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sponsorloveI don’t thank the generous sponsors of Dirty Diaper Laundry and Cloth Diaper Finder as often as I should.  Truly, there wouldn’t be a DDL if it weren’t for the companies, WAHM’s, and stores that choose to spend their hard earned advertising dollars on my website.

Here is a list of current sponsors.  When you shop for diapers and accessories consider shopping here.  Your support, and their support, mean so much to me!

Half Pint’s Baby– has a big space on DDL!  Their ad offers a coupon code for 10% off if you use DDL as the code and that will expire soon so use it while you can!

Rockin’ Green Soap– Holla!  Rockin’ Green is my longest running advertiser.  They make kick butt cloth diaper detergent, mama cloth detergent, and even Funk Rock- a product to help get the funky smell outta your diapers.

Diaper Lab- Another LONG running advertiser that runs an amazing store in Somerville, MA and is cloth diapering the heck out of Boston.  They are a family run business with a passion for cloth diapers.  They do also sell through their website.

Jack Be Natural– I’m proud to call Stacy, the mama behind the store, a friend.  Her packages arrive super fast after your place your order and she includes a handwritten note with each order.  Not only that, but they recently released an app to make mobile shopping even easier.  Oh yeah!

Thirsties– Some cloth diaper brands just stand out from the crows and Thirsties is one of them.  I’ve used their products since day 1 back in 2009 on my newborn.  Their XS cover was one of the first diapers to hit bis bum and I’ve used them every since.  It has been an honor to have them advertise here and to work with them on giveaways and promotions.  Make sure you try their Duo AIO, the most affordable One Size AIO that is made right here in the US, just like their other products.  Rock on.

SweetBottoms Baby Boutique– SBB has been a favorite place to order from since they opened.  They offer free US shipping and have so much to choose from.  They’ve also been an affiliate of mine for a while and with the credits earned there I was recently able to order over $200 in products to make a nice basket full of cloth diapers and accessories for a sorority charity auction for Make a Wish that my SIL organized.

Pumpease– Every pumping mom needs a Pumpease- the handsfree bra that makes pumping at work or at home, (or the car…shhh…) less like torture and more like NBD (no big deal.)  I swear by their product and would bet on my life that you will too after you try it.  Wendy is a pumping angel sent to earth to free mother’s hands up to do other things while they do their thing.

Figgy Fuzz– Another relatively new advertiser that I’m thrilled to have join DDL.  They sell one of my favorite products for moms, Bamboobies nursing pads, and while they may be small their offer a great selection of major brands and even WAHM made products like wool dryer balls.

Diaper Junction– I feel so much love from DJ and the owner, Bryana, has always been right behind DDL.  Not only does she advertise on DDL but she also advertises on Cloth Diaper Finder.  Diaper Junction has fast shipping and a huge product selection as well as frequent specials and deals.  Their blog is another great cloth diaper resource too!

Bummis– A cornerstone in the cloth diaper community, Bummis has been cloth diapering bums for over 25 years now!  Not only that, but I bet there are still some original 25 year old covers that still work.  They are made with care in Canada and Bummis truly cares about the quality of their products and believe in keeping their manufacturing right at home.  They also have a great blog and frequently post on laundry science, which is awfully cool.

Kissed by the Moon– This shop has really skyrocketed in popularity in part because of their responsive customer service.  They carry lots of products and also several WAHM made brands too.  They are engaged with customers on their Facebook page too.

Max and Jack’s Room– A relatively new advertiser to the blog, Max and Jack’s room has Free Shipping in the US over $15 and we call know how easy that benchmark is to hit.  It is only one diaper in most cases!  They also carry amber necklaces and other goodies besides just cloth diapers.

Fluff-n-Stuff– I’m so happy to have FNS be an advertiser on Cloth Diaper Finder, where all ad fees go right back into repairs and improvements as needed.  They not only sell diapers, but also baby carriers like the beloved Natibaby.  Check them out!

Changing Diapers Book– a Cloth Diaper Finder affiliate that I recommend to new parents and a book that makes a great baby shower gift.  It is an easy to read guide that covers the cloth diaper basics and has nice illustrated guides to help you out.  I’m honored to be mentioned in both the blog category for DDL and the resources category for Cloth Diaper Finder.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]I may be biased, but I think Dirty Diaper Laundry is a swell place to advertise your business. [/typography]  Often slots are full but keep your eyes peeled on the Advertise/PR page where you can buy ads on either site.  I also offer businesses other ways to promote through DDL such as hosting giveaways.  All of this information can be found in my media kit, downloadable through the PR page.  Thanks!

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