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Picoboo AI2

Updated: This brand is no longer being made.
I LOVE reviewing WAHM diapers. They tend to be much cuter than mass produced diapers, they are usually well made, and the have a more custom look and feel.  ThePico Boo was no different. I was SQUEED when Leslie asked me to review one.  I first saw her diapers when I noticed her on Twitter and I was one of the first people she started following.  The best thing about her diapers is that, unlike many Hyene Cart stores with stocking (and stalking) schedules, she generally has an in stock store.  THAT makes it more fun to shop (in my opinion.)  If you love designer knit prints then you are in luck, she has a lot.  I chose to review the Dr. Suess print since we are big fans.  It was charming and the coordinating snap colors made it extra special.  You can view my video above to learn how to use the Pico Boo and see it being put on a live {wriggly} baby!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Like many WAHM made cloth diapers, the Pico Boo uses 3 snaps per tab, with 2 cross over tabs. Having 3 snaps is great to prevent wing droopage, but it takes longer to snap until you get the hang of it. The easiest thing is to make sure your diaper is aligned before you start snapping, and then start with the tightest snap on one side. This can be seen in my video above. The fold over rise is very easy to use. You will fold to what size you need while it is on the baby so it eliminate the guess work of sizing before putting it on the baby.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ The diapers run around 24.00-29.00 each. They are really a Snap-in-One, a one time use shell and insert. Many mama’s have no problem paying 25+ dollars per diaper as long as it has designer prints (check) and is made my a WAHM (check). The prints are adorable and the store normally has diapers in stock so no stalking involved!
Performance ✩✩✩✩ My husband saw this diaper in our basket and asked if he could use it overnight. “Is it waterproof?” Yes I said, but not for overnight because it has a cotton knit. “But you said it was waterproof.” “sigh” Yes, there is a hidden layer of PUL but I never use diapers with a decorative cotton outer for overnight even when said diaper has 3 layers of bamboo fleeve and an Organic Bamboo Velour top layer. It is very absorbent but the soaker is only in the middle and there is a chance of wicking. I co-sleep so I don’t take chances. I despise waking to wet sheets. I never did have wicking during the day but I change pretty often. That and there are 3 layers of bamboo fleece!
Fit ✩✩✩ My biggest problem with this (and any 3 snap tab diaper) is that once the baby no longer fits into the tightest snap on each tab it them becomes a discomfort because it touches their skin, especially when it is the male snap end. There are snap covers you can buy, or you can try to place a wipe over those snaps in a strategic way. If the waist had more room, or if there were only 3 tabs it would work better for my chunky baby. He is just barely fitting into the diaper with all snaps done, and his legs look tight so I won’t be trying anymore.  When the rise is unsnapped the snaps are exposed to their skin.  Since there are no male ends
Overall: The diaper is VERY well made, you can tell just by seeing and handling it. It is termed a “All in Two” but I consider it a “Snap in One” since the inserts snap in but are meant to stay and be used as an All in One. I would like the diapers to have an option for a Newborn/Infant 1 or 2 layer snap in insert. But you can always use what you have at home for smaller babies until they need the three layer insert, which would be bulky on the new/smaller babies. The tag on the butt is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I love it! The print choices are all smart and cute, and the coordinating snaps make it look so nice and luxe.

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A Pico Boo One Size was sent to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and genuine.

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