Absurd Claim made by Pampers about Cloth Diapers*** edited

A tipster sent me an email with this quote:

Did you know that one of the causes of colds in babies is the wetness that cloth diapers cannot absorb?  With Pampers disposable diapers, your baby can stay dry all night and is less likely to get a cold than he would with cloth diapers.

That’s because Pampers diapers absorb and lock away 100 times more wetness than cloth diapers do.

Keeping skin in its perfect, natural state.

This was allegedly excerpted verbatim from an online survery about Pampers on an unnamed survey site.

There are so many things wrong with this statement. I will dissect it.
“…one of the causes of colds in babies is the wetness that cloth diapers cannot absorb…”
Colds are caused by GERMS. Babies catch germs from their environment.
“cannot abosorb”
This is implying that the cloth diapers are not even taking wetness in. What I’m sure they meant to say is that disposable diapers have a stay dry layer. What, what was that? This just in: SO DO MANY VARIETIES OF CLOTH DIAPERS! Suedecloth and microfleece wick moisture away from baby’s skin. While cloth diapers are only as good as the materials used to make them, those materials are predominately found in nature and not a chemistry lab; they are plenty aborbent enough that the baby will not be laying in a pool of urine come morning time.
“…your baby can stay dry all night and is less likely to get a cold than he would with cloth diapers.”
Your baby can also stay dry all night long in cloth diapers. I will admit that night time cloth diapering can be a challenge for many families, but this doesn’t mean that there is no way to acheive success. I don’t even use cloth diapers with stay dry liners at night. I have used prefolds and fitteds, both of which usually leave wetness against the baby. And yes, that diaper stays on him for 10-12 hours. My baby has not gotten a cold yet this season, and I am sure the cold he got last year was not a cloth diaper related one. I am almost positive, since that time last year we were using disposable diapers for some of our night time diapering needs while I battled repelling issues with my pocket diapers.

I also want to note that our babies sleep indoors where it is warm.  Do your babies sleep in tents outside?  My baby sleeps in a comfortably heated bedroom with fleece pajamas.  The temperature outside may get well below freezing but he is dry, he is comfortable, he is leak free, and most importantly, he has never caught a “cloth diaper cold.” Edited to add:It was brought to my attention that it is just not possible to get a cold from being wet and in freezing temperatures. This is surely uncomfortable, but even if that were true that is a far cry from a wet cloth diaper overnight in a warm room.

Methinks Pampers is threatened by the rise of the “real” diaper.  What do you think?  If you are upset by this new marketing ploy there are many ways to reach Pampers.

***I did not personally see this quote on the webpage and cannot verify it as true.  However the tipster has no reason to falsify this information and believe it to be true.

By Phone:

(1-800-PAMPERS (726-7377)

By Written mail:

Attn: Pampers
The Procter & Gamble Company
PO Box 599
Cincinnati OH 45202



And email:

Pampers Customer Service Form

Edited to Add Thanks to the commenter Cloth Diapers for Us made I decided to track down the Nigerian article about cloth diapers. This made the rounds of twitter a while back. Basically, Pampers had a promotional tour to debut a new 3- Way Fit disposable. The claim made was that “Studies by child psychology experts he said shows that, ‘As babies embrace new movement and play ideas, their creativity increases through body movements and expression'”

How does this relate to cloth diapers? “Pampers is endorsed by the Pediatrics Association of Nigeria and recent studies with global academic experts show that Pampers delivers superior sleep quality over cloth diapers, resulting in babies’ improved learning and social interaction.”

Another absurd cloth diaper claim. Pampers has claimed that cloth diapers contribute to babies catching colds, and that children in cloth diapers develop at a slower rate (or fail to thrive) than children in disposable diapers. My son can get around quite well in his diapers, and he is a social butterfly. I guess all of our cloth diapered babies should just be sent to the “special school” because they have been severely impaired by cloth diapers. PSHAW.
You can read the entire article here: Vanguard: P&G Introduces Pampers 3 Way Fit Diapers.

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  • Jackie

    I’d love to speak up to Pampers about this, but where can I find the quote in question? Without the evidence that Pampers is actually using this absurd claim in marketing, I’m hesitant to go on the offensive.

    • Unfortunately I only have the quote copied and pasted. If anyone else happens to come across this survey and the quote in question, screen cap it would ya 😉

  • So glad you spoke up for many cloth diapering mamas out there. Cloth Diaper Colds . Pampers has lost it ! I am glad to see that the cloth diapering world had obviously taken a bite out of there market, to make them come up with such a lie.
    .-= Carly´s last blog ..Mama, It’s not your recipe it’s my recipe. =-.

  • Laura

    Wow….I suppose us CDing mama’s are making an impact if the ‘big guys’ have to make claims like that. Thanks for sharing!

  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that. The statement about colds has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day. And the tag line about keeping the skin in the natural, perfect condition? Argh. Preserving it in a sea of petrochemicals and fake scents, that’s natural and perfect. Get a grip, Pampers.
    .-= Pamela´s last blog ..here =-.

  • This goes right along with the claim they are making in Nigeria that “global academic experts” have said that babies sleep better in Pampers – thus they learn better.

    How dumb is that? They are guilt tripping parents in a country where the average income is $300 PER YEAR. These people do NOT need wallet-sucking disposable diapers, they need food and shelter, education and medical care for their kids so they can be more likely to LIVE to grow up at all. My 13 month old has been in cloth diapers since she was 1 day old. She is talking in sentences and is rarely sick. Must be the cloth diapers!

    When my daughter is sick, it is almost always traceable to her disposable-wearing cousins!

  • Hahahahahah!!! The best laugh I’ve had today. How ridiculous. Maybe if my baby was wearing his cloth diaper against his chest and was in a draft I could believe that statement at a stretch.
    I think the cloth movement might be giving Pampers the shivers 😉

  • I recently got accused of near child abuse for cloth diapering. Words like “tricking them into thinking they’re not laying in a pool of urine by putting them in fleece” were used and I was horrified that people feel that way about cloth.
    When I read the article about developmental concerns for these poor cloth diapers babies, I was equally horrified, especially because people don’t always look at alterior motives for a study’s “findings.”
    My son loves his cloth diapers and is developmentally right on track, but not nearly as fussy as a lot of other babies…

  • I switched to cloth because ‘sposies’ are like putting PAPER on your babies bottom. I never used to think about it much, but now that I have switched to a “real” diaper, statements like that make these companies look more and more like cigarette companies trying to keep their customers, making outlandish claims to confuse and scare people. Unfortunately people do not necessarily think for themselves and allow these big companies tell them how it is. Which is not always the truth.

  • This makes me so mad!! Pampers disgusts me!!!!!! My 9 month old (who was 7 weeks premature) has caught up completely to babies her age & is a bit ahead even! She’s been in cloth the majority of her life and has only ever had a very mild cold from when I was very sick and still able to nurse. Guess that cloth is really hindering her, isn’t it? She’s not even CLOSE to as cranky her sister was (who regrettably was in Pampers until she PL at 2) and doesn’t have the same never ending diaper rash & stressed-out parents wondering how they were going to afford the next pack of diapers. I cannot believe they write this jargon. GRRR!!!
    .-= MamaCampbell´s last blog ..Christmas card request for Noah =-.

  • WOW! Unbelievable. If you find the quote, please let us know!

    I’ve read claims that low income children have less chance at early childhood education (pfft..), and sadly many school districts do not offer pre-k except to qualifying low income families and those who are unable to speak English.

    I wonder what Pampers thinks of Miracle Diapers??? I mean, come on, we offer CLOTH DIAPERS to LOW INCOME families….. so it could be their combined argument that we’re setting children up for illness and failure! I THINK NOT!

    This is an absurd accusation – and frankly, it just makes them look stupid!! Sadly, convenience and branding trumps stupidity.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Feedback for LoopyDo’s! *CONTEST* =-.

  • Kellista

    Ok do people not recall a time when cloth was the ONLY choice? I don’t remember people dying of cloth diapers then…its not like polio..jeez. Their logic is seriously skewed. But its great to hear that we’re making an impact. I tell everyone I meet about my cloth diapers and show them the AIO and pocket options (I always have both on me) and most responses are “thats so cool” once they see the *new* cloth. 😉

  • I did find some other info on the Pampers/Nigeria claims…Pampers Mktg Smarts: Sleep=good baby development (http://bit.ly/Q00Ax) + pampers=sleep (http://bit.ly/3INslm) => pampers = smart baby! Hmm, nice logic jumps

    Will see if I can dig up anything on the latest!

  • I think it is time for a “Einstein wore cloth!” campaign. Nearly every thought leader in the world, in any time period, was raised in cloth. Pampers is essentially bringing back the old 60’s saying, “you can’t trust anyone over 30!” Anyone more than 30 years old was likely raised in cloth diapers.

    If disposable diapers are so blasted healthy, why is the US infant mortality rate one of the lowest for industrialized countries?

  • Hmm… well, before we were CD’ing we’d use only Pampers. If we weren’t CD’ing we’d be using Pampers. Can’t believe they’d make a statement like that. Maybe they could say they are a good pamper to use intermittently with CD because they are the closest to keep babies dry.
    .-= Cinella´s last blog ..Chicken Barley Chili ~ Recipe & Review =-.

  • Patricia

    Oh I sent Pampers a nasty-gram…. :o)

    Why must these companies out right lie?

    I guess they need to lie to “prove” there products are “better”

    (in a singing voice) Someone sold there souls to the devil!!!! LOL