OsoCozy Bamboo Cotton Flat Review

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This week we got a new mattress. Our old mattress was one that my husband purchased before we met, and was in such bad shape that I refused to lay on one side due to the dip in it that contributed to my sore back. The first time I slept on our new mattress was like wearing the right size shoes for the first time in ages. I forgot how comfortable a bed can be! I made sure to outfit our bed with a waterproof padded cover since our babies climb into bed with me daily to nurse and play, but I’m confident our new bed will last us a long time and help me to reenergize each night while the girls sleep. What have you splurged on or upgraded lately? How has it improved your every day life?


Today I’m reviewing bamboo organic cotton flats from Osocozy. Flats are a fantastic economical choice that washes easily and dries quickly. You will need to use a waterproof cover with them, either a PUL or TPU cover or a fleece or lanolized wool cover to prevent moisture going through the flats onto furniture or laps.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩  Like any flat these can require a little extra work to use, since they are a single layer of material you need to fold them to use them. You can do a simple pad fold or try more complex and tightly fitted folds. The back of the package these osocozy flats arrive in has well illustrated instructions for an origami fold, which works very well on these flats. The simple instructions are a great addition to the packaging, so parents who are new to cloth diapering can pin the image near the changing table and refer to it until they memorize the steps.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩  At around fifteen to seventeen fifty for a six pack, you’re paying less than three dollars per flat. While this is a little higher than buying flour sack towels from the kitchen department, these diapers are thick and fluffy, with fifty percent bamboo and fifty percent cotton. They are more absorbent then cotton towels or flats I’ve used, and more durable, too.

Performance ✩✩✩✩  The bamboo cotton blend makes these flats very absorbent, so while wearing them without a cover means you’ll notice wetness right away (cough cough, good for potty training) if you have a solid cover over them you’ll notice liquid absorbs throughout the flat and will not leak for some time. These are smaller than some of our flats, so when the liquid runs out of places to go you will need to be ready to provide a change, but you can reuse your cover until it becomes soiled to reduce the amount of laundry you’ll need to do.

Fit ✩✩✩✩  These flats start out at about 27 by 28 inches before washing and after a few hot washes to prep the natural fibers you’ll notice them shrink down to about 26 inches square. While they are smaller than some of the flats I am used to this does provide a much trimmer fit which is excellent for quick errands and playing in the back yard (yard play we do sans cover so their skin gets a chance to breath in the soft material).

Overall:  I love these compact yet absorbent flats for on the go, as I can fit a couple in even my smallest purse. They are also great for multitasking, and I have used them as bibs and burpcloths and changing pads in public restrooms. When my babies outgrow them I will use them for cleaning around the house. I love this economical yet effective choice that is strong enough to hold up to my toddler scooting around on the patio drawing with chalk, while soft enough to keep my six month old happy. While flats are not for everyone, if you are curious about flats and want to give them a try, I highly recommend this six pack and two gusseted covers to get you started. If you already have some other diapers, you can use these as part of your rotation and see what you prefer.

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