Send me to Blissdom 2010 in Toronto!

Picture 18I have not been to a blogging conference yet.  Do you know why?  Because I either procrastinate and don’t buy my ticket in time (Blogher) or I am too pregnant.  Blissdom 2010 is being held at the end of October in Toronto.  Toronto is a 4 hour drive for me and the date is over 2 weeks after my due date.

I have decided that I am going to go, but I can’t do it alone! I am looking for a few sponsors who would be willing to help with the cost of a ticket and hotel. No need for airfare because I will be driving.

As a sponsor companies will be featured on my website and my other social media outlets as well at the conference itself.  I am looking specifically for sponsors that I can easily promote at Blissdom.  And here is what I am thinking…. I will have my adorable newborn son with me.  I will be wearing him and diapering him and breastfeeding him.  Wouldn’t it be awesome for a baby carrier company, diaper company, and/or breastfeeding company to help this mama out? I will also be carrying a diaper bag, so those companies can apply too!  I will be with lots of mamas who will see me around so this is already great exposure!

If I could I would pay for my own ticket and lodging to avoid “begging” for a sponsor.  Bu frankly, I can’t.  Plus I have a lot to offer to a sponsor who fits my readership. I wouldn’t agree to be sponsored by a company I wouldn’t promote anyway so you can rest assured I won’t be going thanks to the P word (rhymes with Hampers).  I’d love to learn how to make my blog better.  My mission has always been to promote cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and other “crunchy” topics close to my heart.  If I can reach more readers that is even better.  I am kind of amazed at how far my website has come since it began over a year ago.  I didn’t think I would have ten readers, yet alone the 1,000 plus a day who make it here.  I love every one of you guys and I am so glad you stop in.  Plus, I love drilling you for advice!

So, if you are out there sponsors, contact me so we can chat about a possible working relationship! I promise my baby will look good in your product.  Have you seen my first baby?  He is adorable!  Lightening will strike twice!

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  • Meghan

    “Have you seen my first baby? He is adorable! Lightening will strike twice!”

    Thanks for the morning laugh! Not that I don’t think its true (it sure is!) but its an awesome way of saying it!

  • Sounds like fun, but what if the newbie isn’t like your first? My baby would scream every time I tried to wear him (very disappointing) and he never (and I mean NEVER) quit eating… he doubled his weight by 2 months. And the pooping every 2 minutes? I had to change my baby 12-16x per day in the first couple of weeks… I couldn’t pack a diaper bag that would cover that. And PP bleeding… ick. You are braver than me, by 1000x.

  • Kristin

    You are WAY braver than me which is why you should get sponsors. I thought taking my 2 week old baby to church was a big outing!

  • Carolyn

    You may want to check and make sure you can take your newborn to Canada. I think you have to have a passport now or at the very least proof of citizenship for children as well as adults. I hope it works out for you.