Overly Attached Toddler

Overly Attached Toddler

My son just turned two years old and he is a toddler through and through.  Demanding, stubborn, dangerous, clingy, and cuddly.  At this age they aren’t sure whether they want to be independent or stuck to you like glue.  So instead they have bi-polar mood swings that would make even Sybil envious.  One minute they are playing with their Transformers and the next they are pulling down your skirt in an attempt to crawl up your body like you’re a rock wall.

Inspired by the recent weeks of Everett’s annoyingly adorable new sleep habit where he has to have his arm on top of me before falling asleep as insurance that I won’t skip town on him (silly toddler, once he is out like a light I run for the hills) I decided to adjust the popular Overly Attached Girlfriend meme to Overly Attached Toddler.  Here are a few I came up with.

Overly Attached Toddler
Overly Attached Toddler
Overly Attached Toddler
Overly Attached Toddler
Overly Attached Toddler

Overly Attached Toddler- Dirty Diaper Laundry
I can already tell the 2’s are going to be a lot of fun. Please send back-up. Oh wait… my son won’t let anyone else near him. Shit.

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  • April

    I love my daddy…. but if he touches you again he’s getting a finger in the eyeball.

    • kimrosas


    • That’s hilarious, too. 🙂

    • so true!

    • If my daughter dad kisses me, I get a hit on the leg and some strange little song and dance number from her. Probably a warning for me and dad not to have another child.

  • I am rolling on the floor laughing! So true!

  • April

    Sure, you can leave my room once I’ve fallen asleep… if you can make it through the booby trap death walk.

    • that’s my three year olds bedroom. We got the 8 bin organizer from target’s circo and well..the bins don’t work the floor works better.

  • Kate Cunha

    Oh, thank you for that laugh this morning!

  • Nicole P

    Yes, I need a diaper change. NO Daddy CANNOT do it.

  • Jamie Schultz

    This is what my daughter is going through, too. Cute, but definitely wearing me out. And she won’t let me nurse her to bed unless we have read no less than 3 books and we have to be on my bed and no one else can be in the room. She loves her daddy and grammys and papas, but seems like I’m the only one who she can go to for the reassurances she needs…every few minutes. I have to admit, it’s a lovely feeling to be loved by her.

  • We are close to the two year mark and we are definitely experiencing everything you have depicted.

  • Michelle V

    Hilarious! I love the shopping one.

  • Laurie C

    My youngest will put herself between me and any other person I might be showing affection to. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of her siblings or the mister. She also has to be right there with me no matter what I’m doing. Which is how she became my helper when it comes to cooking.

  • So true. They are like mini teenage drama queens!

  • Amy

    Yep all the above applies to my 26 month old daughter. On my lap or her Dad’s for every meal, prefers to sleep on top of me and even asks to sit on my lap while I poop. On the up side she’s quite handy in the kitchen already – putting things in the bin, stirring etc and I figure she’s learning a lot by having so much contact and communication. She hates me to even her 5 year old brother but she’ll have to get over it. Not sure how it will go when I have to go back to work next year.