Never hear “MOM! I need water!” again. Puj Phillup is here!

Picture it… you’re laying on your comfortable couch after having just washed a load of dishes and vacuuming up a bunch of cashews because suddenly your kids are obsessed with them and you are finding them everywhere.  Then your little person calls out “Mom I’m thirsty.”  You wonder… did you leave a water cup on the counter for him?  No you didn’t.   That means you have to get up and grab a cup of water.

Since this is a summary of nearly every day at my house I’m STOKED for Puj’s new Phillup.  I was able to get an early look while at ABC Kids Expo back in September and it was one of the products I have been looking forward to most! If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name Puj they make that handy sink bathtub that folds up.

The concept is simple, in fact, when I saw it I almost slapped myself on the forehead because I can’t believe nothing similar existed prior.


There are color coordinated hooks that attach to your fridge with adhesives. Each hook has a corresponding cup. You hang as many as you need and your children can use their assigned color for drinks from the in fridge water dispenser as needed.


Obviously if your fridge lacks a water dispenser this product isn’t an ideal solution for you, but for those who have this option it means a young and mostly responsible child can take care of their own water needs AND save a lot of dishes.  Somehow at the end of the day I find 5 water cups in various rooms and 3 more on the counter.  Kids love having their own “special” thing and they also take pride in being independent.  That’s why the Puj Phillup is so cool.  Installation is easy- peel off the back on the hooks and apply.  The cups are non toxic and dishwasher safe to boot.


You can be one of the first to get their hands on the product through the pre-sale on Kickstarter. Sign-ups begin today and you will get it at a discounted rate.

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