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Periscopathon Recap! The Best 17 Hours Ever!

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On September 28 the cloth diaper community came together to support Giving Diapers, Giving Hope in the form of the first-ever telethon using the new social network Periscope.

Periscope is an app that allows anyone to broadcast live video from anywhere in the world to anyone!  The idea to utilize this fun new social media platform was inspired by BALM Baby and grew to include over 30 brands/retailers/media.  So many people signed up to raise money for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope that the event lasted a staggering 17+ hours!  Sept 28 also marked the first day of National Diaper Need Awareness Week.


I kicked it off at 10 minutes til 9 AM EST and closed it (even though TheBabyGuyNYC was still broadcasting his bedtime story #afterdark finale) at around 2:00 AM EST.  Each hour two members of the cloth diaper community held their own broadcast to discuss diaper need, how cloth diapers can be a solution for families in need, who THEY were and why they cared about this issue, and how their company was helping by donating!  Each person set up goals and if they earned x number of hearts they would make a donation to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  The more hearts they earned the higher the donation!  Brands made donations totaling $1,700+ and pledged to give more than 450 cloth diapers to GDGH!

The other aspect of this Periscopathon asked for YOUR donations!  We had a seemingly impossible goal- we wanted to raise $5,000.  Did we make it?



We raised a staggering $6,300 and exceeded our goal by $1,300!

How did we achieve such a feat? We did it through the passion and combined efforts of a community I grow to love more and more every single day.

We did it thanks to Calley from Diaper Shops wearing a diaper on her head while doing the Whip and Ne Ne.

We did it thanks to Lavie Bebe throwing a pie in her own face when she hit her goal!

We did it thanks to Smart Bottoms matching dollar for dollar every donation made in their Periscope up to $500. Their fans and the company together raised $1,415! (PS you can order Smart Bottoms print Jamberry nails to beneft GDGH now too)
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.20.39 PM

We did it thanks to Milk and Sugar Co and her awesomely fun Periscope game of The Price is Right!
IMG_8324 (1)

We did it thanks to qdSpray and her hilarious game that involved 3 facts about me. She even played a clip of my infamous Pteradactyl laugh that only a lucky few ever get to hear!

We did it thanks to Rumparooz and their special offer to send doll diapers to donors who pledged $35 or more in a new print that no one has even seen yet! And Super Undies who also promised special trainers in their new prints to the highest donors during their Periscope. And Lalabye Baby who offered a HTF print giveaway for donors and Spray Pal who danced for heart and donated $10 for every 10,000 hearts!  Molly’s Suds who SANG, Change Diapers who got to pet a sleeping puppy, The Eco Chic who made the perfect backdrop, Funky Fluff creators who both talked in their best Canadian accents, GroVia who upped their stretch goal and got enough hearts to donate 200 covers, MamaSuds who shared her passion for healthy cleaning products, The Eco Friendly Family who made everyone love her, Cloth Diaper Geek who taught us how to diaper on a budget, AppleCheeks who was most fashionably dressed, Dream Diapers who had people watching on two screens just because they love Deanna that much, ConservamomE who put her baby in a tux for the occasion, Donna from Black Women Do Cloth Diaper who passionately explained the diaper gap and lack of resources/education, FiggyFuzz who shared how cloth diapers help Foster families, Samozrejme who taught us how to say her name AND pulled out special prizes to raise donations, Strawberry Sunshine who shared her love of cloth and supported us all the whole day, Thirsties who learned how to Periscope that day and took us on a tour of their warehouse, EcoNuts who taught us about soap berries, Pinstripes and Polkadots who eloquently explained why diaper need is such a huge problem, Bottombumpers who shared her own personal story, BALM Baby who grossed us out with maggot talk, Softbums who showed us the slide2size, Sloomb who began an impromptu wool class, Sweet Pea Diapers who announced a special GDGH diaper coming soon, and TheBabyGuyNYC for tucking us in with a special bedtime story at 2 AM!

We did it thanks to YOU.  YOU guys who shared, and tweeted, and invited, and TAPPED and TAPPED and TAPPED!

Thank you.

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And my new favorite print is Jax & Jill from Smart Bottoms!

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When you combine Mid Century Modern + cloth diapers + supporting my favorite charity it = my new favorite cloth diaper print!


Smart Bottoms announced their newest print, Jax & Jill, that is an atomic inspired print in bold, retro colors.  The print will ONLY be available at MommyCon locations this year and for each diaper sold a generous $5 donation will be made to the cloth diaper charity Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit cloth diaper lending organization.  GDGH helps approved families all over the US by shipping them a set of cloth diapers for the cost of shipping.  Since 2011 GDGH has been making it possible to cloth diaper without the high start-up cost that so many families can’t possibly afford.  Since cloth diapers are reusable, the families using this program will no longer have to worry about how they will afford to buy the next package of diapers.  It’s a fantastic charity that helped over 500 families in 2014!

It’s no secret that I volunteer as the Executive Director for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope and I was so thankful to learn that Smart Bottoms wanted to support our charity with their print.  I am also involved with MommyCon this year- the Cloth Diaper Resource Center is where I’ll be this year, chatting with new parents and parents-to-be who are interested in cloth diapering.  I’ll also be teaching a session on reusable menstrual options.

To say I am excited about this print is an understatement!  I love the pattern (not just saying that) and I’d totally take the fabric and make (waterproof) pillows out of them for my vintage turquoise sectional  any day.

GDGH is so grateful for this collaboration and the money raised will be going towards our ongoing effort to reduce the shipping fee that approved families pay from $35 to $20.  We are striving to help more families get the reusable and sustainable diapers they need and Smart Bottoms is going to be a big part of that.

If you can’t get to a MommyCon location this year I would join the Smart Bottoms fan group to find out if there will be any members coordinating group buys.

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A New Way to Show Your Cloth Diaper Pride! #GDGHJams

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Before I tell you the WHAT, here is my full disclosure.  I am not a fan of MLM or direct sales.  I’ve lamented them in the past publicly, including on my Facebook page.  I did say there is one product I would begrudgingly buy from MLM’s and that was Jamberry nails because the product is a good one that lasts way longer than nail polish and is non-toxic.  I wouldn’t order them from a friend on Facebook who posts about it incessantly and adds me to their group without asking me but if I could wear them I would find someone who isn’t annoying and buy them.  Alas, I don’t have finger nails but I’m assuming a few of you guys do!


A super duper friend who doesn’t sell Jamberry wanted to suport Giving Diapers, Giving Hope with her artistic talents so she decided to design cloth diaper themed jams!  How awesome is that?!  Amanda Hearn does a lot of work for GDGH, she designs many of our promo graphics, helped with our brochure, and even helped with our recent map design that we used in our end of the year report and infographic.

Our mutual friend and Jamberry expert Katie Pickles (of AppleCheeks fame) is our go-to for this and she is donating all of her commission (30% of the sale cost) to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!  She’s not annoying and she is charitable so she ticks our boxes!  You heard that right!  You can buy festive cloth diaper advocacy jams and your purchase will support an amazing charity that helped 500 families cloth diaper their babies for the cost of shipping in 2014!

To get your Jams you can order through this form  but order before January 31!  Please read all of the instructions carefully.  Select the design(s) you want and the quantity.  Each sheet will do 2-3 manicures.  I am ordering the diaper pins (my favorites by far) to wear at MommyCon and I’m hoping this is a good incentive to stop picking my nails again so that I can show off my love of cloth while working in the Cloth Diaper Resource Center!  If you’re going to a MommyCon near you come and say hi so I can flash my nails at you!

tl:dr Cloth Diaper themes Jamberry nail wraps are being sold with 30% of the cost (100% profits) goes to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope, a kick butt charity helping families get started with cloth diapering for the cost of shipping.  No one is making money on this except Jamberry and you need these cool wraps.  Buy them!
Order Your Jams

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Announcing the partnership of GroVia and Giving Diapers, Giving Hope!

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There are no true words that can describe how excited I am to be announcing that Giving Diapers, Giving Hope has partnered with GroVia to help even more families get the diapers they need.


Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a national cloth diaper bank that aims to provide income qualified families with a set of cloth diapers for the cost of shipping.  After applying and if approved each family receives diapers for their child(ren) that are shipped to their home.  This is where GroVia is stepping in!

When Giving Diapers, Giving Hope began they were a local diaper bank, however the need for cloth diapers wasn’t quite there, but the need nationally was.  Knowing that they received more requests from everywhere but their homebase in Gloucester, MA and that the other national diaper bank recently closed their doors they decided to open to all states.

As the years went on the organization saw an increasing interest both in applications and donations.  They moved shipping operations to their local YMCA and received volunteer help, but once again they quickly outgrew that space and needed more hands.  Kristen and Emily were running things alone, and I could only help remotely with certain tasks.

Over the summer they shut down to applications and used that time to try and find a solution.  I’ve been helping them for a while behind the scenes, and was in contact with Kim Ormsby of GroVia.  We met in October to discuss various ways GroVia could help.  That day is one I will never forget!  Kristen, Emily, and myself were unsure if and how the organization would continue without a warehouse for diaper storage and more hands to help sort donations, pack them, and ship them.

Kim offered us exactly that.  The Natural Baby Company and GroVia facilities will begin accepting donations on behalf of Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  Employees of TNBC will sort incoming donations and fulfill the packing and shipment of outgoing donations.  The team from GDGH will continue running all other aspects including application approval and day to day operations.

I’m telling you guys… I’m crying all over again just writing this out because you have no idea what this means to our organization.  It was do or die. Without a solution in sight we wondered if we would have to close down indefinitely.  In fact, we were mostly closed for over 6 months to national applications.  Between this partnership and the new website that has yet to be built (we didn’t go on with building the new website until we were sure we would continue our work) Giving Diapers, Giving Hope will be able to help many more families!

There are some moments in time you will never, ever forget. The hope, relief, and gratitude all of us felt after this generous offer was made by Kim and the team of  GroVia is indescribable.  I walked away, sat down in a chair, called Kristen to tell her the offer, and we both cried tears of joy!

We still need your help!

Along with GroVia we have had many other amazing companies support us with donations, both monetary and diapers.  The team behind Giving Diapers, Giving Hope wants to assure our past and future donors that our partnership with GroVia will not end these relationships.  We know that our organization has the ability to help many families and your contributions are a huge part of that!  A large portion of donations are also from individuals who send their cloth diapers that are in good used condition.  Cloth diaper donations, both new and used, can she shipped here:

The Natural Baby Company

Attn: GDGH Donations

1203 North Rouse Unit 3E

Bozeman MT 59715

If you no longer have diapers to donate or would like to help in a more tangible way, we are also introducing a new program where you can “Send Hope.”  At this time, approved families pay a $35 fee to have the diapers shipped to them; the fee also covers the return shipping back to us when they are finished with them.  $35 is still a good deal of money!  You can pay for a family’s fee and each time we receive this donation it will be applied to the next approved applicant’s fee!  Donations are anonymous to both parties involved.  Ready to sponsor a family?  Do so here: Sponsor a Box of Hope.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Giving Diapers, Giving Hope they can apply on their website, or if the site won’t load (we are having some problems with it today of all days) directly fill out the application here: https://clothdiapers.wufoo.com/forms/giving-diapers-giving-hope-application/

I want to send a special thank you to a few friends who have helped immensely during this process.  Amanda Hearn of Green Child Magazine, Calley Pate of The Eco Chic, and Maria of Change-Diapers.  And of course, we owe Kim Ormsby and the team of GroVia the biggest thank you of all for coming to the rescue.  

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“For the Love of WAHM! Fluff” Benefit Auction for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope Starts Friday!

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Last month I was honored to share six different WAHM brands that exemplify the craftsmanship and love that go into well made cloth diapers. Brands include Zabi Baby, Poppy Fields, Moraki, Mo Dia, Ella Bella Bum, and Dunk-n-Fluff with all proceeds going directly to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  The auction is being held on Hyena Cart and begins this Friday, March 8.

This auction is a small effort to help fund an organization that often goes unnoticed.  They are always receiving and shipping diapers even when there are no blog posts being written, or Facebook statuses about them, or tweets being sent.  Day in and day out these women and volunteers are putting in hours and hours just unpacking donations, sorting diapers, approving applications, and shipping boxes of hope to families.  It might seem like a small thing, these little boxes of diapers, but to anyone who has ever struggled to choose between buying diapers or buying food this little box is truly the gift of freedom and peace of mind.  The video below is a documentary that will hopefully give everyone an idea of what a great cause we are supporting.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is a non-profit that provides income qualified families a stash of cloth diapers for a small shipping fee.  The organization started in 2011 when Kristen McCarthy was suddenly without a job and still had two babies in cloth diapers.  As a single mom she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.  Luckily she had already been cloth diapering and had enough to not worry.  She wondered what other families would do in the same situation but that didn’t already have cloth diapers.  How could they afford to buy disposables, or even cloth diapers?  The start-up cost can be a few hundred diapers and when you are living with little or no money then you can’t just buy diapers.  With no federal or state programs that provide any diapering assistance Kristen, along with Emily Glover, started Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  After almost two years these two women have been able to ship over 3,600 diapers all across the country.  Hundreds of families no longer need to worry about how they will afford to buy diapers and their babies will have a clean and healthy bottom no matter what.  In 2013 the organization partnered with the Cape Ann YMCA’s Leader’s Club in their hometown of Gloucester.  The Leader’s Club, a group of teens who spend part of their free time doing volunteer work, now assist with the packing and shipping of cloth diapers.  With an ever increasing number of applications and donations their work is very appreciated and necessary to keep the organization running.

People ask “Why does Giving Diapers, Giving Hope charge a shipping fee?  Aren’t the families applying struggling financially?”  At this time GDGH does not have the funds to ship diapers to families or pay the return shipping fee.  It has always been their goal to eventually be able to send diapers free of cost to those who are approved.  The fee now is $35 which covers both the shipping to and from the families.  This can be a lot but it is far less than the actual start-up cost and way less than the value of the diapers being sent.  As their organization continues to grow they will strive to eliminate or reduce this cost.  As their fundraising coordinator I am constantly brainstorming ways to sustainably raise funds that can cover costs of shipping and operating costs year-round.

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the GDGH Board of Directors since their humble beginnings.  This year we are auctioning 6 amazing WAHM made diapers on Hyena Cart.  We are hoping to see lots of bids on these great diapers because they are gorgeous, and maybe also just because the money is going to this worthwhile cause this is surely close to all of our hearts.  If you aren’t able to bid, or don’t need diapers but still want to help, you can!

Visit their website’s donate page for more information on donating diapers or you can make a direct donation to them via Paypal.  GDGH can provide receipts for your tax deductible donation.  And if you want to help but can’t donate just spreading the word is enough!  Post to Facebook, tweet it, announce it on your diapering forums or in your cloth diaper groups on Facebook.  Be our Word of Mouth helper and shout it out!


Bidding on the diapers will begin on Wednesday, March 6 and end on Wednesday March 13.

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Lil Helper One Size Video Demo and Review

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Lil Helper diapers might be a new name to you. They were to me! This line of All-in-Two, One Size cloth diapers has 3 versions: Original, Organic Bamboo, and Charcoal Bamboo. The sizing and configurations of each diaper are the same, only the materials used differ. This is more visible in the video (I hope, though I did make a boo boo and mix soakers, noted in video). The family behind Lil Helper diapers have a wicked sharp sense of humor. I HIGHLY recommend visiting their website where you can see this all throughout, including product descriptions and instructions. It kept me smiling the whole time I read. They also donate 1 diaper per 3 diapers sold and have even sent a shipment to my favorite diaper charity Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. 

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The diapers in the Lil’ Helper line up all use the same sizing and soaker system across the board. They all have a 3-Step-Rise using snaps. By now this system of sizing is pretty standard and easy to figure out. You just snap down to make smaller, unsnap to make larger. The waist tabs have 3 snaps each, 1 of which secures at the hip. I don’t find this to be too difficult or time consuming but it is definitely more work/time compared to velcro. The soakers snap in. You can either just use one or add a second, smaller doubler for more absorbency. Each snaps in and the smaller one snaps onto the larger soaker. Some people might not like to leave just the larger soaker in without a doubler because the female snaps will be left exposed. I find this annoying but not painful for the baby. I would not leave male snaps exposed on the skin. The best thing is how stretchy the PUL and tabs are. I feel it makes applying the diaper on the baby much easier and gives a better fit.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The diapers are costlier than many other comparable diapers in their AI2 category. The Original is priced at $20.00, the Organic Bamboo at $23.00 and the Charcoal Bamboo at $26.00. Each diaper includes the two soakers, 1 large and 1 small. The diapers are manufactured in China but are really well made. The PUL is fairly unique because it is light and stretchy. You can find some of the diapers in prints but the Charcoal Bamboo has a brushed, soft finish tin bamboo and only comes in 4 colors. Part of the increase in cost is for a good reason- for every 3 diapers sold Lil Helper donates one diaper to a baby in need. You can read all about their program, “Baby Do Good” on their website.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I’ve been reviewing these diapers for a good long while. I was especially curious about the Charcoal Bamboo diapers and if that softer, brushed outside material would wick (where moisture travels from the wet soaker inside to the outer layer) so I was testing those heavily. I was thrilled when the Charcoal Bamboo diaper experienced no wicking. None of the diapers had any leaks, even when tested longer time periods. Because Ev isn’t a heavy wetter I didn’t notice one diaper and their inserts performing any better than another diaper in their line.
Fit ✩✩✩ Each diaper in the Lil Helper line is intended to fit babies 7-35 pounds. Everett is 22 pounds and we go back and forth on the rise adjustments depending on if we are using 1 soaker or both of the included soakers. If you use both there is bulk, especially at the front and top of the diaper. When on the middle rise this left an open gap so that is why I unsnap the rise. The rise snaps themselves are positioned a bit lower on the diaper than many other OS diapers.
Overall: Having 2 absorbent inserts included per diaper is helpful. I personally didn’t use this diaper as an All-in-Two but it works easily as a Snap-in-One, but you will do better to use it as an AI2 to get more bang for your buck per shell. The linings on the shells have either microfleece or bamboo and are not “wipe-clean” so you will need to be aware of that. If the shells get wet you will either need a new one or have to let it air out. The snaps were nice and strong. These are larger than the typical KAM snaps most cloth diapers use, and are more like the snaps on GroVia or Smartipants cloth diapers. I am a snaps girl so I love that these come in snapping closures but some people might prefer velcro and so they won’t even consider this line. The Charcoal Bamboo diaper is a cool concept but I haven’t seen the benefits of this material over traditional bamboo, however the grey lining is novel and I love how it looks. After much wear and washing I have noticed that the tag with their adorable logo has faded quite a bit.
Where to Buy LilHelper.ca


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Envibum AIO and Mom4Mom Cover/ T Shaped Liner Reviews

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Today I have 2 reviews!  The first is for the Envibum One Size which is an All-in-One.  The diaper reminds me of the muppets because it has minky on the outside.  I reviewed the Envibum in blue, and couldn’t help but think of the Cookie Monster.  I can’t even say enough good things about this company because they donate 2.00 from every diaper purchase (Envibum) to a color coordinated charity.  If you buy an Aqua diaper, 2.00 goes to Living Water.  The diapers are made in the US as well.

As for the Mom4Mom cover, this diaper is unque because it is a true rinse and reuse cover.  It is laminate PUL inside and out, and has velcro closures.  This diaper is designed with handwashing in mind, though it can certainly be washed in a machine.  The T Shaped Liner is a very easy to use diaper.  The video will explain it better.  I will admit to not having the best fit in the video, but When tucked towards my son I always had a great fit.

Envibum Review:

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The Envibum has velcro closures (with laundry tabs) that making applying the diaper on your baby very simple.  There is no size adjustment, so even with it being one size, you just need to pull it on the baby.  I did feel as I put the diaper on him, the size growing to accommodate him.  It is an AIO, no stuffing, but you can buy additional soaker pads to insert in the pocket of the diaper if you need them.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ 21.95 gets one Envibum diaper.  Seems pricey, but remember you are getting Minky, adorable designs of the velcro (seriously, how unique are those?), the diapers are made in the US, and you are supporting a charity.  These really are well made diapers and you can tell when you use and see them.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ I only used this diaper for daytime and naps for reviewing.  I never used it at night because of the waffle fabric on the inside, I would rather my son sleep in something smoother for that long at night.  No leaks at all, and no wicking.  The PUL is hidden under the minky fabric and everything worked as it should!

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I thought the diaper fit my son very well around his legs and back.  I can’t speak to how it fits on a smaller baby or larger toddler.  I would love to test it out again once I have a smaller baby and see how things go.  Because you cannot adjust it how you want, you rely on the diaper to adjust itself, it is a strange feeling of helplessness.  I am happy it fit my son well!

Overall-  I love many things about these diapers.  They look adorable, the minky is soft and comes in fun and bright colors, The size adjustment is very unique, and they were absorbent enough for my taste.  I would like to see an option for a plain cotton lining on the inside for parents who prefer that material over the waffled cotton.  The diaper is bulky because it is minky and due to the thicker fabric on the inside.  I had trouble getting pants over it.  I also had problems with my son removing the diaper himself since it is velcro.

Mom4Mom cover and T Shaped Liner Review:

Ease of Use ✰✰✰ While I can honestly say both the cover and diaper are easy to use, it certainly isn’t the same as putting an AIO or pocket diaper on.  I did find it easier to put the diaper on my son than prefolds.  he is not the most patient on the changing table.  I laid the diaper under him, then pulled it over and tucked it under so that it fit under his belly button.  In the video I fold out, but only because folding under would have exposed him.  I used a snappi which gave me a very great fit.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ The cover is 12.99 and the T Shaped liner is 9.99.   I feel like they might be a little more than I would be willing to spend for these items, but they certainly are not “pricey.”  That being said, your Mom4Mom cover makes another cover donation possible.  Thus the title.  And of course these are also made in the US.
Performance ✰✰✰✰ I have to say that I really enjoyed the T Shaped Liner!  I was unsure how I would like it.  It is so simple to use!  I got an awesome fit with it, and I am sure it will fit many sized babies well also.  The cover fit well also, but you want to unscrunch it some so it looks nice on.  Together I had leakproof days.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ The cover was a good fit for my son, and I can tell there is room for growth both in rise and in width.  On a smaller baby it would just be scrunchier looking.  The T Shaped liner had an impressive fit on him.  It might take a little practice for some but so worth it for a simple, effective diaper.

Overall- I find this combo a very exciting opportunity for families with limited access to laundry facilities.  The cover can be easily rinsed and reused.  If you are a camping and cloth diapering family the cover is perfect for you!  The liner is also something that can be handwashed it needed and would dry fairly quickly on the line.  A few of each would help a low income family who needs a diapering solution for their baby.

Where to buy: Envibum.com

An Envibum AIO, Mom4Mom cover, and T Shaped liner were sent by Envibum free of charge for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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Miracle Diapers is now “The Cloth Diaper Foundation”

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clothfoundationlogoMiracle Diapers Is Now The Cloth Diaper Foundation
empowering families, improving the environment
As Miracle Diapers has grown so has the number of families they assist. In 2009, they helped over 450 babies directly, more than 100 babies through sponsorship and local distribution, and assisted other charities with the same mission as well!
To better serve those families Miracle Diapers reaccessed it’s structure and practices. They have:
•                  New leadership with Roxanna Jolly—CEO and Lisa Johnston—Operations Manager and Board Chair
•                  Relocated their headquarters to Katy, Texas
•                  Restructured  how they process and accept applications
•                  Opened a retail store for fundraising
•                  Founded a new membership program
•                  Welcomed several new board members from the cloth diapering industry
In it’s fifth year Miracle Diapers wants to continue moving forward and has decided to take on a new name that better describes the organization and it’s mission.
Miracle Diapers is now The Cloth Diaper Foundation.
“We felt that a more appropriate name would help the community have a better understanding of who we are, as we have often been mistaken for a diaper manufacturer. Our desire to move forward and build a  legacy of support for the cloth diapering community will be reflected in our new name: The Cloth Diaper Foundation.”
              -Roxanna Jolly, CEO, The Cloth Diaper Foundation
Monetary donations fell last year do to the economy. Which means there are more families out there for The Cloth Diaper Foundation to help! While diaper donations are always appreciated, we must be able to financially support organizational growth.  Let’s make this happen together and spread the CD love.  Visit http://clothdiaperfoundation.org today to find out how you can help!

To assist in fund raising efforts, in the month of February, Tracy Whittemore and Lisa Adkins from The Cloth Diaper Company have so graciously offered to match, product for product, each Cloth Diaper Company product sold (Drybees, Wahmies, Rocky Mountain Diapers) in The Cloth Diaper Foundation Retail Store with an equal donation to our organization.  (Example – Purchase a Rocky Mountain Diapers OS Pocket, CDC will donate our organization a RMD OS Pocket, Drybees for Drybees, etc.)

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Miracle Diapers Needs Your Help NOW

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I have been fortunate to be able to donate to Miracle Diapers  through money earned from my ad sales here on Dirty Diaper Laundry.  I have also been happy to help in any way I can to spread the word about Miracle Diapers.  This time, I am asking you all to please donate what you can to help Miracle Diapers stay alive.  I very strongly blieve in their mission, and want to help them do what they do best: help families in need cloth diaper.

About Miracle Diapers: Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization is dedicated to helping qualifying families all over the United States get a jump start on cloth diapering their children through our cloth diaper loan program.

I understand everyone is always asking everyone to help their charity.  We have all been giving to help Haiti, so this comes as bad timing.  But even a 5.00 donation would help.  Miracle Diapers had a recent unfortunate circumstance.  They need monetary donations.  All donations to Miracle Diapers are tax deductable!  Depending on when you file, you many even be able to write them off this tax season to help your own rebate!

You may notice they are not taking applications at the moment.  They will open again soon, so don’t let that deter you from making your donation.

You can click this link to donate. 

Thank you all for supporting cloth diapers!

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