Newborn Flat Fold Tutorial- Mini Kite Fold

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Even though I don’t have a newborn to show the fold on, I was able to get a good grasp of how well the Mini-Kite Fold would work on one.  The shelf in the back and the jelly-rolled legs make this a perfect fold to hold in those runny poops and prevent poopspolsions in conjunction with a good fitting cover.

photo-119In the video I am using an Ikea flat (a burp cloth purchased from Ikea that is square and perfect as a flat) and it measures about 28″ by 28″ and is close to square after being washed.

I made this tutorial based on the requests of so many who wanted a newborn flat fold tutorial.  I have several other flat fold tutorials already and you can find them all by visiting this YouTube Playlist: Flat Cloth Diaper Fold Tutorials.

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  • Andrea Kruse

    Thank you for the great tutorial! My baby is due in a few short weeks so I will get practicing now.

  • merialiss

    Any ideas how this fold fits inside tiny covers like the newborn size bummis wrap?

    • kimrosas

      The newborn Bummis is actually very, very tiny so it will depend on the size of the flat TBH.

  • Jenicka Emmert

    Thank you, my babies are little tiny and this is a much more compact fold.