PLUSH Organic Fitted by ZCreationz Review

PLUSH by ZCreationz
5 Ease of Use
4 Bang for the Buck
3 Performance
5 Fit
I’ve been keeping this diaper a secret for what feels like YEARS! This diaper came to me when I was still living in Florida and I filmed the video review there. I received one of the first made. Somehow, the footage of this amazing diaper has vanished and the diaper itself is in storage since we still haven’t closed on our home. Donna, one of the voices of Black Women Do Cloth Diaper on Facebook (and they have a killer IG that just hit over 11k followers!) is going to review it for DDL and I’m so happy to have her. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her on a few occasions and she is a reviewer who knows her diapers. I will be re-filming the video review portion of this diaper ASAP but until then you can view the promo video from ZCreationz to get a look. It launched today so you can add it to your stash now. -Kim

Plush is the latest design release by Z Creationz out of sunny California.

Reina has been sewing cloth diapers, with a concentration on fitteds and hybrid fitteds, since 2012. Her diaper prints and styles are an even mix of popping prints and gender neutral solids. We immediately prepped this cloud like beauty and got it on the bouncing bum of my ever moving 2 year old diaper guru, Chunk.

The Plush line is made of super soft Organic Bamboo Velour. With 4 absorbent layers in the shell and a combined minimum of 7 layers in the inserts, these luscious fitteds pair maximum comfort with maximum absorbency.

PLUSH fitted one size diaper by ZCreationz

Let’s jump right into the review, shall we?

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Prepping Plush (see what I did there) took a little bit of time. The entire diaper is made of Organic Bamboo Velour and I wanted it to be at maximum absorbency before we gave it a wear. I washed and dried this diaper 13 times before expecting it to hold up for more than a few hours without a cover. The size of this fitted seems massive, but keep in mind that it is designed to be worn as is- no cover. The construction of the diaper doesn’t make getting it on complicated. Grandparents, caregivers, or those new to cloth will not have to watch a video tutorial on how to use this diaper. Now, they may need a brief explanation on how to size the diaper down as there are no rise snaps, but again, it won’t require a power-point presentation. This style can be sized down with a simple fold down at the tummy panel and a good snap across.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Retailing at $32, Plush is a very reasonably priced all natural fitted diaper. Most diapers of this variety can easily cost $40+.  This is a high style economically priced fitted diaper.


PLUSH by ZCreationzPerformance ✩✩✩ When I received this beauty, I didn’t have any immediate expectations. I was able to put Plush on my 2 year old toddler, mid day, for four hours before the outside was wet to the touch in the front. Plush is most definitely a diaper that can be worn at home during daytime activities. It would even be worn during daytime naps with the right timing. The diaper didn’t retain stink and washes VERY well.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The fit of the Plush is, hands down, cloth diaper perfection. Its cushy feel makes it comfortable for baby, almost like having clouds adorning the bum. Plush is designed to fit most babies from 8 pounds to 40 pounds. My 36 pound, athletic built toddler was able to wear the Plush with the snaps secured all the way across the tummy panel. This is a diaper that you can purchase with peace of mind knowing that your little will not size out of prematurely.  

Inside of ZCreationz PLUSH

Overall: Plush is a fitted diaper game changer. The price point makes it accessible, the look and construction are flawless, and the diaper wears well. Plush is a diaper that can be purchased by a family that might not have the funds to invest in a higher priced diaper of equal quality and function. That is the biggest appeal of Plush for me as a cloth diapering parent on a budget. Plush is not just a catchy name. Plush is the one way to truly describe this organic bamboo velour fitted cloth diaper.

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