Sprout Change V2.0 Review

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A few months back I reviewed a new diaper, Sprout Change, and like the idea behind it but had a hard time sizing the diaper.  I noted this in my video review and written review.  When they redesigned the diaper they asked me to give it the once over again.  I am glad I did because the improvements are small but make a huge difference in the user friendliness of the diaper, which is a big deal!

One-size, Custom fit
Fits 5-40+ lbs
Get the right fit, fast
Patent pending, easy size adjustments
Innovative snap positions, anyone can figure out (daycare friendly!)
No more guessing
Breathable Shell keeps baby rash free
Unbeatable leakproof protection
Seamless gussets for mess-free cleanups
Affordable: Fits your lifestyle and your budget
Fewer Shells means less cost for you, without compromising on quality
Unique Reversible Shell has two colors in one
Prefer side closing or front closing diapers (like disposables)? You get both!
Soft fabrics touch baby, not plastic*
Double layers of PUL make our diapers last years!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The New version of the Sprout Change is a vast improvement!  I loved the concept behind the shell was great, but adjusting the waist elastic was very difficult.  The new access point in each tab makes adjustments easier, though it can still be a little tough if you have larger fingers.  Once you have the shell adjusted, you have no guesswork on putting the shell on the baby.  They also have a stay dry microfiber lay in insert that is easier than the other option of a stay dry sock.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩  The price for a Sprout Change shell and 1 insert is now 16.95, which seems lower than before according to my first review.  I would definitely pay that much for this diaper, and if you purchased it as a system it would save you even more!

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Getting the perfect size can take some time, so if you have some leaks give it an adjustment.  I prefer the new stay dry microfiber insert.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I was able to find the best fit for my son by adjusting it on him.  I will warn that if you let go of the elastic it could go into the casing.. then you have to dig it out.  It happened to me!  It is a little strange that there is no elastic at the front of the diaper.  My son side sleeps but if the baby is a tummy sleeper I wonder if this would lead to leaks?  I couldn’t say. *I have recently sized this to the smallest setting and will be testing it on my newborn.

Overall- The new version is so much easier to adjust and I am very happy with the improvements.  The double elastic is slightly frustrating because if they become misaligned it is harder to adjust.  The reversible feature is cool but it means you can’t wipe the shell clean between uses.

Where to Buy: Willowpads.com

I was sent a sample of this product for the purposes of the review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Julie Miller

    A friend of mine, Lara Hart, from SugarSweetBaby referred me to your blog to help me get started with cloth diapering. I have found all of your information extremely helpful. I think I’m sold on the Sprout. I’m also very interested in the Fuzzibunz. My big things is that I don’t like all the million snaps on the front.
    I’m going to try it first on my tiny almost 2 year old and then I am expecting another in a couple of months. I saw that you said you were going to try this on your newborn, how was it? I’m worried about bulk on a tiny one. My babies have both been right around 6 pounds and not ten until almost 3 months. Both (so far) with tiny tiny skinny chicken legs. Any suggestions for me?
    Julie Miller