing table this is a good place to put one, other than a door knob.  Or, you can opt for a bag made to go on a door knob like the Knickernappies.

Knickernappies Doorknob Diaper Pail

For a less-mess approach when it comes time to dump the dirties into your washer try the GroVia Perfect Pail.  It has a handy bottom zipper that makes wash day a breeze.  Inserting diapers is easy too- a slit is at the top so there are no zippers to fuss with when you have a potentially explosive and drippy device in hand!  The Perfect Pail comes in a small color selection but makes up for that in functionality.



GroVia Perfect Pail

Another cool option out there is the wet/dry bag.  This bag has a front pocket that can be used for clean diapers, and the main pocket is lined with PUL for dirty diapers.  I usually recommend this bag for daycare families.  They can send the bag with clean diapers and have it returned with dirty ones, all in one shot.

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Diaper Bag

You don’t HAVE to put a wet bag in your nursery.  There is the option to hang a wet bag in your bathroom.  Since you will at some point likely be spraying down dirty diapers, this is a convenient place to put them, especially if your bathroom is far away from the baby’s room.  Some people also hang them in their laundry area.

If you are in the market for a MASSIVE bag because you either have more than one child, like to go a while before doing laundry, or will be going on a long trip, then you need the Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag.  I use this one every time I go on vacation!  It can be hung on a door knob or used as a pail liner.  It can hold enough diapers for 4-5 days worth of dirties.

Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag (Large)

(All of the wet bags I mentioned can also be purchased at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, if you would like to support my blog!)

Diaper Pails:


Can contain Odors

Some are lockable

Those with step lids are hands free and easy to use.


Take up more space

Might be hard to find one that works with a pail liner

If they don’t lock, toddlers can explore them and add/subtract items

Eyesores in the nursery

Hanging Wet Bags:


Take up less space

Can be placed on door knobs, changing table, etc.


Choice of cute patterns

Choice of various sizes to suit your needs


Zippering/ Unzippering can be a pain

Drawstring bags might not close all the way

Might not be as smell proof as a pail

Other Options:

There are also other options for storing dirty diapers.  Many of them cost little to no money.


Some families wash so often that they go ahead and throw the dirty diaper directly in the washer.  Once they have a load they start it up.  There is no middle man and no cost to this method.  If you have basement laundry then this is probably not a great option, unless you are trying to tone your legs!


You could also put the diapers in a hamper, which will more than likely be stored in your laundry room.  The obvious issue here is getting the hamper dirty.  You may or may not care.

Utility Sink:

Same concept as the washer.  You can use a utility sink to rinse off diapers and leave them there until wash day.

Plastic Bags:

Not the ideal option, however those grocery bags many people use as trash can liners can also be used as travel wet bags in a pinch.

Pail with no liner:

Some bucket type pails can be used with no pail liner.  You will likely end up washing the pail often, or ignoring the mess the diapers are leaving.  This method requires you to take the pail with you to the washer and dump your diapers in.

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