Ones & Twos Review

Ones&Twos Cloth Diaper review
Ones&Twos AIO

Update: It appears this company is no longer selling diapers based on lack of website and a year of no Facebook activity. No stores have them in stock.
Like a lot of the cloth diapers I have been reviewing lately I saw the Ones & Twos for the first time at ABC Kids Expo back in September. I wasn’t expecting to see them but there they were! The Ones & Twos are a trim, All-in-One cloth diaper that come in 6 bright and fun colors. They only come in hook and loop closures. This is one of the few true AIO’s meaning it is sewn down and acts just like a disposable. There are 4 rise adjustments on the front of the diaper as well.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The Ones & Twos are about as easy as they come when it comes to putting onto the baby. Unless you are using the booster (which you might need if your baby wets more than the built in soaker will hold) then you just place it on the baby and secure the velcro tabs. DONE! Now, if you need to size the diaper there are 4 settings and 3 snaps per row to snap/unsnap. This can be seen in the video. If you need to add a booster just lay in on top of the diaper lining, making sure that the suedecloth is what touches the baby and not the microfiber.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ For a TRUE AIO the price can’t be beat! 16.95 is a steal for a one size AIO that also comes with a booster. They sell an optional bamboo booster as well.  These would be a great daycare diaper too!

Performance ✩✩✩ The diaper without the booster might not be absorbent enough for some babies. It should hold between 2-4 hours worth unless your baby is a super heavy wetter, in which case you might add the booster to get you through. Without the booster it seemed to last 2-3 and with the booster 3-4. We never go longer than 4 hours without changing unless it is overnight.
Plumber Butt

Fit ✩✩✩ The fit was what we had the hardest time with when reviewing this AIO. Keep in mind that when it comes to fit, one person’s problem can be another person’s desired fit. The Ones & Twos AIO is super trim and it has small leg openings. The elastic is sewn to be very taut. I see this being great for babies with chicken legs and for a newborn. I also thought that maybe, for those buying it to use beginning on a newborn, that by the time they grow to the middle and large snap settings, that the elastic will have worn out enough that it will fit perfectly. We started testing it new on the middle rise snap and it left some pretty wicked red marks on Ev. He has a little above averge chub on his thighs. We settled on using the diaper on the second to largest rise because this gave his thighs more room. If the leg openings had been larger we would have preferred the third largest setting (one snap exposed versus two). The issue was that with the setting that fit his legs it left some bulk in between his thighs because the rise had extra room. He also suffered from “plumber butt” on occasion with this diaper. The Ones & Twos are extremely trim between the legs, exactly the same width as the Fuzzibunz Elite!

Overall: In the end these diapers didn’t work well for us due to the leg openings being too small. But again, that means for the babies who have had a hard time finding a tight fit with other One Size diapers, that this is going to work well for them. The diaper is Trim, Affordable, Easy, and Nice to look at. There are a ton of good reasons to try the diaper if the fit will work.  They dried as fast as my pocket diapers too, which is a huge plus for an AIO.

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