New Comment System, New Winner System, and New Newsletter!

Maybe you have noticed a few changes around Dirty Diaper Laundry lately? Thanks to Amy from Just West of Crunchy I learned some very exciting news!  There is a way to use Disqus comments and still run giveaways without pulling my hair out.

I wanted to explain it to you that way you still trust my giveaway system.

First: Disqus comments are easier to follow along with.  They will all display on the same page, unlike my comments after the redesign.  You can sign in using your Facebook or Twitter or email.

There are also nested comments so replying to discussions is easier to follow along with.

However, Disqus does not number their comments (I hear you can but this involves some coding.  I was too nervous to try).

I have always used to draw winners.  Without numbered comments I cannot draw a number.

This is where the WordPress Plug-in, And The Winner Is…. comes into play.

I designate which posts are contests and how many potential winners there are.

Next, I go to my WP dashboard and click the “And the winner is” link underneath my Settings link.

Then, when the time comes, I close the comments. This is an old contest I am using as an example.

And…………………. I get this!  The winner has been selected, completely randomly.  If the winner is not eligible for some reason (did not follow the guidelines etc) I can reject and draw again.  This very rarely happens)

So there you have it!  The next giveaway will use this system.  I hope you embrace the new system.  It is saving me a lot of time!

The other exciting thing I have been working on is a monthly Newsletter!  I have chosen MailChimp to publish and deliver it.

Basically, you will get links to all of the video reviews for the month, any exciting and important articles I wrote, and a list of diapers to be reviewed in the month to come.  I am still working on it.  There may be more but I am getting used to the whole thing so bear with me for a couple of months while I get things sorted out.  I really wanted this to be something readers can sign up for who don’t come here often but still want to watch my video reviews.  They can get a rundown of them each month right to their inbox!

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter (and I would love for you to, not to mention that for a while it will be worth 3 Entries into my future giveaways) you can do so right now!

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