Registering (and getting) Cloth Diapers at a Baby Shower


 “But you’ll quit in the first few weeks so I got you disposables as a back-up!”

How many moms have heard this?  As frustrating as it can be to have a family member or friend dismiss something that means a great deal to you, it can be even more soul crushing to have them doubt your ability to follow-through with a task.  I too was told I would quit, though no one bought disposables for my baby shower in 2008 they didn’t buy cloth diapers either.  (PS, did I show them OR WHAT?!)


Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.07.07 PMToday not only can you register for cloth diapers at an online retailer that specializes in the product (may I suggest Kelly’s Closet?) you can add them to your registry at places like Babies ‘R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Target! Even has a registry and yes, they sell cloth too.

Is there a secret to actually getting the cloth diapers you’ve registered for?  No.  Absolutely not.  Every person and family will be different.  You know your circle of friends best, not to mention there may be cultural reasons behind purchases and traditions.  The consensus out there today is that it is still hard to get modern cloth diapers at a baby shower.

Add cloth diapers to your registry

My first tip to getting cloth diapers at your baby shower is to register for them!  You can’t get what you don’t ask for.  For most of the people shopping you are speaking another language.  Older family members recognize the term but are confused by the product (it has snaps?  Where are the pins?  Why don’t these need a cover?)  Rather than expecting them to figure it out themselves just register for exactly what you want.

Talk about cloth diapers

Open a dialogue with your close friends and family.  If cloth diapering is something you are committed to then let them know that.  You may or may not want disposables (hey, they can be handy once in a while) but if you are hoping to get a lot of help with your stash it may be worthwhile to mention how much you’re looking forward to using cloth diapers and WHY.  A subtle hint now and then never killed anyone.

Keep it Simple

Keep your registry realistic and basic.  By paring down to the essentials (does your baby really need that plush cotton robe and slippers or the decorative giant giraffe?) your guests will find it easier to shop for you and their eyes won’t glaze over with a 5 page print-out at Target.  Shooting fish diapers in a barrel is easier when the barrel is smaller.  This tactic will benefit your overall as well so put some thought into what you really need and want- be a great baby registry editor.

Break it up

Register for individual items or smaller packages, not the full set.  If you only add a larger “buy it all at once” package like those that cost several hundred dollars, you lower your chances of getting any diapers at all.  Either someone buys the whole thing or no one does.  By letting people pick a diaper or two or an accessory off the list you can at least hope to add a few diapers to your baby’s stash.

Spell it Out

Even though a gift is a gift I believe to some degree a mother’s registry should be followed.  It is customary to register for weddings and baby showers and in the case of baby showers, parents know not only what they need, but what they will use.  This is why you may want to be more than subtle about your desire to cloth diaper, especially if you are on a tight budget and are relying on the baby shower to help you get started.


You can even try including a not-so-subtle poem in your invitations (or use these FREE invitations for cloth diapering moms from Cloth Diaper Geek!)

Or ask for a Gift Card

If you know your friends and family well enough to foresee their reluctance about buying cloth diapers you may want to skip registering for them directly and instead ask for gift cards to places that sell diapers online or in store.  To some, this is considered tacky (asking for gift cards) but again, this is your life and you understand the rules of your circle.  Another option is to collect funds in a jar to go towards the diapers at the baby shower itself.


Have you gone through registering for cloth diapers and getting them (or not getting them) at your baby shower?  Share your experience in the comments!

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  • Sam

    I registered for only 18 things when I was expecting my son. Cloth diapers making up half of those! Two of my family members currently CD too, so I figured I’d get some. But no one bought me any! I was so disappointed because they were really all we needed. Found out later no one got me any because 1) they didn’t understand how purchase them off the registry and 2) they also didn’t think I’d stick with it…but 18 months later we’re still exclusively using them. At daycare too!

  • Clara

    I just had my baby shower last weekend, and I was lucky to receive some of the prefolds, covers, and econobum trial sets I registered for! Talking about cloth diapers with family and close friends early on helped, plus this is my 2nd and they saw me use cloth dupes with my first 5 years ago ( when I didn’t get any cloth diapers at that shower). Also, this time I’m going with less expensive flats & prefolds so they were lower in cost, too ( with my first I almost exclusively used bg pockets). I’m excitedly washing up my new prefolds and flats this weekend to prep them!

  • Erin Furth

    I got one diaper from a co-worker for my baby shower with my son over four years ago. I heard lots of people doubt that I would stick with it and that I would change my mind when the baby arrived. Now I’ve cloth diapered two kids and continue to use them for nap/nighttime for my daughter. Whenever I see cloth on somebody’s registry I buy them some!

  • Mel

    I registered for several cloth diapering items and received nothing. I did receive an entire case of disposables that could not be returned because they were turned into an awesome diaper motorcycle. It was seriously adorable! We ended up returning several things that were duplicates and we found we didn’t need. With the money we got back and the pile of gift cards and cash, I was able to buy 90% of my cloth diaper stash and accessories. I also have a bunch of diapers on hand just in case we may need them. All in all, everything worked out well for us.

  • RebeccaC

    We’ll see.. my shower is on Saturday. Just about everyone besides my husband thinks we are crazy for wanting to cloth diaper, and that there is no way we’ll stick to it. We’ve gotten a lot of hand-me-down stuff from family, so our registry is pretty small. I’ve gotten several complaints that ” there isn’t enough cute stuff”. When I point out the absolutely adorable dipes, they’ll say they don’t want to buy diapers.

    It’s frustrating, because our budget is quite small (so help getting our stash going would be huge), and our living space is also pretty tiny (so all these adorable toys and gimmicky baby things are going to become clutter very quickly). We are consciously trying to not get overwhelmed with baby stuff, but so many people are insistent on getting a big fluffy stuffed animal instead of something practical (but still cute!). And then I feel guilty, because I’m not entitled to get ANYTHING from people, so I should just be grateful they are willing to dip into their budgets for us. It’s just a bit disheartening.

  • Sarah

    I registered for cloth diapers and some accessories. I talked with my family and friends about how and why we planned on using cloth. But- I didn’t get a single diaper registry item. Like another poster mentioned, I did get a TON of disposables that I won’t use (their perfume-y smell makes me nauseous even when I’m not prego!) but they were opened and used for a bunch of seriously adorable bouquets, baby carriages, and little babies. I am grateful for any gift I receive, but why couldn’t someone just use cloth diapers instead of the ‘sposies for those cute things? Sometimes its just frustrating I guess….

  • Leigh

    I like using to have one registry, but from several stores. It makes it easy to register for cloth diapers from a small shop with a big cloth section rather than whatever is at target.