October is “All About Babywearing” Month

Fresh off of “All About Wool” Week is another big event here on Dirty Diaper Laundry and our sister site Mama Needs This. Who needs a clean house or a social life when there is so much to blog about?!?!

October is all about Babywearing. I am going to be reviewing a lot of carriers including but not limited to: the brand new Boba from Sleepy Wrap, Rockin’ Ring Sling, Cybex 2.GO, Babyhawk, Ergo, and more. Plus look for giveaways! I will also be showing some helpful videos with tips and tricks for using your carrier. We skipped International Babywearing Week and decided to make it a whole month. Plus, it happens to be International Attachment Parenting month, and what is more AP than wearing your baby close to your heart?

The whole month will not be devoted to babywearing. I will still be posting my fabulous Cloth Diaper Video Reviews and other entries related to neither babywearing nor cloth diapers. Shocked?
So, grab a button (forthcoming, sorry… don’t have my code up yet! Plus, I am not happy with my button yet either) and come back for a fun filled month!  If you love the illustration then check out the artist on DomesticDork.com

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  • kirsten

    I hope you will be doing a review of a woven wrap like the Storchenweige. The stretchy wraps are good for newborns but they don’t provide support for an older heavier child. I’ve never seen a woven review done on any of the mommy blogs and they are wonderful!! I’ve gotten many woman wishing for one when I’ve been out and about in mine and I think someone should shine a light on this area of babywearing.

  • @kirsten I am! I am reviewing my very own Ellaroo. I have never owned a stretchy wrap but I love my woven since my son was already a big guy when I purchased it. I opted for a woven for that reason and I love it!