Roadtrippin’ With Two Kids and Cloth Diapers, part deux

We survived yet another day of driving yesterday.  This leg took us from Hagerstown, MA to Charlotte, NC.  I am so glad we broke up the drive.  It was another successful trip.  No crying, minimal whining, and no diaper catastrophes.

I used the Best Bottoms shell for Fletcher to swim in since I forgot his Swimmi.  He ended up wearing a bumGenius! 4.0 shell with biosoakers.  Everett had a Gro Baby which he used overnight with a biosoaker, and when that shell had some poop in it in the morning we switched to the same Gro Via shell he wore the day before that I washed in the sink and hung to dry overnight.

Both boys used Biosoakers for the entire trip.  I am very impressed.  I have used them before on a plane trip.  I believe not using the stickers helped make things a whole lot easier.  I was using them in the Gro Baby and trying to sticker them on a plane changing table.  Just laying them in was easy and leaves no sticky residue.  They stayed in place just fine.

Other than the biosoakers our trip was made easier by a portable DVD player, Chuggington, and a baby who loves to sleep in his car seat.  Ev slept virtually the entire trip, both days.

As for the hotel, we cosleep so we didn’t need to pack any beds.

And for food, I bring that with me wherever I go.  It is the perfect temperature so no need for bottle warmers.  He also drinks straight from the tap so there are no bottles needed.  I don’t know how people travel with bottles, what a pain!

We will be in NC for 2 weeks with family.  Like I said before, I am using cloth here.  I packed light (by my standards).  I unpacked the diapers and put them in this basket.  Ev’s diapers are on the left, Fletcher’s on the right.

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