Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews (finally)

I have gotten around to filming a long video on the Newborn (size XS or small) diapers we used on Baby Everett.  Rather than writing out each review I decided to use my laptop camera and talk it out.  This was my first time, I look like poo, but frankly I don’t know when I can get time to do anything other than that!  Some of these diapers were also featured more in depth in other videos I did like the Newborn Cloth Diapering and Newborn Diapers versus their OS Counterparts (Part 1, Part 2).  I hope I am not being too repetitive with this video but I knew a few were left out in both.

This chart is based on my son and his body type.  Please just use this as an idea, not a concrete number.  My son has a very wide waist and chunky thighs and outgrew the newborns quicker than the average baby.  He is 90% for weight and around 80% height.

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  • how does kissaluvs size 1 work, up to what weight? or have you compared that? I have a size zero from my first girl, but we are looking for some to fit 0-6 months, my girl hit 15 lbs by 6 months, also a big baby, but now a medium / tall toddler!

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a KL1 to compare ๐Ÿ™

      • I loved the size 0 and found the size 1s to work but not for too long. The size 0s started leaking with my son around perhaps 12 lbs so we started using the size 1s. They lasted until around 18 lbs perhaps? I’m not sure exactly but it didn’t feel like we used them for a very long period of time. And near the end they would only work for a short period or we needed to use a doubler. I much prefer Little Lions fitted for a bigger fitted diaper.

      • pamelaG

        interesting. i NEVER had leaks with kissaluvs!

    • pamelaG

      i have kl1’s that my 1 year old is just now starting to outgrow, if that helps. she’s pretty big, too.. wearing size 24m/2t in some cases… unsure of her weight, i’m thinking she’s about 28ish lbs of solid, tall baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s starting to thin out though, so she might fit in them longer than i’m thinking.. the kl1’s, i find have a small rise at this point. (they look like they fit more like a pair of bikini bottom undies than a diaper, really, lol) they’re at the back of the stash now for laundry days.. but they DID work great when she was up to i’d say 10 months old.. (shorter, chunkier) if that helps. also, i find the bum BIG. her adorabumz cover with gussets barely fit over these.. the wools were the best since they had more coverage room. they were a tight fit with proraps (L!!) *sighs*

      feel free (anyone) to ask.. i cloth diapered twins and now the baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I haven’t watched the video yet, but your chart was really helpful in giving me a good starting point for when I have another baby. I want to use cloth exclusively. With my daughter, we used disposables until her cord fell off because I didn’t know enough about cloth yet. This time, I’m determined to do cloth all the time. Thank you so much for posting all this information. I know it takes a lot of your time, but it is really great to have someone give me some guidance (and others, too of course!)

    • Thank you! I hope this helps!

  • Heather A.

    I was wondering if you think the cost of newborn diapers is worth it. I am expecting our fourth baby but we did not start CDing until our third was 6 months old so we have no little diapers in our stash. Do OS diapers work on bigger newborns – our last 2 were almost 9 lbs when born. I was just wondering if I should buy some small sized diapers for when this one is born or if my BG OS diapers will do the job too.

    • I think you will be fine with a OS BG. Our 4.0’s started fitting Ev around 9 pounds since his legs were chunky!

  • I’m glad that the Thirsties did so well! These are my favorite diaper and I think they get over looked for some of the flashier, more gimmicky diapers, but they really are great diapers from a great company. My only complaint is that my baby outgrew the size 1’s around around 14lbs (which was around 6 weeks, I had a FAST growing baby). The size 2’s are our main stash and we use them for daycare. They don’t leak and I don’t have to pull inserts out at the end of the day and the staff find them easy to use.

    • Those are a great daycare diaper! We are at 14.5 pounds and they still fit!

    • Michelle licht

      Hi Amanda, my baby is due in a week and I plan on doing cloth.
      I have the thirstie covers with hemp and organic prefolds.
      Is that what you use? Also, do they work okay with the cord?

      Thank you in advance!


      • Anonymous

        The XS may fit underneath or on top depending on the size of your baby.
        With my first they fit over, which is ok as long as you are careful. I
        have used cotton prefolds, they worked pretty well for us.

  • Annamarie

    Kim I am so glad you did this review on new born diapers. We are trying for our first and really want to cloth diaper, this is some great information. Couple of comments/questions cord stump do you really try for diapers that go under or is over just fine as long as the diaper does not rub? I also looked at the itti bitti website – those diapers look so cute any idea when they might come to the USA and if you might do a more indepth review on them.
    Thanks for all your time and hard work!!!

    • Kim

      I preferred the diapers that fit under if they didn’t rub. Ones that fit over the stump are more likely to rub and irritate the stump.

      Itti Bitti is coming to the US soon but they haven’t given me an exact date yet. I have a detailed review of their Snap in One and All in One I will air in the coming weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • pamelaG

      itti bittis are GREAT! i own two ๐Ÿ™‚ friend lived in the uk! they DO run a bit small though, so keep that in mind. they’re so trim compared to goodmamas (i own too many of those too.. which i’m about to downsize soon… ) i didn’t use goodmamas as a newborn though because i found them to be too thick/rough near the stump and i got paranoid. i waited until after it healed.

      i really like the klo’s for newborns, to be honest. they held up overnight as well. i would use a booster and a wool cover. they only lasted til about 3 months old here.. then i went and got 4 of the kl1’s.. which we’re growing out of now at 1 year old. i’ve to sell those 4 and replace with kl2’s.. love kissaluvs, honestly!