Storing Dirty Cloth Diapers: Pails and Wetbags {Video}

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”20″ size_format=”px”]When you use cloth diapers you are always going to end up with the same result: a dirty, stinky diaper. [/typography]

Unlike throwaway diapers that go into your trash bin, cloth diapers need their own storage solution. While you can certainly go the cheapest route and either toss them into an empty washer until you have a full load (but then what do you do when you need to wash clothes?!) or a trash can with no liner (you’ll need to periodically wash it out) there are more stylish and practical options.

GroVia Perfect Pail
GroVia Perfect Pail
[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Wet bags [/typography]

Wet bags are the most popular choice for most cloth diapering families. They are cheaper than buying a pail and reusable liners and they can be moved around when needed. They travel with you when you need them or stay hanging on your door knob at home. They also come in large sizes for use at home to store many days worth like the Planet Wise and GroVia Perfect pail shown in the video- or come smaller for day trips like the practical and stylish Maxwell Designs diaper clutch. They’re also nice because you can find them in prints that coordinate with your decor if you choose. They’re waterproof and most zip close, however the Perfect Pail has a slit opening. You may be worried that without a zipper closure it would smell but often, diapers smell less when the pail or bag is slightly vented!

Ubbi Diaper Pail

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Diaper Pails[/typography]

Diaper Pails are harder to find when you use cloth. Many big name brands are made for disposables only, and even if you try to use them the openings are too small for cloth diapers to fit through. I featured the Ubbi pail in the video- this brand works with disposable and cloth diapers! You can buy a reusable pail liner to use with it but I’ve heard from fans of this product that other reusable liners can work with it as well. The other bonus of the Ubbi is that it’s powder coated steel and won’t absorb odors like plastic pails.  I prefer a pail because I like having a solid structure to dump my diapers into, one with a permanent home. I also featured my own Diaper Dekor that I “hacked” to fit elastic edged pail liners, like the Wahmies brand shown. If you are on a tighter budget you might also consider a simple lidded trash can! Certain sizes work best to fit elastic edged pail liners so keep that in mind while shopping.

Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag
Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag

You can also do a combination- often people will keep a smaller hanging wet bag (like the Fabulous Bummis wet bag shown in the video) in the bathroom to store the freshly sprayed diapers, rather than walking them all the way to their child’s room. And even pail users will still need travel sized wetbags.

Either route you choose can go high end or low- it is up to your budget and your tastes! Wet bags and liners will see a lot of wear and tear, more than your diapers even since you often only have a couple in rotation. You might find that you have to retire them before your child’s diaper days are done.

Stay tuned for giveaways, including a GroVia Perfect Pail, this weekend!
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