Seeking Contributors for -Cloth in Daycare- in September


In September Dirty Diaper Laundry is going to explore using cloth diapers in daycare.  It is that time of year where kids are heading back to school and many children are also beginning their first time in daycare or preschool.  Because I’ve always worked from home or been a Stay at Home Mom I’ve never had to worry about the logistics of cloth diapers in daycare.  As a resource I do want to post more on this topic for the many parents who expect to find everything about cloth diapers here.

That’s where YOU come in.  Have you ever had to fight the system to get your daycare to use cloth diapers?  Or maybe you are an organized parent who would love to share with the world how you balance packing a bag for daycare full of cloth diapers on top of working a full time job?  Do you have a diaper that your care provider raves about?

I’m looking for posts about these topics and more!  If you have a knack for writing and experience with cloth diapering in daycare consider writing an article to share here on Dirty Diaper Laundry! DDL is a popular website for cloth diapering resources and your author bio and links to your websites will be included. Anyone can apply including other bloggers, non-bloggers who want to share their experience, even store owners or diaper makers. I want to share YOUR experience with my readers!

Fill Out The Form If Interested.

During the month of September I will also be looking to partner with cloth diapers that are easy on daycare providers and highlight them here on the blog with a giveaway.  If that happens to fit your brand or you are a store who would like to partner with DDL on a giveaway Contact Me! or email


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  • Stacey

    I did a post for the CD Whisper you could always use in reference.

    I’m nearly done with diapers now and crazy busy and don’t blog much anymore so I’ll let some other folks write up some new stuff but just thought I would add in for maybe a resources link.

  • Jessyka

    I work in a daycare and we recently had a new baby that uses Bum Genius 4.0 snaps. We had never had any cloth diapers at the center before but were very open and willing to give it a try. Happy to report that we’ve all fallen in love with them. When my husband and I have kids we definitely plan on using cloth diapers!!

    • kimrosas

      This is so cool to hear! I hope you will tune in this month and learn more about using cloth diapers in daycare!