Seams Geeky Pocket Protector One Size Review

Seams Geeky
Seams Geeky

The moment I saw Seams Geeky diapers I knew one would be mine.  The choices almost all called to me- Mario and Zelda especially.  I went with a Zelda themed diaper because it has the biggest chunk of my game loving heart.  I’ve been working on Skyward Sword ever since I got the game on my birthday.  Gaming with kids…. well….. it is a long process.  Now that I have had the diaper for a while I can give you the review.  There are positives and negatives, just like any diaper.  Sadly, the WAHM behind the diaper is not taking orders currently due to a family emergency and a backlog of orders she is catching up on.  If you must own one you will have to keep an eye out for her shop to open up again for diaper orders.  Her diaper recently won the “Geeky” themed competition on Diaper Wars for her R2D2 diaper.


Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Being that the Seams Geeky Pocket Protector only has 2 snaps per tab it is much easier to put on than snapping diapers with many more. You can see in the video that even after wrestling my son it didn’t take long to put on. The stuffing part is the hardest for me, even though I have small hands, it is hard to get the insert in and laying flat. The material lining the diaper is stretchy which does help but being so narrow it means that their included insert has to be folded very thin and still you need to work it to make it flat.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ I love finding new diapers to try and there are SO MANY WAHM’s that it is a never ending journey. Not all WAHM diapers are created equal. The craftsmanship on these is very good, you almost can’t believe they were sewn by hand and not mass produced by a company with expensive equipment. It looks very finished and polished. The embroidery is well done (machine of course) and stitching looks great. The insert is microfiber, nothing fancy, but the prefold like style of it is nicer than a chunkier insert with all the layers together.  They retail for $24.95 plus $4.00 shipping… yes more than a lot of diapers but they have a lot of character.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ This diaper works well during the day but if you are a parent of a heavy wetter then don’t expect to be able to stuff anything beyond the included insert inside. I can just barely get that one inside! You could try other inserts but again, some are made wider than the width of this diaper. I did get one leak while Ev napped in the diaper. I didn’t have any others during our many times using it. My older son demands that his younger brother wear this diaper when it is clean because he is a Zelda fan now too.

Middle rise setting, a little too low
Unsnapped to the largest setting… just right.

Fit ✩✩✩ When this diaper shipped to me it was TINY. Think- newborn diaper tiny. On the smallest setting with the insert perfectly folded and in place this sucker looks practically the size of a Lil’ Joey… it put fear into my heart that, once unsnapped, it would be far too small for my 2+ year old. Even after unsnapping the diaper it looked like a small. With years of experience I didn’t panic since a lot of the times the tightly bunched elastic will stretch enough to fit larger sizes. Still, Ev is working on either the middle or unsnapped size but I don’t know how long he can wear it. The other issue we have had is regarding the lack of “contouring” in the crotch. I love that it is so narrow because it gives moms looking for that style of diaper one more option (from few), however, there is an abrupt move from crotch to waist rather than a gradual curve. This has meant that there is sometimes a gap where the crotch goes to waist since it goes skinny to wide. I tried to get a photo of this in action. It also makes it appear that my son is wearing a codpiece instead of a diaper since the insert can only flatten as far as the width of the crotch so it is poofier than most inserts that have the room to lay flat. I wish I could add in some experience regarding the fit on smaller babies. If you have tried these and have that experience please leave a comment!

Notice the gap?

Overall: As much as I love how these diapers look with the adorable design and color coordinating snaps and their quality, the fit and comfort isn’t there compared to my other diapers. The elastic is very thin and this does lead to more red marks. We have experienced this firsthand. Not all red marks are bad or uncomfortable but I tend to think that, if the diaper is too tight and the elastic is thin, it can be uncomfortable. Please read about red marks here for more. I do appreciate that this brand is catering to moms like myself who do love to outfit their children in fun and geeky diapers. As it turns out, it seems the purpose of the male and female half/half design is so that the tabs can snap to one another as a “snap and wrap” way of rolling a dirty diaper into itself.   I really want to LOVE this diaper but it is just OK. I think with some tweaks to the curve in the crotch and maybe wider leg elastic it could be an amazing diaper. I would still own every design if I could afford it if that says anything about my love for Nintendo and cloth diapers…
Where to Buy Seams Geeky on Etsy (although she is not stocking for a while, check her Facebook page for updates.)

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  • I have a Seams Geeky diaper and have been using it from newborn up until now (2.5 months). The crotch is bulky with the insert it comes with and with the narrow crotch its hard to fit different inserts in because they are too wide. (the Hemp Baby doubler fits perfect…trim and narrow). That’s what I did to avoid the bulk. Now that she is on the middle rise I use the insert it came with but we don’t have gapping issues.

    The fit is more like a disposable to me so it does look a little weird next to the poofy cloth butts, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I love the narrow crotch and the leg room it provides–I think it will be great when she starts walking.

    I have never had a leak and it holds poop great! This diaper took the biggest poo we have had yet with ease (and it’s easy to shake off). Stuffing is hard–I have pretty small hands and it is difficult to get the insert flat. Which brings me to the gap your son has… looks like it might be because the insert is not laying flat but again that’s a little hard to do… I think a different insert would work better with this diaper. Otherwise love!!!

    I can’t wait to get my Zelda diaper when shop opens… I have the glow in the dark Tron one :3

    Here is a pic

    • kimrosas

      Thanks for that helpful information, I appreciate it!

  • FYI, Fancy Cloth Baby also does that half and half thing with the snaps. I love it! Also, think of the practicality of using the equal numbers of sockets and studs as the maker! 🙂

    • I know Chelory does the same thing too

      • kimrosas

        I didn’t know that about Chelory. I’ve only tried their velcro diapers.

    • Katheryn Moore

      I’m sure the draw of using the same number of studs and sockets is part of the reason. Looking at the pics on FB, it seems like there’s another reason. In the photo of the Dalek diaper, one of the images is of the diaper rolled as if it were dirty with the tabs snapped together. Pretty nifty, I think.

  • Melissa M

    We have 4 of these diapers, and they are probably my favorites. I’m only diapering a 6 month old right now, but these fit her as well as anything else we’ve used (she’s not a skinny baby either). We’ve only had a leak a couple of times, and that is when she wore it all night (6/7 hours), and she wets pretty heavily, at least compared to my first. I’ve never had any trouble fitting the insert in either. On the whole I find them easier to stuff than the Fuzzibunz and even the BGs. Also, I love that the inserts are neon yellow, because I can always find them in the laundry. 🙂