Sara Snow talks about Cloth Diapers on GMA

gmaIn case you missed it, this morning Sara Snow, Green Living Expert, appeared on Good Morning America to talk about how to green your baby’s diapers.  She broke it down into “green’ greener’ greenest” as far as diapering options go.

She discussed chlorine free disposables (the green option), which while they might be slightly better as far as the chemicals within go, are no better for the environment.

Next, the “greener” option, were hybrid systems.  She highlighted G Diapers and Flip.  (Here is a video comparing G Diapers to Gro Baby, and my video review of the Flip system.)

Bum Genius 3.0
Bum Genius 3.0

The “greenest” option is of course cloth diapers.  On the set she had Bum Genius, which she announced she plans to use with her baby.  Unfortunately, she was cut short due to time and hardly got to talk about the cloth diapers!  She was able to briefly mention a diaper sprayer and getting rid of the solid waste.

I was pretty happy with the representation of cloth diapers, and even more happy by the discussion of the chemicals contained in disposables.  The host said he was shocked by how many chemicals were in them and said it was scary stuff!  Bravo!

If you want to watch the segment and read the write up about how to green your baby’s diaper on ABC News, follow this link.

I just love it when cloth diapers get media attention!

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