One Size Cloth Diapers on a Newborn Review Video and Chart

I am concluding my newborn cloth diaper reviews today with this video of many of the one size diapers I used on my baby Everett.  Some of the diapers shown in the video aren’t in the chart, but the most requested diapers made it to the chart.  If anyone has any questions please ask in the comments and I will answer.  I like to remind everyone that every baby is different. My first son didn’t fit his BG 3.0 until over 10 pounds, but this guy fit at 9.5 pounds.

I have reviewed each of these diapers in more detail, though at the time I had not used them on an newborn.  To see each diaper’s individual review you can click the links.

Softbums Echo and Softbums Omni

bumGenius! 4.0

bumGenius! Elemental

Fuzzibunz OS

Kissaluvs Marvel OS Cover

Little Beetle Little to Big

Babykicks 3g

Rocky Mountain OS

Sweet Pea OS Cover

Sprout Change V 2.0

Happy Heinys Improved OS (no video yet)

One again, this chart is a guide, not a definite size chart.  EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT and what fit my son well might not fit your baby, or vice versa.

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  • Knocked Up and Nursing

    where’s the video?

    • I am a dork. Teaches me to post while holding a baby.

  • Angela V

    When I bought a Happy Heiny a year ago, the store told me not to use the laundry tabs the way they are intended (by just folding in), but to kind of attach them to eachother behind the diaper. This method is actually on the Happy Heiny website, too. We have found that this has worked so much better for us!!

  • I do this as well, and you can kind of see that in the video. It is better than using their tabs but not great.

  • Kissaluvs Marvel OS Cover

    Little Beetle Little to Big

    Sweet Pea OS Cover

    Sprout Change V 2.0

    I can’t see these 4 on the chart. Did you happen to test a BG 3.0 on newborn? I have a ton of those and didn’t start with them on my first until she was around 15-20 lbs (had small/mediums).

    • Kim

      I didn’t add those to the charts, I just included the ones most people asked about.

      Do you mean the Deluxe AIO bumGenius!? You said small/medium but BG 3.0 is a OS.

  • What I meant was, with my first, we had smalls/mediums, so we didn’t get the OS diapers at newborn stage, wondered in ‘real life’ where it started fitting for newborns, since we didnt start with the OS til my daughter was larger.–compared say to the 4.0.

    • Kim

      From what I can tell, the snap for the newborn setting is at the same place as the 4.0, just the large is meant to be larger. I used some 3.0’s too with the same success, but mine were all converted to snaps. I like the velcro best on a newborn.

  • Rachel N

    thanks so much for taking the time to do these reviews! I was just curious, how does the rocky mountain fit on your toddler? I have one and have terrible wing droop on my skinny 1 year old. Just wondering if it gets any better.

    • We have some wing droop issues here. I don’t like the way there isn’t a lot of room for stuffing…. I haven’t tried it on him in a while, I should just to see how it is going.

  • Just wondering if you tried the new Kissaluvs Marvel AOI on your newborn, and if you had any issues with fit?

    • Kim

      I only recently started using it on Everett. No reason, I had just been using it on my toddler. I think I like it better on Ev since on my toddler there is wing droopage. I took a picture for you I will upload it to my FB fanpage soon.

  • Lara

    Thank you so much for doing this! I know it took a lot of time and work, it is so informative!

  • Lauren Simons

    As a soon to be mom, I would love if you could add Sprout Change 2.0 to the chart so I can see how it stacks up! Thanks 🙂

  • Emily

    the video has no sound 🙁