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My youngest, who has been potty trained since last year, has occasional accidents at night. We have tried going without protection but I wind up washing sheets 3 times a week or more. For my sanity and to prevent him from waking up screaming and crying after realizing he has had an accident we went back to wearing diapers or trainers at night. Super Undies asked if I would be interested in reviewing their overnight pull-on and I said yes. It would be nice to try an actual trainer meant for holding an overnight accident versus a trainer meant as a “just in case” for potty training toddlers.


Ease of Use✩✩✩✩ The Super Undies Overnight Pull-On has been extremely easy for us to put on before bedtime. The fact that it so easily pulls down and up means I can put it on with pajamas and he can still go potty alone right before climbing into bed at night without me having to help with any snaps like on a regular diaper. This also means he can remove it himself in the mornings. For those concerned about it being too thick for washing and drying (watch the video to see) the absorbent inner tongue pulls out of a stay-dry sleeve for washing and drying. The reason this gets 4 stars for ease of use is that it takes a bit of time to get the soaker stuffed back in nice and flat. Without the diaper laying flat like an open pocket diaper, this task can be a challenge. Because the pocket opens on each side the insert should agitate out on its own. Often the diaper comes out of the dryer inside out and just needs to be re-stuffed and turned right side in.  You can also fold the soaker in half and stuff towards the front for boys or tummy sleepers though I never needed to. Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩ An Overnight Pull-On will run you $30. For reference, a package of one-time-use equivalents will cost $14 for 23. I’ve been using some sort of overnight option for my son for a year now. Buying a few trainers and washing those is less expensive than buying a package of disposable pull-ons for the same time span. Plus you also feel better about not using and tossing that number of diapers. Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ We have had a fantastic experience so far with Super Undies. No leaks at all for several months. The cotton version, which I reviewed, has 4 layers of absorbency which is pretty standard in cloth diapers. If your child is older or a heavier wetter you may require an additional booster that you would stuff into the sleeve opening. Fit ✩✩✩✩ The wide waistbands and leg cuffs fit great around the leg and they don’t leave any red marks so I’m happy with how comfortable they must be on him. It does fit poofy, possibly if my son were a bit larger it would be less so. They have several more sizes up from where my 3 year old is in so it is a comforting thought to know that if he, like many other children, continues to have overnight bedwetting, we can size up for quite a while. Of course I’d like that not to be the case but it can be normal for children to wet the bed until 8 years old. I’d hate to think of the money spent on disposable products for that time span. These are also a good option for children with special needs. The super motifs and colors are nice for children who don’t want babyish themes. Overall: I’m so happy there is a company that caters to this market. Having trim trainers is good for some (though we skipped trainers for the most part) but sometimes you really just need a highly absorbent pull-on for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. Mom and Dad don’t want to buy disposables forever, and even non-cloth diapering parents faced with years of buying and tossing pull-ups can find value in switching to reusable pull-ons. We have three and this is enough to work well. The biggest challenge going from full-time cloth diapering and washing a large load of diapers every 2 days is adjusting to washing a small number of trainers. It can be done, and I’ve broken a few rules by tossing them in with the kid’s clothing a load or two (we don’t use softeners). Nobody got hurt and the police didn’t show up at my doorstep… just a tip for you. Where to Buy:Diaper Junction carries Super Undies products


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  • Leigh

    We have loved our Super Undies at night for years on our now three and five year olds. Mine are super soakers at night still, but with a large Baby Kicks hemp insert folded in the front, they work great.

    • kimrosas

      Great tip on adding a hemp insert. They are trim and very absorbent!

  • Koren Klein

    oh my gosh I was just thinking about if something like this existed and was telling my husband about it this morning! So glad I randomly came here and saw this. We’re in the disposable for the first/going cloth for second phase but 1st is day potty trained and not at all at night. I didn’t want “trainers” because I’d love him to finally sleep through the night first before working on potty-back-to-sleep training. (he still thinks any wake up time is morning…) We’ll definitely be checking these out! Thanks for the blog post so much!!!

  • Psychsarah

    Anyone know if they should be prepped before use like cloth diapers? Just got mine in the mail. Excited to try them tonight 🙂

    • kimrosas

      Microfiber should be washed at least once, the cotton versions need a couple more washes to be fully absorbent!

  • Maggie Martin

    I have one of these for my son but he outgrew it. I need to get more! They really are amazing!

  • Jennifer Feuer

    I can’t wait to use these. They are soft and fit my little guy very well. We are actually looking forward to potty training with Super undies.