Smartipants Smart Fit One Size Cover Review

Smartipants Smart Fit

Maybe you remember waiting for the BIG Announcement Smartipants had planned on their facebook page a while back.  I, among others, waited to find out what was up their sleeve.  I am a big fan of their One Size Sleeve Diaper (you can view my video review here) and recommend it often.  It has lasted me a long time, looks brand new, fits great, and is the trimmest pocket diaper I own.  So, I knew only good things could come.  A One Size Cover, Newborn AIO, and Wet Bags were announced.  Not earth shattering, but nice items to add to their lineup!  This review is for the Smart Fit Cover.  A new type of OS Cover that uses a snap down rise and snapping adjustments in the waist.


Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Despite it looking a little complicated due to the large amount of snaps on the front of the diaper, there is nothing hard about this cover. You may have some trial and error when trying to find the perfect snap on the front. Same goes for finding if you need to use the waist snaps or not. Then, the cover is transformed into a wrapping cover with velcro closure, easy as pie.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ I am going to go ahead and say that I expected this diaper cover to cost a little less (by a 1.00 or so), considering the very nice price point of their Sleeve Diaper. Still, at 13.95 it isn’t that pricey.  Plus, it is made in the US and has super high quality snaps that are different than any other diapers I have seen.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ At the size my son is at currently, this diaper cover has been a rock star for us. If I want a PUL cover at night this is what I choose now. Because it is “bigger” it can fit over the bulkiest, fluffiest booty no problem. It fits great over even my biggest combo: Mother-Ease Sandy’s fitted and an extra booster. HUGE!

Fit ✩✩✩✩ So I am torn about this category. There are a ton of rise adjustments. I’m not sure that many are really needed. These snaps give the diaper a finer tuning than a 3 step rise, but I have never had a problem with a 3 step or 4 step. 5 steps? Is this too many options? Because I haven’t tried from beginning to potty learning, I’m not sure how it works on either end. When the diaper is snapped to the tightest waist setting, with the tabs crossed, and on the smallest rise setting, the width of the crotch and the thigh holes still look too large for a newborn or smaller infant. The weight limit says 8-35 pounds. I think it will fit later than 8 and longer than 35.

Overall- Like I said, I am unsure if all of the snaps are needed. It looks like there is an extra 2 inches when you unsnap the waist snaps, but you still have tons of room even without them unsnapped. Maybe if there was less fabric around the waist this would be more helpful. These are good for when the baby gets bigger and older, and especially to fit over those bulky fitteds!  I will try the diaper again on an 8 pounder to see how that goes and let you know!

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A Smart Fit OS cover was sent for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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