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Do Stay Dry Cloth Diapers Really Feel Dry?  And Musings on Suedecloth vs. Microfleece

Do Stay Dry Cloth Diapers Really Feel Dry? And Musings on Suedecloth vs. Microfleece

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One reason cloth diapers have come such a long way since birdseye flats and plastic pants is: Stay Dry Lining.  When Fuzzibunz came along with their Microfleece lining, a magical fabric that allowed moisture to go through it and be absorbed into an insert, but that also wicked moisture away from the baby’s bum letting them stay dry, this was a huge break-through! Tereson Dupuy invented the modern cloth diaper with this innovative idea.  I wanted to test these diapers to see if they really felt dry.

As a parent I do get concerned about my children staying in wet diapers.  The downside of cloth diapers is that it is harder to know when they have wet.  There is no “pinch” test for cloth, although it is still effective to a small degree if you really know what you are looking for.  At least if you are using as “stay dry” cloth diaper you can feel good knowing your baby is comfortable, or can you?

Stay Dry lining materials include Microfleece and Suedecloth.  Thirsties is the brand you think of as a cloth diaper that uses microfleece, and bumGenius 4.0 is the most popular example of a diaper using suedecloth.

There are many benefits to using a diaper with a stay dry lining, however there are also many pitfalls. It is important when choosing a cloth diaper to understand both and know what challenges you may be facing in the future.

First, what are Microfleece and Suedecloth?

Both materials are synthetic and 100% polyester.  There is a very handy website with descriptions of common diaper materials on Zany-Zebra that I consult often.

In everyday life you see microfleece all the time, just in bulkier forms like Old Navy fleece jackets and scarves.  Suedecloth is also a fabric with many everyday applications, but because it is usually in thicker forms you may not connect the dots.  Suedecloth has a smooth lining and doesn’t pill up.  Microfleece will pill over time.  (depending on the brand, some are better than others)  Piling means the fabric will develop tiny balls after multiple washes, like your favorite sweater.  Suedecloth will stay very smooth over dozens of washes, or more.

With my experiment I wanted to see if, after a baby urinates, the lining really does feel dry to the touch.  And, if one stay dry material did a better job than another.  I also wanted to see if the type of insert or type of diaper made a difference.

I tried testing a few varieties.

  • Microfleece All-in-One with a Microfiber Soaker (AMP Stay Dry AIO)
  • Microfleece Pocket with Microfiber insert (Happy Heiny’s OS)
  • Microfleece topped lay in Microfiber soaker (Softbums Echo)
  • Suedecloth All-in-One with Bamboo insert (Ragababe AIO)
  • Suedecloth Pocket with Microfiber insert (bumGenius 4.0)

I also, for kicks, tested a few other types of materials:

Cotton (Gro Via AIO), Bamboo Fleece (Babykicks 3g)  and Bamboo Terry (Yo-Yoo), to see how wet those felt to the touch.

Based on my tests, which are in no way truly scientific, but as good as I could do, I came up with a few conclusions:

  • Suedecloth feels drier faster than Microfleece.
  • Pockets, due to that space between the insert and the lining, feel drier than sewn in All-in-Ones.  Suedecloth pockets feel drier than Microfleece.
  • Pockets also evenly distribute the moisture more to the soaker leaving less chance of feeling wetness in the spot where the urine is left.

That all sounds great, right?  Baby pees and still feels dry.  What’s not to love?

Synthetic liners do have some serious drawbacks.

The biggest: Repelling. Certain laundry detergents and other laundry additives “bond” with that material causing what is commonly referred to as “repelling.”  The soap scum, diaper creams, or fabric softener residue prevents urine from going through the layer of material.  In the worst cases no urine makes it through and it is like the baby is peeing on a plastic sheet.

Even with no repelling, there is still a delay between urinating on the layer of material, and it soaking through it.  I will be doing another video of this, but for now just know that when your baby pees it takes a few seconds for the urine to go through.  It helps when there is compression from their bodies, this will speed up the process.  But, imagine they are laying on their backs and sleeping.  The urine will possibly roll down the diaper before being absorbed.  If they pee very forcefully and a lot is expelled at one time, there might not be enough time for the pee to go through the layer of stay dry material before it finds an escape route.  THIS is why I do not like stay dry diapers for overnight.  There is a higher likelihood that it will leak.  But, then again, I want my baby to be comfortable while in a diaper for 10 hours, so I want the stay dry diapers to work!

A potential drawback of stay dry diapers is that they DO stay dry.  There are parents who would rather their baby’s feel the wetness in order to expedite potty learning.  The common saying is that babies in cloth diapers potty train faster.  I don’t really buy that, but, if a baby does feel the moisture and isn’t a fan, they may be more likely to want to learn to potty versus staying in a wet diaper.

And the last reason stay dry diapers may not be the option for you: they are synthetic.  Any cloth diaper with a PUL outer has synthetic materials, but these don’t always touch the baby.  There are parents who want only organic materials against the skin, and that rules out stay dry liners like Microfleece and Suedecloth.  There are diapers with Bamboo fleece, but testing showed me that they are soft but do not stay dry like the synthetic fleece.  In rare cases, babies actually are allergic or sensitive to the synthetic liners and develop rashes.

Lastly, there is the matter of the Poop.  I have gone into (probably too much) detail about the different forms of poop and how this relates to cloth diapering.  Suedecloth and Microfleece each have selling points.  Suedecloth is easier to spray off, but microfleece holds those runny breastfeeding poops in better.

I can’t tell you what to choose.  It truly is a matter of personal preference and what will work best for your baby’s needs.  But at least you now know that both materials are comfortable to the baby even after they have a wet diaper in case you can’t change them right away.

What is important to you in a diaper?  Stay dry, organic, easy to spray, etc?

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Ragababe Easy AIO and Organic ‘2-Step’ Review

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I had been drooling over the Ragababe diapers since seeing them on various websites.  The prints and styling were some of the cutest I had ever seen.  They truly do have a unique style and edge to them.  I have been able to try their All in One and Organic ‘2-Step’ in various sizes so I have a pretty good idea of how they work.  Both diapers are in one video.

Ragababe Easy AIO:

Ease of Use ✩✩✩Their AIO is truly a one step, on and off, super easy to use diaper.  It mimics a disposable in every way except that you will need to secure the laundry tabs before washing.  I have been leaving these out for my babysitter and she loves toe newspaper print.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ These are definitely not the least expensive diapering option.  If you are looking to cloth diaper on a VERY tight budget I wouldn’t go for a stash of these, but maybe pick yourself up one or two for the pretty factor.  The AIO runs 25.95 for a print or 22-23.95 for a solid color.  There are AIO’s for less, and some for more, though these are on the high end.  The diaper has so many selling points that you may very well want to pay the extra money for them.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Newborn Ragababe AIO was in my top 3 favorite diapers, if not my absolute favorite.  It never leaked, not once, compared to other NB diapers which all leaked at least 1 time a little bit.  My son tested the Large and we have also had great success without adding any extra inserts.  The diaper itself in incredibly light.  It feels like air.  Kind of amazing actually.  The elastic really fits great on my guys’ legs too.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ We have tried 3 sizes of the AIO: NB, Small, and Large.  For my kids’ these have been on the money for what we need.  The large still has room for growth but fits my skinny toddler really well in the legs and waist.  The NB lasted us right up to around 12 pounds, and the small is now fitting Ev and will for a little while, tho he is pretty hefty so he will probably fit a Medium very soon if not already.  The elastic kept in all of the runny poops too.

Overall: Without sounding like a rabid Beiber fan I will just say that these diapers are Uh Ma Zing.  Yeah, I went there.  They are very much my style and any little punk rock kid would love to wear them.  The print are unique and the colors are still bold and fun.  Even the white diaper has an edge thanks to the black velcro and star tabs.  The laundry tabs are pretty strong but I have had them come undone in the washer or dryer.  My only complain was that occasionally the tab would come undone a little and rub the baby’s waist or thigh.  Likely it was me not being careful when I put it on but it is something to keep in mind.  You hate seeing a little red spot and knowing it hurt the baby.  Ragababe has a cultish online following for a good reason!

Ragababe ‘2-Step’

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The ‘2-Step’ is an “all in two” system that reuses an outer shell and has replaceable inserts.  These inserts are super soft organic cotton.  The inside of the shell has suedecloth lining.  The diaper comes itself is fairly simple to use.  It has the same velcro closure as the AIO but there is a snap down rise system.  It isn’t a one size fits most diaper, but has 3 sizes to be discussed later.  The abosrbent cotton insert can be snapped in and replaced when wet.  There are also boosters you can get to increase absorbency if needed.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Once again, this diaper is on the high range at 29.95.  You can get discounts by bying packages, something you might want when buying a system like this.  Again, these diapers are freaking adorable so a splurge might be worth it for you.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ These did leak a couple of times for me.  Today in fact my husband put the Size 1 on my toddler, but it was snapped down to fit my 8 week old.  This didn’t work out so great lol.  We also had a leak when I thought the unsnapped setting would work on the Size 0 for my then 7 week old but it was a little too big so we had a leak.  If the sizing is right they work great.  The cotton inserts hold a very large amount of liquid.  I know I have taken them off of my toddler and it was heavy!  I am not an All in Two fan so I use the shells once most times but for reviewing I did reuse the shell.  It worked as long as the insert was just wet.  My youngest son has runny stool so many times the shell would get poop on it.  With the toddler it is hit or miss.  Sometimes it is small and solid so it stays on the pad, other times it is gigantic and mushy.  And that means a new shell.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The sizing for the ‘2-Step’ goes: Size 0: 4-18 lbs, Size 1: 9-30 lbs, Size 2: 15-40 lbs.  We have tried the size 0 and size 1.  I feel the range given is pretty accurate with what we have experienced.  Ev fit in the Size 0 right away and is still wearing it.  He also fits in the size 1 snapped all the way down, and my toddler fits is unsnapped all the way at 28 pounds or so.  The thinking is that by the time your baby gets ready to outgrow the size 0 you will have an idea of whether they are going to be a chunker or a skinny mini.  Some babiies might only need a size 1, or some might go straight to the size 2.  I really like the idea behind this because you get a really custom fit.  The size 0 really can fit a newborn too.

Overall: Like I said, AI2’s are not my thang but I LOVE how these fit and will continue to use them for both boys.  The idea behind the sziing is right on and I love it!  The insides are so soft too, I just love those soakers.  I have been adding them to other diapers that need a boost as well.

Where to buy: Ragababe.com

Ragababe generously sent multiple diapers to review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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BabeeGreens One Size Hemp/Cotton Fitted Review

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I was super excited to review this BabeeGreens fitted diaper.  Why?  Because it is made in Asheville NC!  I am a NC girl, born and raised.  Even though I didn’t live in Asheville I have been there a few times for vacations or a day trip.  I have fond memories of the town.  I haven’t been back since adulthood but I imagine it is a lot like Ithaca NY, a crunchy town I like to visit often.  It is always nice to see US Made diapers, and even better to find some made to close to “home.”

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Like many other fitteds, this one utilizes a Fold Over Rise. There are snaps on both sides of the top. You can fold to different levels and still use the inside snaps, which makes for an easy way to size the diaper. With the rose folded there is no way to snap in the Contour Booster seen in the video. You can however use the lay in boosters that come with the diaper. To snap the diaper on it isn’t hard. The snaps lie lower than some diapers so it might appear weird but it is correct, I promise.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ So, at 18.95, made in the US, using organic materials, this is a steal! Also, you not only get a good fitted, you get the newborn contour which can be used at birth. I doubt it will fot for long since it is tiny, but it will fit a teeny baby that most one size’s won’t. And you get the boosters with it! You have enough absorbency to work all night.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I mostly used this diaper overnight, although I did test for days as well. Since nights are the true test anyway, who cares? Days I only used the contour snapped in. My son is on the unsnapped rise setting, but it is high on him so he has room for growth still. This was plenty of absorbency. For overnight I used the contour and one booster. This was also good for us as long as I made sure the cover was on nicely. I did have a front leak once and I suspect the cover wasn’t tight enough so some wicking occurred at his tummy and got on his pajamas.

Fit ✩✩✩ Getting this diaper to fit correctly might take some practice, especially if you are unfamiliar with this form of rise adjustment. You can play with it, fold it different ways, to get it going. We probably could have folded it over, but since it fit him unfolded I went the easiest way. It isn’t the trimmest fitted, hence why we used it mostly at night. You need to consider this when looking for covers. Most pull on wool and fleece covers are going to be a great pair with this. I used the Smartipants OS most times since it has a lot of room. Some trimmer cut styles (bikini cuts on legs) might not work as well. An example would be the Kissaluvs OS cover.

Overall- This is a workhorse fitted that is going to last forever. The durable materials and quality workmanship definitely show. 18.95 is a small price to pay for what you are getting. If you want to support a great WAHM you should give this diaper a look.

Where to buy: Babeegreens.com

A BabeeGreens Fitted was provided for the purposes of this review, free of charge. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. No other compensation was received.

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Little Beetle Little to Big One Size Review

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Update: This company is no longer in business.
I was asked to review the Little Beetle Little to Big One Size fitted.  I was excited since I was already a fan of the brand.  Better for Babies, the company behind Little Beetle diapers, was a huge supporter and contributor for my Fluffy Christmas event.  I was thrilled to work with them and so thankful for their help!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ This diaper is a fitted, which means it is not waterproof.  There will be the added step of using a cover (wool or PUL) which can be as easy as pulling on a wool cover or as hard as velcro or snapping.  The Little Beetle One Size Little to Big has 3 snaps on each tab which are fairly close together.  Depending on the wiggliness of your child this can be challenging.  I reviewed the snap version, but you can buy it in aplix as well.  I was also using this diaper when we were ECing so I had it already snapped.  It was pretty easy to pull up and down.  If you know the setting for your child you can do this as well and avoid snapping!  There is a lay in booster, very easy to put in.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ This diaper is 24.95,  Sounds expensive, and yeah, you can find much cheaper fitteds on the market.  The cheaper alternatives are usually not made in the US and are not made with high quality organic materials.  Little Beetle is a very responsible and caring company and do their best to provide goods made in the US by people earning and living wage.  This means you pay a little extra.  You also get a great high quality diaper that is cute too!

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ I tried this diaper a number of ways.  With a booster for overnights with a wool wrapping cover (pass) in the day with a PUL cover (pass) and with no cover as a make shift trainer (pass).  The trainer aspect passed too well since he has made a tinkle and I didn’t realize it since it never felt damp to the outside.

Fit ✰✰✰ The fit ran a little small in my opinion.  I still had a rise snap left but I will soon need to unsnap that.  The waist could be a snap larger on each size at least, and the thighs were pretty tight so I think a toddler larger than my son (22 pounds or so) would possibly have a hard time fitting the diaper.  I do think that it would start fitting a baby at a very young age since it gets quite small.  Always a give and take!

Overall- I enjoyed using this diaper, especially coverless since I LOVE the color and the velour is too soft to cover with wool or PUL.  I am also a huge fan and admirer of this brand and the quality products they make.  They take everything into consideration, not just the product, but the people making it and the resources used.

Where to buy:


Kelly’s Closet (affiliate)

A diaper was sent for free for the purposes of the review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Tiny Tush Hemp Trim Fitted Review

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I am a fan of Tiny Tush products, not only because they work great, but because the company is amazing.  I was very happy to be sent their new Tiny Tush Hemp Trim One Size  Fitted to review.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ This fitted has snaps, but nothing like a Goodmama, which can be overwhelming.  I found it easy to put on and take off, and to size since the rise uses snaps as well.  The soaker can be snapped in or left out for more trimness if you don’t need it.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ The Hemp fitted costs less than many fitteds on the market, but as much as many pocket diapers (17.95)  The price is justified since the diaper is made from Hemp, a material that has to be imported.  However, the diaper is still made in the USA.  It is very absorbent so worth the price if you need a workhorse diaper that is very thirsty for nights.

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ I loved this diaper because it was simple and effective.  I trusted it for days without the insert because my son isn’t a heavy wetter.  I used it with a PUL cover and it was never soaked through, even after one instance of leaving it on a little too long.  Blame it on Mommy/ pregnant brain!  Overnights required the insert but no extra stuffins for me.

Fit ✰✰✰✰✰ The ruffled elastic fit my son beautifully.  I think there is lots of room for growth, especially with 4 rise settings.  It was very trim on my son compared to many fitteds, especially those using OBV which are heavy and bulky.  I can’t say if it fits a newborn or not, but I think it would work, especially with a cover.  Give me a few months before testing that.

Overall-  This is another great product from Tiny Tush.  The hemp is soft and pliable and the lining is soft against the baby’s skin.  The snaps are hidden, a feature I am very fond of.  Even though the front rolls down some it doesn’t detract from the function, and you will have a cover of it most of the time so it isn’t a big deal.

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GEN-Y Couture Diaper Cover Review

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This monday I am doing a video review of the GEN-Y couture cloth diaper cover.  These covers are fun and you can get them in designer prints.  I first learned about them while researching for my Cloth Diapers Made in the US and Canada list.  GEN-Y covers are made in the USA.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The GEN-Y cover is side snapping.  While some people find side snapping diapers to be harder than traditional diapers, it is a matter of practice.  Because these are sized covers, the snaps are closer together than a one size diaper, so you might have trouble picking the right snaps at first.  Your main job is going to be putting on whatever goes on underneath, be it a fitted, prefold, flat, or contour.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ These covers are a little fancier than your traditional PUL cover.  The outer layer is a fun designer print (thus more expensive).  I’d also like to point out that the covers are made in the USA!  While you can certainly get covers for less, you pay a premium for the cuteness factor and the fact that these do not wick like many other cotton print outer covers!

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ This cover is very leak proof.  Even after a few hours I never saw any wicking, something similar print outer covers do if left on for a while.  I still like to only use print outer covers during the day so I didn’t use this cover overnight.  I was still impressed with it!  You should note that you won’t be able to trifold a prefold and place it inside like some other covers.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ The GEN-Y cover comes in sizes, with 3 waist/ hip adjustment snaps for a variable fit within each size.  This is especially good if you need more room for larger thighs.  That extra snap or two can keep your baby comfortable and possible prevent red marks.

Overall-  I thought the cover worked extremely well.  The fact that it is loose fitting (but will squish under clothes) means a little more airflow inside the cover.  You can choose from designer prints not usually found on diaper covers and not worry about wicking.  The way the cover is cut reminds me a bit of girl’s panties…  Even with the manly tattoo print I couldn’t get the image of panties out of my head.  That is nothing against the cover, just a personal thing.  I  think I would rather personally use the cover on a girl. 

Wet bag review- GENY-Y also sent along a fun hanging wet bag for me to review.  This one is long with a cute handle (this one had skull and crossbones) and the PUL was a mint green.  I usually use a diaper pail, but for the purposes of the review I used a hanging wet bag.  A friend recently mentioned she was going to put a second wet bag in her bathroom for poopy diapers and I realized what a good idea that was.  This was the perfect wetbag for the job.  It isn’t large enough for days worth of diapers, but it would be good for 1-2 poopy diapers a day for 2-3 days.  I also used it on a few day trips, keeping it in my car and putting my soiled diapers inside.  I can tell you the smells stayed in well and I never felt moisture on the outside of the bag. 

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Flip Cloth Diaper System Review

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FLIP-logo-400At last, the day is here!  After many set backs, I can now post the Flip System Video Review.

The Flip Cloth Diapering system is an innovative “create your own adventure” sort of cloth diaper.  The staple of the system is the cover, a waterproof, one size cover using the same snap down 3 step rise system as the Bum Genius.  The inside of the cover is laminate PUL that can be wiped clean between uses.  The closure uses snaps.  To absorb the messes, Flip has given you three options.  A stay dry, microfiber soaker which is one size.  An organic cotton soaker that can be folded to fit different sizes.  And, disposable inserts which are dye and fragrance free, to make traveling with cloth diapers a little easier!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰ With so many options, there are a lot of different things to learn when using the Flip. The Stay Dry insert is easy enough, and is even marked with a stitched line and wording letting you know where to fold for the size. The organic cotton insert has a grid pattern. While this seems helpful, and it can be, I prefer to just fold where I see fit. You can do that, but since the stitching makes a “crease” it stays folded better where the lines are. The disposable inserts are very skinny, and there is lots of excess room on the sides. Length wise, you can fold it to fit if you need to. But, if you aren’t careful, you could have leaking because there is room for error with these. I think practice will help you get the hang of how each insert should go, and if you need to fold one way, or another way. But if you get a leak or two in the beginning, don’t despair! Just rethink how you are using the insert!
Bang for the Buck ✰✰ A good economical choice with a lot of options. There aren’t many cloth diapers with the choice of a disposable insert. Even the 4.95 for a pack of disposable inserts goes a long way if you only need one per change. Because the Flip is just a cover, you also have the option of buying less expensive, or even pre-loved prefolds to use as inserts also. The cover can be purchased alone for 13.95, a great price for a stand alone cover. If you buy the kits, ranging in price, you save more money than buying separate inserts and covers. The disposable inserts can only be bought alone, they do not come with any kits.
Performance ✰✰✰ I personally found the stay dry and organic inserts to be sufficiently absorbent. The Organic insert washed up soft, and has stayed pretty soft (I use Ecover cloth diaper safe softener on occasion to keep things soft!). Overnight use went well for us, but my son isn’t a very heavy wetter. The stay dry insert is a little slim, and can move around some. It didn’t cause a leak, but if you have a bowel movement, there is a good chance that it will make it into the cover as well. Absorbency was good for us. I was impressed that the stay dry insert looked so simple, and worked well. It seems almost too easy! I used the disposable inserts for a flight I took recently. We had him in a Flip, packed a rolled up cover (which gets tiny! Super handy for the diaper bag!) and lots of inserts. I had enough to last me for more than a day, and it took up no more space than 3-4 cloth diapers. I used 2 inserts overnight before we left and had no leaking! And over the day I used 1 insert for each change. On one occasion I knew I couldn’t change him for a couple of hours, so I used 2, one folded in front for extra protection. This worked great for us, and held all of the pee, no problems. I was nervous, they look so thin, but they held up well.
Fit ✰✰✰ The sizing looks identical to the Bum Genius, and the method is the same. With snap closures you lose the ability to cross the tabs over, something to consider for small babies. If using the organic inserts, there is going to be some bulk. You get shelf booty in the back, like usual with trifolded prefolds in a cover. The stay dry insert is very trim, but the cover sized to a medium and a medium set insert will have some excess fabric. It will be smooshed down by pants or shorts though. The same holds true for the disposable insert. It is VERY trim, but there might be some extra fabric in the cover. The legs and waist will fit the same. The Flip is a good fit on my son’s legs and waist, same as the Bum Genius. You may find you have to adjust the cover differently if your baby is borderline sizes, depending on the insert you use.
Overall- In theory, I love the idea of the Flip. You have a variety of insert choices, and having a cover capable of using disposable inserts works great for traveling. Sometimes, too much choice can be a bad thing! It makes organizing your stash harder, and you may find you don’t reach for the “different” diaper, unless of course you have a whole stash of Flips! I think if you are new to cloth diapers the Flip has a lot of potential. It is pretty easy to use once you get things down. It is affordable, and the colors it comes in are attractive.
Some of the drawbacks- the inserts can move around, the cover feels very thin and unsnapping makes me nervous that I am stretching the PUL, and all of the Bum Genius colors aren’t available at this time.
Still, it was a fun diaper to use, and I see why the makers of Bum Genius came out with the Flip. It answers a lot of need in the market. And, the Flip makes a good cover for your own fitteds and prefolds too!

If you are ready to try them, you can visit my sponsor, Kelly’s Closet (my affiliate link), who was kind enough to send the Flip for me to review!  At this time all purchases over 49.00 get a free package of Flip Disposable Inserts using the code FLIP at check out.

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Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit Giveaway*closed*

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Not only did Bummis donate a Baby Kit to Fluffy Christmas, they have generously offered to sponsor a giveaway a Infant or Baby Organic Cotton Prefold kit to a VERY lucky DDL reader!!!

To see my review of the entire kit, go to this page.

What is included in the kits?  Taken from Bummis’ website:

Introducing the ORGANIC COTTON DIAPER KIT, a value packed box of cloth diapering essentials with everything you need to start using cloth diapers now! You don’t need to be cloth diaper savvy in order to appreciate it – but if you are, you will REALLY love our beautiful new boxed kit!

We have put together an economical, easy and environmentally friendly starter kit that completely removes the guesswork from choosing a cloth diaper system.

Our luxurious Organic Cotton Prefolds are such a truly economical cloth diaper system that you can start cloth diapering right away without a big outlay of cash.

Flushable liners and our step-by-step guide to no-fuss cloth diapering make it easy for you. No rinsing, no pins, no stuffing and no big deal to wash this cloth diaper system! AND you can call our toll free help line any time with questions. After 20 years of selling reusable cloth diaper systems, we are very good at helping parents succeed at and enjoy cloth diapering.

And the bottom line is that organic cotton diapers are truly the greenest choice in diapering. From the growing and harvesting of the cotton itself to what actually touches baby’s skin, organic cotton is simply the best! Safer for growers, workers and baby and …. this beautiful planet earth.

This deluxe cloth diapering system in its bright and pretty box is so tempting and so practical too that you will not be able to resist taking it home – for your own baby, your grandchild, or as a shower gift!

Besides the gorgeous organic cotton diapers, included in the box are some sturdy and great looking waterproof covers, flushable AND reusable liners, and our FABULOUS WET BAG (doubles as a diaper pail!). Plus, our kind friends at Dimpleskins have collaborated with us and enclosed a sample of their great Bum Bum Balm in every box! A great added value!

What’s inside the Kit? Click here to see a photo.

Why Prefolds?

The Infant size contains:

•    24 infant size Organic Cotton Prefold diapers (4 x 8 x 4 layers thick)

•    4 Super Whisper Wraps – small

•    2 Super Brites – small

•    3 rolls Bio-Soft liners – small

•    5 reusable Fleece Liners

•    Fabulous Wet Bag – large (available exclusively in the Kit!)

•    User Guide

The Baby size contains:

•    18 baby size  Organic Cotton Prefold diapers (4 x 8 x 4 layers thick)

•    2 Super Whisper Wraps – medium

•    2 Super Brites – medium

•    1 roll Bio-Soft liners – large

•    5 reusable Fleece Liners

•    Fabulous Wet Bag – large (available exclusively in the Kit!)

•    User Guide


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I was not compensated to post this giveaway, but the samples sent for review were free of charge.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Play All Day Hemp/ Organic Cotton Video Review

This post may contain affiliate links.

Update: Looks like this product is no longer being made.
Play All Day fitteds are made from Hemp Fleece fabric that is 55% Hemp/45% organic cotton.

These diapers are made with 3 layers organic hemp fleece and have a 2 layer hemp doubler. Newborn size is made with just 2 layers and has a 2 layer doubler. These are fantastic for overnight, even for super soaker babies! Works great with our Certified Organic Merino Wool Covers.

Neutral color stitching. Easy snap closure. Aplix closure available by request.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The Play All Day fitted has snaps, but not very many. This affect the fit but for Ease of Use, it is a good thing. Only four snaps to affix, and few snaps to choose from. As always, snaps can only get a four star rating at best. So this is as good a snap diaper rating as they come!

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ These diapers aren’t cheap for being plain jane and a fitted. You will pay 15.50 for a newborn and 17.50 for a Medium or large. Why? Because the materials are he,p and organic cotton, and they are made in the US. US made diapers are always going to cost more because they makers have to make a living wage. While your wallet might complain about this, remember that you are supporting US families. You can get cheaper fitteds that works as well or better. For the price, you could also buy certain brands of pockets. Buyers of this fitted are after quality of manufacture and want to support US industry, plus they want organic materials.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ Hemp takes a long time to prep. I have been using a cotton doubler for overnights to ensure that the diaper has enough absorbency. Since the hemp is fully prepped I may not need it anymore, but I like to err on the side of caution rather than wake up to wet sheets and baby. Regular daytime use I never used the cotton doubler and it worked fine. I did use the hemp doubler that came with the diaper.

Fit ✰✰✰ I am actually tempted to give the fit a 2, but since I have actually not had any leaks because of the way it fits, I decided 3 was fine. In the video you can really tell that the snaps are very far apart, and there is a snap missing in the front where one is needed for a tighter fit. Also, when you cross the tabs over, the next snap in on the tab doesn’t lay flat. There distance between snaps is off somehow on that. I would like to see some improvement in that area. The front gaps a little on my son because he is in between snap settings. If they were set close together this would probably solve that problem. The legs fit great on him and leave no red marks, the edges are nice and soft too. The back also has some elastic, so that fits nicely as well. Maybe elastic on the front would help the fit as well, because the hemp/ cotton combo has no stretch to it at all.

Overall- I am still happy with the Play All Day fitted overall. It works just fine, and is soft on my son’s skin. The materials are natural and absorbent, there are no dyes, and it is comfortable on him. I love that it is made in the US and uses quality materials. I also can tell that it is sewn with care and will last a long time. My only issue would be the snap placements. But, as long as it isn’t hanging off of the baby, the cover is going to pick up slack in that department. I have used it with their Merino Wool cover and had no leaks, and used it with other Wool and PUL covers as well.

About Play All Day:

A diaper is a necessity that every baby needs, but it can also be a source of comfort. Growing up, my Mom and Grandmother made all my clothes. They were made from soft fabrics, in my favorite colors. I loved them and remember with fondness how neat it was wearing things made by hand.

As the mother of 2 very active boys (7 and 3), I have taken pride in helping to make their world softer and more comfortable. It’s fun introducing cloth diapering to others because they work well and have been enjoyed so much by my family. Cloth diapers can be a way to help the environment and save money at the same time. Even one handmade item in an outfit can make a baby so comfortable.

When I started the business in March 2008, I made all the diapers for the business myself. Now I am fortunate to have the help of very talented seamstresses who work out of their homes. I still make some Play All Day diapers, because I really enjoy putting together these pieces of fabric that will make a little child comfortable and happy.

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