Smart Bottoms Smart One All-in-One Video and Review

Kim's youngest son in the first Smart Bottoms AIO.

One of the diapers I was able to discover at ABC Kids Expo was the Smart One, part of the Smartbottoms line.  I had heard of this brand but previously it was only sold through home party consultants.  Now you will be seeing it available at a few retailers and online.  I really enjoyed meeting with Christy and her husband.  I also LOVE their logo and design scheme/colors and had some fun making my intro to the video demonstration.  I will admit that this diaper is not my favorite but maybe it will be yours.  Make sure to view click over if you are reading this through email to view the embedded video demonstration.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Smart One from Smart Bottoms is a true All-in-One cloth diaper. This diaper only comes in snaps, and there are 3 snaps per tab. I will say that the hip snap was hard to get used to, the position was not where most other cloth diapers have them and I had to remind myself to snap it closed each time. It was easy to forget. Taking the diaper off is easier since there is no unstuffing or need to attach laundry tabs. You can just toss it into your wet bag or pail.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ You can order the diaper for 20.00. The price is higher than some other true AIO’s but less than organic AIO’s (like the bumGenius Elemental.) It uses organic cotton for the soaker and is made in the USA. They also sell primarily through diaper consultants so if you purchase through those women you are supporting their families and Christy (the mom behind Smart Bottoms) in one swoop. Nice.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ My son is not a heavy wetter which meant the amount of absorbency was enough for us except on one occasion when I had a leak from the leg after he saturated the diaper. It is sufficient for longer car rides and naps, not nights.
Fit ✩✩ I have to say that I was not crazy about SOME of the features of this diaper and how they related to the fit. The snaps are positioned very close to the top elastic (and exposed on the inside of the diaper, a pet peeve of mine since I don’t think that is the most comfortable thing in the world for babies). Couple this with the soaker that stops before the top and you get a poof in the crotch. I also thought the width of the crotch was a bit too wide which added to the “bunchy” look. The soaker is rather stiff and I wasn’t sure if it was comfortable for Ev. The hip snap is a great idea and I like the concept but it is really better for babies with skinny legs. To avoid red marks I couldn’t snap it at all and that wasn’t great for the fit. If Ev had been a tad smaller in the legs the diaper would have fit better, it was roomy enough in the stomach area. For the review we were testing a Medium (16-24 pounds.) I remember really liking the design of the XS when I saw them though.
Overall: I really want to love the diaper. The owners are wonderful people. There is a lot of thought in the design of the diapers, it just so happens that they weren’t a good fit on Everett. I would say skinnier babies will have better luck, although I would still like the crotch to have less width. The soaker is sewn in and takes over 60 minutes in my dryer.  To take the drying time down you might want to consider wool dryer balls.  I just let it air dry after the other diapers were dry.  I am always happy to meet with diaper makers and my visit with Christy was really great.
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