Obermeyer “I-Grow” Ski Coat Review

Did you know that I live in the snowbelt of the US?!  I totally do.  Last year my city received over 120 inches of snow and was awarded the Golden Snowball Award. We are undefeated.

Well, one of the fun things I get to do is dress my toddler in winter gear when we go out.  I am a little picky about what he wears, and hadn’t really found a winter coat I liked.  Many looked too poofy, others didn’t seem warm enough.

Luckily I was able to work with Obermeyer on a review of their “I-Grow” toddler ski coat.

Obermeyer has a philosophy that I can definitely get down with:

“We must step lightly on the planet, we are here for only a very short period of time really and it is not right to destroy something which gives us such great beauty and asks for nothing in return.”

Their About page is absolutely fascinating.  They are working hard to be a sustainable company.  Their Aspen office is very mindful of reducing waste and reusing what they can.

What is “I-Grow” exactly?

Every parent loves adorning their child with best: the cutest clothes, the warmest coats, the hottest shoes. The only problem? Your kids are constantly growing – nonstop it seems – so that by the time you actually purchase anything you get (maybe) a few weeks of wear before your tot has outgrown a garment yet again. For any parent facing this dilemma, Obermeyer has just the solution for you: Obermeyer’s children’s jackets and outerwear, which are equipped with an original I-Grow system.

A unique Obermeyer feature, the I-Grow system increases the life of a child’s garment longevity with expandable sleeves and cuffs: the sleeves can be lengthened up to 1 ½ inches longer, while the cuffs can be expanded up to 2 inches longer.

There is no better place to test out a coat than Syracuse NY.  I LOVE using this coat to play in the snow.  It is a little big but it certainly keeps him warm!  The cuffs and band at the waist prevent air from blowing in, and the zipper has easy to use velcro tabs over it keep air out of there too!  With toddlers, these little things matter.  No one wants to button over a zipper, that is way too much trouble!

The hood on this coat easily comes off.  Since we wear hats it isn’t needed much so it stays off the majority of the time.  The hood also has the ability to adjust in the back with a buckle.

Close-up of sleeve

The sleeves of the coat boast the “I-Grow” system.  You can snip the red thread which will give you an extra 1 1/2 inches on the sleeve for growing boys.  The only drawback would be that if you want to hand the coat down it would be impossible to re-shorten the sleeves.  Maybe you can re-sew it?  I haven’t had to snip so I am not sure if resewing is possible.  Still, I love that this coat will fit my son next year, and possible even the following year since he is a peanut!

Like their adult coats, the children’s “I-Grow” has handy features like zippered pockets, mitten clips, and more!  The ORV Jacket my son reviewed has these features:

  • “I-Grow” system
  • Adjustable interior hem drawcord
  • Adjustable interior waist drawcord
  • Alligator clip mitten retainers with Gator Garage
  • Articulated elbows
  • Fleece chin protector
  • Fleece earwarmers
  • Fleece inside collar
  • Fleece-lined cuffs

Obermeyer coats come in some stylish colors and patterns.  We were sent a coat in Carolina Panthers colors!  I also love the Barcode pattern they have.  Your kid would be the most stylish kid on the slopes in one of these!

The price tag is steep, but if you are spending a considerable amount of time playing in the cold and snow you want something truly meant to keep the cold, wet, and air out.  And if you buy a little big you can get multiple years out of it so it will make the price tag worth while.  Your next child might even get some wear out of it. These coats are built to last so I guarantee it will last many, many seasons!

The thing they say about living up north is that you have to embrace the weather and learn to love snow sports.  Dressing appropriately for the weather is KEY. With the right get-up you can stay outdoors and enjoy the beautiful snow for hours.  Just because the kids are little doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nice warm coat.

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