Swaddlebees Simplex One Size Video and Review

Swaddlebees Simplex One Size AIO Review
Simplex OS AIO

Update: This diaper is discontinued and all Swaddlebees products are now known as Blueberry.

The Swaddlebees Simplex is one of my favorite diapers so when I saw that they were coming out with a One Size version I knew I was going to be love it.  They seriously didn’t disappoint!  I do prefer front snapping diapers to side snapping so this change was welcome too.  The best part is that not only do you get the birdseye cotton layer but you also have the option of a stay dry microfleece.

Swaddlebees Simplex One SizeEase of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All-in-One is a bit misleading only because it isn’t a “true” AIO. All pieces are attached but there is some preparation before using the diaper. You will either need to stuff the tongue inside of the pocket or flip it and lay it inside. I’m not saying this is a hassle because it is still easier than stuffing pockets and looking for inserts. I just like to share the difference between a true AIO and those that are almost an AIO. I call this a “tongue-style AIO.” To size the diaper you’ll need to snap down the rise (or unsnap and resnap as the child grows) and this is very easy to do.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ $25.95 isn’t cheap at all. For 24 diapers you would be spending close to $700. Would this still be less than using disposables? Absolutely- but that is a large chunk to part with at one time, especially when there are less expensive diapers available. I pay the price because I only buy 1-2 as special diapers and the rest of my stash consists of pockets that are less expensive. I know part of the price comes from higher quality materials (Swaddlebees uses birdseye cotton and really nice PUL, quality elastic, etc) and the diapers are made in the USA.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Love this diaper for how it works on Everett. 10 layers of cotton were plenty for us but cotton isn’t as absorbent as microfiber or hemp so some people might find they need to insert a doubler into the pocket opening. I need a little hemp doubler for nights but in the day I don’t have to add anything. No leaks during our testing.
Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Unlike many pocket diapers, there was no gaping at the stomach on Everett and the middle rise snap fit him like a glove. The legs looked nice and comfortable around his thighs and the rise was just where I like it- a bit below the belly button. I still have one rise snap left but I may never need to use it. Everett is 22 pounds and 16.5 months old.
Overall: I can’t find anything wrong with this diaper except not wanting to pay the higher end price tag. Diapers in this range, for me, tend to be one offs and I buy them for the cute prints (I love Tweet, Swirls, and Dino) and/or to review. If feasible I could see myself having a large number of these. They would make excellent daycare or babysitter diapers. I used to get annoyed when my sitter would use a pocket and not unstuff it. At least when these get tossed in the pail and washed you will never find an insert bunched up inside!
Where to Buy Diaper Junction (affiliate link- this is where I bought mine!)

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  • Chris tanaka

    Hey Kim! We are wondering if you wash all of your varieties of diapers together. In reading the washing instructions of the different brands the different washing techniques are really what is holding us back from experimenting outside of our BG stash. I would personally love to have a few different diapers with cute designs but I’m not the one that usually ends up doing the diaper laundry and I definitely don’t want to make diaper laundry any more complicated for my wife. Is there one method you use for all of your diapers?

    • I’m not Kim, but I wash all of my diapers in the same load. The general restrictions are detergent types, no dryer, little to no bleach, etc. It really depends on how much you care about the warranty. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I do wash all mine together except when prepping them

  • Shanalynn14

     We love our simplex 2.0. I have alot of mediums and I can see them even fitting to potty training if we train early. I am completely hooked. I think Swaddlebees is a gret addition to anyones stash even if it is just one for a special print. I even bought dinos for my little girl because it is my favorite. Girls can wear dinos right;)

    • Anonymous


  • Grace H

    Love the ddl apparel plug at the end. “sometimes pants are mandatory” made me giggle. I’m finding my LO’s are pantsless a lot now that it’s warming up were I live (Ohio). What dipe would you recommend for a crazy active 2 yo that loves to play in the dirt? Something durable that would wash well. I was thinking of purchasing a couple brown dipes for summer. Not sure if I should go with PUL/TPU outer or Minky. Thoughts/suggestions??

  • Shawna

    I am an expecting FTM and registered for these at my local CD store because my husband was not wanting to have to match up inserts and stuff diapers but was totally all for CDing.  We can’t wait to use them!  Love the idea that the insert agitates out on its own too!

  • Brelza

    Those look super cute!  Love it.  Love it’s made in USA too.   It truly does fit him REALLY well.  I’m curious do you know how tall he is?  We have an almost 35″ 18 mo old who is 22lb and I’m trying to figure the fit 🙂

  • Mila Misura

    I am so glad I found this diaper! Just ordered a few of them to try out. It is literally everything that I want in a diaper! I am crossing my fingers that I like it as much as you!

  • Hoffmanot

     We love our swaddlebees simplex.  My son just outgrew the newborn simplex, which is by far our favorite.  We really like the one size swaddlebees, but it is a tad bulky right.  We also like the swaddlebees simplex 2.0, but are not as fond of the side snaps.  We also love the cotton fabric lining, as we try to stay away from the synthetics.  Great product!

  • We recently bought the sized simplex 2.0 and I LOVE it, so was wondering about the OS version. I like that you can choose to have either stay-dry or natural fibres against LO’s skin, and of the course the prints are just adorable. I agree they’re a bit pricey, but I might just have to get one or two (baby blooms!) for cuteness sake.