Ragababe Easy AIO and Organic ‘2-Step’ Review

Ragababe AIO and Organic 2-Step

I had been drooling over the Ragababe diapers since seeing them on various websites.  The prints and styling were some of the cutest I had ever seen.  They truly do have a unique style and edge to them.  I have been able to try their All in One and Organic ‘2-Step’ in various sizes so I have a pretty good idea of how they work.  Both diapers are in one video.

Ragababe Easy AIO:

Ease of Use ✩✩✩Their AIO is truly a one step, on and off, super easy to use diaper.  It mimics a disposable in every way except that you will need to secure the laundry tabs before washing.  I have been leaving these out for my babysitter and she loves toe newspaper print.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ These are definitely not the least expensive diapering option.  If you are looking to cloth diaper on a VERY tight budget I wouldn’t go for a stash of these, but maybe pick yourself up one or two for the pretty factor.  The AIO runs 25.95 for a print or 22-23.95 for a solid color.  There are AIO’s for less, and some for more, though these are on the high end.  The diaper has so many selling points that you may very well want to pay the extra money for them.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The Newborn Ragababe AIO was in my top 3 favorite diapers, if not my absolute favorite.  It never leaked, not once, compared to other NB diapers which all leaked at least 1 time a little bit.  My son tested the Large and we have also had great success without adding any extra inserts.  The diaper itself in incredibly light.  It feels like air.  Kind of amazing actually.  The elastic really fits great on my guys’ legs too.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ We have tried 3 sizes of the AIO: NB, Small, and Large.  For my kids’ these have been on the money for what we need.  The large still has room for growth but fits my skinny toddler really well in the legs and waist.  The NB lasted us right up to around 12 pounds, and the small is now fitting Ev and will for a little while, tho he is pretty hefty so he will probably fit a Medium very soon if not already.  The elastic kept in all of the runny poops too.

Overall: Without sounding like a rabid Beiber fan I will just say that these diapers are Uh Ma Zing.  Yeah, I went there.  They are very much my style and any little punk rock kid would love to wear them.  The print are unique and the colors are still bold and fun.  Even the white diaper has an edge thanks to the black velcro and star tabs.  The laundry tabs are pretty strong but I have had them come undone in the washer or dryer.  My only complain was that occasionally the tab would come undone a little and rub the baby’s waist or thigh.  Likely it was me not being careful when I put it on but it is something to keep in mind.  You hate seeing a little red spot and knowing it hurt the baby.  Ragababe has a cultish online following for a good reason!

Ragababe ‘2-Step’

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The ‘2-Step’ is an “all in two” system that reuses an outer shell and has replaceable inserts.  These inserts are super soft organic cotton.  The inside of the shell has suedecloth lining.  The diaper comes itself is fairly simple to use.  It has the same velcro closure as the AIO but there is a snap down rise system.  It isn’t a one size fits most diaper, but has 3 sizes to be discussed later.  The abosrbent cotton insert can be snapped in and replaced when wet.  There are also boosters you can get to increase absorbency if needed.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Once again, this diaper is on the high range at 29.95.  You can get discounts by bying packages, something you might want when buying a system like this.  Again, these diapers are freaking adorable so a splurge might be worth it for you.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ These did leak a couple of times for me.  Today in fact my husband put the Size 1 on my toddler, but it was snapped down to fit my 8 week old.  This didn’t work out so great lol.  We also had a leak when I thought the unsnapped setting would work on the Size 0 for my then 7 week old but it was a little too big so we had a leak.  If the sizing is right they work great.  The cotton inserts hold a very large amount of liquid.  I know I have taken them off of my toddler and it was heavy!  I am not an All in Two fan so I use the shells once most times but for reviewing I did reuse the shell.  It worked as long as the insert was just wet.  My youngest son has runny stool so many times the shell would get poop on it.  With the toddler it is hit or miss.  Sometimes it is small and solid so it stays on the pad, other times it is gigantic and mushy.  And that means a new shell.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ The sizing for the ‘2-Step’ goes: Size 0: 4-18 lbs, Size 1: 9-30 lbs, Size 2: 15-40 lbs.  We have tried the size 0 and size 1.  I feel the range given is pretty accurate with what we have experienced.  Ev fit in the Size 0 right away and is still wearing it.  He also fits in the size 1 snapped all the way down, and my toddler fits is unsnapped all the way at 28 pounds or so.  The thinking is that by the time your baby gets ready to outgrow the size 0 you will have an idea of whether they are going to be a chunker or a skinny mini.  Some babiies might only need a size 1, or some might go straight to the size 2.  I really like the idea behind this because you get a really custom fit.  The size 0 really can fit a newborn too.

Overall: Like I said, AI2’s are not my thang but I LOVE how these fit and will continue to use them for both boys.  The idea behind the sziing is right on and I love it!  The insides are so soft too, I just love those soakers.  I have been adding them to other diapers that need a boost as well.

Where to buy: Ragababe.com

Ragababe generously sent multiple diapers to review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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