New Prints from Swaddlebees and Blueberry- First Look and Giveaway!

Swaddlebees and Blueberry have been churning out new products like mad lately!  They recently released new Fitteds in One Size and Newborn Sizes, and have been teasing about new prints!  You know how excited cloth diapering moms get about new prints, right?

Well, the day is finally here!  The BIG Reveal!  I feel like Niecy Nash on Clean House…..

Take off your blind fold and OPEN YOUR EYES!


These 6 new prints will be available for both Swaddlebees and Blueberry diapers!  Meet….

Judging by the photos I will go ahead and say that Tweets and Swirls are my favorites for a boy or gender neutral.  But if I had a girl I would be all over Pink Butterflies.  There is something really pretty about the pink and yellow together that I just love.

There is a nice mix up up patterns and fun “cute” prints, like the Monkeys and Dinos.  I think they were able to cover all of the bases here!  I know a certain DDL contributor who is going to be crazy about Tweets…. not because she loves Twitter but because Green/Brown neutrals are her go-to colors for her girls.    Swirls reminds me of a beautiful white cake with gorgeous marbled icing!  I just know there are more details to be seen in person so I’m looking forward to that day!


Right now the prints are available for the BB One Size, Econappi, Simplex, and Coveralls.

These are only available for retailer ordering between now and the 19th. Starting the 19th, everybody else can order them directly from  If you have a favorite retailer that you want to order from let them know!  They will begin shipping out to retailers this Thursday!

For now I  get to give 3 Coveralls (One Size Covers) to a DDL Reader!  Winner chooses their choice of print.  Use the Rafflecopter Entry Form below.  As a reminder, you must have Javascript enabled.  Good Luck!

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  • Mamabeth

    I love the dino print. My son is OBSESSED with Dinos! He would freak over that diaper!

  • Tawnya Hart

    I have the Baby blooms print in a weehuggers…I’ve always loved it for its whimsy. The monkeys are just down right cute and could work for a boy or girl. The the Swirls are just elegant.

  • Kenya

    My favorite of the patterns
    is baby blooms – for sure!
    Theres so much joy within the name!
    I’ll gladly tell you more:
    I’m a spiritual earth mama 
    Who is trying to conceive
    And we receive the energy we put out…
    Thats what I truly believe.
    Plus I have a little hope chest
    in the corner of my room, 
    What better energy to put within –
    The thought of a “baby bloom!”
    I wrap those words around my heart
    And see it in my soul – 
    A baby blooming within my womb
    Would truly make my whole.
    A rosebud waiting for the sun…
    A delicate peony…
    A lotus flower opening…
    A seed thats yet to be…
    So to win this diaper cover
    would be great, but even more – 
    To have the spirit of a “baby blooming”
    Its the best prize I could ask for. 

  • Jules

    Swirls! This is the color scheme of my house. White, black and blue. I love that there is a diaper that now matches my decor!

  • Sharon M

    My little monkey love monkeys! This print would be perfect for his little bum!

  • Lora Lease

    As the mother of 7 monkeys, oops… I mean boys, I really like the cute monkey print.  😀 

  • Anonymous

    I love the monkey print and I normally don’t like monkey anything. I love the colors and all the other things it has on it besides the monkeys. The monkeys are also really cute!

  • I love the tweets and swirls 🙂

  • Katy Emanuel

    I love the pink butterflies, it is so cute!

  • The Fuzzy Fluff Addicted Momm

    my favorite print is monkeys, because my son has lots of things monkey, and his little buddy stuffie is a monkey too!

  • Krystylwaechter

    I love the swirls!! it’s elegant, gender neutral, light and airy … beautiful <3

  • Bobbi Kilbarger

    I like the Pink Butterflies because it would look adorable on my daughter!

  • Spottedjagiwar

    I love the dinos the most! spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  • Nitabitas

    I’d choose the monkey print because monkeys are awesome and I like the color scheme. Thanks!

    nitabitas at gmail dot com

  • Jessica Shevlin

    I like the pink butterflies because they are so girly and cute!! 🙂