Osocozy brand diapers- prefolds, flats, fitted, All-in-Ones, and more- were known as All Together Diaper Co. diapers until 1999.  Osocozy and ClothDiaper.com are both run by the same family.

The All Together Diaper was born in 1990 when we opened our diaper service in Salt Lake City, Utah. In creating the All Together Diaper we were motivated to develop a superior alternative cloth diaper for our own children. Our concern for the environment reinforced our belief that the time for an alternative to disposable diapers had come. The OsoCozy Fitted and OsoCozy All-In-One diapers are the result of nineteen years of love and labor that have gone into our products. We have sourced the best materials possible and our seamstresses have decades of sewing experience. Our imported OsoCozy prefolds are the rave of the internet diapering community and are sold to diaper services and retailers nationwide and in at least nine additional countries. All of our products are constructed to institutional standards of durability to maximize their value to you.

  • Although we closed our diaper service (called “Mothers’ Little Helper,”) in 1997 we had averaged over 200 customers for a period of seven years and had also served the birthing center of a large regional hospital. During this time our diapers proved themselves on over 5 million diaper changes. Serving the Salt Lake City Metro area, 45 % of our customers used our all-in-one diaper, 35 % used prefold diapers and 20% used our fitted diapers. Our all in one diaper is still used in several US hospitals.
  • In 1997 ClothDiaper.Com was created to sell the All Together Diapers directly to the public. We were one of the first ecommerce sites specializing in cloth diapers and we are one of the longest surviving companies as well.
  • In 2001 we began importing prefold diapers and selling them along with the All Together Diapers to diaper services, online retailers, brick and mortar retailers and dozens of other business types on a wholesale basis. Wholesale information can be found at AllTogetherDiaper.Com.
  • In 2009 we moved to our current location in Sandy, Utah. See the Contact Us tab at the top of this page for store location information.
  • In 2009 we rebranded the All Together Diapers and related products to OsoCozy.

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