Rumparooz G2 (old version) One Size Review


This is a review of the first style of G2 so I am told.  I have no reviewed the newest version so I cannot speak to the improvements, however I am told via the comments that the rise has been improved.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ Applying the diaper on your baby is very easy, as long as it is prestuffed you just need to close 4 snaps, 2 on each tab, around the baby’s waist.  Changing the rise setting requires 3 snaps total, but it is still super easy and you only need to do it every so often.  Stuffing the diaper/ unstuffing will be the most tedious, but this diaper is no harder to stuff than most other pocket diapers.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰ The average cost of a G2 is about 23.00.  This is roughly 5 more than the normal price of a standard pocket diaper.  The G2 has features that are unique and desirable: the channeled inside, the soft micro-chamois, prints, and the interior leg gusset.  However, I don’t expect this diaper will last every child until potty learning.  My son can wear it completely unsnapped, and snapped below it tends to slide down and give him plumber butt no matter how tight I snap it.  He is 50% for his height.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ Even though we had issues with fit I never had leaking.  I never had to use the booster, the regular microfiber soaker was enough for my son who is not a heavy wetter.


Fit ✰✰✰ If you expect your baby to potty learn at a younger age, or if you make tiny babies, then maybe the rise won’t be a problem for you.  The good news is that the diaper should truly fit a newborn because it gets very small.  Bad news, it probably won’t last until potty learning.  I am not sure why the diaper kept giving my son plumber butt, despite me  tightening the snaps it still sagged, but it was fine unsnapped on the butt.  Instead, I had a gap in front I couldn’t get rid of.

Overall– There are plenty of things I really enjoyed about this diaper, like the soft lining and channel inside the diaper, the nice inner gussets, and the selection of colors and prints.  Plus you can choose from aplix and snaps.  However, be aware the fit may not last until potty learning, and you might end up between sizes like my son did.

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  • FYI…this is the first style G2. This style has been altered to offer a full body PUL design, no separate tabs so no wicking on side sleepers. Additionally, the rise has been slightly adjusted and definitely fits up to 35+ lbs and about age 4.

  • the gape in the front is way better on aplix versions, and it’s easier to get a good fit. These are a recent find of mine, and they’re my new favs. Even the one I bought secondhand which had already been used on TWO kids is really soft and the original soaker is still really absorbent. To me, these “wear” much better than other kinds of pocket diapers, and are much softer to boot. Wish they were a little cheaper though, it’s hard for me to imagine that the alternate fabric and extra leg gusset makes them THAT much more expensive to manufacture than their competition. But it’s not outrageous for a diaper I love. I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t LOVE it though. 🙂
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..I *Heart* Sunshine =-.

  • Rachelle

    Favourite would definitely be Fleurville diaper bags

  • Rachelle

    oops wrong place hehe

  • Linde Althaus

    After reading Julie’s comment, I’m wondering if all my Rump*a*Rooz are the old G2s? These are my favorite diapers, but I have them completely unsnapped for an almost 7 month old…

  • I used the new Rumparooz for four months before the PUL wore out. The laminate cracked and peeled off around the label, seams, and snaps. This happened on ALL of my diapers, after carefully following washing instructions every time. I have to start from scratch on my diaper stash. Buy something else!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..It’s been a couple weeks now =-.

    • Vic

      I just found this comment after doing a bit of research on g2 rumparooz – I bought one in the robotics print because I thought it was so damn cute & am so impressed with the features that I’ve put more on lay-away… anywho, from my searching I found out there were a batch of defectively laminated naps – they will replace them for you if you contact them. 🙂

  • Lsinger7

    Hi, quick question I hope someone can answer. I am expecting my first in July and I really want to cloth diaper. I have heard such wonderful things about rumparooz and I plan to get them for the little one on the way. I just want to know if the whole diaper (shell and inserts) needs changing for just a #1.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, any pocket diaper will need to be placed in the pail or wet bag after
      #1 since the pee will have wet the lining. If you want reusable covers and
      replaceable inserts an All in Two would be a good idea like Flips.

  • Christina D

    I am doing a diaper trial right now for my 15 month old son (trying to try out some different pockets as I’ve been having an issue finding one I -really- like) and I was pleasantly surprised by this diaper!  My son is quite large, he’s 34 inches tall and almost 28 lbs, and I had my doubts that the Rumparooz would fit very well, but it actually REALLY did.  I’m expecting a new baby in March, and I love how small this diaper gets!  I’m really hoping that I can use this one diaper brand for both of my kids!

    I use FuzziBunz Large for my son at night as I need a diaper that can fit the super long Super Do insert in it, but otherwise I think the RaRz would work fine for naps and daytime use for him.  I’m just not sure what to expect in the next year or so.  If he gets much taller I might start having the plumber butt effect, but I’m also expecting him to thin out a little bit, so I’m hoping that will help with the sizing.

    How old was your son when you did this review with him and how big was he?

  • brittany

    I’ve used Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz diapers. The fuzzibuns I got as a gift at my baby shower and it has leaked everytime I put it on my little girl. Rumparooz are the brand I wanted after reading an article in a parenting magazine titled, “The diaper road trip.” It was given an A+ rating. I started out with the pocket diapers and love them. My little girl is long and skinny (90th percentile in height and 15-25th percentile in weight) and they fit her amazingly in most places, but she does end up with extra room in the belly (the diaper covers have elastic around the belly and I don’t have that problem). The inner gussets hold in all the mess in the pocket diaper. We recently purchased their diaper covers, as well. They are more wallet friendly and if she tinkles in them all we have to do is get any tinkle out and wipe it dry which means less laundry for me. The covers dry a lot faster, but the pocket diapers take the win for ease of use. Plus, the pocket diapers’ inner gussets go the full length of the bottom and work better than the gussets in the diaper covers where the inner gussets only go part way around the legs. I use the pocket diapers for night time use and they are amazing! I double them and don’t have to change them until morning (she usually only tinkles at night) and when she wakes up her bottom will be less red than when she went to bed. I bought reusable liners for when she has diaper rash and needs A&D on her bottom so it doesn’t hurt the absorbancy of the diaper at all. If you use the covers I suggest green mountain diaper prefolds (cloth-eez). I bought them in the large size and fold them to fit. Also, the sizing is different in the pocket diaper and the diaper covers. She is 4 months and wears the pocket diaper on the second smallest size and wears the diaper cover on the smallest size. If she were a newborn and using the covers we would have to get disposables for a little bit. or buy the little joey.

  • Brittany

    Also, as far as sticking your hand in to get the insert out and not being able to shake it free goes, I pull back the opening and manuver the corner of the insert out which is always free of poop and usually tinkle. It’s really not an issue. Plus, you are going to want to wash your hands anyways after putting dirty diapers in the wash, so why should it matter. A little tinkle never hurt anyone!

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I know it will help others!