Sloomb OBF Diaper Review

Mornings always seem to be the easiest time of day for my girls. It’s a cruel joke on me because I am definitely NOT a morning person. But come sunrise they are up and excited and happy and ready to play. My usual morning routine these days involves getting Harper changed and giving her a cup of water then setting up some independent play options like Eco Dough or puzzles or paper and crayons so she can entertain herself, then putting on some soft music and changing Autumn and settling in to nurse for a while and check in with my friends on my phone. By the time Harper is ready for her morning oatmeal, Autumn is content enough to play on a blanket with some toys and I can even make myself a coffee or some yogurt and fruit. By the time Harper finishes her oatmeal we get some one on one time to play and when Autumn is ready she joins us at our tea party/coloring session/dress up game/tower building. From there on out every day is different, and in general routines don’t work well for us but having this little morning habit works well for us. How are mornings at your house? Do you find having a schedule helps or do you take life as it comes?

Sloomb shrooms

Today I’m reviewing a lovely Sloomb overnight bamboo fitted featuring the sweetest whimsical pink mushrooms, very Alice In Wonderland/Through The Looking Glass and very charming. This is my extremely picky husband’s favorite diaper because it is SO soft and fluffy, even after washing in our hard water and line drying it still stays soft and squishy and is the one he always reaches for if it is clean and available.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Ease of Use✩✩✩✩✩[/typography] This fitted is pretty simple as far as assembly goes, the single extra long soaker has snaps to keep it in place, and it can be folded in a few different ways, but it’s pretty foolproof if someone is just winging it and has no idea what they are doing they will still probably manage to get the diaper on and snapped fast without issue. The only concern would be making sure a waterproof cover is put on over the diaper.  Wash time is just as simple, unsnap the soaker and you’re good to go. Cotton prints generally fade over time but over the past two months I’ve been using this in heavy rotation (to ensure an accurate review for you) and with cloth diaper safe detergent and line drying I haven’t noticed any of the fading that was apparent by this time with other cotton wrapped fitteds I own. I’m sure it will fade eventually, but I believe the print and colors Sloomb chose has contributed to the fading issue being less apparent.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Bang for the Buck✩✩✩✩[/typography] Sloomb fitteds are listed at 35 dollars, or 39 for the XL for children over 32 lbs. While this is on the higher end, I see other diapers (especially WAHMs) going for much higher and they don’t always use the same quality materials. I especially love that these are made in the USA (sewn in Denver, Colorado) and for every diaper purchased a tree is planted. How cool is that?

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Performance ✩✩✩✩✩[/typography] This diaper is made of seventy percent bamboo and thirty percent cotton on the interior, with a printed cotton exterior, and it comes with a soaker that is three layers thick and double length. It snaps in place and can be folded to provide six layers of protection all over, or extra absorbency in the front or back if needed. There are extra soakers available for purchase, but I’m having a hard time imagining a scenario in which they would be necessary. Even with my almost five month old wearing this diaper all night while waking several times to nurse she still woke up happy and while the diaper was saturated it was not leaking through the cover. I usually use a wool cover but used a PUL cover with this diaper several times to make sure it wasn’t just being wicked away, and her cotton pajamas remained completely dry (aside from some drool under her chin, of course… I mean, she is a baby).


[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Fit ✩✩✩✩✩[/typography] These diapers are sized, with five different size choices so if you know your child’s weight or can measure their legs or waist you can select a diaper that is just right for your little one. There is some flexibility on the sizing, of course. I tested a size medium, suggested for weights 14-22 lbs, and it fits Autumn at 19 lbs beautifully, but it also fits Harper at 24 lbs and seems like it will continue to fit for a while. With a gorgeous diaper like this, I intend to keep using it as long as I can! I like that there is a single extra female snap on the wing of the diaper that can be used as a crossover snap to help fit the diaper on especially thin babies, having a very trim two year old I always look for ways to find the best possible fit and additional sizing options are always helpful.
As is the case with any fitted, this is a rather fluffy diaper for daytime/out and about use, and the cover you’ll need will add a bit to the bulk. This is no problem if you’re rocking the fluffy bum with a dress or loose skirt, or if you size up on your baby’s pants. My favorite way to see this diaper is with Sloomb basewoolies, luxurious wool leggings (for boys or girls) that can be worn out and about and are so incredibly cute.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Overall:[/typography]

I have a pretty big crush on this diaper, it’s pretty much the whole package. It has good looks and strength, comes from a good neighborhood and has incredible character. Wait, are we talking about my husband or a diaper here? Okay, so quick recap; adorable print, lasts all night, sewn in the US, and Sloomb plants a tree for every cloth diaper purchased so you’re helping the environment not only by not filling the planet with disposable diapers but also by putting your dollars behind a company that is helping to make the world a better place. Okay, I’ll stop gushing. But it’s not easy. Kim tells me when folks check out the Cloth Diaper Resource Table at MommyCon she catches them petting this diaper because of how soft and fluffy it is. Also, for you Kimya Dawson fans (most people know her from the Juno soundtrack) there is even a SustainableBabyish song! I found it on their website under their Ethos tab, like a fun little Easter Egg.

[typography font=”Crafty Girls” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Where to Buy:[/typography] Kelly’s Closet


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