Newborn Cloth Diaper Review Plans

Update at the end of the post

I am the sort of person who needs to “talk it out” (my to my husband’s dismay) so I am going to write up my plans for the newborn cloth diaper reviews.  If there is something you want to see added that I am missing please let me know.  As of now I plan on comparing newborn diapers on the following:

  • Weight they begin fitting well
  • Weight they no longer fit
  • Leaks, if any
  • Bang for the Buck
  • Performance

Really, the only thing I have added is the time frame that they fit.  But, it will be nice to be able to compare these brands on those points for anyone considering them.

L to R in a circle: Baby Beehinds NB Cover, Sbish Wool, Sbish flat, KL0, Nifty Nappy Ooga Booga, Thirsties Duo, Smartipants NB, FB XS, BG XS. Lil Joey, Tiny Fit

To recap, I have the following newborn cloth diapers to review:

  • bumGenius! AIO Deluxe in XS.
  • Fuzzibunz XS
  • Tiny Fit by Tots Bots
  • Smartipants Newborn
  • Nifty Nappy newborn fitted
  • Sustainable Babyish XS Flats
  • Sustainable Babyish Wool Soaker
  • Baby Beehinds Newborn Cover
  • Lil’ Joeys
  • KL0
  • Gro Via newborn
  • Thirsties Duo Size 1

What I haven’t made up my mind on is how I will film reviews.  I do not believe I will film a review for each individual diaper.  I may group them into categories and show the different brands in one video.  Or do them all together.  What do you think?

I also plan to pit a few one size diapers head to head to see which fit a newborn first and best.  The biggest request has been for Softbums, so this will be done.  And I will choose from the others I have as well.  Most likely you will see bumGenius! 4.0, bumGenius! Elementals, Gro Via, etc.  If you  have a particular One Size you really want tested, let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.


Rather than reply to all of the comments I will update here.  I will try my best to address the issue of meconium, cord stump, washing/drying, etc. that were asked about.  Also, I have set a lot of my one size diapers to the newborn setting.  Here is a list so far:

  • Bottombumpers OS
  • Doopsy
  • Rocky Mountain OS
  • Softbums
  • Gro Via AIO
  • Gro Via AI2
  • bumGenius! 4.0
  • bumGenius! Elemental
  • Smartipants Smart Fit Cover
  • Smartipants OS
  • Fuzzibunz OS
  • Charlie Banana OS
  • Little Beetle velour fitted
  • and a Rumparooz and Sprout Change V2.0 is getting added soon.

I think that is all but there might be more.

While it will be difficult my plan is to either photograph or film the fit of these diapers on a newborn as well.  Thanks for all of your input.  I hope when all is said and done this will be a very beneficial experiment for new parents looking for newborn cloth diapers!

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  • Looks great, I can’t wait to start hearing your reviews!

  • I know this is nitpicky, but I would like to know the minimum thigh diameters at which they will work.

  • I’d love to see how umbilical-cord friendly they are. It took my son’s TWO WEEKS to fall off and since I didn’t have the budget for an umbilical cord friendly NB diaper, he was in disposables for the first two weeks. 🙁 By that time, he was already 8 1/2 pounds so I could more or less put him in my one-size diapers. But if there’s a cord friendly diaper I’d love to try it with #2 one day.

  • Allison

    I just had a baby – one week old today. Much to my dismay, I had to go out and buy some sposies because of the cord. I’m all stocked up with mostly GMD newborn prefolds and covers, and I can’t figure out how to get them on her without bothering the cord stump. So yes, suggestions on how to handle the cord days would be helpful.

    I would love to see a Rumparooz in your OS comparison.

    Good luck with the homebirth! My DD was 12 days late, but when she finally decided to get started, active labor was only about a hour. No time for that waterbirth we had planned. Hoping you have a little more time, since your midwife has a drive…

  • Alison Minor

    Could you also include the ease of washing and drying each kind of diaper? Some diapers take forever to dry, some stain more than others, some don’t wash well with one cycle.
    Thanks and I look forward to your reviews since I am due soon!

  • Jordan W

    I would like to at least see a video of the fit of each diaper on a newborn and a super quick review of ur opinion on each one! : )

  • Danielle

    I would like to see how they handle the meconium poop days. Do they wash up well?

  • Emily

    I agree on the cord stump thing. I also agree on seeing a picture/video of your newborn in each of the newborn and one size diapers so we can see how they fit the baby.

    For some of the one size – I would also like to see Fuzzibunz, rumparooz, happy heiny’s, and knickernappies if you have any or all of those diapers.

    Thank you so much for doing this! I am so excited to see what you find by doing these comparisons. It helps us a lot since our little one will be arriving in the next few months. Good luck!

  • Julie G.

    What about Rumparooz? I have heard they will fit from the beginning. I also would love to hear what you thought of a Kissaluvs 0 + cover combination! I’m due in March, and this is perfect because I would love to know what to stock up on!

    I agree helpful addition to the review would be stump-friendliness and drying time (which helps determine the number of diapers needed, lol).

    SO looking forward to these reviews!!!

  • Cyndi

    I would like to see a kissaluvs if you’re willing to add to that list.

  • Catherine Brown

    I would love to know how a newborn does in econobums! (I have a small budget!)

    • Leia

      Econbums are way to big for the average newborn, I couldn’t use mine until 2-3 months. My daugther was 10lbs @ 2 months.

  • Rachel

    I would love to know how long the diaper can go before being changed, as in, could they make it through the night? I know a nb is up several times a night anyway and might have their diaper changed more frequently due to feedings, but I’m just curious about what will hold the most pee. AND I’d love to hear about what you use during the day vs what you would choose for nights.

    I’m currently 4 days past my due date and have my nb stash here waiting for babe…I’m curious how some of these dipes will work out, especially the ones I have that don’t allow for the cord stump (fb xs, bg aio xs). We will see!

  • Rachel

    Thought of something else…while you’re reviewing nb diapers, can you add in there somewhere how many you have total in your stash and how often you launder?

  • Maureen

    Re: the one-size diapers: would you consider testing out SmartiPants, Kawaii, another vote for GroVia and the Flips and Charlie bananas? Thanks!

    • ~M

      I didn’t know that Grovia made a newborn diaper…or do you mean the AI2 on the smallest rise (which is supposed to fit from 8 lbs)? Thanks!

  • Emily Glover

    I know it’s annoying, but I like to see individual reviews or at least be able to read them. One of my favorite things about your reviews is that you give so much information. I think if you put a bunch of diapers together in the review I would get confused. That and I like to just click on one at a time, instead of having to fast forward through for the one diaper I was questioning.