PumpEase Hands Free Pumping Bra Review by Ginni- Pumper Extraordinaire

Wendy, inventor of  PumpEase, contacted me about doing a review.  I really wanted to work with her because I know they are a fabulous company but frankly, I don’t pump very often.  If you follow me on Twitter you know that I only have a single pump and when I do get around to it I tweet the entire time about how much I despise pumping.  But I have a friend who pumps, and pumps, and pumps.  I knew she could give this a real work out, and she did!  Read about her experience with the Pumpease and how it saved her back and her sanity!  Plus keep scrolling for a coupon code and giveaway!

Organic PumpEase

I was recently asked to review the Pumpease Organic Pumping Bra for Dirty Diaper Laundry. I’ll start with my favorite thing about it….I’m using it right now. Right this second I am double pumping as I type this review. THAT, is my favorite thing. Let me backtrack and give you and idea of who I am and why I like that so much. My name is Ginni, I am a SAHM/doula/nursing mom/milk donating mom with 4 kiddos. I pump 2-8 times in each 24 hour period, typically 5-6 times a day/night. I have a 7 month old nursling and I also pump for a 6 month old that was born via surrogacy and cannot be nursed by mom, but through donation is exclusively breastfed.

I stay home with my kiddos every day, and 3 nights a week I am an overnight in-home baby nurse/postpartum doula for newborn twins. I pump a couple of times during my shift when the babies allow, usually twice between midnight and 8am. I have to have milk on hand for if my son wakes during the night and I’m not there. I also attend births and have to always have a minimum of 24 hours worth of milk for him for if I get called to a birth. I have various workshops, training courses, client interviews/prenatal appointments, commitments and occasionally even…. *gasp*…..SOCIAL EVENTS! Some of those require (or are just better!) not bringing my 7 month old with me. Oh look! My bottles are full! I can turn off my pump and continue! Didn’t even notice.

So as you’ve probably noticed, my schedule is a little full, and multi-tasking is crucial to my family and career balancing and thriving like it is. Kim specifically spoke to me about this product and said “If anybody needs this, it’s you!” and she was absolutely right. This bra….I love this bra. It has taken the frustration out of pumping really. I hate pumping. It’s not fun, it’s not comfortable, it’s time consuming and well….unattractive. I feel very awkward sitting on my couch with both boobs hanging out hunched over trying to be at least SOMEWHAT discreet while answering my 8 year old son’s question about where his baseball glove is. I don’t mind nursing in front of them, I don’t mind nursing in front of anyone really. But pumping is different…it looks weird and I feel very exposed when I do it around anyone. I mean…I have to take both boobs out and basically sit there with them hanging out, and this machine that’s making them look strange and making a bunch of noise for 10-15 minutes, several times a day. Who wouldn’t love that?

One of the things that I love about the Pumpease is that it eliminates some of that lack of discretion for me. I am basically wearing what from the front looks like a sports bra/tube top. I am quite covered up. I have used it with and without a nursing bra underneath, and it functions efficiently either way.

The next thing I love about the Pumpease is that my back has stopped hurting. I realized that instead of just sitting and holding the pumps with my hands and waiting to be done, I was multi-tasking and using my hands anyway….just not very well. I would answer the phone, wipe my 2 year old’s nose, type an email one handed, try to eat, etc, while pumping. Do you know how to do that? You know, you get everything out of your lap, lean over and hold the bottle part of the pump on one side between your thighs and have that hand free! While bent in half slightly turned to the side….for 15 minutes. Yeah…..functional, but quite painful after doing it several times a day. This bra has taken that away. I actually forgot to put it in my pump bag the other night going to work and was NOT very happy when I sat down to pump without it. Amazing how quickly we get spoiled!

In short, the Pumpease is very simple, very comfortable, very modest and has given me back a couple hours a day of functional time…and I didn’t have those couple of hours to spare. I would highly reccommend it to any mom that is regularly pumping and doesn’t have the time to waste. Thank you to Pumpease and to Dirty Diaper Laundry for providing me with this opportunity to review something that I wouldn’t have thought I would want to buy, but now can’t live without!
Ginni is a mom to 4 kiddos, a doula, and an all around busy lady!  If you are in the San Antonio area she is also helping coordinate The Great Cloth Diaper Change there.  Her website:

Your PumpEase hands-free pumping support will hold your breast pump in place as securely and comfortably for your 1000th pumping session as it did for your 1st. Our patent pending, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings accommodate ALL makes and models of pumps guaranteed.

If you decided after that amazing testimonial that you need a PumpEase too, use the coupon code: DIRTYDIAPER15 for 15% off on Pumpease.com.  And did you know that 2.00 from every PumpEase sold on their website goes to Best For Babes?! Love it!

Oh, and I get to give one away!

One lucky DDL Reader will win their own PumpEase Hands Free Nursing Bra in their choice of size/color/style!

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Ginni was sent a PumpEase for the purposes of the review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% genuine and her own.


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