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Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ In many ways I find the Pooters Contour (and others) to be even easier than fitteds with snaps or aplix closures. To newbies I’m sure the lack of any concrete markers for fit can be scary but really, it is not that bad. The best part is that you get the exact size you want. Snappis also may look a bit scary but they get easier the more you practice with them.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ 6.00! One Size! I don’t even think I have to justify what a great deal that is. I will admit that you might spend a little more if you have to buy a doubler (likely for toddlers or overnight usage) but that is still a far cry from some of the more expensive (and more complicated) fitteds.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Daytime we did not use a doubler and it would be soaked in about 3 hours for Ev (7 months old). I wouldn’t call him a heavy wetter, just average. Nights I used the hemp doubler (also from Pooters) and had no leaks once it was fully prepped. I jumped the gun and used that combo after maybe 2 washes and I did get a leak. Lesson learned, I will be less impatient next time.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ I think this contour will last up to potty learning. Another brand I have been trying has Ev on the largest possible option and he is about to max out the waist and the rise. You can find a photo of a newborn in the contour on Pootersdiapers.com. It is bulky but looks like it fits, but will probably fit even better in a mere 1-2 pounds for that baby.

Overall: This is another fantastic product from Pooters. I also reviewed their fitted and loved it. I think I will have to try their pocket (by request) next and hope it is as good as their others. I also just have to add that working with the owner of Pooters, Majaliwa, has always been a pleasure. I can tell how much she cares about her products and cloth diapering even through email. She is a great mom to buy from and support!  I think that Contours are often forgotten when looking into cloth diapers.  I don’t see why!  They are easy and less expensive that fitteds.

Where to buy: Pootersdiapers.com

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  • Ginger

    These look cheap and awesome! Especially because the elastic makes it more like a fitted. A six dollar one sized fitted. I think I’ll get a few to try on the new baby.

  • I only had one contour in newborn size and of course no snappi so I wasn’t in love with it. wonder if it would be different w/snappi for another baby? looking for cheap additions for newborn stash

  • Autumn Beck

    I love Maj and her products!

  • Cherriezzzzz

    Where can I buy that nice necklace?? 🙂 Or what is the brand name of it? Thanks!

  • Sheila

    Somehow, I’m just now hearing about Pooters, and I’ve been in the CDing game since 2009 (but, to justify, with a lot of time off between 2010 and 2012). I feel like these will be love. I’m planning very soon to replace most of my stash with these and some doublers for them (not counting my itty bitty diapers). I’m so fed up with stuffing pockets and synthetic fibers, I was planning to make my own diapers just like this. Glad I stumbled upon these though! Saves me effort. 🙂