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Fluffy Mama of the Week- Ashley from Crunchy Clean

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Tell me about yourself:

Ashley's beautiful family!

My name is Ashley, and my husband and I started a company making “green cleaning stuff” 3 years ago called Crunchy Clean. The link is www.CrunchyClean.com — we started with an everyday laundry soap that I made when I was in graduate school, and we’ve expanded from there to include a very popular Diaper Laundry Cleaner! We make a hard water version that has been very well-reviewed, and our products are all exclusively made from vegan minerals and nothing man-made.

How long have you been cloth diapering?

3 years — we have a newborn on the way due in the Fall, so I’d say we’ll be a consecutive 6 in a few years!

What made you decide to start?

I nannied for a little boy while I was in graduate school, and something bothered me about the way disposable diapers smelled. I always wondered what was in them, so when I heard about “modern” cloth diapers when I was pregnant, it seemed very natural to research them!

What was your first purchase and why?

My first purchase was a one-size diaper sampler pack — it was all the rage three years ago! It included a Happy Heiny, Bumgenius 3.0, Mother’s Touch, and a Haute Pocket! I put them on my little girl as soon as they came and took a picture of her in each diaper!
When we started, pockets were all the rage — many of you may not believe that hybrid wasn’t even a diaper type back then ;) We haven’t even gotten to try a hybrid diaper yet!

The Stash!

On the left are two hanging wetbags folded up, then the covers, including Olive Janes covers (olivejanes.etsy.com), some wool, and sbish wool yoga pants!  Then there’s a large stash of one-size pockets — our favorites are probably the BG Elemental Diapers and the FB One-Size, but we even have some BG 3.0s in there from 3 years ago (that pink one on top!) that’s in great condition!  Next to those are fitteds in a plethora of brands and wipes!  Then, there’s the newborn stash starting in the back right — so far, we have some Thirsties Duo Diapers, Thirsties covers, Happy Heiny Mini One-Size, and a Monkey Snuggles Newborn Pocket — there are newborn fitteds and prefolds missing, as well as a bunch of toddler prefolds we use occasionally!  :O)  Can you tell we’re all girl here?

How much do you think you have spent on your diapers total?

I’ve been so blessed with diaper costs — having a work at home mom business, I’ve been able to trade and barter a bunch. So, honestly? I haven’t really kept a tally, but I can tell you that many of the diapers that have come in our house have left via a trade so I don’t have nearly as many diapers as I could have ;)
We have a new baby on the way, so now I’m focusing on the tiny diapers that have been introduced in the last 3 years — I’m so excited to give them a try! :)

Have your family/ friends been supportive?

At first, family and friends were skeptical that I’d follow through (and I think they were skeptical of how “easy” they are) and my husband used to say that if we didn’t have a business based on living green, I probably wouldn’t have continued. :)

What has been the most rewarding aspect of cding?

Knowing exactly what was going next to my very small and sensitive newborn’s skin was very important to me, and it still is. I also love not having that huge trash bag full of diapers weekly — it makes me feel good to know we’re not contributing our thousands of disposable diapers to landfills.

What is your favorite diaper to use?

It has changed through the years, currently its a Fuzzibunz One-Size. With a 33 lb. 3 year old, she can tell me how the diapers feel. Just recently, several of our standby one-size diapers were “too tight”, and so we’ve had to look for a new option!

What has been the biggest challenge to your success at cding?

I think in the midst of a very busy work at home mom career and raising a child, its hard to find time to wash! :) Thankfully, testing different soaps we come up with and products does give me motivation to have dirty diapers handy at all times! Also — they say that cloth diapered babies potty learn faster, and that hasn’t been the case with us! :) We’re still struggling with the potty unfortunately, and I think part of it may be my daughter loves her “bipers” so much!

And anything else you want to discuss!!!

I’ve been washing our own cloth diapers for 3 years now, but in the midst of all of that, I have answered thousands of questions and trouble shooted for many moms. I hope washing is never a hindrance to cloth users, so please contact me if you ever need help! I think I’ve seen it all!

Thanks Ashley for being this week’s Fluffy Mama!  I am so happy you have another baby on the way!  Your family is going to be even more beautiful!

If you want to be a featured Fluffy Mama of the Week shoot me an email at dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com.

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Crunchy Clean Cloth Diaper Detergent Review and Giveaway! *giveaway closed*

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CrunchyCleanI was asked to review Crunchy Clean detergent for cloth diapers.  I have heard of Crunchy Clean, they are a leading brand recognized by many as a very cloth safe detergent.

From the website:

This cloth diaper detergent special blend of naturally occurring minerals, detergents, oxygen releasing agents that have proven to clean diapers in a safe way that does not harm your precious baby or your diapers. It does work to kill bacteria, and works great in any temperature wash and any type of machine. You can use it to soak your diapers to kill germs or get rid of stains as well as wash your diapers regularly.

No optical brighteners, fillers, dyes, or enzymes.
Great for military use!
Clean rinsing – an extra rinse isn’t necessary!
No soap to build up in your diapers.
HE compatible.
Great for all of your family’s clothing and diapers.

Canon506When I opened the package my first thought was how adorable the packaging was. Their logo of a sketched front loader washer is oh so cute. The bags are brown with the logo and are resealable. Since powder detergents tend to get clumpy, especially in my damp basement, this was perfect.

I set about washing my diapers as soon as I could to begin trying it out. I started out using Cherry Almond. After opening the bag I was greeted with a delicious sweet scent. That made me even more excited to try it. I have used a few other cloth diaper detergents which have worked great, and like one I have tried, Rockin’ Green, it smelled so awesome!
The two small bags I received also came with a wooden scoop. I used 2 scoops for my diapers, not heaping, level to the slant of the scoop. I do relatively an average size load of diapers, about 10-12.

When I took the diapers out of the washer they smelled nice and clean. My diapers didn’t smell like cherry almond much but clean is what matters. Other scented detergents never left my diapers smelling the same scent either, after rinsing and drying it just hasn’t happened. Keep in mind that this detergent is cloth diaper safe for a reason.

I used Crunchy Clean exclusively for about a month on my diapers. I also used it to wash my sheets because it smelled so great. Cherry Almond was my favorite scent. The other scent I had the opportunity to try was Lavender Vanilla. It smelled very strong out of the bag but again, after rinsing and drying there wasn’t a scent left on the diapers, they were just clean smelling. I never had any issues with repelling, which is awesome. It is always scary trying a new detergent when you have a routine that works for you. The first load you are waiting for a disaster, for wet sheets, for anything. None of those things happened.

I have been battling ammonia smell (the buildup of ammonia salts in the inserts from urine) in my microfiber for a long time. It has been worse than right now and it has been better. Unfortunately the only solution that has worked (and for a limited time) has been bleaching. It isn’t recommended for every wash, maybe once a month. I don’t even do it that much. Crunchy Clean didn’t cure my microfiber stink but no detergent has so far. I wasn’t expecting it too. Ammonia is a complex issue, probably the most complicated problem with cloth diapering.

As for the packaging, the re-sealable bag worked great.  My basement is very very damp.  While the powder seems to thicken up just a tad, it didn’t get super clumpy or hard like my boxes of detergent do.  I also am at fault for leaving it unsealed a couple of times!

The biggest benefit of using Crunchy Clean is that it is made with cloth diapers in mind. There should be no residue. Now that modern cloth diapers have modern materials like PUL, elastic, velcro, and man made fabrics, it is no longer acceptable to use a wet pail filled with bleach. That worked for flats and prefolds, but will ruin your PUL and elastic. We need modern cloth diaper detergent as well!  Crunchy Clean has even come out with a Hard Water Detergent.  She also has sprinkles for your stinky diaper pail (which are awesome, I was sent some to try as well) and linen spray.  Mmm… lovely!

You can also save 15% on your entire order at CrunchyClean.com with the coupon code DirtyDiaperLaundry. Pretty cool!

To enter first:

I was not paid to perform this review however the samples sent to me were free of charge.

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