Smelling like BO is “The Pits”- Natural Deodorant Review

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I have a confession- I don’t wear deodorant. I have never worn deodorant on a regular basis.  When I hit puberty and received that special care package after attending my “Birds and Bees” classes I was excited about all the goodies it contained.  Tampons, Maxi Pads, and a small stick of Teen Spirit.  I couldn’t wait to need to use such adult personal care items!

I never ended up using that pretty pink tube of deodorant though.  Every so often through the years I would buy a stick with the intentions of using it.  I don’t know why I didn’t except that I assumed I didn’t sweat (I don’t unless it is extremely hot out) and I never smelled bad.  Then recently I did notice I’ve started to sweat more (moving to Florida has something to do with that) so I needed to step up my personal care game for the sake of others.  Me?  I don’t really care that much, but think of the children!

It was meant to be that Malena from ThincSkin (makers of The Balm) sent over a lovely package containing many of their products.  I knew I wanted to try their all natural diaper balm but was almost insulted that deodorant came too!  “Can you smell me from Hawaii?”  Since I didn’t wear the stuff I did take it a bit too personally.  I assumed she heard through the grapevine and was trying to do me a favor…

On a particularly hot day I decided to try it.  “The Pits” is applied by fingertip and is packaged in a nice, recyclable glass jar.  The texture was creamy with a bit of grit (if a black dot gets on you just wipe it off…)  I will admit here that the only reason I started using it daily was because the smell was amazing.  I kept sniffing myself thinking how awesome I must smell to other people.  “The Pits” became my perfume.

Then I forgot to wear it.  For science I decided, after sweating and playing with the kids outside, that I should take whiff.  As discreetly as possible I turned to my arm pit and sniffed.  There was odor.  Nothing that would knock you over from afar but if I were standing next to someone in an elevator wearing a sleeveless shirt they might detect a little eau de BO.

Intrigued by my little science experiment I decided to start paying a little more attention to my “odor.”  One day I would wear “The Pits” and do my regular daily activities.  The next I wouldn’t.  On another occasion I would work on interior painting (a laborious job when you have textured walls… let me tell you) and wear The Pits.  The next I wouldn’t.  You see where I’m going.

I noticed that, besides smelling nice, “The Pits” was helping treat the body odor.  As a life lesson or reminder- Deodorant is not the same as Anti-Perspirant.  “The Pits” will not stop you from sweating.  Now that I’m a little more aware about the scary things put into personal care products I wouldn’t wear an Anti-Perspirant to save my life!

[box]The Pits Ingredients list: Shea butter, olive oil infused with calendula & chamomile, macadamia nut oil**, coconut oil**, baking soda***, arrow root, essential oil blend of tea tree, lavender, orange[/box]

For the ULTIMATE test I brought “The Pits” with me to BlogHer ’12 in NYC.  I may not sweat a lot however I do get very sweaty when I am nervous and in a large group of people.  Seeing as how we would be crammed like sardines into elevators and sessions and parties for 4 days I knew I would need deodorant or risk being tagged as “that smelly cloth diaper blogger” or #smellydiaperblogger on Twitter.

I definitely noticed the deodorant working in this setting.  I did reapply when I had the chance in the middle of the day or late before going back out to a party.  It smelled nice and since it is made from natural ingredients I wasn’t worried about having too much on my skin.  The other benefit from using “The Pits” has been the softening effect it has on skin.  I like to put it on after shaving my underarms and it acts as a soothing lotion too.  I might be a little crazy but it even seems to be improving the smoothness (look) there too.

So there you have it.  Everything you have ever wanted to know about my personal hygiene, my deodorant-less life, and my new found love of “The Pits.”  I’m officially a convert.  I even found myself talking it up to other green bloggers I was meeting in NYC!  Thincskin also has a range of other natural body care and baby products including all natural cloth diaper safe cream, sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, and nipple butter.  Everything is packaged in recyclable containers and is made in Hawaii!   It all smells like heaven too.


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