Rumparooz One Size Cover Review

Rumparooz OS Cover
Rumparooz OS Cover

Rumparooz keep coming out with new products!  I can hardly keep up, and they have more on the horizon.  Known for their popular One Size G2 Pocket Diapers and tiny Lil’ Joeys Newborn diapers, they have released a One Size and Newborn Cover as well.  Like their other diapers this comes with the option of Snaps or Velcro.  I reviewed the one size cover.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I chose the aplix version since putting a fitted on, then a cover, already takes more time than a pocket or all-in-one diaper.  I wanted to save myself some time.  If you choose the snaps it will take a little bit longer to put on the baby.  Keep in mind you have 2 things to put on.  To size the diaper it is very easy, there are 3 snaps across and 3 rise snap settings.  You won’t need to do this very often at all.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The Newborn version (4-12 pounds) is 10.00 and the One Size cost 14.00. I think this price is pretty fair, though higher than many well known covers in the same category. RaR use TPU and vibrant, brand specific prints that many are willing to pay a premium price for.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ I used these primarily overnight and had no leaks with them at all. This is partially because I use great, absorbent fitteds with them. The cover has nice double leg gussets to hold in all that icky runny newborn poop.  I did have an incident with a trifolded flat and a gigantic newborn poop that defied the gussets and I was shocked.  I think much of this was related to the user (me) not getting it on properly!

Fit ✩✩✩ For my 17 pounder the cover fits him on the medium (2 snaps exposed) rise snap. For whatever reason I always find this setting on the RaR to fit strangely on my kids.  The aplix strip did rub my son’s stomach once so I have been extra careful with how I put it on him ever since. Snaps would obviously not cause this issue.

Overall: I wanted to fall in love with this cover because I was not in love with the G2. I wanted to love it because it would give me the chance to play with those fun prints. I don’t hate it, but it wasn’t love. I know many of you are RaR fans and I am a little jealous. They definitely worked for our purposes though. I just don’t think it fit my son as comfortably as I wanted it to.  I might have liked the snaps version more since the thick aplic made the cover “bubble” up the way it was sewn.

Where to buy: Check out my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, for the Newborn and One Size Cover.  Free shipping over 49!

I purchased this cover for the review myself using affiliate credits from Granola Babies. The people want what they want and I am happy to oblige when I can.

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  • KrIstin

    I wanted to love these covers also… But I don’t. They quality is supurb but the fit is not on my 26 lber or my 14 lber I have snap and the rise just is aqward and the elastic in the front bunches up making the rise not work verywell since the cover sits down a bit on the elastic.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean! They are made so well! But the fit wasn’t there for
      us either 🙁

  • Quin

    LO isn’t due til August but I took advantage of Kanga Cares birthday promotion on Friday. I purchased a OS, a pack of lil Joey’s and two OS covers. I’m hoping there will be some love for those products.

  • Bethanyhaid

    I have the snaps and I disagree with the review on the fit… maybe it is the snaps though! I think its a superior cover and I would give it an A… better than Thirsties Duo and better than Bummis Super Brites, our pick covers. Now I’d give those a B!

  • Nikole H.

    What fitted do you use? I read your reference to the great fitteds you use on several reviews. Please share 🙂 ngiraldi @ gmail . com

    • Anonymous

      I use several.

      Babykicks Organic OS, Little Beetle Little to Big, Sbish Multi Snapless, and
      Thirstues Duo are my favorites. Motherease Sandy’s for when my toddler was
      in diapers at night.

      You almost can’t go wrong with a fitted!

      • Nikole H.

        Thanks. I don’t have any fitteds of my own, (borrowing one from a friend now) but do have a handful of covers and would love some additional ways to use them.

  • I’m not a fan of the fit either. I have the snap version. The front elastic is really awkward and doesn’t lay nicely. Also, the coverage is really full in the rear. It’s really blousy. I prefer a snugger fitting cover.

  • Shannon Reed

    I like the Rumparooz– I think it just depends on the baby =) Great post!